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Issue No. 5   December 2002

Joe's Grand Slam

"There will be cures and conversions beyond what man has experienced in your country. It is in this manner that the work for My Mother's Shrine shall go forward."
Jesus, May 28, 1975

Aug. 22, 2002

St Michaelís World Apostolate,

          In March, 1994, I was touched by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers. At that time, I began the process of cure and conversion.


          Our Lady and Heaven gave me the grace and strength to completely stop shooting speed in my arm. This scourge I had for 10 years. I am completely healed from this nightmare, both body and soul. I am so grateful for this cure.


          Our Lady and Heaven also assisted in converting me back to the Roman Catholic Church after being away for 26 years.


          I even turned my whole financial world around and recently received a promotion at work.


          I completely stopped my former homosexual life and behavior. I was brought back to my family too. I now live a very peaceful and prayerful life and attend Mass daily.

          I must have given out hundreds of rose petals, messages and sacramentals since 1994. I will never forget Our Lady of the Roses, Her counsel, "Roses From Heaven," and all of you. Thank you for everything.

Joe T. Britton
San Francisco, CA

P.S. Believe me, it took me many years, reading and acting upon the Message from Heaven, reciting the daily 15-decade Rosary, reading daily the Douay Rheims translation of the Bible, reading Imitation of Christ, prayer, attending Mass daily, group Rosaries, mortification and more prayer.

The audio tape I ordered on the apparition of St. Michael to Rachel Sanchez is one great radio program (show No. 226, only $3 plus s/h). I listened to it twice over the weekend. It was truly enlightening to me. Thank you.  Joe

St Michaelís World Apostolate
Dec. 28, 2001
Dear St. Michaelís,
          Last night I was hurting so bad for hours--my head, neck and forehead. I have been suffering for years.
          Now this I just have to tell you. After taking medicine I was still hurting and I did not know what to do. I picked up your rose petal and the cross you sent me free. I put these on my forehead and I said, St Michaelís World Apostolate, help me. I was desperate and after calling upon St Michaelís World Apostolate, I was cured.
          This was a miracle. Thank you for sending me a rose petal and a crucifix.
          Mrs. Nela Clements
          Little Rock, AZ


Profoundly inspired
Aug. 21, 2002
Dear Michael,
          I loved the photo presentation of the August 21st Vigil on your website. From the preparation of the sacred grounds and adorning of Our Ladyís statue to the riveting miraculous photos, I felt a deep gratitude for such a heavenly oasis in this world of darkness and wish I could have been there.
          Thank you and all Our Ladyís dedicated workers for doing such a great job maintaining the sacred grounds and prayer vigils as Our Lady requested. You, along with Veronica of the Cross, have taught us all what it is to be faithful and true.
          May Our Lady of the Roses ever smile down upon you all.
          Mrs. Peter Castricum
          Budd Lake, NJ


July 27, 2002
To the Workers of SMWA,
          My first visit to Bayside was in November of 1978. Before that time, I was an alcoholic who drank up to a case of beer a night, plus heavier alcohol such as whiskey and grain. I smoked over two packs of cigarettes a day and even tried marijuana and acid, but I didnít like drugs too much. I also lived a perverted lifestyle.
          So when I went to a Bayside Vigil for the first time, I became agitated after being on the sacred grounds for over an hour, because I was expecting all kinds of miracles if, in fact, Jesus and Our Lady were really appearing there.
          I started to cuss and swear out loud and told my brother that I was going back to the bus. All of a sudden, a large dove appeared over my head and then it disappeared.
          That changed my tune in a big hurry. Thatís all it took for me to believe.
          Since then, I have been going to the vigils every month for 24 years. It took me a couple of vigils before I quit drinking and smoking, but I asked Our Lady to take the desire away from me and She did. I even gave up my disgusting sex life. I know that Iíll never go back to any of these bad habits.
          M. K.
          N. Huntingdon, Pa.


Last-minute rescue
March 29, 2002
St. Michaelís,
          A couple of months ago I sent in a petition for Our Lady and Jesus to help us save our house, which was in foreclosure. There was no one who would help us. One day before foreclosure our mortgage company approved us for a refinancing of our house and lowered our payments on top of that.
          Praise Jesus and Mother Mary for answering our prayers, for with Them all things are possible.
          Mildred Saenz
          Romeoville, IL


Oct. 2002
Dear Michael,
          I gave a rose petal to a lady. A friend of hers has a very sick horse. The vet said the horse would die. She put a rose petal on the horse and heís great today! The woman is so happy. So Our Lady loves animals like St. Francis.
          Sr. Frances Grace
          Wellesley Hills, MA


Bowled over
Jan. 14, 2002
To whom it may concern,
          I received your literature rolled up in my door knob. I usually just throw these things away as trash. Donít ask me why, I took your paper in and read it. I was not aware of these visits by Jesus and Mary to Veronica. I read a lot of religious articles but never heard of this. I am passing your paper on as I do all my religious readings. I was quite moved!
          God bless you.
          Theresa Shewaski
          Philadelphia, PA


Babyís dramatic relief
May 25, 2002
Dear SMWA,
          I want to convey how the rose petal cured my first cousinís child of one year. He was violently sick and could not hold down any food. He was lying there and did not move. I gave the mother a rose petal and she rubbed it on him. The next day the child was eating and holding down his food and full of life.
          Martin Tivnan
          Co. Wicklow, Ireland


April 23, 2002
Dear Mr. Martin,
          Well, you did it again! The April 21st radio broadcast was superb! You once more hit with facts, vital information and you didnít mince words. I came away filled with strength and fight. I was indeed led to have found St. Michaelís Radio Program.
          Miss C.H. Baker
          St. Petersburg, FL


May 2002
Dear SMWA,
          I was enlightened with the snaps on your website as the pilgrims portrayed their love and dedication to Our Lady which one does not get to see very often in the present world. The presentation of all the people at the May Crowning, especially, has touched me very deeply. It is a rare thing around here. May you flourish with all the blessings bestowed from above and keep going no matter what.
          Qatar, Arabian Gulf


Sept. 17, 2002
Dear Michael,
          Your letter on 9/11 was right on! You couldnít have written it any other way. It was right to the point--right to the heart of the matter.
          God bless you all for all you do to keep this Mission going!
          When are they, the clergy, going to wake up to the reality of the message of Bayside? Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, pray for them that it will be soon!
          Helen OíConnor
          Upper Darby, PA


True clairvoyance
March 16, 2001
Dear SMWA,
          I first heard and received a rose petal from the late Joe Spadaro of Yonkers, N.Y. I placed the petal on my unconscious brotherís forehead as he was dying of a brain tumor. As soon as I touched him, he said, "Blessed Virgin Mary." He never knew what I placed on his head, never opened his eyes, but those were the last words he said. He died a few hours later.
          My other brothers and I were comforted because Our Lady was with him.
          Also, my sister-in-law who had a small cancer growth in her left eye, now has the petal and doctors in Cleveland and Cincinnati say she is in remission and she is comforted each day by the petal. Thank you.
          Albert Yacobozzi
          Erie, PA

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