The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Within this photograph [Jacinta 1972] lies the date, the month, the hour, the year of the coming Chastisement."

October 6, 1979

Eve of Our Lady of the Rosary

Veronica—All about the trees the sky is becoming very brilliant with light. The color on the border of the trees is a pale blue. But now there seem to be streams of pure, glass-like light coming out of the trees themselves and fanning upward high into the sky directly over Our Lady's statue. Now the points are just like—I can't explain—like I have, never have seen anything that could describe the way the lights are streaming in a circular pattern directly over Our Lady's statue, pinpointing an opening that's forming, oh, in the sky.

And now it seems as though the whole sky is parting. It's becoming all aglow with light, and Our Lady is coming forward. She must come a great distance, because as She approaches—I have to watch Her coming in, becoming a larger figure in the sky—She would look very, very tiny, as though She was quite a distance away.

Now Our Lady is approaching directly over Her statue. Oh, She's very, very beautiful! Our Lady has on a pure white gown, with a gold belt about Her waist, a belting, a narrow belting. And Our Lady has Her hands joined in prayer, like this, with the Rosary—Her beautiful Rosary with the golden Our Fathers and the Hail Mary beads that are, are catch—as Our Lady turns, they're catching all of the colors of the rainbow. Where from? It must be from the light, because the sky is a mixture of blue and white—just beautiful, about Our Lady, and all lighted. Our Lady has on a mantle, a long white mantle with a border of gold. The gold, I would say, is approximately—oh, about three-quarters of an inch wide.

Our Lady has on sandals. They only have one strap. They appear to be gold; the whole sandal looks golden. And at the tip of Her feet, there is on each sandal just one tiny, metallic-looking, golden rose—a very small baby rose, very tiny, on the—just the edge of Our Lady's sandals. Only one strap seems to be crossing from Our Lady's ankles, which I can barely see. I would assume that, because I can't see Our Lady's ankles, just Her shoes, Her sandals, as they're coming out from under Her gown.

Our Lady is dressed in a pure white, Her mantle and Her dress, and the mantle covers Her head right down to Her forehead. I can see no hair. But on top of Our Lady's head is a beautiful, large crown, dome-like in shape, and has a—it has a golden cross on the top. The whole crown is made of spun gold with the most beautiful stones. I don't recognize them all because of their colors. They range from a deep red to a deep green. And there are pink and white that look like diamonds—those I recognize, beautifully set in the crown. The crown is open. It seems to be not a solid crown, but open by tiers, like strips of metallic gold going all about the crown.

Our Lady is looking all about Her. Now She's taking Her crucifix, the beautiful golden crucifix, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady is looking all about Her. And She's now placing Her hand up, so I would look upwards. And oh, there are so many angels coming forward now. They look absolutely beautiful! And they're carrying one singular garland of roses. The roses are a very, very pale pink in color. And they're circling Our Lady. Oh, there must be music. I can't seem to hear it very well, but I can hear music. I don't think I could even repeat it, the sound is so beautiful, so ethereal.

And they are circling Our Lady, and they're going now right behind Her and standing in a solid row—no, they're forming two rows behind Our Lady. There must be over two hundred angels. I won't even start to count them, but I would say at least two hundred now in the sky. In fact, now they're forming a third row about Our Lady, right behind Our Lady, and in a horseshoe-type of effect. It's very beautiful looking.

Now Our Lady is taking Her first finger and placing it to Her lips.


Our Lady—"My child and My children, all Heaven is pleased, at the moment, with the manner in which you have chosen to help your Vicar and all of your brothers and sisters upon earth with your sacrifices, your prayers, and your penance. However, the danger to your Vicar has not abated. He must be escorted by prayer until he leaves your country, the United States. And with him must go along his journey, many prayers and acts of sacrifice; because 666, the agents of hell, will work in full powers of darkness to alleviate being recognized by the world in their sin and the manner in which these demons from hell seek to destroy mankind, both physically and spiritually, and seek in like manner to destroy your Vicar. You must all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the world for your Vicar.

"You cannot understand, My children, in your human nature the manner in which this battle of the spirits rage. You cannot fight them now with human means, but you must recognize and accept the fact that there exists now in your world an army of demons loosed from hell, led by Lucifer. Their intent is to darken the minds of the clergy and darken the souls of all mankind, that they may then lose the Kingdom of the Eternal Father in Heaven. And Lucifer will complete his plan, in the short time left, to subdue mankind and take with him into hell, his kingdom, all of the souls that have fallen away from the narrow road that leads to the Kingdom of happiness, the Kingdom of Heaven.

"No one—no man, woman, or child—shall fall into hell unless he goes there of his own free will.


"Your Vicar has been graced at this time to understand the imminence of his visit being timely, for your country will undergo a great chastisement unless you take the hardness from your heart, open your eyes to the truth, and follow the only course for your salvation given to you, taught by your Vicar.

"My children, clergy in My Son's House, His Church upon earth: I understand your bewilderment; I, as your Mother, understand your concern. But many of you have your heads and your hearts in the clouds, befogged by humanism, deluded by modernism and your scientific manner of thinking with the reasoning of man, not the knowledge of God.

"Your country and all of the countries upon earth are in great crisis. As I have counseled you in the past, I warn you now as your Mother being sent to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. I do not overshadow the Eternal Father or My Son, but I come to you as your Mother, pleading with the Eternal Father for your salvation, your redemption, pleading for your cause before Heaven that you may be granted an extension of time to recover your senses, for you are blinded by sin!


"Many clergy have given themselves over to pleasures of the flesh. Many have fallen into sin and heresy, and have cast aside the truth of their vocation. Many now rebel against their leader, their God-given leader, your Vicar. In matters of faith and morals, man must not change the God-given laws coming from the Seat of Peter and established through tradition upon earth through My Son's Church.


"I repeat the words of all Heaven, and those who are upon earth—voices crying out to you in the wilderness: Repent now, while there is time, for your time is running out. Abortion is murder! Adultery, promiscuousness, sexual aberrations shall neither be condoned nor reasoned as being right, when they are wrong! These abominations are condemned by all Heaven.

"Man shall not seek to create life by artificial means, for you destroy the very nature of your humanity. And you shall receive for such actions a just punishment in chastisement from the Eternal Father.


"Your country, My child, the United States of America—My child and My children, how light and gladdened were Our hearts at the reception given to your Vicar. But how saddened now are Our hearts to know that soon his words will be forgotten and the confusion will reign anew, the disobedience shall accelerate. O My children, pray now! Pray always! Your life must be now a life of prayer and retirement from a world that has been given over to satan to claim his own.

"Your children must be taught at home, given a firm foundation of the truth, the knowledge of their Faith. You must instill in their hearts the love of God before the love of any man. You must instill in their hearts the knowledge that they must work now to achieve their redemption and salvation by the plan of the Eternal Father as written and espoused through many prophets through countless earth-years of time: written in the Bible, your Book of life and love.

"My children, as a Mother, My heart is torn for you. O mothers who come to Me, hearts bleeding in sorrow, I will comfort you, for I, too, know the suffering of loss. Come to Me, all you who sorrow and weep for your children, for I will place My mantle of love and comfort upon you. Come to Me, and I will lighten your burden.

"You must understand, My children of the world: you cannot cast aside the protection of the sacramentals given to you. All your armor must be used now, for Lucifer is gathering his armies for another onslaught far worse upon mankind. The plan is not unknown; the Eternal Father will turn all evil to good. However, the battle that rages, you will find that many will fall; and sadly, the souls have been falling into hell, counted as numerous as the snowflakes that will soon fall upon your earth.

"And who prays for these souls, Our straying sheep? Who will offer sacrifices? Have you forgotten so soon the value of suffering, the priceless treasure you have for your redemption?


"My children, your homes are not prepared well for your children, for you fill them with mind destroyers. Your children are being enticed and seduced through their mediums of entertainment. I have warned you over and over to clean your house out; cleanse your home before you weep! Many children shall turn against their parents, for their minds shall be poisoned by satan. Murders shall abound; there will be accidents that are not accidents. Sin is truly insanity.

"You have been given, My children, many graces through your sacramentals: graces for cures, graces for conversions. Many of you shall experience a supernatural manifestation for your edification and strength. But do not become prideful, for pride is a true barrier, a more formidable barrier against holiness and sanctity than even outright licentiousness!

"Remember always, My children: those who receive graces in abundance, much is expected of them. You cannot slacken in your mission, My child and My children, but you must continue to go forward as candles searching in the darkness for Our lost sheep. We ask you to be a true and fervent disciple of My Son's Church, His House upon earth.

"Do not abandon My Son's Church because of the antics—because of the personality of some or many of My Son's representatives in the priesthood. Do not judge My Son's House, His Church, by man's reasoning. But remember: you must remain in your parish churches, partaking of the Bread of life in the Eucharist. My Son is always with you in the Eucharist.

"You will receive many graces in these latter days. And those who fall away, having received these graces, will find it most difficult to return. My child, if a worker has been told the truth and he does not hasten to return, it is his own punishment that he has chosen. Pray for him, My child.


"I ask that the photograph given from Heaven, 'Jacinta 1972' be propagated, made known world-wide; for within this photograph lies the date, the month, the hour, the year of the coming Chastisement. Search it well, My children; for those who are given the grace will find the answer to the puzzle. Jacinta of Fatima—'Jacinta 1972.'

"My child, you will continue in your mission. The strength will be given for its completion. I ask you—and you must listen to My counsel, My child—to bar your doors to all but your close workers and your immediate family. For the souls of whom will knock upon your door are evil.

"You will proceed upon the second mission, which will soon be coming to its completion. My child, We understand the extreme drain this has had upon your human body. But you will not be given a heavier burden or cross than you can carry at this time. Yes, My child, your life has been from the beginning in the hands of the Eternal Father. It is no accident that you have been moved to your present location.

"Watch well, My child, and pray daily; for you will soon be approached by the 'black cape.' Do not be affrighted, My child. He fears you; you have nothing to fear from him. But watch carefully, and bar your doors. You will not go out unescorted.

"Remember, My child: he can inflict upon you physical, great physical injury—not to your soul, your spirit, but to your body. I ask you to bar your doors—and I repeat it, My child, for the crisis is approaching."

Veronica—Our Lady is looking all about Her. Now She's touching Her fingers to Her lips.

Our Lady—"Now, My child, you will take three photographs, and you will understand My present discourse with you. You will continue to pray in atonement until My Son comes to give you an additional measure of counsel in your mission, and words of preparation for the world."

Veronica—Our Lady is extending Her Rosary out again, with the beautiful golden crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.


Two photographs, please.


The sky all about the trees is becoming a beautiful pink hue. It's fanning upwards like streams of light, but they're all pink, a very pale pink, very beautiful. The sky high overhead, directly over Our Lady's statue, is opening up, and Jesus is coming forward. Oh, I can see He's coming very fast through the sky. He's not walking; He hasn't parted His feet, yet He's floating—I can't explain it—down towards us.

Now Jesus is directly over the branch of the fir tree behind Our Lady's statue. He's come down very, very close to us this evening. Now Jesus is extending His hands out, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus is placing His hand over His heart, like this, and He's looking all about Him. It's quite windy, because I notice Jesus' gown is like fluttering, just rustling, like it's breezier up there than down here.

Jesus has on a robe. It's sort of—not a red color, like a burgundy color, almost like a maroon. But it looks like it's velvet. I believe it's velvet; it appears to be. And He has on an ecru-colored gown. The gown is like an off-white color, like a beige. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but it's darker and coarser material than Our Lady had on. And He has about His waist a belting of a] skin-like type of belting.

And His feet are bare. And I can see upon His insteps—they look very sore—the wounds. They're not closed; they seem to be open, on His feet. That was from the spike that went through His two feet.

And Jesus now is placing His hands out, like this, in front of Him, and I can see the wounds in the palms of His hands. Now Jesus is turning His hands over, like this, palms down, and raising them high above His head. And there are streams of light coming out from His hands—oh, it looks just beautiful! He's sending streams of light, but they're going over our heads down onto the grounds. I can see them going straight over our heads and going down onto the grounds. The light is beyond anything I can describe. It's—the only word I could use is "supernatural." It's not solid—I can't explain it to you. A tremendous, electrical-looking type of light. It's just beautiful! Just beautiful!

Now Jesus is withdrawing His hands like this, towards Him, and touching His heart now. And the lights have just like evaporated. I can't explain it to you—they just evaporated.

Now Jesus is motioning. Our Lady is coming towards Him. Our Lady has been standing over by the trees on our right side, and She's moving over now to Jesus. Jesus is waiting for Her approach, and He's smiling. It's so wonderful—I can't explain it. He has such beautiful eyes.

Now Our Lady is going at Jesus' right side. And now He's placing His hand over. And He's now touching His first finger to His lips, like this. Oh, Jesus is saying:

Jesus—"Behold your Mother!"

Veronica—And He's smiling. Our Lady looks very beautiful and radiant. And the angels now are gathering about Our Lady, and they have the garland of roses—just beautiful!—and they're circling Jesus and Our Lady.

And now Jesus is extending His hands out again. He's turning to the right, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is looking over to His left side—that would be our right side. I believe They are going—yes, They're going to go across the sky. And Jesus is leading first and Our Lady's following, and the angels. I can hear music, but very, very low. It's like many, many voices singing. I can't hear the words, but it sounds very beautiful, like a chorus of voices—beautiful!

And now Jesus has reached just about—He's standing almost directly opposite the tall tree on the right. Now He's bending over and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is turning to His right side and They're coming across the sky back to the center. And They're directly over Our Lady's statue. Our Lady now is standing there with Her hands joined together in prayer. And Her beautiful Rosary—oh, it's very large, Our Lady's Rosary. It's dangling from Her fingers, like this. Oh, Our Lady—oh, if only I could have a picture of Our Lady this evening! She is absolutely beautiful!

Now Jesus is beckoning to me, and He's touching His lips with the first finger of His right hand.


Jesus—"My child and My children, I will not give you a further discourse upon the state of the souls of mankind. Be it known to you at this time that all of Heaven has watched with eager hearts to see, perhaps if but for a short time, the rise of the flickering of candles of faith throughout your world. It is not unknown to Us that this great display will soon be abated and replaced by cynicism, doubts, confusion, and disobedience to Our Vicar.

"I ask you all to maintain him; sustain him with your prayers and acts of confidence at this time. The danger to him is great in his mission. He is also human and subject to slights. He is subject to human frailties and errors. However, in matters of faith and morals, he, too, shall pray for the guidance from Heaven to gather Our straying sheep.


"My child and My children, another voice has been added to those who have chosen to go forward to save mankind from the just punishment and chastisement that will claim great lives. My Mother has counseled you. Her tears have fallen upon all of mankind, as She has wandered to and fro, begging for you to do penance and make many sacrifices, or your world will be placed under a great trial by fire—a cleansing with a baptism of fire.

"My children, you have been given every opportunity to act upon the warnings from Heaven and the counsel of My Mother. In Her mission to Her children, She has met with rejection, defamation, blasphemy, and every abuse that Lucifer could implant into the hearts and minds of man. As a great Mother of great sorrows, She has opened Her heart to all mankind, choosing of Her own free will to act as your Mother, the Mother of all nations, the Mother of all children of earth, to guide you back to the road to Heaven.

"Too many are already lost to Us, both young and old: forever damned, beyond help, beyond repatriation in hell, the place of banishment.

"My child and My children, We do not seek to punish you. You will be allowed to make your own punishment. Unless you pray now for your Vicar, unless you pray now and learn the value of penance and suffering, you will all be cleansed by trial and suffering.

"Must you wait until you are pushed down to the ground before you will rise and honor the Eternal Father? Must you give yourselves over to all manner of sin and aberration and pleasures of the flesh, unto your destruction? Can you not realize—open your ears and your hearts to the truth that no life is forever to be lived upon your earth, but eternal life is over the veil? And you, by your own volition, by your own choice, shall choose your eternal life: be it with the Eternal Father in Heaven, or with Lucifer in hell, the abode of the damned.


"The prince of darkness, the creator of all evil and foulness upon earth, roams loose now. He has been given only a set time to take you to hell with him. You have been given by My Mother every direction for the protection of your spirit, your souls; and you must use your sacramentals, or you will not be able to stand the onslaughts of the enemies of your God.

"Lucifer walks your earth. He has an army of ogres. They come in different forms and shapes, but they will enter into the body of any man, woman, or child who has fallen out of grace, given over to sin.

"The greatest sadness in My heart is that I must make it known to you that many will sell their souls to get to the head; for money is the root of all evil and the corrupter of souls. The lust for power has brought many into the label 'damnation' as murderers of their brothers and sisters. Murder abounds upon your earth. Soon it will be—become commonplace in your lives, until sin, being a way of life, will be accepted and the light will become darkened.

"You will, My children, review the counsel from Heaven, given by My Mother through Her earth-years with you. She will guide you and be with you until the end of your era and the end of time. She has chosen of Her free will to accept Her place among you as your Mother, as the Mother of the world.


"Michael, Saint Michael is the guardian of My Church upon earth. And pastors, you must replace him! I say replace: take out your banners and your pagan symbols, and bring Michael back into My Church for your protection!

"I shall not at this time enumerate upon this message given by My Mother, but to warn you now that you must all listen to Her counsel and act upon it. My heart is extended to all of mankind, to be accepted or rejected.

"You must not compromise the Faith, My children. You are not upon earth to please man, but to please the Eternal Father and bring to earth the knowledge of the existence of the supernatural, and the Kingdom of the Eternal Father—your future home: that is, if you will accept the grace and light given to you, to follow the road upon earth that leads to the eternal Kingdom of your God in Heaven.


"The war of the spirits rages. The attempts upon your Vicar for his life will be numerous. The Eternal Father has a plan in the days ahead. Pray for your Vicar; pray for your bishops, your clergy. Lucifer has many attacks planned upon them.

"You must all understand and practice penance. You must understand the value of suffering; for each and every act of suffering, discomfort, can be offered for the sins of mankind. Even the smallest act of penance can save another.

"Pray constantly. Your hearts and minds must be with Heaven. Do not give yourselves over to the world which is controlled now by Lucifer and his agents. It is a narrow road to the Kingdom of Heaven, and too few remain upon it. Once you leave, it is most difficult to return. Prayer has the greatest strength of appeal in Heaven. Your prayers will not go unanswered. Ask, and you shall receive; seek and you shall find the way. Believe and you will be given the way.

"I am your God, and I am the Light, in the Eternal Father and the Spirit of life. And I say to you, as your God: God is, God was, God always will be."

Veronica—Now Jesus is extending His hand out, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus—"Now, My child, repeat the prayer message given to you in the past.

The end is not as far as you can see;

Already there is apostasy.

Man cast his lot and gathered the coals

To stoke the fire that burns the souls.

The days are numbered, the hours are few;

So work and pray and try to do

The mission that's given in the light,

Until that sad day when all is night!.

"I bless you all, My children, with the Spirit of light. Continue now with your prayers of atonement; they are sorely needed. Pray for your Vicar now, My children. Do not be taken with the cares of the world. Your prayers are sorely needed."

Veronica—"Yes. I will."

Get my rosary, my rosary, my large wooden rosary for the statue. It will be placed upon Our Lady now.

Jesus—"Continue now, My child, with the prayers of atonement."