The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Only a man, a priest, legally ordained, a true descendant of Peter, must bring My Son's Body to the multitudes."

November 20, 1979

Eve of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Veronica—All about the trees there are forming crescents of light. I can't explain it to you, but the coloring, the blue coloring is not just bordering the trees; it's coming out of the trees just as though being illuminated from within the branches, outward in a "C" formation. But now they are joining to form a crescent-like formation, circular in pattern, all about the sky directly over Our Lady's statue, and all about the grounds as far back as I can see, beyond—looking backwards from my seat.

The light is extending now directly vertically ahead, from the crescent outline to the center of the sky above us, directly over Our Lady's statue. The sky is becoming very lighted. It's a beautiful light; it's brilliant beyond any human explanation in words. It's clear—a light that is a clear light, glass-like in formation. I only wish there were human words to explain how beautiful this light is that's opening the sky.

I can see now Our Lady coming forward. Oh, She looks very fragile. Our Lady is dressed in a pure white gown, and upon Her feet She has very dainty sandals. I can see Her, Her feet. And the sandal has one strap. The sandals are gold in color; and upon the tip of the strap that extends from Her ankle to the center of Her toes, there are—there is on each foot a small golden rosette, a tiny, tiny baby rose.

Our Lady has also about Her waist a deep blue sash, a beautiful deep blue. Her mantle is very long and flowing. Our Lady's mantle is also a pure white, as white as sugar. I could say snow, but I think the coloring of sugar would best explain the beauty of Our Lady's mantle.

All about the edging, inside edging of Our Lady's mantle, there is a border of very fine gold. It looks like an actual metallic gold metal, shining in appearance. Our Lady has Her hands joined in prayer, like this, with Her Rosary extending through Her fingers.

Our Lady is smiling, but it's a sad smile. I do feel that She is upset, because she has a smile of love, but I can hear Our Lady sighing. [Veronica sighs heavily.] A sigh of distress.

Our Lady now has come forward, very close to Her statue. She's gone down in front of the tree, and She's standing just a few feet above Her statue. Now Our Lady is placing Her first finger to Her lips, like this, which means to listen.

Our Lady—"My child and My children—My child, Veronica, I have asked you to come to these grounds this evening, with your pain alleviated for this mission.

"I have not accepted fully the knowledge that mankind has so little time left to do penance, make amends to the Eternal Father for the offenses committed against Him, My Son, and the Spirit of light.

"I have warned you, My children, in numerous counsels, through many seers throughout your world, that unless you listened to My counsel and acted upon it, you would suffer a great Chastisement. How long can I hold back this terrible time of trial from mankind?


"Already the forces of evil have gathered; and your country, the United States, which has now proceeded into spiritual darkness, shall suffer a great crisis. The time for being optimistic has passed by. Your country, the United States of America, shall be chastised. My heart is bereaved by the knowledge of the loss of great life that will come about in this minor chastisement. Wars are a punishment for man's sin.

"Because the United States and many nations upon earth have given themselves over to all manner of pleasures of the flesh, materialistic viewpoints and procedures and pursuits, casting aside the love and knowledge of his Creator, his God; seeking to set up upon earth a rule of government that has no place for his Creator, his God; and ruling upon earth with the forces of darkness and Lucifer who has opened the abyss to hell. And all the forces from hell have proceeded now to engulf your world. All manner of sin is being rationalized and condoned. And who has sought to stem the tide of evil? Only those of humble heart and charity of heart have reached out with prayers, with works, and with true devotion to the Sacred Heart of My Son, to stem the tide of evil; in true charity to try and keep trying, as a labor of love for all Heaven, to rescue your brothers and sisters in the little time that is left to you.

"This chastisement that will soon come upon your country can engulf all of the nations upon the earth, and in this involvement many nations shall disappear from the face of the earth."

Veronica—Our Lady is looking about Her. I see tears coursing down Her cheeks.

Our Lady—"My child and My children, I am truly a Mother of great sorrows. For I have wandered to and fro, calling to you as your Mother, allowed to come to you, acting as a Mediatrix between God and man, at the command of the Eternal Father, to give you every opportunity to save yourselves and your families from extinction.

"The great Chastisement of the Ball of Redemption approaches also. Minor trials shall take place. My children, must you wait until all is destroyed before you will acknowledge that you have been wrong in your procedures, in your teachings, and in your seeking for scientific renovations and novelties, even in My Son's Church upon earth?


"I ask, as your Mother, all cardinals, all bishops, to come forth from your lethargy, to speak out against evil. Do not deny the existence of immortality. Do not deny the existence of life after death and the realms of purgatory and hell, the abode of the damned.

"O My children, how My heart aches, and is torn over and over, as I watch the young being destroyed physically and morally. Teachers that have accepted doctrines of demons! My children, open your eyes! You have become blinded to the truth. Open your eyes! Can you not see that your country has become paganized—worshiping false idols and giving themselves over to the worship of the adversary, Lucifer. There are only two forces upon earth—good and evil. You are expected to make the right choice, the only choice: to follow My Son to the Kingdom of Heaven.

"Every single man, woman, and child must one day die in his human body. Is it worth renouncing your Faith, rejecting the light, and giving yourselves over to pleasures of the flesh, materialism, and all manner of political pursuits of communism and humanism. For what? For your own destruction.

"Life is eternal. Your body will die, but your living entity will continue over beyond the veil. My children, I repeat: there is no death; you live on. Once you leave your body, with full knowledge you live on and come to Us for judgment.


"O My children, protect your families; pray constantly a constant vigil of prayer. Not enough prayers have been offered for your clergy. Many bishops proceed onto a road that will lead them to hell, but sadly they will take many others with them.

"There must be a complete cleansing of My Son's Church. What do you do, My children, when your house has been infested by rodents or vermin? You clean out your house. You do not abandon it, for it has taken much love and much labor to build the walls. You do not abandon it, but you work and pray, and use every means to clean out My Son's House, His Church.


"Do you understand Me, My children? I ask you not to abandon My Son's Church in the crisis of Faith now, but to keep the bark of Peter afloat. I ask you not to remain silent when you meet with wrongdoing, but to speak out and act to correct a situation that is offensive to your God and destructive to your soul. Speak once, and if not hastened or listened to, speak no more, but pray that the Eternal Father in Heaven will open up the ears of those who have closed their hearts and their ears to the truth.


"And I repeat again to all clergy in My Son's House: you shall not rationalize sin. Abortion is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance! Euthanasia is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance! The Commandments of your God must be followed, and no changes will be made upon them to suit the basic fallen nature of mankind.

"The road to Heaven, My children, is a narrow one; too few stay upon it. For they are often carried away with the cares of the world, and the pleasures of the materialistic pursuits, and their gathering of money and prestige and power. For what? For the few short years allotted to each human upon earth. I ask you to ask yourself: is it worth it to lose your soul? Many will sell their souls to get to the head.

"As I have wandered through countless earth-years warning My children, I say to you as your Mother: have you prepared your household well? Protect your children. Do not abandon the sacramentals. Soon you all will understand the great treasures of comfort, safety, and spiritual holiness that have been given to you in these sacramentals.

"Do not become discouraged, My children, as you continue upon this Mission for Heaven. You will be a minority upon earth, subject to trial and derision from those who will be lost. As My Son was tormented, rejected, and abused physically, you must expect to carry your cross as He did.


"When you find the need for comfort you will say from your heart: My Jesus, my confidence!

"Pray, My children, always. Pray for your poor brothers and sisters who are not of blood relationship; but as creations of your God, you are all brothers and sisters upon earth. In your charity, extend to all love and understanding. Do not seek to harm others intentionally.

"I give you, as your Mother, good counsel, for you will find your faith and your human needs tested in the days ahead."

Veronica—Our Lady now is extending Her Rosary with the beautiful, beautiful golden crucifix. Oh, it's so brilliant as Our Lady now is looking about Her and extending the crucifix, like this, from the Rosary. She's making now the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is turning to Her right. The sky behind Our Lady is opening up, and I can see Saint Michael. Oh, he is tremendous! He's covering the whole sky. There's no way I can explain to you the tremendous size of Michael. But he is so beautiful. He gives you, just by looking at him, such a feeling of comfort and strength and—I can't even find the words to express it humanly—perseverance, trust, and all that is good.

Our Lady is now nodding Her—smiling and nodding, saying yes. And now She is going across the sky. Our Lady is going to Her right side, which is our left side, over—oh, and She's now bending over and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady now has turned to Her left, and She's going back across the sky; She's passing beyond Her statue now. Our Lady is over on our right side, just—She's almost standing now near the tip of the tall tree over on our right side beyond the exedra. Our Lady is now bending over, extending Her Rosary out, like this, with the crucifix, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is pointing over to the right side, Her right side, our left side of the sky. And directly over Our Lady's statue, just a little bit to the left, there is a huge chalice forming in the sky. It's a beautiful golden chalice. And I can see just a hand, a man's hand, with the Eucharist extended above the chalice. And I can see he's a priest, because of—near his wrist I can see the vestment. And he's now holding the Eucharist up, like this. Just beautiful! A huge white beautiful Host, circular Host. And now the light from the Host is streaming over to where Our Lady is standing, on the right side. And Our Lady is nodding, and She is saying:


Our Lady—"My child and My children, it is the will of My Son that only man—not woman—shall give His Body to the multitudes. Only a man, a priest, legally ordained, a true descendant of Peter, must bring My Son's Body to the multitudes."

Veronica—Now Our Lady is extending the crucifix out, and I can't see the chalice or the priest's hand any longer. And Our Lady is extending the crucifix out and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Our Lady is taking Her crucifix now and kissing it, like this. And now She's joining Her hands together, like this, in prayer, and nodding:

Our Lady—"My child and My children, continue now with your prayers of atonement; they are sorely needed."


My God, I believe, I adore, I trust, and I love Thee. I beg pardon for all those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee.

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell; lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Your mercy.

Our Lady—"My child, I wish to discourse with you in private. You will not repeat.


"Now you will repeat:

"Many victim souls are needed, to do penance and accept suffering for the repatriation of souls.


"Less and less honor is being given to My Son in the Eucharist. Will you not love Him? Express and act upon your love by comforting My Son in the tabernacles of the world. Visit Him more often, for He grows lonely in His House. Graces in abundance shall be given to all who seek My Son in the Eucharist.

"Hasten, repair to the tabernacles of the world, My children, while the doors of My Son's houses, His Church upon earth, are still open to you. Many countries shall be deprived of this source of great grace, and there shall be anguish of heart. Accept this elixir of love, My children—the Bread of life, the Eucharist.


"Do not abandon My Son any longer by rejecting His Church. Do not judge My Son's Church by man. The foundation is My Son, Jesus. And though the walls may develop cracks, the foundation is solid. Will you not remain and patch these cracks, My children? We do not wish that you break apart into small groups of discord. No schisms must take place in My Son's Church. For all who are baptized a Roman Catholic must die Roman Catholics to enter Heaven. A rejection of the papacy, a rejection of the Faith because of human reasoning shall not be accepted by the Eternal Father in Heaven. Remain faithful and true forever unto the end.

"And you, My child, will be relieved for but a short time of your physical suffering. But in My discourse in silence with you, you understand why I say this, My child. You will continue now by taking three photographs, and these will be kept a secret."


Veronica—The sky all about the trees is becoming a very deep pink. Now directly over Our Lady's statue there are long beams of light extending high up into the center of the sky. The sky is opening up in a circular pattern of light, like a huge glass-like host. I can't explain it. And now it's widening, growing bigger.

And directly in the center I can see Jesus coming forward. He's coming in very fast. He's traveling from a distance, because He looked at first like a statue. But now I can see Him—here He comes; He's coming down now, directly above Our Lady's statue.

He has nothing on His feet at all. I can see the wounds on His insteps. He's standing now looking about Him. His head is uncovered. Jesus has on a burgundy colored cape, and it's tied at His neck by what appears to be like a gold braided cording. Jesus has on—it's not white, it's like a—oh, I don't know the material. It's heavy, like—not sackcloth; I don't know what you call it, but it, the coloring is like a beige. Jesus' gown, it's heavy and it's beige colored.

And He has—Jesus has a belting that appears to be like some type of skin. It's a dark brown, like some type of maybe calfskin or something. It doesn't look like rope—like I said, it looks like skin of some kind that has been braided, like leather; and it's cinched at His waist and hanging down. It has no decoration on it; it's very simple, but it's a belting. And now Jesus is extending His hand out like this, with the two fingers and the thumb extended, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus is looking about Him. I can see His hair. The reflection from the light and the burgundy cape makes Jesus' hair look very, sort of reddish brown. It's quite long. As Jesus is turning now, looking about Him, I can see that His hair is extended down over His shoulders.

Now Jesus is smiling a very, sort of sad smile. And now He is—oh, Our Lady is joining Him. Our Lady has come from the left side of the sky. She must have been beyond the tree. Now Our Lady is coming over, and She's standing at Jesus' right side. She's just a short bit smaller than His shoulders. Our Lady doesn't extend quite to His shoulder. And now Our Lady is standing with Her hands in prayer. The Rosary beads are still about Her fingers. And Jesus has whispered something that I can't hear to Her. Now He's touching His lips with the first finger of His hand.

Jesus—"My child and My children, I do not intend to elaborate upon the counsel of My Mother. I only admonish you now to accept all of the direction from Heaven as given to you through My Mother. She has carried a very heavy burden for you all as your Mother. Many have rejected Her counsel; many have listened and then were carried away by the cares of your world and forgotten this counsel. Sadly, they will come to their senses soon, but it will be too late.

"My children of the world, you stand now upon a hill, a hill that you have built upon humanistic values and materialistic manners, as you sought to build a world of your own, cutting off the light, and building a utopia, built with humanism and socialism, and communism—all under the heading of love and brotherhood, but covered with a blanket of darkness of the spirit. For this, the Eternal Father has allowed you to pursue your own course. The awakening shall come in shock to many.


"My Mother has counseled you well to prepare and protect your households. The hourglass has been turned over several times to give you more time to do penance and take the stigma of sin from your homes and mankind in general. However, man has sought success and riches and science to console him, and instead, has found a void. And the children of these parents, who have lived without faith and morals, are the major victims. For as they wandered in a life that has been a void to them, they have sought what they did not know in their human reasoning. But the heart and the inborn conscience of God has sent them seeking, but without firm direction—and this direction not coming from not only the parents but the clergy in My House—they have found instead, these poor misguided, misled children, they have found death—death of the body and death of the soul: death with drugs, death of the soul with pornography, immorality, and the worship of false idols and gods, even consorting with new religions based on humanism and satanism.

"O My children, how foolish you are to sell your souls for the few years that man has given himself upon earth. I say this, for man shall bring about his own destruction, and then the Eternal Father shall be forced to remove many from the earth with the Ball of Redemption.

"Have you all made a firm effort to prepare your households and protect your children? There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth and woe set upon the earth by Lucifer and the forces of darkness, his agents from hell loosed upon the earth now in full under the title of 666.

"My children, keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country now. The balance now shall be held by the few, or death shall enter into many homes.

"My children, pray constantly, and in true charity, pray for your cardinals and your bishops. Many shall fall because of too few prayers and acts of sacrifice for them. They do not have a special passport to Heaven. But they, too, have a human nature that must be constantly on guard and fighting Lucifer and his agents. Pray for them. Do not judge, but try to counsel in good faith and charity."

Veronica—Now Jesus is looking all about Him, and He's now extending His hand out, like this, and making the sign of the cross again: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus—"My child, you will repair immediately home. You will bar your doors to all but your immediate family and closest workers. You must at this time also rely upon the communication from Heaven given to you. You understand, My child. Use that measure.


"The struggle to vanquish the evil one will be a battle of faith. Human wits cannot be victorious in this battle. Only a supernatural form of manifestation shall remove him.

"Do not repeat, My child.


"The world, when it is renewed and restored, shall remember the battle fought by those who have worn the colors from Heaven. The armies from Heaven led by My Mother shall vanquish the head of the serpent.

"It is a test for all mankind; the good and the evil shall test all mankind as metals in the fire. The sheep shall be separated from the goats in the days ahead, My child. The road to Heaven is a narrow one, and it is a constant struggle with the cross to remain on it.

"Accept all trial and suffering, knowing that the road in this way will lead directly to the Kingdom of Heaven."

Veronica—In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus and Our Lady are—They're backing up into the sky. They're standing there; Our Lady is nodding. And it's becoming very brilliant with light all about Our Lady and Jesus. Now Jesus is touching His lips:

Jesus—"Repair home, My child, immediately!"