Our Lady of the Roses and the seer Veronica of the Cross, the Bayside Apparitions -- photo of Veronica Lueken Bayside 1974 at Our Lady of the Roses Shrine
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Sat. Sept. 30    7 - 10:30 pm
In honor of the Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel, our glorious patron and guardian
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Mon. Oct. 2    3 - 6 pm
The Holy Guardian Angels & eve of
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus
Sat. Oct. 7    3 - 6 pm
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
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The Big St. Michael weekend
Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2023
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St Michaels World Apostolate, SMWA, promotes the Bayside prophecies of Our Lady of the Roses to Veronica Lueken


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  Sept. 2023 Powerful Novena to St. Michael the Archangel: Join with thousands in union in prayer!
    The good bishop wants to see you this weekend
    Here's to the General!: Schedule for the Big St. Michael Weekend Sept. 30 - Oct. 2
    There's no natural explanation
    Russia deploys Satan ICBMs
    "One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside."  Rosary Vigil on Saturday, Sept. 16
    Your special birthday gift to Our Lady: Your presence in Her Home on Sat. Sept. 9
  Aug. Watch now  Raymond shot dead: an excruciating test unveils the heroic virtue of our saintly seer
    Immaculate Heart of Mary Vigil on Sat. August 19. Be there!
    "Without Her you will be lost." Rosary Vigil on Mon. Aug. 14
    Get Transfigured this Friday (Aug. 4)
  July Raymond shot dead: an excruciating test . . .Veronica 28 Anniv details
    The Bishop's statement on Bayside
    Mega promise from Our Lady of the Roses (Our Lady of Mount Carmel Vigil on July 15)
    Did you hear this yet?
  June Don't miss this inspiring reflection from Father
    Time beautifully filled; Alice Margaret Dennis: a Bride of Christ
    Time beautifully filled: 53rd Anniversary details
    This could be your last chance to step on the Sacred Grounds: the Time is Now
    Go for it! June 3 Rosary Vigil
  May Alert! Temporary Vigil relocation
    Next Rosary Vigils: this Wednesday (May 31), Saturday (June 3)
    Alert 7:30-10:30 pm Ascension Rosary Vigil
    The beautiful May Crowning on Sunday, May 14. Don't miss it.
  April An important message for Aussies  Michael seeking more SMWA friends, contact: AussieWarrior@smwa.org
    It's onto Australia: Michael seeking more contacts, SMWA friends
    Watch now Veronica of the Cross Nine trips to Hell
    Divine Mercy Rosary Vigil on Sat. April 15
    A Happy & Joyous Easter from SMWA
    "I never leave the sacred grounds." Easter Rosary Vigil on Sat. April 8
    Golden Warrior: A Solemn & Dire Warning
  March Watch now: A Powerhouse for the end-times
    Preparing for the holiest week of the year
    Come, while you can: the Annunciation Vigil, March 25
    The Great St. Joseph in His HOME
  Feb. Celebrate the Lourdes of America on Saturday (Feb. 11)
  Jan. See you on Wednesday (Feb.1) for the Purification Vigil
    Mission Accomplished - 34K Matching Gift Challenge
    Late-hour surge desperately needed for 34K Matching Gift Challenge
    Pope Benedict remembered
  Dec. 2022 T250 update: Happy New Year
    Our Lady gets a T250 for Christmas - 34K Matching Gift Challenge
    Christmas in the Home of Jesus and Mary; dates of Christmas Vigils 2022
    Patroness of America Vigil on Thursday
  Nov. Holy Hour intentions for clergy restored
    Watch 5 min.now  A beautiful Thanksgiving message from the President
    Watch now  I�m not bluffing: a looming nuclear catastrophe
    All who come to these grounds have a safe haven - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Vigil on Saturday, November 19
    Watch now  Christ the King: your vote on Nov. 8 is critical
    Get your plenary indulgence for family on Nov. 6
  Oct. Implore God for peace from a most sacred spot - All Souls and in honor of All Saints Vigil on November 2
    Honor Christ the King on Saturday, October 29
    Watch now  I�m not bluffing: a looming nuclear catastrophe
    Be there for Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Vigil on Saturday, October 8
  Sept. Be there for St. Theresa and Holy Guardian Angels Vigil on Saturday, October 1
    Pray St. Michael Novena now: Join with thousands in St. Michael Novena beginning on Thursday (Sep. 29)
    Watch powerful St. Michael movie on Thursday (Sept. 29)
    You want to stay on His good side. Your schedule & details for the BIG St. Michael weekend
    Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary & in honor of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Vigil on Thursday (Sept. 15)
    Be there for Our Lady's Birthday Vigil on Thursday
  Aug. Watch now: Our Little Saint
    Immaculate Heart of Mary Vigil on Sat. Aug. 20
    Mark it down! Big St. Michael weekend Sept. 24-26
    August Rosary Vigils: Get your graces now while you can
  July Be there for your Saint: 27 Anniversary Veronica of the Cross details
    Upcoming July Rosary Vigils
  June Sacred Heart of Jesus Rosary Vigil this Saturday (June 25)
    52nd Anniversary Banquet: "You must be unswerving in your faith"
    You Can. 52 Anniversary details
    Get out of your car. Get on the bus!
    June 18th beckons: Now is the time
    Heads-up: Trinity Vigil on Friday (June 10)
    Amass the graces in the limited time given you
  May Alert: 7:30-10:30 pm Ascension Vigil, see you then
    Watch now  This impressive 2-minute May Crowning montage will melt your heart
    Roe v. Wade leak: the good news and the bad news
    Give joy to your Mother on Mother's Day
  April 52nd Annual May Crowning: You're invited
    Let us implore the Infinite Mercy of God on Saturday (April 23)
    A Happy & Joyous Easter from the Lay Order of St. Michael
    Your invite to the Home of Jesus and Mary for 52nd Anniversary
    Palm Sunday Vigil on Saturday, April 9  3-6 p
    A powerful and moving report on the historic Consecration of Russia
  March Watch now "Consecrate Russia or you will die"
    Important: Vigil on March 19 for Russia Consecration
    Pete Donohue passes on
  Feb. You're invited: Latin Mass for Bill Dykes
    Watch now  Is Ukraine ready to erupt? A brilliant
encapsulation on Heaven's dire prophecies
    Let us pray that Russian/Ukraine crises does not erupt: Our Lady of Lourdes Vigil this Saturday (Feb. 12)
    Looking for a TLM priest
  Jan. See you at the 1st Vigil of 2022!
    A Big Thank You: We made it because you did it with your generous heart
  Dec. 2021 See you at the last Vigil of the year
    Alert: Upping the ante $20,000
    The super Shrine needs your help today: $20,000 year-end Christmas Matching Gift, Dec. 31 deadline
    Christmas & New Year blessings; with fascinating miraculous photo
    Honor your Patroness on Tuesday (Dec. 7)
  Nov. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving from the Lay Order
    Pray for an end to vaccine mandates on Saturday (Nov. 20)
    Get on the bus (Mid-Atlantic pilgrims)!
    Get your plenary indulgence on Sunday (Nov. 14)
  Oct. Be there for Christ the King Rosary Vigil on Saturday (Oct. 30)
    See now what YouTube does not want you to see!
    Watch now  The Despot is coming, vaccine mandates, and much more. Watch now.
    Be there for the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Vigil on Oct. 9
    Livestreaming for you the Big St Michael Wknd
  Sept. Join with thousands in St. Michael Novena beginning on Wednesday (Sept. 29)
    Ignite the spirit  the complete BIG St. Michael Wknd 2021 schedule
    Only $189 per night for the St. Michael Weekend
    Be there for the Seven Sorrows Vigil on Sept. 15
    Be there for Our Lady's Birthday Vigil on Sept. 8
  Aug. Watch now  The sneaky onslaught of communism because Russia Consecration trashed
    Watch live  It's good to be alive
    Immaculate Heart of Mary Vigil on Fri. Aug. 20
    "Without Her you will be lost." Assumption Vigil on Aug. 14
    Be there for the Transfiguration Vigil on Sat., Aug. 7
  July Be there for Your Saint this weekend (July 31 - Aug. 1)
    your Saint, your Shrine, your Blessing: July 31 - Aug. 1
    This Monday (07/26): St. Anne Vigil
    Our Lady of Mount Carmel Vigil on July 15
  June Watch live  It's good to be alive
    Be there for Visitation and Precious Blood Vigil
    Watch live: The 51st Anniversary Vigil
    Unstoppable. 51st Anniversary schedule
    See full report now: spectacular and precious photo blitz of May Crowning 2021
  May The 51st Annual May Crowning this Sunday (May 30) Be there!
    Plan now for the BIG 51st Anniversary on June 26-27
    Your invitation to the May Crowning
  April Our own searing experience . . . A proven cure for COVID-19
    A priest will be hearing Mercy confessions
    See you Saturday (April 10) for Divine Mercy Vigil
    Happy Easter from the Lay Order of St. Michael
    "The Cross is your salvation" article by David Martin
  March Paradise beckons for Our Lady's Worker
    Be there for the Palm Sunday Vigil on March 27 (3-6 p)
    YouTube: Bill Dykes Requiem Mass & Burial
    YouTube: Bill Dykes Wake
    Livestreaming Bill's Wake/Requiem Mass
    The Great St. Joseph Vigil this Friday
    $11,000 to hit target goal for Bill's funeral
    Here's the funeral arrangements for Bill Dykes
    Your Masses and Spiritual Bouquets; your kind and generous Lenten alms for Bill Dykes funeral arrangements
  Bill Dykes, Champion and Warrior, called Home
  Jan. Watch now: Is President Trump in harm's way? The dark and foreboding prophecy of Our Lady of the Roses
  Dec. 2020 Watch now: "Looking into the eyes of the Infant"
    See now: The Christmas Miracle Photo
    Launch 2021 in the Home of Jesus and Mary
    Christmas Vigils: You need every vestige of grace
    See you Monday afternoon for Immaculate Conception Vigil
  Nov. Give thanks for a great gift of the end-times
    Prayers for truth and justice tomorrow (Nov. 21)
    Watch now: The Holy Rosary for the Dead
    Watch now: "Some will be there till the end of time" stirring 7-min. reflection by Michael Mangan (SMWA President)"
    Get a plenary indulgence Sunday
    YOU ARE INVITED: 2nd Anniversary Traditional Latin Mass for Mary Bauer, Friday, Nov. 6 at 7:15 a.m.
    Must-see, last-minute election advisor
  Oct. Urgent! Watch now before the most important presidential election in U.S. history
    Livestreaming Thursday: An epochal moment in U.S. history
    Join with thousands in powerful novena to St. Michael for successful outcome to election (Oct. 25 - Nov. 2)
    An epochal moment in U.S. history: join us at Shrine for critical prayer blitz before presidential election
    Don't miss the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Vigil on Oct. 7
    Don't miss The Little Flower Rosary Vigil on Oct. 3
  Sept. Be there for the Golden Jubilee this weekend
    Transpo available for Golden Jubilee Vigil
    Digging into the Shrine annals
    Unprecedented times call for extraordinary grace; the Golden Jubilee weekend (Sept. 26-28); worry-free pilgrimage package
  Our Lady's Birthday Vigil tonight (Sept. 8)
  Special reports
    Antichrist into your land II
    Chillingly accurate revelations given decades ago to the seer, Veronica of the Cross
Bishop, Franciscan endorses Bayside apparitions
    A must see Marian apparitions You Tube music video
    Jesus and Mary chose Michael Mangan
    Cryptic Photos From the Other Side brochure
    Bayside, The Facts Revealed: The new, authoritative
Q & A pamphlet that sets the record straight on the much-maligned Bayside apparitions
    You can have the Latin Mass in your parish! Great news with Pope's Apostolic letter
    Pray the Vigils and Holy Hours: hear online the recorded Rosary from the sacred grounds
    Fr. Mapa's amazing testimonial
    Our Lady seen by dozens at 34th Anniversary  
    Letter from the president; hand of an angry God
    Attack on America - 9/11
    Important letter from the Vatican defending your right to kneel for Holy Communion
    Empire State Building: attack imminent?
  THE WARNING: flash, fire, the voice within you
      Miracle of the Doves


St. Michael the Archangel Exorcism
      Leave a legacy of love through your will


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Many graces and blessings are given on these sacred grounds:

"All who come to these hallowed grounds, My child, will receive graces in abundance, graces of cure and conversion. The crippled shall walk, the blind shall see. Those in darkness shall come forward into the light." Our Lady, February 1, 1974

"I bestow upon all who come to My sacred grounds, the power to bring back and rescue from satan their brothers and sisters." Our Lady, June 8, 1973

"We have made Our home upon these grounds." Jesus, June 18, 1991


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