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9/11 Anniversary statement from the President

September 11, 2002

Dear faithful and true devotee,

        We must never, never forget!

        As we mark the 1st Anniversary of 9/11, the horrific terror attack on America, our heart-felt prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims and their families.

        We know it must be very difficult for those suffering with personal loss and to think that 3000 people punched into work on that sparkling Tuesday morning and never came home for dinner. And never will.

        365 days later and still the scope and breadth of this evil act is staggering.

        However, even more astounding than this is we, as a nation and the world, have failed, it seems, to learn the major lesson from this disaster. We just don’t get it, especially those who should–the clergy.

        And that is: unless we make a concerted attempt to amend our ways that offend the Eternal Father, we have forfeited His blessing and protection. And tragically, we are doomed to another 9/11, and even far worse.

        The crushing and humiliating blow of Sept. 11 proved that the United States of America is not invincible and no amount of armaments, money, power or prestige can guarantee our safety and security.

        Ultimately, we are wholly and entirely dependent on the Father’s blessing and protection. It seems we have taken it for granted for too long–like it’s automatic.

        But we have to earn that special grace by observing His wise and venerable rule. We can’t invoke God, and then do what we want. That’s just lip service or worse hypocrisy.

        How empty and hollow is the patriotic anthem, “God Bless America,” when we lawfully permit the murder of God’s creation in the womb of the mother, to the tune of 1.5 million abortions a year–and that’s just in America!

        And how about the acceptance and recognition of homosexuality—including even marriages! This perversion of God’s plan is raging throughout the world. Even in Catholic and Christian quarters this gross violation of Divine law is condoned or at least met with just a shrug of the shoulders.

        We can’t legalize sin and expect God’s favor. That’s like giving a naughty child an ice cream for being bad. It doesn’t make sense.

        As a matter of fact, God has blessed America with the greatest apparition of Our Lady the world has ever seen. And yet, what has been the response to this beautiful gift of the Father, but contempt and rejection of Our Lady’s message at Bayside. Sadly, there wouldn’t be a 9/11 if the prophetic words of Our Lady were taken seriously–if only by just some of the clergy.

        And many daresay, “Where was God on Sept. 11?”

        And we say to them: “Where were you? Where are you now? Are you truly loving God and neighbor? And obeying His precepts? Making a sincere and earnest effort?” As Jesus teaches: “If you love me, keep my commandments” (St. John 14.15).

        We must never, never forget that we are dependent on the Eternal Father and that this covenant is a two-way street. It is all very simple: we obey the Father’s rule and He will bless and protect us. We defy the Father’s rule and He cannot bless or protect us (at least not for long). God can’t bless sin. He will withdraw His protection and we will have to suffer the consequences.

        And lastly, we must never, never forget the message of Bayside–God’s great gift for His people–that thankfully provides the peace, grace, hope and guidance that this troubled world so desperately needs.

        Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers intercede for us that there may be a moral renewal in our world and especially remember the poor people that perished on Sept. 11.

        God bless you through St. Michael,
        the greatest warrior of Heaven,

        Michael Mangan

P.S.: Your prayers and gifts are vital to Our Lady’s mission. We can’t do our job without them. Whatever you are inspired to give, please send it along today.

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