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413 The 2007 May Crowning
412 Miracle of the Sun: Antonia Rehrl of Kings Park, NY relates how during the March 5, 2007 Sunday Holy Hour she saw the Eucharist in the sky and the multi-colored rays that came from it onto the sacred grounds.
411 37th Anniversary Promo: David Martin promotes the upcoming 37th Anniversary weekend on June 16/17, 2007.
410 The Luciferian Plan to bring about a new world order
407 May Crowning 2006 and gearing up for 36th Anniv. celebration weekend 
  402   Memorable highlights of grace: A quick look at some of the unusual and powerful graces bestowed upon the Bayside pilgrims over the years; includes some brief but potent testimonials from the 34th Anniversary Banquet.
  401   From a Bar Stool to a Church Pew: In an in-depth interview with Michael Mangan, Diane Straine relates how Our Lady at Bayside moved her to completely throw away her drugs and alcohol and her promiscuous life, and to live only for God as a devout Catholic. Includes as an addendum a brief but in-depth discussion on Purgatory.
  400   The Only Ark of Salvation: "He who shall not have entered therein will perish in the flood" - Pope Pius IX
  398   The Wisdom of God: A brief discussion of Mary’s intercessory role which includes a scriptural dissertation on Heavenly Wisdom. Michael comments on the recent wave of ‘natural’ disasters.
  396   Intelligent Design versus materialistic evolution: back to genesis; on the origin and true dignity of man; reiterates how all existence came into being in those six days when God created the world; how the essence of man is spiritual and not passed on genetically; puts to shame the fables of evolution and prehistoric life; shows how man today is in the grips of the worst identity crisis in the history of the world because of his evolution away from God; a brief explanation of Genesis 3:15 and the Virgin Mary’s crushing power over satan; a powerful segment of the Virgin Mary speaking to mankind on 6-12-76 (as given to the seer Veronica).
  395   Mary's role in restoring Tradition in the Last Times: the distinguished role that Bayside has had in keeping tradition alive; the false theory of Sedevacantism and the indifferentism it promotes; Father Burke defends the integrity of Veronica and the Bayside message. With enlightening segment of Jesus speaking to Veronica on 9-14-85.
  394   Heaven's urgent attempt to reach mankind in the latter days. How the grace of Christ’s Passion is only bestowed upon the grateful; Eveena Persic of Wisconsin testifies to the miraculous graces received at Bayside; How Christ’s Precious Blood was shed “for many” as opposed to “for all.” The immorality of today’s women and the punishment it has incurred.
  392   The false security about sin that predominates today’s society; debunks Luther’s “sin and be saved” theory. Michael provides a spiritual look into hurricane Katrina.
  384   Reveals the enemy plan to bring about the internal destruction of the Church. In a set of 34 guidelines issued in 1962, the agents of Freemasonry unveil their plan to infiltrate the Vatican II Council and bring about a new ordinance of change. Shocking and sobering! Makes other books and commentaries on the subject look feeble. This tells it as it is because it comes right from the horses mouth. A must hear for anyone with any interest in the Catholic Church.
  379   The Church's Duty to Investigate Bayside: the gross negligence exhibited by today’s Catholic hierarchy. Margo Mitrano of Mass. relates how she was instantly cured of an anemic blood disorder by making a trip to Bayside in October 2004; how her faith has since bloomed.
  374   Some clarification on papal infallibility: More on Vatican II, its agenda to bring about a new focus, its fruits; Cardinal Ratzingers’ belittlement of the Council in 1988, his confession in his press release in the summer of 2000 that the Third Secret of Fatima was not fully revealed. With live segment of Veronica receiving the message from Jesus on 05-30-81.
  366   Why they crucified Jesus: reflections on St. John chapter 8; our baptismal calling to resurrect from sin and walk sincerely in truth; with a powerful segment from Veronica receiving the Message from Jesus on May 30, 1981.
  362   Prophecy of a Present Day Oriental Leader: Donna Dziurawiec of Brooklyn, N.Y., testifies to the miraculous cure from cancer received at the sacred grounds of Bayside; Heaven’s prophecy about a present day Oriental leader who is about to ignite the world on fire (N. Korean leader, Kim Jong-il?)
  357   Signs of the Last Days: in a stirring homily, former International Blue army Chaplain Fr. Skurla defends the integrity of Veronica and the Bayside mission.
  355   End of the era and the time of peace: how the age of modern science and materialism will come to an end with the great Chastisement and Second Coming; the Era of Peace that will follow.
  354   The two great commandments: how our witness for Heaven is the perfect observance of love of neighbor. Christmas greetings from Our Lady on 12-24-75. “A letter from Michael,” the Christmas classic about a soldier during the Korean War.
  353   How God never changes; the agenda of the secular world is unreconcilable with Christ; with live segment of Veronica receiving an enlightening Message on 7-25-75.


Another Bayside inspirational; Terry Siciliano and her daughter Margo of Cape Cod, Mass., relate how the superabundant graces of Bayside have flooded their lives; how Margo’s Rosary links turned to gold on the way to the Nov. 20, 2004 Vigil; with live segment of Veronica receiving a beautiful and inspirational Message from Our Lady on 8-21-85.

  350   Christ's perpetual sacrifice: how the sacrifice of Christ has been perpetuated through the ages in the Mass; debunks the modernist notion that the Mass is a meal; a live segment from Veronica receiving a powerful Message from Our Lady in which She denounces the practice of communion in the hand (6-30-84).
  349   The Miracle of St. Michael that occurred on Easter Sunday 2000
  348   The agenda of antichrist to undermine the doctrine of the Cross; the necessity of suffering for salvation. SMWA President, Michael Mangan, provides some nice insights into the Eucharist and the reverence due thereto.
  347   Possession by the devil: Marilyn Blanche of California relates how her husband was immediately possessed by the devil upon removing his brown Scapular for a witch; the terror inflicted upon her household for the past ten years. Direct confirmation by three renown exorcists including the late Fr. Malachi Martin. Her consultations with Fr. Malachi, Veronica’s response and comment. A frightening lesson for all those who foolishly discard the sacramentals. Sobering, chilling, guaranteed to dispel any doubts about the supernatural and Hell.
  344   Our present day capitulation to 666 and how this is bringing on the 6 terrible days of suffering. The Hand of God upon an errant generation. With live segment of Veronica receiving the Message on 6-12-76.
  342   Great earthquake coming to L.A., Calif.; steps on how to prepare. Features part of a 1990 radio debate between David Martin and Cardinal Mahony’s former public relations man.
  338   The power of the holy Rosary and its crushing force against the evil one. Why St. Padre Pio referred to the Rosary as “the weapon.”
  337   The works of the flesh (Gal. 5) and the wrath they incur. With live segment of Veronica receiving a Message on 6-18-84 in which Jesus counsels the world on the necessity of the daily Rosary (15 decades) and the brown Scapular, and that we remain out of the world of satan.
  336   The Plan of Russia to deceive the West and instigate international terrorism; how this same force of communism is terrorizing today’s Catholic hierarchy.
  335   Disciples of the Latter Days: Our calling as Roman Catholics to bring the message from Heaven to others; outlines the basic guidelines for discipleship in the Church and in the world; the necessity of always placing God first; how all latter day disciples will be tested like mettles in the fires; with live segment of Veronica receiving a direct and sobering Message from Our Lady on 6-13-81.
  334   The coming mark of antichrist; its curse upon mankind; how our present day quest for luxury and materialism is paving the way to enslavement. With live segment of Veronica receiving a Message from Our Lady on 6-6-87.
  332   Cardinal Arinze speaks to the faithful. The Creator’s design to liberate man from slavery. Proposes the Ten Commandments as the eternal guidelines for our liberation; how obedience to the truth sets us free; how man is given an inner-born conscience from God; distinguishes between conscience and self-will; how Our Lady today has come to liberate the faithful from the bondage of modernist oppression.
  329   The Virgin Mary speaks to President Ronald Reagan in a supernatural manifestation back in 1987; with live segment of Veronica receiving the Message of 6-18-87 in which Our Lady revealed this; the President expresses his sincerest appreciation for the message in a personal telephone call to David Martin on August 26, 1987.
  328   Martha's conversion through Bayside: Martha Pulido of Los Angeles testifies to the powerful graces that converted her of her disbelief in October 1989. The miraculous cure of her paralyzed dog and how this has brought her straying daughter back to the Church after a 7 year lapse.
  314   A conversion through the website: after being away from the Church for 25 years, Susan Maravic, of Reading, Mass., relates how her faith suddenly bloomed after making a pilgrimage to Bayside in Nov. 2003 and reading the Bayside website. Her firm resolution to witness for Bayside and the Catholic Faith. A solemn reminder to not abandon the Barque of Peter during the storm.
  309   True and Lasting Peace: How a true and lasting peace can only come when we make our peace with God. Examines the false peace of our time wherein the faithful feel that their obligations to God have now been dispensed. The role of lucifer in bringing about this latter day delusion.
  303   The reality of purgatory: Our Lady’s exhortation that we use our time to cleanse ourselves of all offense so that we don’t have to undergo this painful process of purification in the next life; long-time devotee Francis Harrington of Boston, Mass. expresses his praise and gratitude for the Mission from Heaven (SMWA) and how St. Michael has played a special role in keeping him on the straight and narrow.
  302   The coming era of peace as the ultimate utopia paradise planned by the Father from the beginning of time; Our Lady’s exhortation to get ready; how the Order of Michael will pave the way toward this coming era; with live segment of Veronica receiving a powerful and dynamic vision on 7-25-85, wherein she describes the horror of the coming Chastisement.
  297   Testimony of Dwayne Coleman of L.A. relates how the Bayside message has bolstered his faith as a Catholic convert. How Our Lady supplies for the light and leadership presently lacking in our world. The coming great quake to Los Angeles with live segment of Veronica receiving this prophecy on 6-17-89.
  288   Cure of cancer: after being scheduled for a breast cancer operation on Dec. 12, 1985, Grace Fernandez of Miami, Fla., relates how her tumor completely disappeared on Dec. 7 when she attended a Vigil at Bayside. Her husband, Dr. Manuel Fernandez, M.D., verifies the malignant status of her condition before the Vigil and how the medical authorities were at a complete loss to offer any explanation for the sudden disappearance of the cancer which has never returned after 18 years.

The sacrament of marriage, its purpose and benefits. How the escalating divorce rate in the Church is but a reflection of the infidelity of today’s Catholic hierarchy. The scandal of “annulments,” the sin of contraception. Debunks the modern day role of living together. With live segment of Veronica receiving a stirring and enlightening Message from Our Lady on 5-17-86.

  248   An inside look at Veronica as relayed by one of her closest and most intimate friends, Phyllis Carbone. Brings to light the candid and down to earth nature of Veronica and her willingness to think always of others; shows how love carried her through all her trials and sufferings. With live segment of Veronica receiving the Message on 12-6-75.
  247   Testimonial of Elizabeth Deering: After one trip to Bayside, Elizabeth Deering of Brooklyn triumphantly returns to the Church and sacraments after 25 years absence; how the message has gloriously sustained her through the worst trials and tragedies; the miracles witnessed by her on the sacred grounds. The paramount importance of the Rosary during this crucial time.
  245   Our Lady reconciles divorced couple:  Despite abandoning his family for 25 years (1970-1995), Dan Foris and his wife Patricia relate how their marriage was completely mended through the intercession of Our Lady of the Roses at Bayside. Incredible story of grace, forgiveness and healing. A must hear.
  243   Agony to Ecstasy: Carol Medeiros of Somerset, Mass., testifies to the tragic suicide of her son and how Our Lady of the Roses suddenly intervened the same day with the news that her son was saved.
  237   Revelation of a departed soul: God’s warning to the clergy that they care for the sheep; how today’s priests persecute the sheep that hold to Tradition; God’s providence in allowing this for the separation of the sheep and the goats. The story of a departed soul who spoke to her friend from hell.
  227   The Negligence of Today's Clergy: the folly of approaching the spiritual life with rose colored glasses; the necessity of good works for salvation; shows forth the passive, non-committed attitude of the post conciliar church and its curse upon the young. With live segment of Veronica receiving the Message on 6-18-76.
  224   Assault against our Catholic youth: includes prophetic excerpts of Jesus and Mary from 25 years ago that alerted the faithful of the immorality of clergy; points out the fruits of modern reform and how the present scandal is a wake-up call for Catholic clergy to return to traditional discipline and practice; offers sound and simple solutions for the healing of the Mystical Body; cites homosexuality as the principal tumor producing the pedophile cancer; a must-hear for all those concerned with the safety of our Catholic youth.
  222   The Sinister Agenda of the United Nations to dissolve Christianity and to bring about a new international one-world government. With live segment of Veronica receiving the Message on 2-10-76.
  147   Miraculous Cure: After suffering 9 years of excruciating muscle spasms, Diane Contreras of CA is instantly cured at the October 7, 2000 Holy Rosary Vigil; Her miraculous introduction to Bayside. Diane also discusses the miraculous cure of her son 8 years ago, who was in intensive care with pneumonia.
  139   I love you Mommy: Michael interviews Jeanne Boissonneault and her daughter Rene. Jeanne comes to grips with her abortion through the tender mercies of Our Lady at Bayside. Truly repentant and liberated from guilt. Direct confirmation of forgiveness given on the sacred grounds. Shows forth the boundless fruits of a good confession. Offers hope to those suffering from post-abortion syndrome.

Rosa's Resurrection: After three months in a coma with no hope of recovery, Rosa Companaro of NJ is miraculously brought back to life to the amazement of doctors. In an in-depth interview with Michael Mangan, Rosa and her daughter, Maria, relate all the details of her terminal illness, and how the Blessed Rose Petal suddenly reversed her condition. A doctor confirms this a miracle with the promise of a medical write-up. One for the books, a must hear for all Baysiders.


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