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Issue No. 7   May 2005


Spectacular image at 34th Anniv.
    Our Lady seen by dozens

Pilgrims reacting to a phenomenon above the sacred grounds on June 19, 2004, the 34th Anniversary of Our Lady at Bayside. Unfortunately, we never got a good picture of the supernatural image.


July 30, 2004
Dear Michael,
        Here is my testimony as a witness to the miracle at Bayside on June 19, 2004.
        I was sitting in my chair saying the Rosary, with friends sitting on both sides of me, when suddenly I saw many people to the right of us separate. My good friend, Marie Hartigen, nudged me and said we should go over to where the people were standing and see what was going on.
        We made our way over to where they were standing and leaned forward to see what they might be looking at. There in the sky, maybe 30 or 40 feet above the ground, was the Blessed Mother holding the Baby Jesus in Her left arm. She appeared as a statue made of stone but the color of concrete.
        At first I turned from the statue. I felt unworthy to view this holy statue of the Blessed Mother of God and the Baby Jesus, but I was drawn to see this miracle. And as my fears of unworthiness left and I gazed longingly at the Mother and Child, I could see the folds in Her gown. The Baby was sitting on Her arm, not reclining, and the Blessed Mother was wearing a crown.
        The crown was not like the crown we have for the Blessed Mother at Bayside. This crown had points on it. I could not take my eyes off the apparition or move away.
        As I continued to stand there the statue of the Blessed Mother and Jesus disappeared from the sky.
        I never looked at my watch. I no longer saw the apparition in the sky but saw only the branches blowing; it was about 10 or 15 minutes.
        I know what I saw. I also know when I only saw the trees blowing in the breeze and there was no longer a statue in the sky. I was glad I remained standing there to see the difference.
        I thank Heaven that I was allowed to see this. It was a great miracle that was manifested at the Shrine that evening.
        I have always believed that all the messages and miracles of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers is true. This beautiful miracle confirms what I already believed.
        I hope this miracle is a confirmation for many other souls whether they were there to view it or not. For as Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said to the apostle, Thomas, ďBlessed are those who believe and do not see.Ē
        In truth and love,
Mary Lorraine Dranchak
Trumbull, CT



July 7, 2004
        I was helping at the religious gifts service area on June 19, 2004, at the 34th Anniversary Vigil, when Mary Bauer came over and told me to come and look up into the trees above Our Ladyís statue. She said that people were seeing Our Lady there. I went over and immediately saw what she was talking about. In the pines to the left of the statue, I saw two bright white figures, Our Lady with Jesus in Her left arm. Both of them were wearing crowns. Even though I knew that it was the lights shining on the pine needles, both figures were clearly defined and shining.
        I have been coming to the Shrine since 1973, and I have never seen anything like this. I saw Our Lady and Jesus without a doubt and so did many other people with me. I believe it was a gift from Our Lady because of the difficult times so many of us are experiencing.
Marian A. Morris
Stamford, CT


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June 28, 2004
        During some time late in the evening, I went over to where the pilgrims were praying. I believe Francis Harrington was leading the Rosary at the time. I noticed something was up because of the crowd looking up to the sky.
        Then Mary Bauer, Michael Manganís twin sister, told me to look up toward the light on the tree. That is when I saw an image of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Our Lady with Baby Jesus both were wearing a gold crown with a lot of gold-coloring all around. I saw this image as plain as day.
        I have seen white doves over the years but I have never seen in the flesh, as it were, the image of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
        I have good eyesight and I know what I saw and it was Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and to me this was a spectacular image.
Peter Frank
Lay Order of St Michael
Flushing, NY


July 2004
This is my testimony.
        I had left my seat and went walking on the street when I heard someone say that there is an image of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in the trees.
        On my return to my seat I looked up at the light reflecting in the trees and sure enough there was a clear unmistaken image of Our Lady of Mt. CarmelĖOur Lady in a light beige gown with the crown on Her head and the Infant Jesus in Her arms with the crown on His head. I gazed at this image for a long time and studied it intently and there is no mistake that it was an image of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
Charlotte Williams
Bronx, NY


July 15, 2004
Dear Michael and James,
        On June 19th, 2004, I was at the 34th Anniversary Vigil of Our Ladyís Apparitions at Bayside. When I was sitting and praying the Rosary on the sacred grounds, I suddenly heard a commotion. The pilgrims were standing and pointing at the pine trees and were quite in awe.
        Iím thinking it was about doves, so, Iím looking around to see the doves. Then my daughter told me she saw Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. The light shining on Our Ladyís vigil statue was reflecting on the branches of the pine trees above the statue. I saw Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in the branches of the pine trees.
        This was quite a phenomenon.
Gladys Zietkowski
Palmer, MA


July 2004
Dear Michael,
        On June 19th, the 34th Anniversary Vigil, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel came to the holy grounds after the 9 p.m. blessings. Our Lady was in the habit of the Carmelite Order with the Child Jesus in Her hands and the crown on Her head. Our Lady was on top of the high tree behind the excedra of the Vatican Pavilion Site. It was a beautiful supernatural vision reminding us of the importance of the brown Scapular.
Elisa Rasmussen
Astoria, NY

July 29,2004
Dear SMWA,
        In honor of the 34th Anniversary of Our Ladyís Apparitions at Bayside, I attended the vigil on the holy grounds on June 19th, 2004.
        I had been on the holy grounds since 3 p.m. and sometime after 9 p.m. a small group of people, a little to the left of the excedra, were pointing above the statue. A gentleman pointed to the trees and told me Our Lady was holding Jesus. I looked very closely but could not see the vision and went back to my prayers.
        About ten minutes later, I moved over to the left so that I would have a better view. The spotlight that illuminates the statue of Our Lady also shines above on the trees. This light is what I initially noticed but it suddenly got very bright and appeared to move closer.
        At this moment, I saw Our Lady of Mt. Carmel holding the Child Jesus. They both wore a gold crown. Our Lady was dressed in the brown habit and Jesus wore a long light-colored gown. I could not see Their faces clearly.
        At times, they seemed to move forward and downward. The vision was very aglow and appeared to be very solid rather than abstract or transparent. I was able to experience this for about ten minutes.
        I attest that these facts are true and as accurate as I can recall.
Carol A. Hemphill
Spokane, WA


June 28, 2004
Dear Michael,
        My friend, Carolyn Donovan of Portland, Me., was granted many graces at the Anniversary Vigil and holy hour for priests. She saw Christ the King on Saturday evening and I saw Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. On Sunday we both saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus in full body on the excedra wall.
        Thank you again for a very fruitful weekend.
In Jesus and Mary,
Rosemary Sibley
Eagleville, PA

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