January 31, 1992

Veronica relates the following locution which occurred today at 1:31 p.m.

Veronica--I was alone at home in my living room sitting on the couch when I was suddenly aware that a brilliant white ball of light was coming through the window area and advancing towards me, and opening up until the whole room about me was bathed in light. I was startled at first, when a kind, gentle voice said, "Veronica, do not be afraid. It is I." I knew instantly that it was the voice of Our Blessed Lady! She then said:

"Hasten, hearken, and listen, for I have great news for all mankind. Listen and write.

"I do not come to bring fear to the hearts of man, but to help you all to understand and recognize the signs of your times, and what is to be unless man turns away from his course of soul and self destruction.

"Prayer, penance, and atonement, I beseech of you. Honor My Son at the tabernacles of the world. He waits for you. Accept his love, which He wishes to share with all.

"We will be with you always."

Veronica--The light started to move like a funnel, growing round and then dimmer, closing inward until it disappeared entirely.

I read what Our Lady said, and I will always remember her sweet, soft, but sad voice.

We must pray more and comfort Jesus in the Eucharist. He is so lonely.

Also, Veronica was told a secret which cannot be revealed at this time.