The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The Bear [Russia] has even burrowed into My Son's House"

June 18, 1982

Twelfth Anniversary of Our Lady's Apparitions at Bayside

Veronica--With fond recollections of Our Lady's appearing on the Bayside grounds, how much I miss being able to go to the grounds, the Vatican site now, due to my illness which has kept me in bed for so very long. But I accept all of the sufferings that Heaven allows me to have for all of the souls in purgatory, especially perhaps that one individual soul that has no one to pray for him or her. I always ask Our Lady and Jesus to allow one day's suffering--that would be the second day after the first suffering day--to allow every other day to be for a soul in purgatory. There are so many who have no one to pray for them, because others have forgotten them upon earth, or there just is no one living upon earth who knows or remembers them.

I'm going to now take the time to place the oxygen mask, the kind that go through your nostrils, upon my face, because the air is very humid today, the humidity is very bad, and I find it very difficult to speak.

And I was told last evening--that would be Wednesday evening, today is Thursday evening--that I would have to give a message to the world, and that Our Blessed Mother and Jesus will be here to guide me. In preparation, I must hold the Shrine crucifix, my Rosary, and wear about my head the usual mantilla or scarf. I do not know what to expect at this time.

This is early in the morning, exactly--I'll give you the exact time--it's 10:45 a.m. So I will have to now prepare in prayer for the arrival of Our Lady and Jesus.

Because of my intense suffering and disability and unability to walk, I do not believe that Heaven will allow me in any way to be physically present tomorrow on the feast day of the Twelfth, though I long so--I really hurt in my heart, it hurts me very much to be unable to be there. But I find that even walking from the bedroom to my bathroom--for circulatory purposes, the doctor said--finds me very debilitated; and even I would attempt to go outside and go in the car for just a ten or fifteen minute ride and find that it has exhausted me. The exhaustion and the constant pain twenty-four hours throughout my whole body is like living in the fires of purgatory. However, Heaven sustains me. And I know I surely am carried forth with this suffering, this intense suffering, because I know that this is what Heaven is permitting for a reason.

I will now turn off the tape and continue the rest of the day praying until I receive the call from Our Blessed Mother or Jesus, and then I will place the tape on, and forget that it is by me, at my side, and Heaven will give the further directions to me.


Oh, how long I have waited, but now Our Lady has told me that the message will be given not this evening, the eve, but on the feast day, which is Friday, June 18. So I will have to wait patiently.

Our Blessed Mother has appeared to me. Oh, She is so, so beautiful. She's dressed all in white. Now there is a light about Her. The light is white. But due to the crown Our Lady is wearing, which is magnificent this evening--She has on a crown of gold, but there's a lining inside. The lining is blue. There seems to be a blue velvet in the crown that casts--the light shining upon it casts a bluish-white light all about Our Lady. The light about Our Lady is white, but tinted with blue. There's no human way I could explain it. It's not two-toned in color, but it's blending white and blue.

And Our Lady--I can't see Her hair because the crown is a very large crown, like the Fatima crown we have. And the crown is placed on Our Lady's head and it covers down to Her forehead. But of course, the mantle also is down to the middle of Our Lady's forehead; I can't see Her hair. The mantle is a pure white with a gold trim all about it--oh, of about an inch wide.

And Our Lady is smiling. She has Her hands together in prayer with Her Rosary beads, the beautiful beads with the golden Our Fathers and the white Hail Marys that look like--oh, a million other colors that cascade from the Hail Marys.

And Our Blessed Mother, She is smiling, though--in fact, She is smiling much more than I have seen Her smile, even in the past, though I do notice there have been trickles of tears from the corner of Her eyes. But She's smiling now down at me.

I'm lying up at the top of my bed, my head near the bedpost, and Our Lady is standing at the foot of my bed. And now She's moving over to my right side. And oh--oh, I didn't notice through the brilliant light--Jesus is standing with Her. Now Jesus is at Our Lady's right side.

Now They're both standing, and I do wish I could see Our Lady's feet. I can't see the gown; my bed is interfering with the flooring. Oh, my goodness! They're both rising now up higher so I can see. Oh, Our Lady has on gold sandals. They're just beautiful, with tiny little gold rosettes at the tip of the middle of the toe area on the band that goes up to Our Lady's ankle--there's a tiny gold rosette. It looks metallic, it really does.

And Our Lady has on a white gown with a blue sash, and Her hands are still brought up in prayer.

And Jesus has on His red cape. The cape is a beautiful burgundy color. And His hair is flowing freely but it's not blowing, because I know now that They sort of adjust to the climate here. Because there's very little air in my room--it's difficult for me to speak. But Jesus' hair is not blowing now.

And He has on--His gown looks like its made sort of a linen. The cape--I guess He feels as warm as I do in this bedroom, because His cape is very loosely tied at the neck.

And Jesus is smiling. He has oh, such beautiful eyes. They look like gray-blue. But He's smiling, also. And now They are both nodding.

And Our Lady is now disengaging Her hands from Her beads, and She's telling me now to listen. And She's placing Her first finger of Her right hand to Her lips; that means to listen.

Oh, dear! They must have--oh, oh, Our Lady is saying yes, that there will be a message.

Now They're both floating downwardly, so that They remain at the foot of my bed. But all about Them now--I didn't notice it before because of the brilliant light--all about Them are the most beautiful angels. They're angels, and they have--they have like those wings that we spoke of. But they shouldn't be called wings, they're so downy, soft and beautiful. They shouldn't be called wings. If only there was another name, like gossamer, or--somehow the word "gossamer" comes to my mind, so downy and soft and beautiful.

I can't say what their faces look like. Their outlines are like human, but I just can't make out their features like I can with Our Lady and Jesus. And they look more transparent than Our Lady and Jesus. Our Lady and Jesus look very solid, but the angels look very transparent. But they're dressed, though, in gowns. The gowns are very, very, very filmy, too, like they're transparent. Though I see nothing, they look like human gowns. There's no way to put it into human language, but they're--they're all in different shades of the, pastel shades of the rainbow: blues and yellows, and pinks and whites--and the white is a really brilliant white--and gold, and sort of a rose color.

Oh, their, their age, I couldn't tell you whether they were male, female, or what age, because there is no way that I could tell you. There is something about the angels that is so different. They're spirits, so I guess there's no way I could explain to you just exactly what they look like. But for our own enlightenment, I realize that Heaven is allowing me to tell you about their figures, because of the fact that they appear almost like to us in human form. I guess I'd be scared to death if I saw them any other way.


Due to my illness, I never realized that I have now fallen asleep, put into a deep sleep, and so many hours have passed. My husband, Arthur, said that I had fallen now asleep. Oh, I know what it is now, and it is very, very late.

And I notice that--Arthur says that he has loosened my mantilla, a babushka, or--he calls it a babushka--from about my neck as I slept. Finding me holding the crucifix and the Rosary, he was very startled--and the tape recorder lying by my side.

So now I notice the day is dawning, so this must be the beautiful day of the feast day of June 18 of Our Lady. Oh, oh, how wonderful it is, because it is just about the time--I can remember back in 1970, we were to start the vigil at 9 a.m. I knelt from 9 a.m. in the morning of June 18 until after 1 a.m. the following morning--that would be June 19--and for three days I had to lie in bed, as I'm lying now, unable to walk, having knelt so many hours.

But at my side at that time--I don't know if it was ever known to many that Padre Pio sustained me. An individual from a Padre Pio, promoting a group--I believe it was Joey Lomangino at Garabandal who had given a friend a crucifix, a small brown crucifix that I'll never forget. I wore that crucifix the whole time on June 18, 1970. And every time I felt I was weakening--because there were times when I came out of that--oh, state of being out of myself, like in a coma or something, or--not a--I don't like to use the word "trance," because that sounds like something in the occult or something. But actually, I was in a state of being absolutely unconscious. But when I came out of it after a few hours, after the message was given, I felt like I was slumping. But I knew that I had to remain on my knees, because it was so important. Our Blessed Mother depended on me to remain on my knees. There was so much at stake, so many souls that had to have this penance, Our Lady said, that I would then clutch this crucifix about my neck, given to me--a small brown wooden crucifix--and I, immediately I noticed that I was renewed, and I felt vigorous and fresh, and I could go on and continue praying the Rosary until Our Lady then, or Jesus appeared, and then I had to blank out, sort of, again and repeat, as a voice-box, what Our Lady and Jesus had to say.

It's very difficult for me to talk at this time, because today, June 18, the humidity feels just as bad as it did--and I do remember in 1970, the first lady that we had, who came from Indiana, who was writing the notes, it was so bad, the heat, that she passed out writing the notes, and someone else had to take the lapboard, one of those lapboards you write on, from her and continue writing the message that Our Lady gave.

Now I notice here about my room--I should put down the time--I'm totally conscious. I know I am to take up my crucifix. Arthur will be coming in, and I will have to tell him now he must remain outside the door and lock the door. And he's wondering why I should have the scarf about my head, when it's so warm in my bedroom, but he will understand later. He trusts me when I tell him: please do not ask me any questions, that you'll understand later. And then I am to take my crucifix.

It's June 18, 1982--twelve years since Our Lady first started Her vigils of penance, prior to the coming of the Ball of Redemption. June 18, 1982 makes twelve long years of Our Lady pleading with everyone throughout the world to listen to Her message and to try to hold off the Ball of Redemption.

I am waiting now, awaiting the call lights. I believe that they will be the same as at the vigil because I have a ceiling here that is taking on a very blue color, though the ceiling itself is white. So I know I will await the call lights for Jesus and Our Lady to appear.

The time, it is now 12:45, that would be in the afternoon of June 18, 1982. And, oh, the room--oh, I, even though I hurt so badly, the room is being cascaded with lights, blue lights, the most beautiful blue, round--there are circlets of blue lights coming now through the ceiling of my bedroom. Oh, they're the call lights of Our Lady. Oh, I'm so happy, I'm so happy!

Oh, Our Lady and Jesus are here again, just as last evening. Our Lady is dressed in the same beautiful outfit. She has this--I would rather call it a habit, as She refers to the nuns, which She--oh, the nuns whom She loves so dearly--all Her nuns and priests.

Oh, Our Lady has on the same habit. It's a--oh, She has a beautiful white gown with a blue sash about it, and Her white mantle with the gold trim about the outside, all around the edge, about--oh, I guess it's an inch wide of gold metallic material.

And She has also now--oh, no, it's not the same--She's covered Her own outfit, the blue, with a blue, a dark blue cape-like mantle all about on top of Her, Her white mantle. Oh! Oh, that's so beautiful! It's a beautiful deep blue velvet. It's a blue velvet. And on top of that--oh, Our Lady must be awfully warm, because it's very warm in my room; but Our Lady is smiling and shaking Her head: no, She's not warm. But She has on really heavy clothing, for my room is stifling here. I find it most difficult to breathe. I don't have an air conditioner. I do have two fans, but Our Lady has instructed I am not to use the fans today in my room.

Oh, so--oh, Our Lady, though, is so beautiful that actually there's no picture that--I wish I was a painter, that I could paint for you. The description in words is insufficient to tell you how beautiful She looks. She has on the white mantle and the white gown, but then a blue, a beautiful deep blue mantle over that. And then She has a huge crown. I call it the Fatima crown, but it also has that same deep blue velvet-like material inside, that puffs out of the openings of the crown. And the crown is very bejeweled--you know, jewels all over it, all different colors. Oh, they look like diamonds. I don't know all the jewels, but they look like diamonds and rubies and those green stones--emeralds, and amethyst, and--oh, I don't even know the others. They're so beautiful!

And Jesus now is come--I didn't notice until I was so--the flashing lights from the jewels in the crown and the bright light about Our Lady. I see Jesus now is at Her right side. And He also is wearing the same outfit He did last evening. And it is warm, but I notice He has His cape. It's a burgundy velvet cape. Now this cape, though, is trimmed also now in gold about the outside, just like Our Lady's white mantle that goes to Her feet and around Her head.

Now Jesus has His--the headpiece that would, I believe, like a cowl, like a hat--would be over it. He has it down, though, over His shoulders, whereas now I cannot see His hair. There's nothing blowing. There's hardly a movement in the room. And Arthur has been instructed not to come in, so that it's like a little bit of paradise here in the room. It's so beautiful.

I'm conscious of what is about me, but now Our Lady is raising Her hand now. She had Her hands up in prayer with the Rosary beads about them, but She is now touching Her lips.

They're standing, and--no, They're coming closer now around to the side of my bed. Jesus is at our right--at Our Lady's right side, but Our Lady is leaning over to me, and She's touching me on the forehead with Her beautiful Rosary. Oh! Oh, and She is handing me a rose.

"Oh, thank You!" [Veronica sobs.]

Now, now Our Lady and Jesus--Our Lady is smiling, and Jesus now is leaning over, and with His thumb--He's making the sign of the cross on my forehead with His thumb. And now He's smiling at me. Oh, He's so beautiful!

I can see Jesus' hair now; it's a reddish brown, a reddish brown. And now They are both now going back a little farther toward the foot of my bed. Now Jesus is raising His hands up, like this. And now He's standing at the foot of my bed at Our Lady's right side. And Our Lady's standing there now, and She's holding the Rosary up in Her right hand, and in Her left hand She has the Scapular. And Jesus is making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is now motioning. She looks towards Jesus, and He has nodded to Her. And Our Lady is touching Her first delicate--first finger to Her lips, which means to listen.

Our Lady--"My child, you will tell My children this evening that all this is for them. I wish all to know that as I speak with you now, I speak to you all. I am there with you, as I am here with you, Veronica, My child.

"This is a time of great urgency, or We would not have taken these measures to come together in a manner that has never been approached before.

"My child, Veronica, you understand it is the will of the Eternal Father that you be among those who have been chosen as victims, victims for the repatriation of souls of the world.

"The world, your world, My child and My children, is steeped in deep darkness created by sin. There shall be a most terrible, heart-rending, crushing punishment, chastisement sent upon the world soon.

"I have come to you as your Mother: a Mother who loves you, a Mother who cares, a Mother who cries tears of pity for you, for you do not know what you are doing. I ask you, as your Mother, I appeal to you, as your Mother, to listen to Me. I have cried for you. I have wandered throughout your world, through countless earth-years, begging with you, begging you to listen, even to a small measure of My message to the world, to turn now from the ways that are offensive to your God, the Eternal Father in Heaven; for you bring upon yourself a just punishment if you do not mend your ways now and turn from your sin.

"All manner of abominations are being committed in the world, and even has entered unto the clergy. Many clergy shall stand before My Son and have to give account for what they have done, and what measure they have taken to destroy souls upon earth. Many are on the road to perdition and taking others with them.


"How long, My children, do you think that the Eternal Father will stretch His pity to excuse, or make excuses for these abominations? No longer, My children. This I bring to you as the most urgent Message from Heaven. Wars shall increase, and the great World War, the greatest of all, shall befall mankind and shall make extinct three-quarters of the world's population. Is this what you want?

"My children, awaken from your slumber! You live in a dream world. You believe that this cannot happen to you. O My poor children in North America--Canada, the United States--you do not know what it is to see the blood flow in the streets, to see your loved ones torn--their arms, their legs missing, their bodies and their bowels spewing out upon the grounds. Is this what you want?

"O My children, please listen to Me. You shall not be free from this type of suffering. It is fast closing in. The enemy is all about you. You are slumbering while the world cries peace, peace, and tranquility. We look for prosperity and peace, but where do you look? It appears, My children and My child, that most are looking for prosperity, and not true peace. For the only true peace shall be found through My Son, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist, through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

"The peace that you seek far eludes you, My child and My children, because of the fact that you do not recognize the power of the Bear. The Bear surrounds you. Those who are with the Bear laugh at you, for they do not seek peace. And you believe, in your purity of heart of many of the leaders--I say this for the United States, which has been always called a great Christian nation; I say this for the United States, because they do not understand the ways and means of an atheist. Behind the Bear are atheists.

"Now the Bear, the great Bear now that has clawed most of the world and the nations, those behind the Bear, they know no reasoning for truth. For they believe that whatever happens in the end--their captures, their covering the world with their propaganda, and their eventual destruction of nations to bring them down to their knees--the means of doing this is justified by the ends. In other words, murder or lies, or anything which is in satan's realm--anything to justify their takeover.


"Now the United States, My children, is not free, for the enemy has burrowed from within, just as the enemy has even--the Bear has even burrowed into My Son's House, His Church. And oh, what a sad fact this is to Our hearts! My Mother's heart is torn, and My Son--what can I say for My dear Son? Shall He be recrucified anew? This is the greatest hurt to Our Immaculate Hearts, because We have trusted Our children to carry forth the banner of Faithful and True through the years.

"And what has happened? The world now is in far worse a state than it was in the time of Sodom and Gomorrha, and that was destroyed. And what do We find now, My children? O My poor little ones, I repeat again, My heart is bleeding."

Veronica--Our Lady is showing me now a heart that was implanted on the front of Her gown. Her gown is just stained with blood now. It is bleeding. Oh, my goodness! It's bleeding onto my carpeting, too.

Our Lady--"My heart, My child, is torn and bleeding, because it is the children that I cry for now. They are being misled.


"The parents who depend on the schools to teach--in the schools the word of God has been taken out; in the schools, prayer has been forbidden by many. Therefore, the major responsibility for saving the souls of your children is in your homes now.

"Mothers and fathers, where are you? You are running to and fro making money, seeking pleasures. But you are not the only ones. You turn to your pastors, you turn to My Son's representative, the priest, and other ministers in the congregations of the world, and where are they? Their heads are in the sand. Their heads are in the clouds, clouds of darkness. They, too, are running to and fro seeking riches and pleasures. How many are holy, and how many are unholy? My children, they could be sorted very easily. There are so few who are holy. We do not say this to judge, My children, but We say this to bring it out as a fact. How many are holy? How many can stand before My Son and say that their teaching has been pure in His sight? What will become of these poor priests who have forgotten their mission, who have forgotten their vows? What will become of them? Many mitres shall fall into hell.


"And My good children, you do not pray for your priests. You do not pay--I say the word 'pay,' for them--in other words, ransom them from purgatory. Ransom them even from hell. We do not wish to see Our priests be cast into purgatory or hell, but there are many now in purgatory. And you must do penance for them, and pray for them, for they are misled. They do not have courage, the courage of their own convictions to stand up and fight. They have lost the realization of the existence of the immortality of the soul. And there are many now who are going about, be they true, truly ordained priests, or are they infiltrators into My Son's House? Only you as a parent can find out. Seek, and you will find them out. By their fruits will they be known.


"If they tell you that the words of the Bible are only stories written down by men, you will know they are false. If they tell you that it is better to believe what the theologians are saying now in 1982--in fact, saying in so little words that all the other theologians were stupid, know that they are not true. And that is a fact. The priest is not true.

"Now if he tells you that you do not have to worry about committing a sin because God will not punish, He's an all-loving God, and as an all-loving God, He will not punish you for your sin--if that be true then, why was Lucifer cast from Heaven? If we cannot sin, and God will not punish us for our sins, why were Sodom and Gomorrha destroyed?

"My children and My child, I hesitate to speak of such things as immorality and the morals of mankind. However, it is something that makes Me even blush, My child."

Veronica--Our Lady is turning a very, very deep scarlet in Her face. I am almost embarrassed. Now Our Lady is really turning scarlet! I feel that way myself. But I will take a deep breath, as Our Lady says, because the words must be said: that when a priest tells you that you do not have to speak up, out against homosexuality because you are judging in a person, and you should love your neighbor and therefore never set him up to be judged--you are not judging. If a person is doing wrong, and you tell him in a kind manner, a charitable manner, that they are committing a sin, and that they will lose their soul and go to purgatory, or even hell, that is not judging. You are helping and loving your neighbor. What is love?

Our Lady--"And any priest that tells you, My child or My children, as you have experienced--We have allowed you to experience this for the betterment of all mankind--any priest that tells you that you must love your neighbor first and God second, he is not a true man of God, nor is he a true Roman Catholic priest, nor is he a true minister of any denomination. Because the first Commandment of God the Father is: 'I am the Lord thy God, thou shall not have strange gods before Me.' 'Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.'


"And if a priest or a minister, even, has the dare to blaspheme himself and tell you that don't worry about sinning, because one day you will even be a god. And you say, 'a god?' If any of you have heard this, My children, you know it is true that many have become so arrogant that they feel that they are mini-gods, little gods. In no way will man be a little god. There is no justification to be called a little god, no matter what place he has in this world.

"There is only one God, the Lord high God in Heaven. No man is God, even though he places himself up as God now, even trying to create life, and even trying to restore life to the dead. He shall never restore life to the dead. He shall never create a life. What he shall create is a monster, a soulless being. We will not go into this, My child, as I see you are tiring. But We must warn the parents against the immodesty of the world. My heart is torn, as I have told you, My child."

Veronica--Oh, my goodness! The blood is gushing further. Now it's all over my bed. [At this point the sound of something crashing to the floor startles Veronica.]

Oh! And it's making everything fall. The lights are falling, and everything, from the violence and the shaking that--I feel that Jesus is very angry at this. The whole light has fallen from my table. It came down with a crash. And everything is falling off my table, as Jesus is now banging the table, and He is saying:


Jesus--"I will not stand for My priests who condone homosexuality and allow it in My priesthood! I will not stand for My priests who allow the murder of the unborn with their permissiveness! I will not stand by and allow My priesthood to be destroyed!"

Veronica--"Oh, I'm so frightened, Blessed Mother!

"You're not angry at me, are You, Jesus? You're not angry at me? Everything has fallen here. The lamps have fallen down."

Jesus--"My child, I did not mean to affrighten you. I was giving vent to the hurt of My heart. But I wish to bring across to mankind that I, too, can no longer allow these--the carnalities, the abominations that men are committing upon earth to continue. My hand is coming down and it will strike!"

Veronica--Our Blessed Mother has come over now to my side, and She's, She's rubbing my face. I am still very frightened at what happened when Jesus pounded the table. The light fell down, my light fell down. It brought me out of my unconscious state. And I can still, though, see Jesus and Our Lady, and Our Lady standing here. I am back from my unconscious state.

"I am so frightened, Blessed Mother! So much is going to happen upon the world."

Our Lady--"My child, do not be affrighted. My Son is filled with anguish, and did not express Himself in the manner you expected. But it is not often that We have to come to you, My child, in this way. Were He on the grounds, there shall be thunder and lightening to emphasize His words.

"O My child, do not be affrighted. Your heart is fluttering. I want you to rest now, My child. But I have a message further for My children of the earth. We shall leave you for a short while and return. But you will have your dear husband, Arthur, straighten up the room and give you nourishment, and We will be back. Look, My child, at your wrist watch."

Veronica--"I,I, I have one o'clock on my wrist watch, Blessed Mother."

Our Lady--"You have 1 p.m., My child. We will be back at 3 p.m. and conclude Our message to the world. But during these two hours I wish that you will rest and sleep.

"I know your husband is at the door listening and is trying to now get in, because he heard the commotion. You will explain it to him, My child, by playing the tape.

"But be not affrighted. My Son has no--nothing against those who are of well spirit. But you see, you, My child, will understand further when He discusses with you what is going on.


"My child, too, when He speaks of His ministers, His priests in the priesthood, He is also referring to the terrible abominations being committed by Our nuns. My child and My children, My heart is torn. I need so many brides for Christ, and so few are there who are willing to sacrifice their lives for Him. Oh, if they only knew the great reward."

Veronica--"I will be a bride of Christ, Blessed Mother, if You want me. I will be a bride of Christ."

Our Lady--"My child, you are a bride of Christ. Did you not know that? Do you not remember when you were given the ring, many years ago?"

Veronica--Oh, the ring, the ring with R-G-P: Redemption, Grace, and Peace inside the ring. The ring when I lived in Bayside at 226--226th St. in Bayside, off 69th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard. Oh, yes, Blessed Mother, I understand now. Redemption, Grace, and Peace ring. I am a bride of Christ."

Our Lady--"My child, that is why Theresa had you write 'Tomorrow My Bridegroom.' Do you remember nothing of it?"

Veronica--"Oh, Blessed Mother, yes."

I walk up through the garden

With roses in my hand,

And place my left hand out

To show You there's a band.

I've waited all these years

To see this dream come true;

I've watched and prayed and followed my heart

Until it came to You.

[Veronica sobs.]

"Yes. Blessed Mother, I understand." [Veronica stammers.]

"I don't know where the tape recorder is."

Our Lady--"Well, I, My child, will shut it off, and you will now rest until 3 p.m, and I will return and give you the rest of the message."


Veronica--It is already past 3 p.m. And now the room is beginning to become lighted with that beautiful blue, translucent light that always announces Our Lady's coming. Our Lady is very prompt. It's only a few moments after 3. Therefore, my clock, my watch must be a little fast. I know Our Lady is very punctual.

Our Lady is coming closely. Now Jesus is with Her, and the angels. Our Lady is wearing the same habit, the white gown, as She did earlier this afternoon.

And it appears that Our Lady is spacing Her time. If only I could go back to the first day of June 18, 1970. You will find that Our Lady spoke throughout the whole afternoon, even in pouring rain.

Now Our Lady is touching Her first finger to Her lips, which means:

Our Lady--"My child, listen and repeat after Me.

"My child and My children, it is urgent that I warn you that the days are upon you, the days of wickedness and the emergence of the wicked ones upon the world.


"There will be many christs upon earth--those who call themselves Christ. But beware; do not listen to them. How often have I warned you in the past to beware of false prophets and those who will claim to be Christ. Only those who are ignorant and have no basic foundation of the Faith could fall prey to their beguilings.

"Because of the fact that too few are given--giving out the Message from Heaven to the peoples, My child, I wish you to open the Bible, the Book of life, and read what I point out to you."


Veronica--The Signs of the Last Days--Matthew.

"Oh, I don't--Blessed Mother, the chapter?"

Oh, Matthew 24. The Signs of the Last Days.

Verse 23:

Then if anyone says to you, "Behold, here is Christ," or, "There He is," do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will arise, and will show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told it to you beforehand. If therefore they say to you, "Behold, he is in the desert," go not forth; "Behold, he is in the inner chambers," do not believe it. For as the lightning comes forth from the east and shines even to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together.

But immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give her light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven will be shaken. And then there will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven; and then will all tribes of the earth mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of heaven with great power and majesty. And He will send forth His angels with a trumpet and a great sound, and they will gather His elect from the four winds, and from one end of the heavens to the other.

And we will repeat again in verse 5 of St. Matthew, Chapter 24:

For many will come in My name, saying, "I am the Christ," and they will lead many astray. For you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. Take care that you do not be alarmed, for these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be pestilences and famines and earthquakes in various places. But all these things are the beginnings of the sorrows.

And many of them shall fall away, many will fall away and will betray one another, and will hate one another. And many false prophets will arise, and will lead many astray. And because iniquity will abound, (things will become so bad) the charity of many will grow cold. (One will in that way be afraid to even trust your neighbor or even trust anyone out on the street. That's how bad the evil will abound.) But whoever perseveres to the end, (trusting in Jesus) shall be saved. And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world, for a witness to all the nations; and then will come the end.

Our Lady is now motioning me to close the Book. I have a sensitivity of falling back to unconsciousness again, after reading the Book. Although I did feel a very strange feeling of being semi-conscious while reading, however, I now--oh, Our Lady now--I feel very strange. There's no way to explain the feeling when Our Lady places Her hands out--She's placing Her hands out now, and these lights are streaming from Her fingers, and I feel very warm all over.

Our Lady--"My child, I wish you also to make note in your heart and the hearts of all mankind that I am much despaired, as Theresa, Our Little Flower, is much despaired at the lack of numbers in the nunneries. Vocations are needed for the priesthood, and also for the nunneries.

"Are there not any who care to come forward and dedicate their lives to save Our young children? Please, My children, surely among you, those who hear My voice or will read this written word, can you not give your life to win your reward forever in Heaven? And perhaps also, those you love you can bring with you. So many little souls are crying. They thirst for the knowledge of Jesus and all of Heaven. Will you not solace them and comfort them in their loneliness? They are like sheep out in the wilderness, astray with no leaders. They are wandering. And what do they feast upon but weeds. No good nourishment is being given them. Will you not, My children, you who are children of the light, come forward and become nuns, nuns with good hearts, with a good foundation of the Faith and the truth, and nourish Our sheep?

"Remember, My children, that Jesus said, 'Unless you become as little children, you cannot enter in the Kingdom of Heaven.' Just as little Theresa once wrote, My child, will you kindly repeat. It brings great joy to My heart to know of the simple things that are so lost in your world today. The road to Heaven is simple, as a narrow road that so few stay on. But if you listen to the way little Theresa places it, it is really simple. Just open your heart to Jesus as a child, come to Him and He will solace you. When you speak to Him, speak to Him thusly, as Theresa did:

Dear Jesus, all I can do is just love You,

For my riches are here in my heart;

They're not locked or chained against stealing,

They're always free to depart.

I offer this gift to You, Jesus,

Accept it with Your precious joy.

I'm Yours to hold there in Your Kingdom;

Just treat me as Your little toy!

"Yes, My child, that is how Theresa found her way into the Kingdom of Heaven. She was a gentle child and a gentle adult. Therefore, you will follow her way, which is the way of Jesus, too.

"Remember, My children, I will always be with you. My Son will always be with you. The days ahead will be great trial for you. But you will suffer much for your Faith. And you must always wear your sacramentals. Do not abandon them to modernism and humanism.

"No matter how learned the scholar or priest or minister, you have the basic foundation of the Faith. And God never changes, and neither must you change to please man. But you must change always to please God.

"And obedience: there is false obedience, if you displease God just to please man. You know the truth; keep it in your heart.

"And always remember: keep the faith, My children; We depend on you, because you are Our little armies spread throughout the world--little in means, little in worldly goods, but great in faith and great in graces."

Veronica--Jesus is placing His hand forward and making the sign of the cross.

Jesus--"I bless you all, My children: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Veronica--Jesus and Our Lady now are smiling and nodding. And the light is suddenly becoming dim. The room is beginning to darken. It's coming towards twilight time. So I just am sad to see Jesus and Our Lady--I'm becoming awakened now to my senses about me. And Jesus and Our Lady now are going forward. Now Our Lady is touching Her lips.

Our Lady--"My child, We are not leaving."