October 30, 2020
The official news of the Bayside Mission
Critical Prayer Blitz ends this weekend!
Let's keep America pro-life and free
Powerful novena to St. Michael for successful outcome to election (Oct 25 - Nov. 2)
Nov. 3rd presidential election
  An epochal moment in
U.S. history, and the world
        Needless to say,  
  this election is gigantic. The stakes couldn’t be higher in which many have termed the most important presidential election in United States history.
     Indeed, American ideals and values—long-admired and imitated the world over—centered on the unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are under monstrous attack and in serious jeopardy for its citizens.
     Even worse, by January, we could be under the oppressive rule of a government of socialism, or in reality, communism, something Our Lady repeatedly warned would happen if we didn't heed Her counsel.
  "From these sacred grounds chosen by the Father, you have held the balance for your state and your country."  
  Our Lady, Oct. 2, 1974  
       We know, through the keen insight and revelations of the Message of Heaven, that we are in the midst of Armageddon, a raging unseen battle between good and evil, St. Michael, the head of Heaven’s army (July 1, 1985) and Lucifer and his minions from hell (July 25, 1979).     
     The American people have to get this right or we face a rapid and ruinous decline of civilization.

      And so, your
presence is huge for the next two Vigils and Holy Hours (see below) that will be specifically offered to implore Divine intervention for a successful outcome on Tuesday, November 3rd.
     Simply put, here’s our prayer offering: that the Holy Spirit enlighten the American people to make the right choice for President of the United States of America.
  "The United States shall have great trial. There shall be internal strife in your government, and your streets will become running with blood."  
  Our Lady, Oct. 6, 1980  
        The prayers rising at this holy Shrine where “graces are given in abundance far beyond what your human mind can understand or comprehend” (Our Lady, Feb. 10, 1978) are singularly potent.
      And this prayer blitz is too critical for you to miss.
  Let's save America!  
  Sat. Oct. 24   Sat. Oct. 31  
  7:30 - 10:30 pm   3 - 6 pm  
  Eve of Christ the King Rosary Vigil   Eve of All Saints Day & in honor of All Souls Day Rosary Vigil  
  Sun. Oct. 25 & Nov. 1  
  10:30 am - noon  
  Sunday Holy Hour for Pope and clergy  
Impossible to attend? Unite in Prayer Global Crusade (UIPGC)
  Powerful novena to St. Michael for successful
   outcome to election (Oct 25 - Nov. 2)
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