October 5, 1994

On Wednesday, October 5, 1994 at 7:03 p.m., Our Lady appeared to Veronica bathed in a great, white light. Our Lady was wearing a white gown with a blue cape, and had on white slippers with a gold band around Her insteps. Present in the vision was also the Eternal Father, though His countenance was blurred, as if in a mist.

Our Lady said the following:

"Listen well, Veronica: The worlds existence is in jeopardy. Unless there is a change for better in the souls of many, We, the Eternal Father and the Saints, shall be allowed to send upon mankind─ †"

The Eternal Father suddenly came forth from the obscurity and broke in with the following:

Eternal Father: "Devastation such as has never been seen nor felt since the creation of mankind. The beginning of life upon the earth shall be the end for many. Prayer, atonement, Sacrifice! You shall not receive another warning. Time is running out. Are you ready?"

When the Eternal Father emerged, He appeared to Veronica as very old looking with white hair and a white beard. He had a long gown with gold trim.

(Veronica was instructed by Heaven to place a cross after the word "mankind" and to underline "you." This denotes the suffering that will envelop the world.)

It is significant to note the manner in which this message was given. For even though the Eternal Father has manifested Himself and spoken to Veronica in the past, He has never come forth in such an abrupt manner so as to interrupt the course of Our Lady's message. This indeed is significant, as it alludes to the manner in which the Eternal Father is now about to come forth from His throne and deal directly with mankind.

The days ahead paint an especially bleak picture for the children, as the Eternal Father points out, "The beginning of life upon the earth shall be the end for many." As Veronica understands it, the young will be born into (or brought up in) a scenario of death and misery that will claim many of them before they ever have a chance to grow up.

The delivery of this message was outstanding in still another way not mentioned. For after Veronica had written down the message as it was given to her, she was speaking to Michael Mangan on the telephone concerning the message when she suddenly discovered that there were some words scribed in the margin that she had not written.

"Someone" had written the words "be allowed to" with a line leading to the word "shall" in the second sentence, indicating an insertion. Veronica emphatically stated to Mr. Mangan that she did not write those words in the margin.

Veronica's understanding is that an angel or some personage from Heaven was sent to handwrite these words on the sheet of paper she used to record the message. No doubt, Heaven was resorting to this extraordinary means of communication in order to draw our attention to this element of the message.

This was apparently done to show forth the conditionality of Heaven's message, and the manner in which we "allow" God to take action against us.

The prophecies from Heaven are entirely contingent on the response of man. The length, timing, severity, or even occurrence of the coming chastisement is totally dependent on man's response; precisely the reason for these messages from Heaven.

Thus, on a more hopeful and encouraging note, a full restoration to godliness and traditional values in all spheres of life would stay God's holy wrath. The biblical story of the prophet Jonas and the city of Ninive would illustrate God's endless mercy and the age-old remedy of prayer and penance.

The world is now given the only course for a reprieve: "Prayer, atonement, sacrifice."