The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Separated brethren must change. They have protested in the past; they have taken themselves away from the truth and the one true Church. They must reject the errors they have made in the past and come back and start again. They cannot bring their errors into My Son's House."

March 18, 1977

Eve of Saint Joseph

Veronica--In the center of the sky, directly over Our Lady's statue, there is a figure emerging out of the sky. It appears to be the outline of a boot, but the boot has a very ominous black coloring. It's all shadowed in a dark coloring.

Now over on our right side, there is a large white ball coming through the sky. Our Lady is standing on top of the ball. It's carrying Her forward directly over the flag. Our Lady is pointing with Her hand to the black boot.

Our Lady--"My child, this is just an omen to you and to the world of the great trial that is to come upon your Holy Father, Pope Paul and the Eternal City of Rome.

"And why has man progressed so far into darkness of spirit? Because, My children, he did not pray enough; because, My children, the warnings that I have given to mankind in the past have gone by unnoticed and not acted upon. How many warnings must be given to mankind before they come out of their darkness of spirit and recognize that the agents of hell are gathering in force about them?

"My child, you have experienced but a small measure of the great sorrow that has come into the hearts of all in Heaven. We look upon a world that has given itself over to debasement. We look upon a world that is fast heading, plunging towards its own destruction.


"My children, I have been among you countless earth-years giving you the Message from Heaven. In My heart, as your Mother, I would wish to bring to you a message of great cheer. I can bring you at this time a message of hope. But I must give you the facts, and the fact, the major incident that will come upon your country is involvement in war. And short thereon, shortly thereon, there will be sent upon the world and your country the Ball of Redemption. And many will die in this great flame of the Ball of Redemption.

"The octopus of evil having many arms now is reaching out. The evil and the agents of satan in human form have entered into the highest places in world governments and in My Son's Church.

"My children, you must speak out about the evils that are allowed to be perpetrated in My Son's House. All manners of abominations are taking place. Your country and many nations of the world have given themselves over to sexuality and perversion. Sin has become a way of life among you.

"Your children, what will become of your children? What manner of example are you permitting to be given to your children?

"Mothers and fathers, you must now bring rigid discipline into your household. As parents, you have an obligation to protect your children's souls. Do not depend upon or expect your pastors or your teachers in your schools to protect and build up the defenses for your children against the onslaught of evil. As parents, the full responsibility for the salvation of your children's souls will fall upon you."

Veronica--Our Lady is moving over now high up into the sky over to our left side. Our Lady looks very beautiful! She's wearing a long white gown, and there is a blue belting about it. It's a wide belting that hangs over by Her right side. And Our Lady has a mantle, a white mantle bordered in a golden--like a brocade. Oh, it measures about an inch all about the edge of Our Lady's mantle.

Now Our Lady is pointing up to the sky.

Our Lady--"Watch, My child, and see what is to be."

Veronica--Now coming out of the sky I can see two figures, two bishops. They look very regal, of great importance. Now the bishops have in their hands each a golden key. And they are now joining their hands and are crossing the golden keys. Now the bishop on the right, he's changing in figure: on his mitre now there are coming out what appears to be horns. Our Lady is saying: "A symbol of evil, My child."


Now also on his right side, the other mitred figure has horns now coming out right through his mitre. They now are raising the keys over their heads in a very strange way. They're clutching them, and the keys seem to be melting, melting in their hands. And their hands now are but a clenched fist held tightly over their heads. I fear to say--

Our Lady--"It is, My child, the sign of the communist."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is pointing over again, and high up in the sky, over Her statue, the boot, the whole outline of Italy is coming through now. It's still very dark and black looking.

Our Lady now is holding out Her Scapular and Her Rosary. Our Lady has the Scapular in Her left hand and the Rosary in Her right.

Our Lady--"My child and My children, you cannot blind yourselves to the truth. You cannot look upon what is happening with wishful thinking, thinking that it will evaporate out of your lives. It will not, My children.

"As I said in the past, a great trial is coming upon mankind. A great trial will enter upon all who remain with My Son in your times of strife. It will be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, for satan has set himself in their midst. I repeat, and I repeat to deafened ears and hardened hearts: modernism in one hand and satanism in the other.

"Man has fast plunged into deep darkness of spirit. Man is ever searching. Great men of science are searching, and for what? Forever searching and never coming to the truth!


"And what is truth, you ask, My children? My Son is the truth! My Son is the foundation of His Church. He has given you the rule. He has sent among you in the past prophets that have built His Church on truth and light. And what have you done? But you of little faith, you seek to change the truth and twist it to suit your own worldly inclinations!

"My Son in the Eternal Father allows you this time to go about your way. In this manner of trial and error and confusion and discord, will the sheep be separated from the goats.

"As I warned you in the past and you did not listen, unless you prayed more, did more penance, sacrifice, communism would go throughout your world ravishing nations, destroying your Faith, entering into the highest places of My Son's House. Can you deny what is happening now in your world? Remove the blindness from your eyes and look! Come out of the darkness before it is too late, for a House in darkness wears a band of death about it! I repeat: a Church in darkness will close its doors.

"Many are selling their souls to get to the head. For what? A temporary life of pleasure and ease, loving all of the enticements of satan in your world and gathering nothing to admit you into the eternal Kingdom in Heaven. Of what value is your wealth, your position, your knowledge, when you pass over the veil, as each and every one of you shall pass over the veil? And what is death but a transition, My children, a passing into a permanent life out of a temporary existence.

"O My children, I bring you hope in perseverance. My Son is your confidence. You have been given a firm foundation. Teach your children. Keep the light burning in your home.


"Do not be afraid to expose evil. If you do not bring into the light others who are fast encased in darkness by their own will or by acts of obedience to evil; if you do not seek to save them, to bring them out of this darkness, you, too, will be guilty of arrogance and pride and charity, charity that must be extended--a lack of charity, for charity must be given to others. Those who receive in abundance, whether it be graces or the material, must use their abundance to save others.

"Prayer, My children--you must pray a constant vigilance of prayer, but you must also gather graces through works.

"I see, My children, a great evil transpiring upon earth. Those who have the power to stop the evil have chosen to go downstream like ducks upon water, letting everything slide off their backs, neither caring nor visualizing the future. And why? Because they have given themselves to the world.

"Just as My Son stood before Pilate and he washed his hands and said: 'This man is innocent; I see no wrong in him,' however, in his heart he knew of innocence but he feared reprisal from the crowd, My children; he valued his life, he loved his sin, and he was too much involved with the pleasures of this life and the world.

"You see, My children, it is taking place all over again for those in command in rule. They go along 'passing,' as you say, 'the buck,' each one not willing to admit his error or his participation in evil, but only too willingly allowing others to take the blame or the responsibility. And I assure you, My children, if evil is being allowed, the 'buck passer' is just as guilty as the original one who had started the evil.

"If you know in your hearts, O pastors, that souls are in danger of being corrupted, misled, and even destroyed, and you do nothing about it because you do not wish to offend your superiors, because you value your life in this world too much and your good living; I assure you, O pastors, you shall stand before My Son and He shall not know you. You will be disowned, banished from eternal life in Heaven, and you shall join your father who is the father of all liars, satan, and the prince of darkness.

"The greatest evil being now committed in My Son's House is denying His divinity, defiling His sacred Body, casting mockery upon it, allowing immorality to enter into My Son's House.

"The rabat is the teacher of life; the priest is the teacher of life, but, My children, do not be fooled by those who have fouled their garments.


"Obedience, My children--what is obedience when you become obedient to children of darkness, when you become obedient to agents of hell? And these agents of hell now are loosed upon your earth. They have now taken over human bodies, and they have not stopped at the lay person, My child. They have entered into the clergy. And how can this be, you ask, My child? Sin, sin has entered into the hearts of the clergy. You must pray for them. All who have the charity of heart must keep a constant vigilance of prayer for them. The Eternal Father, in Rome He looks upon what is taking place now there. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven!"

Veronica--I see now the sky opening up, very high in the sky, and there is a white bird, a beautiful white bird. It looks like a dove now coming down high up in the sky. And as it flies down--it's like floating--there are tremendous streams of white light. They're beautiful, crystal, fiery-looking almost like looking into a stream of clear water, the light.

And directly above it I see a man. I can see Him from His waist--not His waist, His chest up. He has a long, very full snowy-white beard and He has very white, snow-white hair, very curly about his head and it falls down to his shoulders. He's a very kind-looking man.

And now I see a hand, a finger, the whole hand now emerging out of the sky and pointing over, over to our right side. Now over on our right side, there is a whole scene coming out of the mist. I see St. Peter's, the whole square in Rome there, and a building, a round building. And I see now up above it--it's strange, I see Pope Paul standing above Saint Peter's, and blood seems to be coming from his hands. And the blood from his hands--his hands are outstretched, like in supplication, and the blood is coming out of his hands, and it seems to be flowing down over Saint Peter's, the big building, the domed building, the church. Oh, it's very frightening!

Now Our Lady is coming over on our left side, directly over Her statue.

Our Lady--"My child, your Vicar suffers much; he cries succor, My child. There are many Judases about him.

"You must understand, My child, the message of some time ago. Yes, it is a fact and a truth that there is another who impersonates him and goes about having photographs taken. And there is a voice that comes out upon your air waves, a very good imitation of your Holy Father. It is all the master deception created by the evil forces that are seeking to destroy your Faith, My child.


"You must pray, pray much for your Holy Father. He suffers greatly from disobedience of those under him in his rule. Yes, My child, it appears now that there is a form of insanity taking place in Rome, for priests, prelates, cardinals, and bishops are all running around with their heads in a fog. They have great plans, My child, to build a new church, a church of man. But My Son has other plans. Their time is running out.

"My child, My children, this new church they are building but no angels help to build, only demons; they are building a church of man, using as a foundation the basic carnal nature of mankind. There is nothing beautiful of spirit; it is all humanistic, My child, modernistic. And what are they doing but they are building the church of man with satan as the director!

"O My children, pray much! We do not want to see a division in My Son's House. The Roman Catholic Church must remain one! But this does not mean, as the church of man states, that you will bring all manner of heretics and separated brethren in. No, My children, that is an error, a delusion from satan. You cannot change My Son's House and bring them in and change for them! They must change and come back to the original rule given by My Son and those who were with Him in the building of the foundation.


"I repeat, My child and My children: separated brethren must change. They have protested in the past; they have taken themselves away from the truth and the one true Church. They must reject the errors they have made in the past and come back and start again. They cannot bring their errors into My Son's House.

"You are opening the doors now for all manner of heretics, separated brethren. They do not come to unite in good spirit and heart; they come to take over. They seek to change you, O pastors, who are being deluded. And what do I see in My Son's House but separated brethren upon His pulpit! Even from the temples, the synagogues of satan, upon His pulpit! And for what?

"And who are My pastors now that have joined in this plan of destruction? Who ordained some of them? Not legitimate hands. They come to destroy. They come in like rats, burrowing, undermining My Son's Church! Do you think you are not watched? Are you above your Creator that you think you can deceive the world permanently? No, I say unto you! You are being given your time, for you who have given yourselves to satan are now exposing your true nature to the world.


"Yes, My children, you must continue to pray for your priests, your pastors. Many are confused, filled with anxiety, not knowing which way to turn in their troublesome life. Many are dying prematurely of broken hearts. And what are you doing about it? Nothing! You wait, and what do you wait for? You expect another to come and save you from these evils. No! Each and every Christian in the Roman Catholic Church must come forward and fight this evil with prayer and example.

"Shout from the rooftops the Message from Heaven! For if you become lax and go uncaring about your way, I assure you, My children, there will be many tears shed, much gnashing of teeth, and greater woe set upon your world and your earth by the agents of 666, the Antichrist, that is now ravishing My Son's Church, the hearts of the dedicated, poisoning the minds of the dedicated, and destroying the souls of the young.

"Wake up now, America! Wake up, all nations of the world, and pray, for the closing time is upon you. What was to happen in the future shall be now. It is for you to help change this.

"I promise now, My children, as I have promised in the past, that I will remain with you and guide you till My Son returns to set His House right. Persevere and you will be saved. Believe and you will be given the way. Do not compromise My Son's House; do not compromise your Faith.

"My children, wear your sacramentals. In the days ahead you will understand full well why. It will be a source of great solace to many in the days ahead."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is holding out the crucifix of Her Rosary, like this, and now She has draped the Rosary over Her hand, like this, and She's holding the crucifix out. And Our Lady has in Her left hand a brown Scapular, a very large brown Scapular. I can't see a picture on it; it seems to be just a brown cloth, two pieces of brown cloth on a string. And Our Lady is placing Her hand out, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady now is looking up, and from high in the sky behind Our Lady, Saint Michael is coming forward. And I can see now Theresa--I always recognize Saint Theresa--and her sisters, and there are many other nuns, and--they look like priests; I can see their cassocks. And they're coming forward. Some are carrying Bibles, and some are carrying staffs, like bishops' staffs, and others have very heavy wooden crosses in their hands, holding them up.

Now they are all gathering about Our Lady. And Our Lady now is going over to our left side. She's standing just above the tree and holding Her hand forward, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady now is going across the sky. She doesn't walk. I can't explain it; it's like the wind is carrying Her, and also Theresa and her sisters, and all of the nuns and the priests behind her. And they're all dressed very--in long clothes, very, very modestly, in long gowns. I can't see--I can see now, as the wind's blowing, the priests have on black shoes and so do Saint Theresa and her sisters. No, they have on brown. They look like--no, that's a man's shoe over by her dress. They have on sandals; they're sandals. They look like brown sandals, just, you know, one piece of roping. They're like discalced, they look like discalced nuns; they have their feet bare. Oh!

Now Our Lady is going over to our right side, and She's leaning over and making the sign of the cross with Her Rosary crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady--"I bless you all, My children, as the Eternal Father blesses you and sends among you the Spirit of light. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer."


Veronica--Directly over Our Lady's statue, there's a circlet of darkness. But now, directly through the center, I can see Jesus coming forward. His feet are bare, and His gown and His cloak is blowing quite a bit. It must be very windy. Now Jesus is holding out His hand, like this. It's like, as He's coming through the sky, as though He's dispelling, pushing back the darkness.

Now Jesus is looking all about Him. He's looking from the right to the left. I can see His hair blowing. His hair looks like a reddish brown. I can see Him very, very well from the right side now as He is looking over. Now He's coming down. He's floating down a little closer above Our Lady's statue, and He's placing His first finger upon His lips.


Jesus--"My child, listen carefully and repeat what I have to say.

"In your world now there is a great delusion. Error, confusion abound.

"I do not have to repeat My Mother's direction, Her directives to you. Needless to say, the Message from Heaven has gone throughout the world. You must all pray more and work with great haste.

"In your country, the United States, you must pray for your leader. There is a great necessity for God-fearing men to be among you in positions, high positions in your government.

"My children, I am certain that you all are familiar with the corruption and the evil that has entered upon your government and all of the governments throughout your world. I have watched with dismay and sadness of heart as your governments gather together in a united nation. I feel that they have surrendered themselves now to the enemies of your God, for the major powers are gaining forces, forces of evil to destroy their fellow men.

"My children, do not be deceived by the reports being given to you from your news medias, for they are controlled by the father of all liars and his agents in human form. While your world cries peace, love, and brotherhood, they prepare for war! While your world cries peace, love, and brotherhood, they slaughter their brothers, they murder the children. And what kind of peace will you have when you defy your God? I say unto you: there will be no peace when man has given himself to sin.

"All the nations of the world gather while the vultures gather over their promised land, going unrecognized as signs of the times multiply.

"Your scientists are masked with false faces shouting love and brotherhood, while they compound all manner of evil devices to destroy the bodies and minds of men.

"Lust and greed, avarice and vanity cloud the minds of men even in the highest places of rank in your world, in your government. Man has given himself to seeking pleasure, pleasures of the flesh that send many into hell--unbridled passion, debasement among men.

"As I warned through My Mother in the past, 666 is loosed upon your earth. He has entered My Church to do final battle with My clergy.

"And you must help to avoid having your children contaminated by those who have given themselves to satan. As parents, you cannot sell your children's souls into slavery. You must guard them well. The full measure of responsibility falls upon your shoulders as parents.


"Pray for your pastors, but recognize the faces of evil about you. I say unto you: there are false teachers in My House; and be careful, watch and pray that they do not lead you to satan!

"My children, do not listen to the mockers, the deceivers, those who seek to blind you to the truth with worldly reasoning and rationalization of sin. Sin, My children, is sin! Hell exists, as purgatory exists!

"No man can enter into the eternal Kingdom of the Father unless he comes in the light, even if he must wash his robes clean with suffering. And better that he spend this time in penance and suffering upon your earth than over the veil in the place of purging.

"Yes, My children, as time goes on in these closing days, you will watch those of evil intent become brazen in their approach. They no longer know the meaning of shame or modesty. Like the brazen serpent they come forward and flaunt themselves before you. And why? Because your leaders have enacted rules, regulations, and laws that hold no water, have no discipline and no purpose. They are too busy compromising.

"It is the easy way to compromise, My children. It casts the responsibility onto another, so that you may not be bothered. But I say unto you, pastors and laymen, you must accept this responsibility to protect your Faith, to restore My House to its former glory, to chase out the rodents in mitres that are burrowing like rats into the foundation of My Church.

"Bishops and cardinals, shall you come before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I shall spit you out like the vermin you have become and send you into the eternal flames of damnation!

"No man shall use the excuse before Me that he was directed by another to sin in obedience! And who are you obedient to--satan or your God? Shall you follow a man who has now been taken in by satan and used as an emissary of hell? Is this the type of leader for your children? I repeat Myself: chase the rodents from My House! Many mitres shall fall into hell!"

Veronica--Now Jesus is going backwards into the sky. He's pointing with His right hand up over the right side of the sky, and there is appearing a very large globe, a ball-like globe, with a cross upon it. And over on the right side is what appears to be a stone figure, but I don't know what it means. It looks like an iron cross with a swastika in the center of it, one of those figures, swastikas, in the center of this iron cross. And then over on the left side, as you pass the ball with the cross on the top, on the left side, is the hammer and the sickle, the sign of communism and slavery.

Now the hammer and the sickle now is floating. It seems to have lost its moorings. It's floating over, over Our Lady's statue, and now I can see the whole continent of Africa. And the hammer and the sickle now is floating down. It's in the southern part of Africa. Now I see it's going north. And I see blackness. Oh, it's like the continent is going into darkness. It's a very frightening-looking sight!

I see people fighting. I see nuns running, and priests running. And I see mothers with children running. They're both black, they're white. They're running. And I see now red flags over buildings, a menacing-looking, blood-red flag.

Now the sky is becoming clearer. It's just like it's all evaporating, it's disappearing. Now the sky is closing in, and Our Lady is coming forward. Jesus is standing over on the right side.


Our Lady--"My child, no words of mine or any human can explain to you the terrors and the heartbreak of war. Wars are a punishment for man's sins. Wars will always be among mankind as he continues to offend his God.

"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer. Pray that your leaders will recognize the signs given by your God. Shall these increase in volume: the earthquakes, the pestilence, the fires, the floods, the great heat? My children, who holds the balance for this? You, My children, do! The merciful heart of the Father watches patiently, but I repeat: the sands are fast running out of the hourglass.

"Shout the Message from Heaven from the rooftops! Do not slacken in your mission from Heaven. Remember, My children: there is no man or woman upon this earth that you must explain yourselves to in this mission, for you are directed by the Eternal Father in Heaven in My Son and the Holy Spirit."

Veronica--Now there is forming all about the sky a large set of Rosary beads. Very beautiful. It looks like crystal glass beads, but they're very large and they cover the whole sky all about in a circlet. And the cross, the crucifix is hanging now over the tree. And directly in the center is forming a huge ball, a globe of the world.

Our Lady--"Yes, My child and My children, I desire, for the salvation of souls, that My Rosary and My Scapular be sent throughout all of earth; for I will, with your assistance, as a Mediatrix from Heaven to man, bring many souls to your God through My Son in the Eucharist. With your help, My children, you will bring many who otherwise would be lost."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is extending Her Rosary out and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady--"Continue now, My children, with your prayers of atonement. They are sorely needed."