The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Warn the world that they now have within their balance, the balance of life for Our Vicar, John Paul II"

May 30, 1981

Corpus Christi & Eve of the Queenship of Mary


Veronica--This message was originally given on March 23, 1970. For some reason only Heaven knows, but I have suspicion of from conversations with Our Lady while I was ill, I am to read the vision of Zacharias five, chapter five--the vision of Zacharias.

"Then I turned and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and beheld a flying roll (r-o-l-l). "And He (the Lord) said unto me: What seest thou? And I announced: I see a flying roll. The length thereof is twenty cubits and the breadth thereof ten cubits."

The angel who is showing the vision is with him. The flying roll is approximately thirty-five to forty feet long. The width, half the length. (A cubit is the distance from the elbow to the finger tips.)

"Then He said to me (the Lord): This is the curse that goeth over the face of the whole earth. For everyone that stealeth shall be cut off on this side according to it, and everyone that sweareth shall be cut off on that side according to it."

And I should add: And everyone that breaks the commandments without repentance and doing--making atonement shall be cut off according to it.

"I, said the Lord, will bring it forth, sayeth the Lord of all Hosts. And it shall enter into the house of the thief and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by My name. And it shall remain in the midst of his house and consume it with the timber thereof, and the stones thereof."

The flying roll flies over the earth and kills people on both sides. The flying roll, as given in the Bible, described in the Bible, destroys their houses. The houses are burned and consumed.

Now the size of the flying roll would be about the size of the new multiple warhead ICBMs or orbital bombs, the ones that will carry ten H-bombs each.

Now that message is specifically one reason why Heaven allowed me to be here this evening: because of the urgency of the times and the necessity to pray for Pope John Paul II.

Veronica--The sky is shimmering with light. The light is a very pale blue, but very translucent, and in patterns of waves cutting through the sky, directly upwards, high in the sky over Our Lady's statue. There is a host-like circle of light now forming, and it is widening. Oh, it's so brilliant, my eyes are absolutely pierced by the light. And directly in the center of the light, Our Blessed Mother--oh, She's so beautiful! Oh, She's so beautiful! Our Lady is coming forward through the light. She's descending slowly, and She's looking about Her.

Our Lady has on a most brilliant white gown with a blue sash about the waist. Her Rosary is tied to the right side of the sash. Our Lady's mantle is a brilliant white, whiter than sugar, whiter than snow. And there is a light that is cascading from within Our Blessed Mother. There is no way I can describe it, but it seems to be coming from within Her, going right out through Her clothes. And actually Our Lady is now surrounded by a tremendous light! And She is coming forward much closer now, down, descending directly above Her statue.

The trimming of gold about Our Lady's mantle is approximately--I can see Her very well now--about an inch and a half wide. It looks like pure spun gold. I would say that--I don't think I have ever seen pure spun gold, but I know it's pure spun gold. It is absolutely brilliant!

Now Our Lady is looking about Her. It's a little windy, because Our Lady's skirts are being caught in the slight draft.

Oh, Our Blessed Mother has on sandals. The sandals--I can't see Her ankles because Her gown is so long, but I can see that there are two straps upon Her sandals; they're golden. The sandals are open; I can see Our Lady's feet. But on the edge of the sandal, the one in the center, there are three straps. Now I can see as Our Lady's turning about a bit--She's looking in both directions--I can see that the sandal has three straps to the feet. And in the center there is a small--it looks like pure gold--rosette, a small rose upon Her feet. Our Lady is absolutely beautiful! She looks very, very young. Oh, I couldn't even tell you Her age.

But Our Lady now is taking from about Her waist Her Rosary, oh, the beautiful Rosary with the--oh, they're very--extremely large, the beads. Our Lady has--the Our Father bead is a gold; it must be pure gold. I never saw anything like that. And Her Hail Mary beads are white. But they're really not white, because as Our Lady's turning now--She's taking the beads in Her hands--they seem to be--have more colors, like all the colors of the rainbow are catching the light that seems to be cascading from--oh, all over about Our Lady, a tremendous stream of light almost forming an oval pattern, almost like a medallion, a medal pattern about Our Lady.

And now Our Lady is taking the crucifix. The crucifix is a beautiful golden crucifix, pure gold. Oh, it's brilliant. It would really hurt your eyes to try to look at it but for the grace of God. And Our Lady now is extending out the crucifix and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now in--oh, over to the right--oh, he's so big! He is so immense, Michael is. I didn't notice him because of the brilliant light; but I see now, beyond the tree, Michael covers the whole sky! He is immense! Our Lady looks almost like childlike, with him behind Her. He's covering the whole sky.

And Our Blessed Mother now is cutting across, She's cutting across to our left side--that would be Her right side--and She's also extending the crucifix on Her beautiful Rosary, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is smiling, a very soft smile, but there's a great sadness upon Her face tonight. And Our Lady is looking down and nodding, yes. There are graces now falling from Heaven. Our Lady says there are graces now being given.

Now She's crossing the sky, and Our Blessed Mother is going quite fast now across to our right side. She's just above now--approaching the extension limb of the tree, and Our Lady is leaning over with Her beautiful crucifix and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady is nodding again. And now She's turned, and She's coming across the sky, and She's pointing upward, though, with Her crucifix. She's pointing upward with the crucifix over to the left side of the sky. And I see forming there a large black cross. It's a very somber-looking black cross.


"I don't feel so very good, Blessed Mother. What is that?"

And now under the black cross there is a ball, a large ball forming, the world. But I see, I see flames now; there are flames. It seems like there's fire--oh, terribly, terrible fires all about the ball. The heat is so stifling. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! [Veronica is feeling the great heat.]

Now Our Lady is nodding over to my right side, taking my eyes to the right. And now I see Saint Peter's. I see everyone waiting. I, I, I see everyone waiting in Saint Peter's. They're all hushed. Something's happening.

"I don't know what's happening there, Blessed Mother."

Oh, there's a hush, some kind of an announcement being made. Oh, I don't know what it is. Now Our Lady--I can't see. The, the square is fading away.

And Our Lady now is motioning that She is going now over above the statue, and I am to follow Her. Now Our Lady is placing Her Rosary like this, in Her hands, and She's touching now Her first finger to Her lips.

Our Lady--"My child and My children, especially My child, Veronica, I have, with permission of the Eternal Father, been unable to spare you from this scene, and have brought you here in your weakened condition that you may warn the world that they now have within their balance, the balance of life for Our Vicar, John Paul II.

"I come to you as your Mother, your Mother of hope, your Mother of perseverance, your Mother of love, your Mother of all nations. I ask you, I plead with you to listen to My counsel.

"Man of free will has cast doubt, looking for the answer with scientific minds and humans with theological knowledge, but man is forever seeking and never coming to the truth.

"Your world, My child and My children, has not progressed back to the Eternal Father. Should you receive now one chastisement so sorely due to you for your disobedience to Our Vicar? Do you as a nation, do you, all nations of the world, deserve the continuance of the struggle of Our Vicar for your salvation, or shall you, through your own actions, force the hand of the Eternal Father upon you by abandoning you to your sin? Your nation, the United States, and all nations of the earth--none shall escape the fire.


"But, My child, as you well know in My discourse with you the past weeks, satan will seek to stop the prayers, the acts of atonement and sacrifice that will be needed to save your Vicar. A victim soul must take his place. My child, do not be affrighted; you cannot be this victim.

"Yes, My child and My children, there are many mysteries of faith that will be known to you when you come across the veil.

"As a nation, as a country--to all nations of the world, I say to you, as your Mother, that as you have sown so shall you reap. How many years have I traveled across your earth, crying with tears of pity and frustration, that the great Chastisement be withheld from mankind, because of the many souls that will be lost to Heaven. How many have listened to My counsel and prepared? Have you become so blinded by your lives of luxury and worldly pursuits that you can no longer recognize what is happening about you? Murders abound. Blood flows in the street. Hunger shall be set upon your country. Many shall die. And why? Because you have turned your back upon My Son, the only One now who can save you from what is fast coming upon you.

"My child, do not be affrighted. Through countless years have you seen this scene."

Veronica--Oh! Oh! [Veronica sighs heavily.] Oh, this . . . I, I don't know. The people are killing each other in the streets here! And I see such terrible blood, and the people have gone crazy. Oh, it's horrible!

"Blessed Mother, please!"

Our Lady--"My child, I have asked all to go forward in these final days before the great Chastisement as disciples of My Son, first and uppermost in their lives. For he who gives his life shall be saved. He who walks away and abandons himself to the world shall be lost.


"I told you, My child, to shout it from the rooftops that many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. Only a few will be saved. There will be nations disappear within a matter of ten minutes and less.

"Earthquakes in your country, the United States, extending up through Canada, earthquakes in places never before known to exist, or the possibility of. And they will know it comes but from the hand of God. Famine, starvation, your crops will rot. The heat will burn, the cattle will starve. And why? Because you refuse to turn back, complacent in your arrogance.


"I have asked you to get down on your knees. Clergy in My Son's House, His Church, restore the altar railing, that man may be on his knees. For many shall crawl on their knees in desperation seeking to flee, but nowhere shall they escape the flames. Restore My Son's Church while there is time. Return the railing. Have the people make atonement upon their knees to their God.

"Why must you be like immature children, to be punished before you will be obedient to your God? Can you say, O clergy in My Son's House, and those who profess with mouths and barren hearts allegiance to Our Vicar in Rome--when he dies, you have killed him because of your disobedience!


"My child, I realize the great strain and responsibility placed upon you at this time, but you cannot make known what I am about to tell you. Only when this permission is given."


Veronica--Ah! Ah! [Veronica exclaims in great distress.] "Yes, I understand. Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. Yes, I understand."

Our Lady--"My child, you will instruct those about you to send out all of the messages from Heaven. And you must now gather the information given to compile the conversations with My Son. I ask, as your Mother, to continue upon the Mission. Do not abandon Me and My Son as We try to save you.

"The mores of the world are but vanity and foolishness, a temporal way of life. Beyond the veil is forever. Tomorrow could be forever for many.


"Pray always a constant vigilance of prayer. Protect your children. Tears shall be shed, for many children shall die in an epidemic uncontrollable by science.

"Man has reached to the stars for power. Self-gratification, glory, money--for what? They are but a shell that must one day be destroyed. And the spirit? What shall happen to your spirit? No consideration for your next life is given by Our errant children upon earth. One day may be too late. You must now live each day as though you were to go over the veil tomorrow, for so suddenly will many be taken from upon the earth.


"My child, one part only can be made known, given to you. Syria has the key to the solution of world peace or the Third World War. It will be the destruction of three-quarters of the world. A world aflame, with also the Ball of Redemption.

"Your country, the United States, and many nations of the world now are under the domination of a godless government. As such, without prayer, atonement, and sacrifice, I say unto you now, as your Mother, that you, too, proud and arrogant a nation that you be, the United States shall fall. Many shall suffer.

"My child and My children, I have always promised to protect you and all who call to Me. But the powers, the forces of evil have been allowed to enter even into My Son's Church. The smoke of darkness--darkness of the spirit--covers the world. Already many have reached the point of no return. Pray, My child and My children, a constant vigilance of prayer.

"My child, I shall not burden you now with a long discourse on the offenses of mankind that has now been played, the scene before the final curtain, before the eyes of the Eternal Father as He sets judgment upon mankind.


"Continue, My child, as you have been, accepting for your Vicar now all manner of illness, sufferings of the heart, penance, and atonement. For unless We have others who offer full dedication in that manner, giving their wills to the Eternal Father for the salvation of souls, your world will face within a short time the final destruction. Not the end of the world, My children or My child, but a destruction such as mankind has never experienced before, nor shall it ever again--so few will be left.

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Protect your children. Guard their souls well. And do not cast off the sacramentals. Do not care more for the acceptance of mankind. Do not be guided, or misguided, by the derision of the multitudes against you. For remember My words again, My children: Only a few will be saved!

"For many earth-years I traveled about, and many received graces far beyond ever known in the history of mankind, in Our final effort to save man from his own self.

"My children, I bless you all."

Veronica--Our Lady is extending Her Rosary, with the crucifix like this.

Our Lady--"I bless you all: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

"Your homes will now be your fortress against evil. For once you go without your door, can you say that you'll live forevermore? Or shall you return to that door?

"The forces of evil are gathering to do final battle upon earth. He who has ears to listen must awaken now from his slumber, or be forever lost.

"My child, you must now take three photographs and retain the knowledge in them. They will give you firm consolation and conviction in what I have spoken to you of, that must temporarily remain a secret."


Veronica--Pink, as you remember, is Jesus' color. Whenever He's approaching, the sky always lights up the most beautiful pink. I don't think I've seen much of that color pink. It's a--it's very pale, but it's a--really, I guess you'd call it a true pink. I don't know the different shades, but it's just beautiful.

Now all about the trees, the sky is becoming--oh, can't you see it? It's such a deep pink now. And--oh, Jesus is coming through the sky. The sky is opening up. Oh, do you know the sky just seems to roll away, and it's so clear--it's so clear, right as Jesus is coming forward, behind Him. It's like looking through a glass. The sky is absolutely--I never saw the sky like that behind Jesus. It's like He's coming through a glass. It's really--I don't even think it's the sky behind Him. I don't know what it is, but it's not stars. And it's not like the sky about us, but there's like a glass, like a partition or something.

Jesus is coming now down much faster. Oh, and He's--oh, Our Lady now--I see Our Lady now; She is coming also. I don't know where They were before, because I didn't see about the sky--how They went back in. But Our Lady is coming forward now, and She's now coming closer to Jesus. Jesus is just above the tree behind Our Lady's statue there on the exedra. Oh, I can't measure distance, but He must be standing at least about eight feet above the tree.

And now Jesus has on a robe--you know, a robe with a--I can only see part now. He hasn't turned. Oh, He's turning now. He's looking over to the right. And it does have a hood on it; it's a cape. It has a gold tassel-like cording about the neck. And the cape looks like it may be like a velvet. It's very regal looking, the cape Jesus has on. And His gown is not a white; it's like a--oh, like a beige color.

And Jesus has, though, about His waist--the belting is a deep brown. It matches His sandals Jesus has on. They look like skin. I don't know what kind of skin, but they almost look like leather. They have also two--like straps that go across down to His feet. And I can see, as the wind is blowing, I can see Jesus' ankles now. Oh, do you know He still has those marks, because the upside down V-like formation of the straps to His ankle exposes His insteps, and He still has the wounds on His feet. I can see them through the, you know, the division of the straps. I can see them. They're very sore-looking. The right foot, His right foot especially, it looks very sore across the instep, and on His left foot, that looks very raw, too.

Now Jesus is holding up His hands. Oh, my goodness! His hands--it looks just like when I saw them years ago: they're very raw and sore-like where the nails went through. The spikes--not nails, they were spikes. And He's holding them up now.

Now They're both looking about. Our Lady is smiling very softly, and She's saying something, but I can't hear what She's saying to Jesus. And He's nodded. And now They're coming back. They had moved over to our left side--that would be Their right side--but They're coming back now. They're just directly over the statue. And Jesus is saying something to Our Lady; I can't hear it. Oh, He's now turning, and He's nodding. And He's placing His first finger to His lips; that means I must listen and repeat.


Jesus--"My child and children of the world--I refer to you as My children, for you are truly always in My heart. My Mother has asked that I refresh your memory in relation to the dire urgency of your times.

"As a generation that has given itself over to all sins of impurities of the flesh, seeking in an arrogant manner the plaudits of the world, and making others in servitude to him--I say unto you, as your God, that your world cannot exist in this condition.

"Many years My Mother has traveled in diverse places, among many tongues and nations, to caution you and counsel you. Her heart, the purest heart in all the women of the world, Our star of Heaven, your Mother, has tirelessly pursued Her urgent pleadings with mankind to turn back, as they slowly go forward, faster and faster, to their own destruction.

"'How long,' the voices of those who are persecuted and must die, are saying--the voices rise to Heaven, join with the saints: 'How long, O Lord, shall you continue to find excuses upon excuses as these generations of degenerates have progressed into a spiritual darkness and depravity far worse than even during the time of Noe or Lot? How long, O Lord, shall many more martyrs shed their blood?'

"My children, voices cry out to Heaven to stop the carnage, the inhumanity of man to his brother. But I say unto you, as your God, that you have a free will to correct all the wrong or extend it until you destroy yourselves.

"My child and My children, the course ahead for all who will to stay in the light will not be easy. It will be one requiring sacrifice, full dedication, and placing GOD IS, in front of them always. For God is, God was, God always will be. First always--yesterday, today and tomorrow. This generation shall pass away, but My words shall not. For the end is fast coming upon mankind, the end of time as you know it, and your nation shall fall--all because of your rejection of your God. All because you choose to ignore, in disobedience, your God; all because you have given yourself to the mores of the world and satan, as I have cautioned you and warned you through countless years upon earth.

"Time--the time is here. The sand is running out. And what are you going to do now? Shall you all burn? My child and My children, those who remain in the light, those who pray a constant vigilance of prayer and remain free from the contamination of the world, protecting their homes which will be their fortress in the days ahead--this is no time to seek change or to go out into new pursuits. You will now spend your time being ready for what is to come upon you.


"The days are numbered for your country. Murders will abound. You will see insanity among mankind, for sin is insanity. Brother against brother, children against parents, slander and scandal, murders, abortion. What manner of sin can I not count and list for you that does not stand in lieu of judgment?

"My child, shout it from the rooftops unto your last breath, for as such will the gates of Heaven be open to all. The road to Heaven is not easy. It is a road of sacrifice. Too few stay on that road, because they do not understand the value of suffering.


"You are but pilgrims upon earth. You were placed here to do honor to your God. And now how many are honoring satan--Lucifer, the adversary. If I could open to you now and show you hell--it is overflowing! But no man shall enter hell, and be cast unto damnation unless he wills this of the free will given to him through the Eternal Father.


"Love, you cry, love and brotherhood--and who truly knows the meaning of love? What is love? Love is giving. Love is caring. Love is sacrifice. Love is believing. Believe and you will be given the way. Pray and the doors of Heaven will be opened to you. Ask and you shall receive.

"Seek man to answer your decision, give you the decision, answer your problems, you are lost. No man has the key to eternity. God has. No man shall come across with you and plead your cause over the veil. You will enter as you came in, with nothing but what you have merited upon earth.

"I have been discoursing with My Mother, My child, that We may not place upon you at this time additional strain. However, know that no heavier a burden will be placed upon your shoulders than you can bear.

"For to whom much is given, much is expected; and discipline and obedience means suffering and sacrifice. Unquestioning love, unquestioning obedience, that is the only way to Heaven--accepting all suffering, and offering this for good cause. Too few know.


"My child, I know Theresa has given you the full discourse on the value of suffering, that one day you will release to the world when you complete your second book. That will be left for My Church.

"The sufferings now upon earth, My child and My children--all who are now disciples of the end days, remember one day your names will be written in Heaven. Is this not worth suffering for, persevering for, and waiting for, My children?

"Understand: there is a Heaven, there is a purgatory, and sadly, Lucifer's kingdom of hell. Man will take this from your minds. In that manner will you fall faster. Therefore, you will continue reading and rereading the counsel of My Mother in the many visits to you upon earth. For soon you will be reduced to praying, and prayers alone; and then your test of faith will come.


"My child, in relation to your great test of the past several months, know, My child, that every one was to be tested, and every one, My child, was you. And the greatest test of all was obedience, My child. But your mission in that respect is ended. You will not be given another trial again like that, My child. For the strength allowed you must now be given to compiling the conversations We had many years ago.

"My Mother will continue to direct you and all who now have joined the armies of the world. My Mother will continue, and I will continue to protect you. When you have doubts and lack of confidence, you will say, My Jesus, My confidence. Just call and I will listen. Believe and I will show you the way.

"Count not upon the frailties of human relationship, because they die and wither away. Whereas My Mother, in Her Immaculate Heart, will always be there to counsel you, to guide you; because no purer a love has ever been given to mankind than expressed when She submitted to My persecution upon earth and saw that I was to leave. Knowing the will of the Father, She accepted this, and in that way became truly the Mother of the world.

"My child, you will continue now, My children, with your prayers of atonement. They are sorely needed. Pray for your Vicar. My child, you will keep the second part of the message secret at this time."

Veronica--Now Jesus is extending His hands out, like this, and He's making the sign of the cross, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"I bless you all, My children, for the Father, the Spirit of light, that you may continue your mission for the salvation of souls."

Veronica--Now Our Lady and Jesus are backing--They're just floating backwards. They don't walk, They just seem to be weightless. But Jesus and Our Lady look solid, not like those other people I saw. They look so solid that, that--as though human, Our Lady and Jesus, you know. And now They're going back. And Jesus is smiling. Oh, He's smiling. He's got this beard--it's very well cut. You know, sort of . . . [Veronica gestures with her hand to her chin to describe the appearance of His beard.] I guess He thinks that's funny. It's embarrassing. He's got a nice beard, and it's like this, you know, sort of. Hmm.

And Jesus' hair is very long. His hair is coming down now to His shoulders, but it--the light from His robe makes His hair look like a reddish brown, I guess, reddish brown. Jesus is nodding.


Our Lady now is smiling. Oh, I notice Our Lady has changed Her crown. Now before--She's changed into Her crown--She only had Her mantle on before; but Our Lady has that Fatima crown on Her head now, the round one with the cross on the top. And Jesus is nodding.

Jesus--"You understand, My child, the reason. Remember about the secret."

Veronica--Our Lady is wearing the Fatima crown, that's all I can say, Jesus said. Oh, They're smiling.

Jesus--"Continue now, My child, and I counsel you to stop not en route home, but repair immediately to your home."

Veronica--One? I can take one more picture, one picture, Perry.* One picture, Jesus said. Take one picture.


[While examining the picture:] I don't like witches! Oh! . . . Oh, they do look human, but they sure act funny! Oh! Oh, I'm not afraid of them, m-much.

Oh, that's why the altar railings have to come back. That way they don't get out of sight. That's terrible. They carry them away! Hmm. They can't carry them away--oh, oh, if they've got their hands up where the priest can watch them. The altar railings must come back. . . . Oh, my!

*Perry Montemaro, one of Veronica's close workers.