March 28, 2020
The official news of the Bayside Mission
  Churches close
             The powerful and public-reparative prayers and Rosaries continue to rise to the Father from the determined hearts of the faithful at the sacred grounds, despite New York City being the epicenter for the coronavirus pandemic.
           The Rosary Vigils and Sunday Holy Hours (the usual intention for the Pope and clergy remains) are being offered as a merciful appeal for deliverance in time of pestilence and to placate the holy wrath of God.
           The prayers, as usual, are directed by the Lay Order of St. Michael (LOSM), the appointed guardians of Our Lady of the Roses Shrine.
  March 22nd Sunday Holy Hour  
  Darryl Bolisay LOSM leading the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Our Lady's Shrine is temporarily bare but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the appeasing prayers at this "center of atonement."
Our Lady, March 24, 1974
  "From these sacred grounds chosen by the Father, you have held the balance for your state and your country. The many prayers that rise to Heaven from the hearts of Our children on these grounds have given you a measure of reprieve."  
  Our Lady, Oct. 2, 1974  
  March 24th Vigil of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary  
  Michael Mangan is reading the
Prayer in times of epidemics.
  A plenary indulgence  
  Pope Francis has granted this special gift in this time of disease, with the recitation of the Rosary and the Holy Hour offering fulfilling the requirements (along with the usual conditions).
     All necessary precautions are taken and as you will note above social distancing is observed.
  "All who need
strength and encouragement in the days ahead will say with true feeling, My Jesus, my confidence!"
  Our Lady, Feb. 1, 1978  
  My Gift
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Prayer in times of epidemics