January 1991

Our Lady told Veronica in a locution in mid-January: refrain from any "foreign" travel, especially within the New York and Washington D.C. Also that another key target of the terrorist would be the Statue of Liberty.

The potential for terrorism is real and should not be taken lightly, particularly in these cities that are home to major landmarks and government offices and buildings.

"Foreign" in Our Lady's usage means no extraneous, needless, or pleasure travel outside your city or state. Naturally, if personal or business matters dictate, travel is permitted. Good common sense should be exercised in the application of this message.

What Our Lady did stress in this most reassuring locution was: those traveling in pilgrimage (from anywhere in the world) would be accorded special protection, and not to be affrighted.

The need for prayer and penance is too great, Heaven is saying, to allow anyone or anything to deter a visit to Our Mother's sacred grounds.