October 2, 1990

This morning at 10:12 a.m. the Virgin Mary, bathed in a bright, luminous light, appeared to Veronica in her bedroom.

Our Lady wore a very beautiful white dress, made of what appeared to be fine silk. The dress was so long Veronica couldn't see Our Lady's feet, and the sleeves reached down to Her wrist. In addition, Our Lady wore a blue sash around Her waist. Overall, the dress was loose-fitting and very billowing.

Our Lady's head covering was white. It fell below Her shoulders, and it matched the material of Her dress. Veronica saw only a little bit of Our Lady's hair, which was a light brown color.

Veronica noted Our Lady's extreme modesty of dress and the similarity of Her attire to that shown in the famous and outstanding miraculous photograph: OUR LADY IN THE SKY.

Our Lady: "Dear child, you will write just as you receive it from Me. You will be unable to go to the holy grounds this evening; hence you will disseminate this message to the world as soon as possible.

"I, your Mother, and Protectress of the world's children, do beg you now to repent of your sins against the teachings of the Eternal Father‐sins of the flesh and the intellect.

"A great war will erupt suddenly, such as has not been seen from the beginning of creation. Countries shall disappear in moments from the face of the earth. Will you not listen to Me before it is too late? You all do not have much time left.

"I come to you as a Protectress of peace. Unless you repent of your abortions, the murders of the unborn, and return to lives of prayer and contemplation of the mysteries of the Eternal Father, given by writings‐the Bible, the Book of life and love--I cannot save you from the conflagration that lies ahead.

"Prayer, penance, and atonement.

"My tears fall upon all mankind. Will you not solace Me, My children?"