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(l. to r.) John Benevides, Michael Mangan (head of Lay Order and SMWA president), James Donohue (SMWA v.p. and Vigil Coordinator), William Dykes and Darryl Bolisay; not present, Luis Camacho, who is ill.

The lay order of St. Michael (as designated by Our Lady and Veronica Lueken) are working hard to honor our special and privileged calling as disciples of the latter days (October 2, 1989). As you can see here and from our mailings, the work and prayer are going strong.

Our community incorporates a strong spiritual life that includes daily: Mass, 15-decade Rosary, and Bible reading. And weekly: confession, miraculous medal novena and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Monday through Saturday we work in our new office and print shop. Our presses and heavy machinery are in full operation.

In addition, the lay Order of St. Michael directs all the regularly scheduled Rosary Vigils and Sunday Holy Hours at the sacred grounds (Our Lady of the Roses Shrine) as requested by Our Lady. These provide much spiritual strength to the workers, as the sacred grounds are truly an oasis of grace. Being a member of the lay Order of St. Michael helps us come closer to Jesus and Our Lady--a chance to show our love for Them. No vows are taken at this time but the workers are required to lead a celibate life.  Our Lady has said that from this lay order will emerge the full-fledged religious Order of St. Michael, an order founded on tradition, which will also include a cloistered convent.  Our Lady also told Veronica that Mr. Mangan would be the head of this religious order.

We are diligent in handling the many orders for sacramentals and literature that Our Lady's devotees need in order to exercise their missionary activity among their brethren. Besides, we have a growing mailing list for those who are interested in receiving free literature from us; our Golden Warrior newsletter, Heaven Speaks Today and other inspiring and uplifting material. There is no subscription cost. Our apostolate is all directed towards saving souls and promoting the Mission of Bayside.

It is our strong belief that it is a tremendous honor and privilege to work for the Queen of Heaven. Our mission is unique, fulfilling, and rewarding. In fact, Our Lord Himself on June 6, 1987 summed it up best:

"I call them fellows, though you may call that a common term; but they are in a fellowship with God, and they will also know that their time upon earth has been used in the best cause of all: to save souls and to bring God to mankind"  (Jesus, June 6, 1987).

If you feel a calling to be part of the lay Order of St. Michael then let us know through email or write the address below. Please be sure to tell us a little about yourself as well.

St Michael�s World Apostolate
attn: Michael Mangan
P.O. Box 514 � Bayside, NY 11361