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19th Anniversary of
Veronica of the Cross

Rosary Vigil

Saturday August 2, 2014   7:30 p.m.

Our Lady of the Roses,
Mary Help of Mothers Shrine


"The world is fast heading to the Chastisement, and the evil is accelerating throughout the world. My child, I beg you to continue your mission of praying for your priests, your bishops, and your cardinals. Pray for them constantly. The vigils of atonement and prayer meetings must not be discontinued upon these grounds."

Our Lady, May 28, 1977


An electrifying statement  A cloud formation with the moon at the intersection, amazingly, forms a big "V" that dominates the evening sky above the Shrine at Veronica's Vigil. Our saintly seer ("V" for Veronica), was making her presence and appreciation known to the faithful for their support and perseverance in the Mission that she began in 1968 and gave her life for.


"You are living in the days of trial, the days written of by Saint John in the Apocalypse, the Revelations to mankind. Do not reject as hearsay, or the thoughts from the hearts of mere man, these Revelations, My children, for this prophecy was given to you from the Eternal Father. It is for your knowledge to use in these days."

Our Lady, Dec. 6, 1975


Golden  Framed photo of Veronica of the Cross in ecstasy, that was displayed near Our Lady's statue, surrounded by golden Rosary beads. Our Lady through Veronica of the Cross exclaimed, "The greatest power you have at this time, My children, is to pray." (Our Lady, June 18, 1974) The photo was taken by John Benevides, LOSM.


Michael Broydrick, Boston, Mass., organizer, leading a Rosary.


A distant side profile of Our Lady's statue.


Andrew Stewart of Philadelphia, Penn.


Caroline Stevens, one of Veronica's best friend's, talking with SMWA President, Michael Mangan.


A big "V" similar to Veronica's signature graces this miraculous photo taken this evening by a pilgrim using a Polaroid camera. Note also (top, rt.) the large and distinct face of what appears to be an Asian man. Anyone have any idea who it might be and its relevence? Please email your thoughts to smwa@smwa.org.


Narcisa Garcia of Whitestone, N.Y., singing Ave Maria and moving the crowd.


Each Vigil at 9 p.m., during a solemn interval, the pilgrims kneel and raise their Rosary to Heaven invoking the powerful intercession of Jesus and Mary.


"Prayer is the greatest force now given to mankind to stop the evil. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes. Public prayer and private prayer is deemed necessary now."

Jesus, Aug. 5, 1977


“My children of light, remember fear can be a tool of the devil. So you must understand all who are of well spirit shall have nothing to fear. The Eternal Father is at the helm. He will guide you, My children, through turbulent seas. Trust and confidence.”

Jesus, Dec. 7, 1978


To conclude the vigil, all the pilgrims raise candles to herald the 19th Anniversary of Veronica of the Cross, repeating the words:

Mary, Light of the World, pray for us
Our Lady of the Roses, pray for us
Mary, Help of Mothers, pray for us


August 1, 2014
Memorial Mass

August 2, 2014
Rosary Procession | Rosary Vigil

August 3, 2014
Holy Hour | Veronica's Gravesite

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