June 11, 2023
The official news of the Bayside Mission
This could be your last chance to
step on the Sacred Grounds
the Time is Now
   by David Martin, Los Angeles organizer
              If there was ever a time to take refuge in a sanctuary of grace that will lift us from our miseries and give us a fighting chance to effectively offset the enemy plan to take down our country, that time is now.  
              For the world is  in dire straits, justice is at our door. Never in history has man descended to such diabolical depths that would have him committing abominations as those being committed today. The ever-increasing atrocities – be they school shootings, murderous rampages and children killing their parents; legalized abortion, infanticide, and transgenderism; or blowing up weddings, schools, churches, passenger planes, and sporting events – testify to “a supernatural force now, a diabolical force upon your earth prevailing among you.” (Our Lady, August 4, 1979)  
  Rosary Vigil  
              This force is being  strengthened by the ever increasing sin of those in authority – sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Whether it’s the bishops secretly funding abortion or the government allowing murderous abortion pills for young women without the parents knowing about it; whether it’s Biden’s fanatical push for “transgenderism” or Minnesota’s penalization of parents who refuse “sex-change” operations for their children; or whether it’s the Vatican’s betrayal of the underground Church in China or Pope Francis’ appointment of notorious homosexual prelates to key and influential positions in the Church, it all speaks of “a revolt” from the Faith. (2 Thess. 2:10) Man of these latter times has raised the clenched fist against his Creator.  
  "I was very pleased at the numbers present at the Banquet. It eases my heart to see so many true souls present."  
  Our Lady, June 21, 1992  
  (Above)  Michael Mangan, SMWA President, with Int'l Pilgrimage Coordinator, Regina Fox. Mr. Mangan will be the keynote speaker for the 53rd Anniversary Banquet.
Also, a group of devotees from the Bay Area, Calif.
  To purchase Banquet tickets and for more details on the 53rd Anniversary weekend  
    God offended by
man’s sins
              The issue is not that Russia is about to attack America or that the globalists are conspiring to bring about a tyrannical “one-world government…of communistic nature” (Jesus, Oct. 6, 1988), but the issue is that the sins of man are offending God and bringing His wrath upon humanity. These sins are strengthening the powers of darkness unto the hastening of a major world war through which “various nations will be annihilated.”  
  Bishop Mathieu will be speaking at the 53rd Anniversary Banquet  
  With the Lay Order of St. Michael in 2016, when he gave a brilliant witness to the Bayside apparitions with a powerful written endorsement (see Golden Warrior, No. 22).  
    Opportunity of grace in two weeks,
a double Vigil weekend
               Hence, we are at  the mercy of God when the only thing that can avert the coming global nightmare is a worldwide outpouring of reparation, penance, and prayer, and a most effective way of doing this is by making a pilgrimage to Bayside. With the 53rd Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions upon us, Heaven has provided us with the perfect opportunity to do that! The Queen of Heaven is calling you to her Sacred Grounds this June 24-26, 2023, and is giving you a chance to make the difference for our country.  
  "Those who come to Me and My Son in belief will be spared the greatest agonies of what lies ahead in the plan of the Father for the cleansing of your world."  
  Our Lady, April 22, 1973  
              Given the present  direction of the world and speculation of new and increased government restrictions in the future, the 53rd Anniversary could be our last chance to get to Bayside to petition Heaven for those much-needed graces. While the door is open to us, it behooves us to get to the Holy Grounds and tap the well of divine mercy that we might draw the dew of Heaven upon our spiritually parched planet.  
  Sunday Holy Hour for Pope and clergy  
  Fr. Eric Munoz (c) from El Salvador, who courageously took a stand against communion in the hand, inspired by the message of Our Lady of the Roses. Father went to his eternal reward in 2021.  
    Heavenly fuel for
the work
              Because this heavenly dew is fuel to run the Mission. What Jesus and Mary have asked is that we cleanse our nation of abortion, homosexuality, and degradation, and that we restore the Church to its former glory, but this takes spiritual energy and grace. By going to Bayside we heap upon ourselves an abundance of heavenly grace that enables us to effectively run the race. Bayside is our spiritual pit stop where we can recharge our batteries and fuel up with premium so that we can “press for the mark” and win the “prize.” (Philip. 3:14)  
  "I now dispense upon these sacred grounds the power from the Father for conversion and cure."  
  Our Lady, March 24, 1973  
              And now is the  time to get there! We have arrived at a pivotal point in the history of our country when attendance at the 53rd Anniversary Vigil could make the difference for America. Let us not forget the tremendous response generated by Our Lady’s revelation of March 26, 1983, that Russia was planning a missile attack on America. Nearly 15,000 people attended the 13th Anniversary Vigil on June 18, 1993 to storm Heaven for protection. And the missile threat was abated, something Our Lord confirmed on June 6, 1987.  
    Putin threatening to
nuke America
              Unfortunately, the  threat to America right now is worse than it was in 1983 with Putin now seriously threatening to nuke the U.S. and Biden laboring around the clock to assist China’s aggression against America – the same China that is now assisting Putin. Did Our Lord not say on March 26, 1983, that “Russia will also utilize the manpower of China as they make their thrust forward?” We indeed see the storm clouds of prophecy looming on the horizon.  
  The Traditional Latin Mass is
offered for all devotees
    Red invasion from
Latin America
              This is not to  mention the hordes of “illegal immigrants” pouring in now across the U.S. and Mexican border, with thousands of illegal breach attempts made per day. Our Lady warned that “Nicaragua is a center point for the capitulation of the United States of America and Canada” with “plans afoot, and in the making, with missiles and all dire instruments of destruction. These plans are being formulated from Nicaragua, to go into Mexico, and thereupon into the United States.” (June 18, 1987) Under the guise of immigration, we see this plan gaining momentum at the border. These are trained revolutionaries, not just poor and oppressed immigrants.  
  Anniversary Procession  
    Jihad rebels being shipped to
key cities of America
              On a radio  talk-show “A Catholic Take,” acclaimed writer and Jihad Watch director, Robert Spencer, now reports on the crisis at the border where Muslims on the “Terrorist Watch List” are being picked up and shipped to strategic areas of America, especially New York City – and we know why! Our Lady warned on September 27, 1986, that terrorists “are now setting up their plans to bring destruction to the heart of the Americas.” On October 1, 1988, Jesus warned that New York City was being targeted for destruction with “bombs placed in strategic places.”  
  Organizers' Conference  
    You can make the
              Our Lady calls you  to her Sacred Grounds to join with other companionable spirits throughout the world who will be storming Heaven to rain an abundance of mercy upon our land. The 53rd Anniversary Vigil could truly prove to be the difference maker in keeping the doors of peace open for our country. If the enthusiastic response of 40 years ago worked it most certainly will work again! Your response to Heaven’s pleadings could avert “a major invasion of the United States and Canada.” (Our Lady, March 26, 1983)  
  "I will always be here waiting for you. There is no time in Heaven. Therefore, there is no calculation of time upon My sacred grounds. I am always here."  
  Our Lady, March 24, 1973  
              This indeed could be  the last chance you have to get to the Sacred Grounds. We urge you to accept Our Lady’s invitation and not let the grace pass you by. Be doubly assured that anyone who visits the Holy Grounds does not leave empty handed but will take back with them an armful of graces. "The Eternal Father has made it known to the world through His message that there will be many graces given through the sacred grounds.” (Our Lady, March 18, 1975)  
    the Time is now: be there
on the Holy Grounds!
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