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Antichrist Into Your Land II 24 Feb. 2019  
Chillingly accurate revelations given decades
ago to Veronica
23 Sept. 2018  
Bishop, Franciscan endorses Bayside apparitions 22 Sept. 2017  
Roman Catholic bishop endorses Sunday Holy Hour for priests 20 Sept. 2015  
Potent prayer at Shrine can stop black mass 19 Aug. 2014  
The Christ-child appeared out of nowhere
onto the bed of straw
18 Dec. 2011  
Golden Warrior Notes 17 Sept. 2011  
June Anniversary Celebration 14 July 2008 (pdf)
Golden Warrior Notes 13 Dec 2007 (pdf)
Golden Warrior Notes 12 July 2007 (pdf)
Golden Warrior Notes 11 April 2007 (pdf)
Golden Warrior Notes 10 July 2006 (pdf)
December Issue


Dec. 2005 (pdf)
We need your help 8 Dec. 2002  
"Pastors will be shot down like targets" 7 May 2002 (pdf)
Rose petal brings instant cure for deathly-ill woman      
St. Michael appears to pilgrim!      
Recent comments on Our Lady smiles photo      
Our Lady smiles on SMWA 6 March 2002 (pdf)
Armageddon rages 5 Oct. 2001 (pdf)
Your duty as a Catholic      
Election debacle paves the way for New World Order 4 Dec. 2000 (pdf)
A Nation Divided      
The Big Move      
Christmas Letter 3 Dec. 1999 (pdf)
Our Lady's new workshop 2 June 1999 (pdf)
SMWA officially tax-exempt      
Jesus and Mary chose Michael Mangan 1

Dec. 1998