May 29, 2020
The official news of the Bayside Mission
Unite in Prayer Global Crusade
vanquishing the plague from . . .
  One of the most sacred spots on earth

John Benevides LOSM, April 18th Vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday

the prayers of atonement be discontinued on these sacred grounds, the [Great] Chastisement in earth time will be hastened."

Our Lady,
April 14, 1973

Daryl Morgan, longtime devotee, April 26th Sunday Holy Hour

prayers, your acts of sacrifice and atonement to the Father had won you a reprieve. How long, My child? This is with the Father."

Our Lady,
May 30, 1974

"A Shrine
to be called Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers must be built as a center of atonement in order to appease the Father for the sins and abominations committed from this city."

Our Lady,
Nov. 11, 1973

                     by Michael Mangan
Wherever you are across the globe, in this time of coronavirus pandemic, continue to join us in generous spirit, bringing with you other caring brothers and sisters.
        Love and sacrifice and thousands of Rosaries rising in unison to the Good Father through the hands of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers is a powerful influential force that few places on this planet can match for its efficacy.
        Our Lady explains: "Many graces will be given . . . from these grounds that have been chosen by the Father as a center of atonement." (March 24, 1974) You are uniting during the Sunday Holy Hour and Rosary Vigil with the Lay Order of St. Michael (below) who are the guardians of Our Lady of the Roses Shrine.

(l. to r.) Michael Mangan (SMWA Pres.), James Donohue, William Dykes, Darryl Bolisay, and John Benevides at the April 30th live broadcast.  
        Moreover, it appears the Unite in Prayer Global Crusade, that began on March 15th, has been impactful--the heart-felt prayer and sacrifice of the thousands of Bayside devotees (and many other faithful) throughout the world have reached and moved the Father.
        There has been a major alleviation of this terrible months-long affliction, which considering the most lethal plagues in history, thankfully, pales in comparision. For example, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic killed an estimated 20-50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans while coronavirus has claimed about 350,000 lives worldwide and nearly 100,000 Americans.
        For a disease that has raged across the globe affecting billions, it truly is remarkable that the numbers are extraordinarily low. God does hear the cry of the poor (Psalm 34) especially when the cry emanates from His chosen site of Bayside.
  Supernatural wonders of the Shrine  
  Veronica of the Cross would often interpret a big A (c.) for Anno, or this year. Anno is an abbreviation of Anno Domini, the Year of the Lord. After COVID-19, what else is going to happen this year? Miraculous photo taken by John Benevides at the May 20th Ascension Rosary Vigil.  
        Although, the contagion has not been vanquished yet--but you and I continue to work on that--great strides are being made.
        Generally speaking, deaths and hospitalizations are dropping significantly, countries are getting back to businesss, and stay-at-home orders are being lifted. And, alleluia!, even churches are opening with Masses being offered.
        Indeed, hope springs eternal.
        Notwithstanding the natural precautions (which are necessary and effective, too), more importantly are the prayers and heroic works of charity of many churches, organizations and faithful who are beseeching the Lord for mercy and helping contain the beast.
        Still, one cannot deny the singular power of prayer on these sacred grounds as shown in the Message from Heaven pull quotes, and especially highlighted here:
  "If the prayers are stopped upon these sacred grounds a severe chastisement will be given to the city of New York."  
  Veronica, Sept. 7, 1974  
50th Annual May Crowning at May 24th Sunday Holy Hour  
        In addition, our live broadcast Rosary and talk held bi-weekly on Thursday at 7 p.m.--next one, May 28th--has been a blessing and remedial as well.
        It's attracted, nationally and worldwide, a greater and more renewed participation in the Mission from Heaven, including the Unite in Prayer Global Crusade, which means more pleasing and appeasing prayer rising to the Good and Merciful Father.
        So put these dates and time on your schedule, and with family and friends join us in the Holy Rosary. Although the beast is not slain, and there is a lot of unknowns and work to be done, one thing is certain:
  Your prayer is as potent as it gets when it is united with the Lay Order of St. Michael from one of the most sacred spots on earth.  
Offering  The Rosary Vigils and Sunday Holy Hour for
Pope and clergy as a merciful appeal for deliverance in time
of pandemic, to placate the holy wrath of God, and for all who
serve the sick. Both events will include A Prayer in Time of Pandemic.
Sunday Holy Hour for Pope and clergy  
10:30 a - noon ET  
  March 15  the Global Crusade begins
Upcoming Rosary Vigils  
7:30 - 10:30 p ET  
  Wed., July 1
  The Most Precious Blood & eve of the
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  Sat., June 20*
  In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Our
Lady's Apparitions at Bayside
  Fri., June 5
  In honor of Trinity Sunday
  Fri. May 29
  In honor of Pentecost Sunday and the
Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  Wed., May 20
  Eve of the Ascension of Our Lord
  Sat., April 18
  Eve of Mercy Sunday
  Sat., April 11
  Eve of the Resurrection of Our Lord
  Sat., April 4
  Eve of Palm Sunday
  Tues., March 24
  Eve of the Annuniation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  Wed., March 18
  Eve of St. Joseph
*Due to the coronavirus, the full-scale 50th
Anniversary celebration has been rescheduled
for the Big St. Michael Weekend, Sept 26 - 28, 2020.
However, we will still observe this original date in modest fashion.
  My Gift for one of the most sacred spots on earth  
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