December 28, 2021
The official news of the Bayside Mission
  Year-end Christmas Matching Gift
  u p p i n g  t h e  a n t e
  $ 2 0, 0 0 0
  A thankful and thoughtful devotee wants to gift SMWA $10,000 in memory of his beloved wife who was a Baysider for decades. He has requested  that we increase our current $10,000 matching campaign to $20,000 to include his gift.  
  Let's go for it!  
  We only have 3 days  
  but we have confidence in our faithful  
  currently raised
  needed by Dec. 31
  Remember: we have to
reach $20,000 in donations
to receive the matching gift.
That's the challenge and
that's the deal!
  Give today (100% tax deductible). Here are three ways
to do your 2021 tax return a favor.
1. My year-end Christmas Matching Gift
2. Call 888.830.SMWA (7692); 718.359.3908
3. Mail check payable to: St Michael's World Apostolate
P.O. Box 514  Bayside, NY 11361 (It must be postmarked
by December 31 to claim your tax-deduction.
Double your year-end impact today!
For more detail, see article below from the December 22, 2021 eAlert
$10,000 year-end Christmas Matching Gift
Dec. 31 deadline
The super Shrine needs your help today
         It's the crazy, crazy world out there that really magnifies the value and importance of Our Lady's Mission at Bayside.
       For example, when you reflect on the things that make a difference in your daily life in these end-days, Our Lady of the Roses Shrine and its constant powerful, appeasing prayer to Almighty God is likely to be at the top of your list.
       The comfort and joy that floods your soul knowing that every Sunday Holy Hour for Pope and clergy and on every major feast day of the Church (over 84 times a year), this refuge of grace, this beacon of light in the darkness is offering public-reparative prayer from the Home of Jesus and Mary (June 18, 1991) that is countering the unprecedented evil of our time: "Your world is now in a state far worse than when the Father destroyed it during the time of Noah and Sodom!" 
St. Joseph, Dec. 30, 1972
    Darryl Bolisay (l.) and John Benevides
  Lay Order of St. Michael  
          The appointed guardians of the Shrine, only four men, are giving everything that they have for you and the Cause. Every Sunday and 30 plus Rosary Vigils a year--no matter the weather, often harsh--they are directing the Shrine: doing the set up and breakdown (with the indispensable help of other kind devotees) and leading the prayer and song.  
  $10,000 year-end Christmas Matching Gift  
          Two good friends of the Shrine are generously offering a $10,000 matching gift so your donation will be doubled through December 31 to help ensure we keep the love and prayers Heavenward in 2022.
       Your year-end (100% tax-deductible) gift of $25 will be matched to $50, and $100 will become $200 and $500 becomes a $1,000. And so on.
       But you know how it works by now: we don't see a penny unless we raise $10,000 from you and all the faithful.
       And only 9 days to do it! The deadline is December 31.
       That's why it's also called a challenge grant!
  Tis the Season of Giving  
         Your kindness and generosity can make this happen, though. And we are confident that you will deliver in this Season of Giving for these must-have prayer services that truly give Our Lady comfort and joy, too.
       Do your 2021 tax return a favor and give today: My year-end Christmas Matching Gift (tax-deductible)
       Or call 888.830.SMWA (7692); 718.359.3908
       Or mail check payable to: St Michael's World Apostolate  P.O. Box 514  Bayside, NY 11361 (It must be postmarked by December 31 to claim your tax-deduction.
      Michael Mangan  
  Great consolation and
peace for mothers
          By the way, here's a spectacular Christmas gift to parents from Our Lady of the Roses: "Cry not, mother. The Eternal Father is most pitiful upon you. He has opened His heart to many of your children, not judging them by false leaders." Nov. 25, 1978
       Be assured of our prayers and remembrances for you and yours on the holy grounds throughout this joyous Christmas season.
          Puer natus est nobis. And a Blessed and Healthy New Year.  
  We look forward to hearing from you today.
Thank you for doubling your impact for Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine,

Michael Mangan
  James Donohue  
  P.S. Here's an infinitely valuable gift for you: a priest-devotee will be offering a Christmas Novena of Traditional Latin Masses, beginning on December 29 and ending on the glorious feast of the Epiphany, for all the friends and benefactors of SMWA.  
  All photos from the Dec. 12 and 19, 2021 Sunday Holy Hour. Photographers: Michael Mangan, John Benevides and Darryl Bolisay; all Lay Order of St. Michael  
  My year-end Christmas Matching Gift (tax-deductible)
  Directions to Shrine
Christmas Vigils
  Our Lady of the Roses Shrine
Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, N.Y.
  3 - 6 p.m.
  Christmas carols will be sung before
all three Vigils beginning at 2:45 p.m.
  In honor of the Nativity of Our Lord
  Thurs. Dec. 23
  Eve of the Holy Innocents
  Mon. Dec. 27
  In honor of the Octave of the Nativity of Our Lord
  Thurs. Dec. 30