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Issue No. 2   December 1999

Leg Healed
Oct. 7, 1998
         On October 30, 1997, I was standing high on a step ladder taping lights on the cabin of a large truck used for painting. I had to bend over to reach the middle lamp and in that moment the step ladder slipped out from under me and I fell on the concrete floor. My left leg got stuck in between the metal brackets. In that moment I felt a terrible pain.
         I came home thinking that I only twisted my leg, so after a couple of days the pain should go away.
         My children were begging me to go and see a doctor and to get an X-ray to find out whether it was broken. I must say that from the very beginning I was applying all the time the blessed rose petals of Our Lady of the Roses to my leg and praying, “Only You Blessed Mother can help me and give me my healthy leg back or You can take it away. You decide what to do. I belong to You.” I offered all my pain to Jesus and the Blessed Mother for special intentions.


Ed in procession

Ed Recko transporting Our Lady on a pedistal with five other men during the 1999 May Crowning Procession


         After twenty-five days I went to an orthopedic doctor. The doctor examined my leg, shook his head, took the X-ray and said it’s not broken but fractured. A piece of the bone is broken off and it doesn't look too good. He gave me some pills although he didn't know why it looked so bad. He told me to contact him immediately if it got any worse. The pills didn't do me any good.
         At that moment I knew I had to go to the holy grounds in Bayside.
         It was the vigil at the beginning of December 1997. At this time my leg was swollen all the way to the groin. At the spot where it was fractured, it was so swollen that it looked as if the skin was going to break open. While driving to Bayside I forgot all about the pain and somehow got there very quickly. From the parking lot I made my way to the holy ground on crutches. When I sat down I felt very good, though it was very cold and windy.
         I began to pray, forgetting about the pain in my leg. I was totally consumed in prayer and before I realized it, the Vigil was over. I got up and walked on my crutches to my car. Somehow the walking was very easy; different than when I arrived for the vigil. My thoughts were just to get home as soon as possible.
         All of sudden I had this feeling as if someone said to me, “How is your leg?” When I thought about it, I felt very well, as if I was cured. I thought that as long as I had the Blessed Mother from Bayside for a doctor, I should feel confident that everything would be alright. As soon as I got home I looked at my legs. I could not believe my eyes. Both my legs were the same now.
         They weren't the same when I left the house. My leg was red like fire which means the beginning of gangrene and now it was gone. I stood up and nothing hurt.
         Before Christmas Eve arrived I could walk on my own without crutches. It was such a great joy for me. I was really cured!
Thank You a thousand times Our Lady of the Roses from Bayside for taking my sick old leg and giving me a new healthy one. I can walk again. All my friends are a witness to this fact.

Edmund Recko
Harrison, NJ


Cat’s Meow
March 19, 1999
Dear St. Michael’s,
         We have three cats, two of which do not get along. The other night one cat chased the other cat, Pepper, down the cellar. After searching the cellar for about six hours (we could hear her crying) we came to the conclusion that the poor cat had somehow climbed into the wall of our house. After much calling for Pepper I finally went to bed and fell into a restless sleep.



Pepper the cat


"The animals of those who have remained of well spirit will be taken care of."
Our Lady, June 12, 1976


         Around 2 a.m. I heard Pepper crying again—the sound came from inside my living room wall which is upstairs from the cellar.
         I ran into the cellar and called Pepper hoping that the sound of my voice would lead her back to me. But after an hour of calling I went back to bed, but this time I asked God, Our Lady of the Roses and St. Michael to guard and guide my cat to safety.
         At 5:30 a.m., Pepper jumped on my daughter’s bed (3rd floor). She was fine. We cannot understand how she got there.
I know it might sound so trivial praying for a cat but our cats are like family members to us. I found great comfort when I gave my worry to Heaven and am pleased to have such a quick and safe outcome.
         I promised Our Lady that if Pepper came back to us safe and sound I would send St Michael’s World Apostolate $100. Needless to say, Pepper has become a friendlier cat since this ordeal. I had to share this story with you.

Lorraine Carr
Taunton, MA


Brooklyn Desecration
Oct. 6, 1999
         I got your publication in front of the house of sin—once known as the Museum of the County of Kings. Your protest was all that kept me from becoming physically sick at the thought of our Blessed Mother profaned in such a way with the offal of a beast. Now I must learn more of the revelations you have delivered to us.

Robert Karlovich
Jamaica, NY


Quick Results
Feb. 19, 1999
Dear workers,
         My son Francis was throwing up for three days straight. I used a new St. Michael’s rose petal on him and asked Veronica to help him. He immediately felt better and the symptoms never came back.
         Thankfully to Veronica of the Cross,

Joseph Schlimmer
Amsterdam, NY


Peace & Comfort
May 1999
         I have been listening to you on radio station WROL, Boston, Mass. on Sunday mornings at 6:30 a.m. My husband just passed away—a few weeks ago—and your program has given me peace during the mornings, along with God’s blessings for me each day. God bless you.

Florence Fabrizio
Allston, MA


No More Limping
April 14, 1999
Dear St. Michael’s workers,
         I had an injury from a fall at work on November 23, 1994 which left me with a lot of pain on my left side. I went to therapy and the chiropractor gave me treatments. Still I always had pain, sometimes excruciating. The doctor gave me pills for the pain and still it did not help.
         On August 1, 1998, Vigil in honor of Veronica of the Cross, I placed a rose petal on my left side and I said a prayer 
to Veronica. I said, “Please ask the Blessed Mother to heal me because the doctors cannot do it and I can’t take it anymore.”
         When I left the holy grounds I felt better. By morning I had no pain. After the third day I still had no more pain, then I knew it was a miracle and I told everyone where I work because they use to see me limping. Now I walk regular.
         Thank you Jesus and Mary. And thank you Veronica of the Cross. Also thank you St Michael’s World Apostolate for being faithful and true to the Blessed Mother’s work.

Raquel Sanchez
Long Island City, NY

SMWA's workshop building

SMWA's workshop building
(see Golden Warrior, No. 2)

July 9, 1999
Dear St. Michael’s,
         I recently received the last newsletter and was touched to see such a beautiful building that the Order has purchased.
God bless.

Joan Medeiros
Fall River, MA


Incredible Recovery
Dec. 26, 1998
Dear St. Michael’s,
         The day before Thanksgiving my mother suffered a slight stroke. She was left with no long-lasting deficits, thankfully. But she was dizzy all the time, staggering and getting no rest. Medication helped somewhat but she still got no full relief. The doctor just said it would take time.
         One day I received a mailing from you and I thought, “I wonder where that rose petal is?” I found it in my prayer book. I gave it to my mom and asked her to put it under her pillow. The next day she told me that she had slept better than she had in months and that her dizziness had completely disappeared. I believed before, but this was incredible! Thank you, Jesus and Mary! Thank you, St. Michael’s!

Pat Williams
Strong, PA


Clean & Free
July 16, 1999
Dear Michael Mangan,
         In 1988 I went to the Anniversary Vigil. I was sitting in sick circle and there was a man there next to me that didn’t have any legs. Well, during the Vigil, Our dear Veronica came over and touched the man with her crucifix and I thought at the time if I could only reach over and touch the hem of her skirt I would be relieved of my addictions—like the woman in the Bible who touched the hem of Jesus’ gown, she was healed. But instead I begged Blessed Mother to take away all want of drinking and using drugs, and since that Vigil I have been clean and free of alcohol and drugs and I have no desire for them. I believe Our Lady cured me.

D. B.
Yakima, WA


What a Story
July 1999
Dear workers,
         Congratulations on your victory in obtaining that grand building for your mission. What a story! Keep the faith!

Ida M. Callan
Vienna, OH


St. Michael’s Radio Show
Aug. 1999
         I caught your program on radio WWVA. A woman who’s name was Veronica was speaking of predictions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am enclosing a donation for this tape. Thank you.

Joseph R. Koundry
Stratford, CT


True Love
March 4, 1999
St. Michael’s,
         In Atlantic City on the boardwalk, Wednesday, March 3, I was greeted by a very nice lady and she gave me your radio program and Virgin Mary Speaks flyer.
Thank you ever so much. It made me examine my conscience and gave me a true feeling of love.

Lehigh Valley, PA

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