The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The man called Benelli has come forward to approach the Seat of Peter and to bring upon Rome the full reign of 666 on the Seat of Peter!"

June 4, 1977

Eve of the Most Holy Trinity

Veronica--The sky is a beautiful blue all about the trees, a very pale blue. It's a very warm feeling. And all about the center of the sky there is illuminated a beautiful white light. It comes from the center of the sky. And directly over Our Lady's statue, I can see Our Blessed Mother coming forward. She is dressed in a white beautiful gown with a belting of--a sash of gold about Her waist.

Our Lady has on Her right side a most luminous Rosary. It's beautiful. The Rosary, I notice now, as Our Lady is taking it from Her belting, has the golden Our Father beads, and the Hail Mary beads are a white. The beads are very large and beautiful. I can't explain how the coloring changes as Our Lady is moving about. The white beads take on all the colors of the rainbow.

Our Lady has a mantle about Her head. It's long and flowing, and there is a border of gold about it.

I can see Our Lady's feet now. She has on sandals. They're golden sandals, like golden rope twined about Her toes and over Her ankles.

Our Lady now is taking Her Rosary and placing the crucifix in front of Her, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady now is turning over to the right and making the sign of the cross with Her crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now coming down from the sky behind Our Lady, directly behind Her, I see Michael. His--oh, his span is across the whole sky. There is no way to explain Michael, Saint Michael. He is very, very large and awesome, but he gives you a wonderful feeling of contentment, peace, and support.

Our Lady is going over now to our right side and bending over and making the sign of the cross with Her golden crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady now is floating. She doesn't walk; She seems to glide with the air across the sky directly over Her statue. Now Our Lady is placing Her Rosary onto Her belt, tying it onto Her belt, and touching Her mouth with the first finger of Her hand.

Our Lady--"My child, I am well aware of your great distress. The cross grows heavy. You must understand, My child, that graces are given and graces can be removed. I have warned all who gather to send out the Message from Heaven that 666 and the agents of hell will be among you to try to stop the good work.

"I repeat My message to the world, and especially to My children in the United States of America: I have requested for reason that the women who are in the circle of light, and the circle of light, inner and exterior, will engulf all who are willing to listen and believe in the Message from Heaven and take it and send it out to the world--mouth to mouth, media to media, prayer for prayer. The Message from Heaven must reach every man, woman, and child because the great tribulation approaches.


"My child, I know of your great sorrow of heart. You will pray for your brothers and sisters in Canada. Satan entered among the ranks. My child, pray, for no man is free from the attacks of satan.

"You ask, My child, of the status of the hats. I request that the men of the United States continue to wear the white hat with the emblem 'Saint Michael' upon it; 'Saint Michael' will be upon the white hat.


"My children, you cannot now slacken in the pace of your work for Heaven. The mission must be continued. Many will come and many will go; many seeds fall away as the plant is flowering.

"My children, I have warned you often that when you are of heart to do the work of the Mission from Heaven, you must not fall to pride and avarice. Your heart must be open to all. My Message from Heaven is free to free spirits. No man shall set himself to enslave others to do his will and command. Man must be a free spirit.

"It is sad, My children, that in your world there are many who are given strength from satan to command and enslave others far from their will.


"My child, you must understand I have cried to you often to recognize the faces of evil about you. They come as angels of light with ravenous hearts. You will not judge, My child, but you will pray for those who have fallen away.

"I allowed you to suffer, My child, so that you would learn from it. Wisdom is gained through suffering. In all humility will you go forward, My child. I will send many hands to help you.

"Understand now, My child, why the Father allowed man to fall in his human nature. It is a lesson for all. You will now recognize the power of satan among mankind. It is repeated over and over that satan will enter into the body of any man, woman, and child who will fall away from grace, and they will become his chattel to do his bidding. And the greatest bidding that satan has now is for man to stop the prayers!


"Already, recognize the evil that has come forward from stopping the prayers within the last two weeks, My child. Already in Rome, as I gave you in the past, the man called Benelli has come forward to approach the Seat of Peter and to bring upon Rome the full reign of 666 on the Seat of Peter! I beg you, I implore you, as your Mother, to listen! I have warned you now upon your earth; I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, imploring you to listen to My counsel and My direction. The forces of hell are loosed upon your earth now. They try to stop all missions from Heaven. It is the final battle of the spirits; the forces of good and evil now entangle en masse.


"My children, as I told you in the past, you will all be tested. All that is rotten shall fall and be cast aside; the wheat shall be separated from the chaff, the sheep from the goats. All will be tested in the days ahead. I gave you the year '82' for reason. I will call it the year of the countdown, the year of the countdown, My children.

"You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world and your country. You will discard that which is not important to your mission and continue gathering the souls for Heaven. The Rosary, the beads of prayer, must continue to go throughout the world.

"My children, your Vicar, Pope Paul, is being removed from the Seat of Peter. You will read the messages, the past messages from Heaven, and learn by them.

"My children, because of sin, insanity is now encompassing the minds of men; satan has poisoned many minds. Scientists are ever seeking but never coming to the truth! Scientists are trying to create a life that is not in any way the nature of mankind. Man is seeking and shall destroy his nature.


"My children, unless you pray more, unless you do penance and acts of atonement now, I cannot hold back the punishment, the Chastisement from mankind any longer. As your days proceed, evil is accelerating and the chastisements, minor and major, shall increase. There will be earthquakes in divers places; there will be floods and pestilence, and there will be the eruption of the elements. My children, My counsel to you shall all come to pass.

"I counsel all leaders of government to return to the commands of his God. I counsel all mothers and fathers, heads of households, to return to the commands of their God. I counsel every man, woman, and child who hears My voice and the Message from Heaven to do penance, atonement, and sacrifice--if not for yourselves, but to save your priests, your clergy, your cardinals, your bishops who are fast heading into the abyss.

"My child, you must restore your strength with rest. You will not be given more of a burden than you can carry. I allowed you, My child, to go through this crucible of suffering to learn. You must remember, My child, that even Judas was given his time among the ranks. In every walk of life, My child, there will always be a Judas as long as there is satan roaming the earth.

"I caution you all and counsel you, as your Mother, to beware now of the supernatural forces that are among you. You must call upon your angels now for protection. They have been sent to you, they were given to you at the time of your birth and conception. My children, you have supernatural loved ones among you, the angels. They are your guardians, but you must call to them, you must acknowledge them on earth.

"My child, We have given to you one of the highest archangels in Heaven in your mission, Tusazeri. And now We will send to you another guardian: Michael shall be with you in the mission ahead, My child.


"Satan will do great battle with your cause. All who carry the message as light bearers into the darkness shall be subject to all manner of attacks from satan, both physical and spiritual. These attacks shall come upon you through persons, places, and things, My children. Safeguard with your sacramentals, your children. They must not go out of your homes without the protection of a sacramental. Gather all of the graces from Heaven that are given freely to you for your protection and guidance. Be with My Son at the tabernacles of the world; comfort Him. His heart is broken because He is forgotten.

"Apathy among the clergy have closed the doors to My Son's houses! Please, My children, awaken from your slumber and see the road that you have set yourselves upon by sin and avarice and pride! Turn back now! I plead to you as your Mother: Turn back now, as the time is growing short!"

Veronica--Our Lady now is raising Her Rosary from about Her waist, and She's holding the crucifix out, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady--"I bless you all, My children, as My Son blesses you in the Father and in the Holy Spirit. He will send among you the Spirit of light. Many miracles in cures and conversions shall come upon you to bear witness to the Message from Heaven."

Veronica--Our Lady now is floating backwards over to the left side of the sky. She's directly now above the first tree, the top of the tree.

And Michael, Saint Michael now is coming over. He was over covering the sky on the whole right side by Our Lady. And he's holding the balance. And the balance is very heavy. It looks like it's leaning heavily to the left, which is not a good sign.

Saint Michael has his sword. Ominously, it's posed--poised down toward earth. Oh!

Our Lady--"My children, continue with your prayers of atonement. They are sorely needed now."


Veronica--The sky all about the trees is becoming a very deep pink in color. There are streams of light coming directly from over Our Lady's statue, down onto the grounds. They're beautiful long streams of light, as though there was a giant sun behind it. I can't put it into human words. The light streams are beautiful. They're translucent and they're brilliant. It's like cut-glass and crystal now. And all about these streams, I notice these graces, the rivulets of graces that come like tiny miniature cut-glass figures falling. That's a symbol Heaven has given for graces falling down among the peoples.

Now directly over Our Lady's statue, the sky is opening up, and Jesus is coming forward. Now as Jesus is floating forward--He doesn't step, He's just coming closer by floating--He is extending His hand in front of Him, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is gathering His cloak--His cloak is a burgundy color, almost a red, but I think you would call it a burgundy color--and He's placing it over His left arm. And He's loosening the tie about His neck. Jesus has on a long gown. It's very loose and full. And He has nothing upon His feet; His feet are bare. I can see His long skirt-like gown blowing, and His feet are bare. I can see upon Jesus' insteps the marks from the terrible spikes that went into His feet.

Now Jesus is placing His hands upon His lips.

Jesus--"Listen well, My child. I know of your anguish of your past week.


"The forces of evil loosed upon your world gathered to try to stop the good work from Heaven. My child, it is a lesson for all that vanity and pride comes before the fall. You understand, My children, that man has a free will and is allowed to exercise it. And the greatest sin among man is pride. The angels in Heaven that joined Lucifer, satan, were cast out of Heaven as they became arrogant and sought to be God.

"My children upon earth, you must always be aware of temptation and the possibility of falling into the web of evil spun by satan to ensnare you. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Canada, My children. But for less prayers you, too, may have been ensnared in this trap.

"Prayer must be kept going throughout your world, My children, now. I gave you a good illustration of the product of lessening of prayers. As you now well understand, it has come to pass what My Mother told you in Her counsel would come to pass, for in Rome now, one who has received the warning from Heaven has proceeded further on to become an agent of hell in the quest for the Seat of Peter.

"My child, you will not write again to Rome. Now you will pray for the cardinal.


"My children, as time proceeds further onto the road that leads to the great Chastisement, as man goes further into darkness of spirit, there will be set upon the world great trial. You have entered into the time of great sorrows. You will find the heavens in upheaval; plagues, floods, great heat will befall mankind. My children, it will be a test for all.

"As you progress upon your road to sanctity the attacks from satan will become greater. My children, you must never let down your guard, but you must constantly pray a vigilance of prayer. It is sad, My children, that you have been put to this great trial in your mission, but you must learn by it. I repeat: You will pray for your brothers and sisters in Canada.

"My children, I must clarify for you the point of discord between your brothers and sisters of the North and yourselves. My Mother, through My counsel, has asked that the women of the United States, young and old, who join Her in this final battle against satan, that they will wear the sign of subservience to their husbands and dedication to the Mission from Heaven by wearing a blue beret.

"The men have been asked to wear a white hat with the emblem stating 'Saint Michael' imprinted upon it. This, My children, shall clarify a point of discord that was promoted by satan to divide the workers. You may well understand now how satan can poison the mind.

"You will all continue, My children, on your mission to save souls and alert the world's children to what is approaching fast upon them, the Chastisement and the Ball of Redemption.

"Rome will undergo a great trial with revolution and bloodshed. Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer. Sin will accelerate until the world shall be steeped in bloodbaths and insanity.

"And why, you ask, must this all come about? O My children, My Mother has given you counsel and warning through numerous appearances upon earth. She came to you as a Mediatrix between your God and man to warn you and plead your cause before Heaven. And how many have listened to Her counsel and acted upon it?

"My children, all who are of conscionable age shall be held accountable for the salvation of their soul! You cannot place the lives of your children, their spiritual lives, into the hands of others, for these hands have been despoiled. Many children just beyond the cradle are being now degraded and desanctified and destroyed morally by their elders for profit and gain.

"O woe! It has been said of old that money is the root of all evil, and money has become the god among mankind, for many are selling their souls to get to the head. And what does it gain a man if he gathers all of the world's treasures upon earth? He must leave them behind and stand naked before his God, unless he has covered himself with graces for his entrance over the veil.


"My children, remove the blindness from your heart and understand the counsel from Heaven. It is through grace that you hear this counsel, and it is through grace that We ask you to carry this counsel forward to your brothers and sisters. You are not your brother's keeper, but you must fight for their lives, their spiritual lives, because the shepherds have fallen asleep, or fallen into spiritual darkness. You who have the light, you who have been chosen from among the multitudes to be light bearers must now go forward and search through the darkness and recover your brothers and sisters who otherwise will be lost.

"There are many good shepherds still among you, My children. Do not despair. I will always be with you in the tabernacles of the world, and I will always be with you in spirit. And one day, My children, I will return to you in body and spirit.

"You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes. Guard your doors well against evil. Gather the graces for your children and keep their armor upon them at all times. You will meet with much rebuttal from the world, for people of the world accept only the world, and people of the spirit are known only to those of the spirit, My children. This is a riddle that you will understand in due time. Do not become unevenly yoked. Do not subject yourselves or your children to sources of temptation and evil. Birds of a feather will always flock together. Learn by this lesson, My children.


"The forces, the red forces in Rome are gathering. The octopus is now reaching throughout all of the earth. The demon of communism and the agents of hell gather now to do great battle to all of God's children upon earth.

"My children, remember in the days ahead, for they will be days of great trial and suffering: whenever you feel you despair, you will say, My Jesus, my confidence!

"You must receive the Bread of life often, for I am always in you. My children, retain a firm foundation of faith in the hearts of your family and your children, for when they leave your home, satan takes over. And if they have this firm foundation, satan shall not crack it and cause it to fall. If they have this firm foundation, though you may fall into rough seas, you will keep your head above the rising tides.

"My children, keep a constant vigilance of prayer, I repeat, going throughout your country and the world. Satan cannot stand the sound of prayer! The demons must flee from the sound of prayer! And use all of the sacramentals given to you, for none can be avoided; they must be gathered, so great are the forces of evil now loosed upon earth. The agents of 666 are in full reign. As My Mother told you in the past, they are six demons on special mission loosed now upon earth: 6 is for the six who have come, 6 is for the six days of terrible suffering to mankind, and 6 is for the six who will be punished.


"In the days ahead, in the darkness of spirit, many prophets shall be among you. There will be cures and conversions, cures of body and cures of spirit. And also among you there will be the false prophets, My children. Test the spirits! All that is rotten must fall eventually.

"My children, you must understand: you cannot avoid coming in contact with temptation and evil. As long as you are upon earth and in the body of mankind, you will be tested constantly and tempted. That is the greatest battle that mankind has to look forward to in the days ahead, a battle of the spirits; and from this conflagration will come many saints of the latter days.

"My children, go forward now. My Mother will continue to direct you in the days ahead. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer; no special prayers, but do not render lip service. The words must come from the heart."

Veronica--Jesus is now extending His hand out in front of Him, like this, with His three fingers pointed out, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over to the left side of our sky here, just directly above the tree, and He's bending over. And Our Lady now is coming across; She's floating across. I can't explain it. They seem to have no weight up there. She's coming across the sky and standing just at Jesus' right side. She's a little shorter than Jesus. Jesus looks like He's quite tall. Oh, I would say He is six feet tall at least, and Our Lady comes just up to His shoulder.

And now She's turning and looking down. I can see Her smiling. And Jesus is extending His hand out and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going across the sky to our right side. Our Lady is following Him. Now Michael has come out from behind the trees over on the left side, and he's following Our Lady and Jesus. He covers the whole sky. He is tremendous! But he doesn't look out of proportion. He's just tremendous! And now Jesus is stopping just above the first tree there on the right and looking down. And it's beginning to get windy because His skirt is blowing, and the cape is just about taking off on His right side. Oh, now Jesus is extending His hand out and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"I bless you all, My children, and send among you the Spirit of light.

"Continue now with your prayers of atonement. Many are needed. Graces must be gathered in the days ahead."