December 20, 1994

On Tuesday, December 20, 1994, at 2:30 in the afternoon, Our Lady appeared to Veronica for about 6 minutes in her home. In addition to what follows, the Virgin exclaimed that She was very pleased with the work.

The timing was providential--of course--because that evening was our staff Christmas party. And what better occasion to pass on this good news that at a joyful gathering of the lay Order of St. Michael and also the part-timer workers, some of whom attended with their spouses.

Our Lady also recognized the need for more help, lamenting, as it were, the reality that there are so few who are willing to sacrifice and commit to this important cause. Thus, pointing out, too, that you--wherever Heaven has placed you--are critical to the Mission. Heaven is dependent on you.

Veronica: I called Michael as soon as I could to excitedly tell him about the coming of Our Blessed Mother while I was bedfast with severe leg pains.

I have severe arthritis of the lower spine, which is making me bedfast with excruciating leg pains. I had been finishing my Rosary when I laid down my beads to rub my painful legs.

When I looked up I saw Our Blessed Mother by the foot of my bed. She was surrounded by a brilliant light--beautiful.

Our Lady looked about Her, then came closer by the right side of my bed. I could see Her gown was trimmed in shimmering gold speckles--so beautiful!

Our Lady touched Her lips, meaning for me--I knew--to listen carefully.

"My daughter, listen carefully and remember my words. I come to you in great need. We need your help and the help of others to hold back the chastising hand of the Eternal Father. The majority of peoples are in darkness of the spirit. My great sorrow is the knowledge that soon a great Chastisement will befall mankind. The Ball of Redemption is imminent. None shall escape. Alert the peoples. Time grows short. Only those of well spirit can be saved."