November 26, 2022
The official news of the Bayside Mission
Holy Hour intentions for
clergy restored
  As you know  by now, the horrific Russia/Ukraine War that began on February 24th is fraught with devastating nuclear consequences for the world, and particularly for the United States and Canada per the dire warnings and prophecies of Our Lady of the Roses.
              Hence, having a singular resource of power at our fingertips, we changed the intentions of the Sunday Holy Hour for clergy in March to: for peace in Ukraine, and to avert a nuclear catastrophe there, the United States or anywhere else. (This substitution of intentions was done before in 1990 with Our Lady's instruction during the Persian Gulf War.)
              Thanks be to God and the Shrine, at least we have been spared this crucible of suffering intended for the United States and Canada where "the number of dead will be counted in the millions."
              Certainly the prayers rising from one of the most sacred spots on earth has helped stave off, so far!, what Our Lady identifies as the Great (or Terrible) Minor Chastisement.
              However, with the start of the new liturgical year tomorrow, the first Sunday of Advent, we decided that this is the right time to restore the Holy Hour to its usual intentions. After all, our spiritual leaders, the Pope, bishops and clergy are in dire need of prayers, too.
              Even so, this restoration does not alter the gravity and fragility of our times as long as we have "the egomaniacs that reside in the land called Russia" who possess the world's largest nuclear arsenal and the will to use it as they have made known clearly and smugly throughout the year.
              Please . . . don't stop storming Heaven for peace in the world. That's why the Rosary Vigils must remain as a peace offering.
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