The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"After all penance, there is a great joy."

November 21, 1981

Message given to Veronica at home

Jesus and Our Lady appeared in Veronica's bedroom as she lay ill in bed at 2:45 A.M. and dictated a message to her. They left at 3:30 A.M.

Jesus was dressed in a beautiful--not red, but a deep burgundy robe, like a rich, plush velvet, trimmed in gold braid, and similar to the gold trim Our Lady has on Her cape at the vigils, but somewhat narrower. It was unlike the cape that He usually wears at the vigils, which is tied at the neck. It was closed at the neck, and the undergarment, the gown, was not visible.

Our Lady had on a deep blue cape, a mantle, which came up over Her head, and a white gown, and She was wearing the Fatima crown on Her head.

In Her right hand She held Her large white Rosary, the one that She has when She comes to the vigils, that reflects the rainbow colors. In Her left hand She held a Scapular with no pictures on it, just the plain brown cloth. She was standing to Veronica's right, and Jesus was on her left.

Our Lady spoke first. Veronica was directed to write it down.


Our Lady--"You have joined the infirm, My child. Penance is humanly painful, but after all penance, there is a great joy. Accept all suffering as My Son partook of the final dregs of the chalice of suffering, to open unto all mankind the treasures to be found in the spiritual Kingdom. Your reward shall not be found on earth but in Paradise--the epitome of glory, with the angels. It is the only reward that man should strive for--all else is vanity, and passing."

Then Jesus spoke.


Jesus--"Write this for all the clergy:

"Hasten not the Chastisement by becoming involved in fruitless pursuits that are not constructive to your mission--for I am the Light of the World. Preach My Word!

"There is much hunger in your country, and the world. Feed My sheep.

"I speak not of human hunger--only the starvation of the soul. Shall you stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight!?

"The human body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Do not spoil the flesh (by sins of the flesh), for the vapors of rot shall pollute the spirit within, and the world shall be filled with dead souls in human bodies. You shall see eyes without light, and the blind shall lead the blind."