April 23, 2021
The official news of the Bayside Mission
In light of our own searing experience with the coronavirus, we feel compelled, if not obligated, to share with you the article below that includes the enlightening link: CURES FOR COVID-19 - Confirmed by Medical Experts
                     The coronavirus has battered our religious community and organization resulting in scores of cases and even multiple deaths. As we write now, a longtime devotee (since the 70s) from Pennsylvania is on a ventilator.
                     A doctor-devotee in Queens, N.Y. who had a close brush with death herself last year has used that learned experience to help and heal and save hundreds of patients. And in a neighborhood that is a hot zone for Covid—at one point, it was Ground Zero! Her protocol is very similar to that of the medical experts reported below. She is also a strong advocate for chest x-rays and anticoagulents (or blood thinners), if necessary.
                     We have spoken to many frontline doctors, and they all agree: You got to treat this disease early. Do not hesitate. Or it can advance quickly. And do not try to self-treat with an extra Vitamin C tablet. Although many cases are asymptomatic, for others Covid can be damaging, if not deadly.
                     We hope you find this information helpful, and we would stress that any Covid treatment should always be under doctor supervision.
                     The bottom line is: God is good, and He has given us the means to heal and recover from this insidious disease.
  The Lay Order of St. Michael
    A proven cure for COVID-19  
             by David Martin  

"There will be sent upon your country a plague. Many shall die."
Our Lady, Sept. 13, 1975

"The mercy of the Eternal Father knows no bounds."
Jesus, Aug. 5, 1975
           There exists a very safe, effective, and inexpensive cure for COVID-19, but the media has done everything they can to keep this information from us.
         The cure for COVID-19 is hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc. The zinc kills the virus while the hydroxychloroquine helps the zinc break through the cell wall so that the zinc can then destroy the virus. The antibiotic azitromycine is also added to the treatment to prevent the COVID virus from spreading.
         New York family practitioner Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who invented this protocol compares the hydroxychloroquine to a gun that shoots the zinc as a bullet through the cell wall. Initially he treated over 500 COVID patients with hydroxychloroquine + zinc + azitromycine, with a 100% recovery rate, near-zero side effects, and no hospitalizations. At present he has helped over 1000 COVID patients recover, usually in a matter of days.
         In an email to me on April 13, Fr. Ignatio Bokosi who heads a Catholic parish in Malawi had this to say: "There were so many of my parishioners who tested positive for COVID-19 but have now fully recovered after sending them Hydroxychloroquine, Azitromicin, Zinc.... So far nobody in my parish has succumbed to COVID-19 and we believe that the above mentioned medicines are helping a lot."
         Dr. Rob Elens of the Netherlands gave all his COVID patients hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc, and saw a 100% recovery rate in an average of four days, with no hospitalizations. Dr. Brian Tyson of El Centro, California has treated over 1700 corona patients using the Zelenko Protocol and has seen a 100% recovery rate. Many other medical doctors throughout the world have employed the Zelenko protocol with similar success.
         These are the true "essential heroes" whose expertise, honesty, and dedication have saved countless thousands of lives, but our left-wing media and government leaders resent this because it works against their totalitarian agenda. Biden and the socialist deep-state are all about terrorizing humanity for political gain.
         The COVID scare was deliberately sprung on us to provide socialists with a political tool to lock down on liberty and advance their tyrannical "vaccine passport" system, but there is no need to heed this COVID fuss any longer. We have a cure for COVID-19 so it's high time we ignore the scare and rejoice in the cure so that we can get on with being a free and healthy nation under God.
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    CURES FOR COVID-19 - Confirmed by Medical Experts  
    David Martin is the Los Angeles, Calif.
SMWA organizer. He has been a devotee
since 1979 and has authored three books:
Vatican II: The launch into apostasy;
Purgatory: The helpless cries from beyond
the veil; and Paul VI: Saint or sinner? He
has written numerous articles on the Church
and papacy for various blogs and websites.
    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of St Michael's World Apostolate.