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Gethsemani to Calvari
sufferings of Veronica of the Cross


Veronica of the Cross

June 1968 visions and victimhood began

Late 60s-early 70s family disbelief except youngest child, Raymond; total rejection and even scorn from her parish priests at St. Robert Bellarmine from whom she sought help and guidance; felt completely desolate

Mar 1971 and each Lent to 1995 eyewitness to the Passion of Our Lord; physically experienced the crucifixion; received temporary stigmata

Dec 1972 diagnosed with carcinoma of the spine (cancer); often in wheelchair

Nov 1973 hospitalized with intervertebral disc disease (deteriorating discs) and kidney infection

Jan 1974 Raymond, 16, killed in hunting accident

1975 Brooklyn diocese claimed “thorough investigation” yet never interrogated Veronica, with other serious omissions; a gross travesty of justice resulting in Veronica-bashing and further emotional abuse, especially from the clergy

1975 sued in Jamaica Supreme Court by St. Robert’s and local civic association resulting in vigil relocation to Vatican Pavilion site

Fall 1978 hospitalized with disc problem again

Dec 1978 suffered massive heart attack; functioning on half a heart; henceforth required oxygen

1979-1982 hospitalized 13 times for extended stays; has been diagnosed with diabetes, stomach ulcers and hiatal hernia

Dec 1980 gangrenous gallbladder and large gallstone removed
1980-1995 homebound in seclusion; bedridden for long stretches; rare attendance at vigils

May 1989 angina pectoris (painful disorder of heart muscle), severe chest pains and anemia (blood deficiency); also tinnitus (an ear 
disorder); treated for extremely high blood pressure and recurrent urinary tract infection

July 1990 hospitalized for 12 days with severe chest pains; much fasting and the journey to hell on June 18 took its toll; afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome

Dec 1994 bedridden for months with arthritis of the spine and excruciating leg pains

Jan 1995 five hour neurosurgery after a tumor discovered on a nerve near the spine; suffered another heart attack; hospitalized 40 days

May 1995 malignant tumor discovered on her right kidney; lost at least 50 pounds; visited in hospital by Michael Mangan and James Donohue, lay order of St. Michael, who reported that she was a portrait of suffering

June 1995 right kidney removed; became virtually incapacitated; visited by Michael Mangan and Regina Fox in her home on June 19 (see Golden Warrior, No. 1)

July 1995 hospitalized with further complications; reduced to a state of utter misery

July 31, 1995 rushed to hospital with pneumonia and 105.3 fever; blood and urinary tract infection

Aug 3, 1995 congestive heart failure; called Home to her eternal reward

ALL THE TIME                                                                                           
• character assassination in the secular and Catholic media
• serious threats and attempts on her life 
• great mental anguish and physical sufferings from the terrifying
   visions of devastation
• hate mail

This is not an exhaustive listing but major markers in her arduous journey of immolation

rose and thorns

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