June 7, 2022
The official news of the Bayside Mission
Now is the time
June 18th beckons
    Dear Friends of Our Lady of the Roses:    

           With the prophecies of Heaven rapidly unfolding and the world aghast in the wake of Russia’s brutal invasion of the Ukraine, it’s important to remember Our Lady’s promise from May 22, 1974, when She said:    
  "I promise you I will be with you to the Second Coming, the return of My Son in glorious triumph over the great forces of evil now rampant in your world."  
             This promise would especially apply to those who make a pilgrimage to Bayside to repair to the injured Hearts of Jesus and Mary, so torn by the offenses of many of today’s bishops and clergy, even the pope. And with the Great Chastisement now looming on the horizon and the need for reparation at an all-time high, what better time to visit the Sacred Grounds than next week on June 18, 2022, for the 52nd Anniversary Celebration of Our Lady’s apparitions at Bayside.
Rosary Vigil
             With Russia increasing its threats, even nuclear, on the West, people everywhere had reposed great hope that Pope Francis’ historic consecration of Russia-Ukraine would be an effective channel of grace to bring peace to the world. And while we certainly pray that the consecration will yield its fruits, it’s important to remember that Bayside more than once has provided the Eternal Father with an alternative channel wherewith to bring the dew of Heaven upon our spiritually parched planet.  
  "I was very pleased at the numbers present at the Banquet. It eases my heart to see so many true souls present."  
  Our Lady, June 21, 1992  
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    Our Lady at Bayside held back
the chastisement
             For instance, back in the eighties when the Great Chastisement was ready to unfold Baysiders across America were busy spreading Our Lady’s urgent warnings as attendance at the Bayside vigils were on the rise. It was because of their response to Our Lady’s call for penance and reparation that Jesus was able to bring us this report in 1987:  
  "If it were not for My Mother, you would have received the Ball of Redemption last year, My children…. The reprieve was given because of those who offered themselves up in sacrifice for their errant brothers and sisters."  
  Jesus, June 6, 1987  
    You Can.
             Our Lord brought us a similar report in 1976:  
  "But for the pleading of your Mother, My Mother, the Mediatrix from God to man, you would have already received your just chastisement. But for the few prayers that rise as a balance to Heaven, you would already see death and destruction in your country and many of the countries throughout your world."  
  Jesus, December 24, 1976  
Sunday Holy Hour for Pope and clergy
             And so we see how in the absence of due response from Rome, the Bayside Mission more than once has compensated by providing the Eternal Father with a holy by-pass to channel His life-giving mercy to the Mystical Body. We might almost see the Sacred Grounds of Bayside as “Rome Sweet Home” (no pun intended), as alluded to by Our Lord Himself when he told us:  
  "We have made Our home upon these grounds. Therefore, all who come here to be solaced, I will be here. My Mother and I shall stay here even unto the conflagration."  
  Jesus, June 18, 1991  
The Traditional Latin Mass at the
Anniversary is always offered for all devotees
             Jesus indeed will solace us from these Holy Grounds by making up for the many shortcomings of the clergy and bishops. Through this oasis of grace the faithful are able to receive graces of conversion, cure, enlightenment—and yes, even the grace of world peace that normally would come through the pope and bishops. Bayside is where we place our confidence because Bayside is where Jesus and Mary welcome us with open arms.  
Lay Order of St. Michael with
Bishop Mathieu Madega
    Another round of victory  
             And we need Their embrace more than ever as Russia now flexes its nuclear strength following the successful testing of their new “Son of Satan” ICBM last month. We shouldn’t rule out that Heaven may have another round of victory lined up for us, for if you’ll recall, it was Our Lady’s March 26, 1983 revelation of a planned missile-attack on America that generated a tremendous response from people across America and the world. The 13th Anniversary Vigil on June 18, 1983, saw up to 12,000 people on the Sacred Grounds with the major vigils of the next three years demonstrating similar enthusiasm.
             It was on the heels of this glorious attendance surge that Our Lord brought us his June 6, 1987 announcement that His Mother had gained us a reprieve, so we should understand that increased attendance at Bayside this June could gain us still another reprieve. With Putin threatening to nuke America this is the time to get to the Holy Grounds to petition Heaven for peace. The upcoming 52nd Anniversary provides us with a perfect opportunity to do just that.  
    Hold fast to what works  
             St. Paul says, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thess. 5:21) Ardent attendance at the Bayside vigils is what has proven time and again to be an effective means of holding back the Chastisement. God is a God of peace who always provides us with opportunities for peace and Our Lady calls you to Bayside this Anniversary, to give peace a chance. Here is where your response can make the difference. Just believe and act on Heaven’s invitation and you may see a miracle in the coming year. “With God all things are possible.” (Mt. 19:26)  
Organizers' Conference
    Now is the time  
             Given the present crisis and the urgent need for prayer and reparation we anticipate a spike in attendance this year so don’t delay in purchasing your 52nd Anniversary pilgrimage package and Banquet tickets. Who is to say that air travel in the U.S. won’t be restricted or banned in the future because of COVID or some other catastrophe, so while the door is open it behooves you to take advantage of this opportunity of grace. Now is the time to get that spiritual shot in the arm and load up with a bouquet of graces to take back with you so you can work as effective apostles in your area.  
  "I bestow upon all who come to My sacred grounds the power to bring back and rescue from satan their brothers and sisters."  
  Our Lady, June 8, 1973  
             Jesus and Mary cordially invite you to Their Sacred Grounds to be present with Them on Their big day. The 52nd Anniversary Celebration promises to be a momentous one like no other so we urge you to take advantage and come.
             Hope to see you and yours at the Holy Grounds on June 18-19!  
    David Martin
Los Angeles Organizer / St Michael’s World Apostolate
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