The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Those who are promoting this evil are well aware of My message. If more prayers are given for their salvation, one among them shall be saved, or one among them shall be lost: Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli."

January 31, 1976

In honor of the Presentation of Our Lord

Veronica--The sky is very dark. The blue lights are appearing directly over Our Lady's statue. That means that Our Lady is ready to appear and give Her message to us.

There's a beautiful round, oh, host-like light coming from the center of the blue coloring now, just above Our Lady's statue. Our Lady now is coming through the light. She's dressed in a beautiful white gown with a blue mantle over Her head. I can't see Her hair. I've often tried to see Our Lady's hair, but She prefers to have it covered.

Our Lady--"Read first the photograph, My child."


Veronica--"Oh, this is a terrible photograph! Blessed Mother, this is a terrible photograph!"


Our Lady--"You will observe, My child, the fires that will rage across earth.

"I know you are drained, My child, from your personal encounter with the agents of hell, the forces of 666 that now rage throughout your world. You could not, My child, in your human nature, understand the full meaning of 666. Do not be swayed in your pursuit for more knowledge of this supernatural phenomenon, My child, for those who mock have fallen into the web.

"I could give you the facts, My child, and you as a voice-box from Heaven will give them to the world; however, a personal encounter with the evil will drain you. In your physical weakness, My child, you will not succumb to those who will set themselves to remove your strength. I ask you now to keep within yourself so that your mission will be completed when the Eternal Father deems it.


"I have asked you, My child, several times to write to the Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn. You must do that now while there is time. He must make an effort to clean out the evil that through his laxity has entered upon the teaching institutions under his command. Errors and heresy abound.

"I have told you in the past, and I repeat Myself, My children: sin has become a way of life. There is now rationalization of sin. The light is dim. The Holy Spirit is not accepted, and a great spirit of darkness is accepted.

"The world of man has fast plunged into darkness. I have shed tears throughout My visitations to you. How much more can I do to prevent the great catastrophe from falling upon mankind?


"I allowed you, My child, to become aware now in full measure of the evil in the teaching institutions of My Son's Church. A new theology of morals has been set among you. And what is it but a creation of satan!

"The Commandments of the Father were given, and no one shall cast them aside. What man, in his pride, has the knowledge from the Holy Spirit to change these Commandments to satisfy his basic fallen nature?

"O My children, how many can I gather, how many shall the Eternal Father permit Me to gather before the Ball of Redemption falls upon mankind?

"There is a great evil, a conspiracy of evil now in your world. 666, the agents of hell, are now in Rome. Understand, My children, that these agents must claim the body of a human to do their work for satan. Understand, My children, that they have placed themselves, these agents of hell, into governments and human, man and woman. They are fast bringing about their own destruction.

"Your country, the United States, has been given in the control of the forces of evil--666! Death will become prevalent among your leaders. There is no honor for life in your country and the countries of your world. Therefore, My children, recognize the rampant evil. When the value for life and the preservation of life has been removed, as it has been in the murder of the Holy Innocents, know that no man shall be free from death at the command of the leaders.


"My child, you are much concerned about My message of September. Do not be. It is not for you to know all at this time for your safety. Be assured that what I have said to you has come from the Eternal Father, Who knows all.

"In Rome, My children, We are now engaged in what I shall say in human language is a 'cat and mouse' game. Yes, My child, those who are promoting this evil are well aware of My message. If more prayers are given for their salvation, one among them shall be saved, or one among them shall be lost: Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli.

"You ask, My child, about penance. What more can I bring you in direction? There are laws of God and laws of man. The Eternal Father demands penance! The Eternal Father demands a strict rule, with no alterations and no novelty implemented upon His words. You shall not rationalize the Commandments of the Eternal Father! They are simple and they are to be followed simply, in faith.

"My child, it is not My mission to give words other than prophecy from Heaven or warnings to mankind, but I must tell you now that even your leaders are not safe in their conduct."


Our Lady--"Already there is a conspiracy against your intermediary between the evil nations."


Our Lady--"Yes, My child. Watch the developments throughout your world, for he will be assassinated."


Our Lady--"You see, My child, there is no honor among those who are not with My Son. Exterminatus will rage throughout the world. The angel of death shall claim many. There will be accidents that are not accidents. Satan shall be given power over the elements.

"Yes, My child, it is but for a short time; then satan shall be chained. You may not question the will of the Eternal Father, My child. You will accept all as is given. There is a plan in Heaven for everyone. However, in man's free will, I must make it known to you that many are called, but few are chosen.

"Do not fall into error. As I look into the hearts of mankind, I see many who have fallen into this error of teaching. My Son died. He died at the hands of those who did not believe. And My Son is now being recrucified in His Church at the hands of those who do not believe. Because My Son died upon the cross does not mean that man shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven without penance!

"What man can say he now stands before the Father and has not made restitution for the offenses against the Eternal Father and shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven? O My child, it is not that way!

"Because My Son died, My children, upon His cross, He opened the gates of Heaven that were shut to mankind at the fall of the first parents. He died for mankind, but shall those who reject Him by sin and breaking the Commandments of the Eternal Father, without penance, enter? No! Sadly, My child, My children, they cannot enter.

"My voice has carried throughout your world for many earth-years. We do not see a measurable change in the ways of man, ways that offend the Eternal Father. We see My Son's Church slowly falling. The foundation is solid, but the walls are cracking. A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it! All that is rotten shall fall!


"My children, the seminaries in the United States shall close, unless they start now to clean their homes!

"The Eternal Father shall not permit young souls to be destroyed by evil teachers, by those who have fallen into error because of loss of the grace from Heaven, by those who, for worldly gain, choose to sell their souls!

"What manner of evil is in these seminaries, My children, that they promote fallacies and heresy, permissive behavior, a morality that now is based on advanced science and theology! The Eternal Father gave the mode, the manner for man to save his soul--simple, clear, and unadulterated with the evil that now has set My Son's Church in darkness!

"Go back! If you have the time, pastors, go back now! For many mitres shall fall into hell!

"I repeat, the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. I cry to you, through the merciful heart of the Eternal Father, turn back now!

"A new moral theology straight--coming straight up from hell! We command, in the name of the Eternal Father, for all bishops of the world to set My Son's House in order! Obedience is obedience to God the Father and not to the agents of hell! Shall you obey mankind and hurt the merciful heart of the Eternal Father?

"My child, when My Son returns, will He find even a small measure of faith left upon earth? The recrucifixion of the Mystical Body!


"I came to you, My children, and gave you, at the command of the Father, a name of the Roses. The roses, My children, signify the souls, the preservation of life for eternity in the Kingdom of God.

"You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your country and throughout the world. The great conflagration approaches mankind. The Father shall chastise those He loves.


"I cannot, My child, bring you a great message of cheer. I can say to you, I bring you the good news of your salvation. But it is a bittersweet message for all, My children, for I must also tell you what is to be so that you may prepare your soul and the souls of all you love.

"I, your Mother, as a Mediatrix between God and man, come to you in final warning to mankind. You will remain from out of the world that has been given to satan. Protect your homes and those you love with your sacramentals. All who keep Our monuments in their homes shall be saved. The mystery of these sacramentals will be known to all very soon.

"My child, you will continue your mission, but I must ask you to rest. Rest cures all. The Eternal Father will send you arms to help in the great battle ahead. It will be a glorious battle, My child, for the eventual victory will see the coming of My Son back to earth.

"You cannot understand the ways of the Eternal Father, My child. The sheep are now being separated from the goats. Yes, My child, take courage and speak the truth. You must tell the bishop that he has placed himself among the goats, and he must remove himself immediately! The Bishop of Brooklyn.

"Do not shudder, My child. You must save this soul. Each soul is precious to the Eternal Father, My child. No, you will not be accused of judging, for you are only bringing the Message from Heaven. Hurry now, My child; hasten to send the letter to him. In time you will understand why.

"I bless you, My child and My children: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is taking from Her waist Her beautiful Rosary. She has this very large beautiful Rosary; the Our Father bead is golden and the Hail Marys are a white. But as Our Lady's turning now to extend Her crucifix, the white beads have a most beautiful pink glow. Oh, it's a color that I have never seen. There's no way to explain it. It's filled with a warmth--I can feel the glimmer and the shimmering of the beads. Oh! And it's beautiful.

Now Our Lady is holding the golden crucifix out and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady is smiling now. It's quite windy, and Her mantle now is going behind Her as She goes across the sky. And Our Lady now is bending down with Her crucifix and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady--"I bless you, My children, with graces from Heaven, graces for cure and graces for conversion.

"Be persevering, My children. Be confident in the Eternal Father. You will not be given any more trial than you can proceed through. Your burdens may be heavy, but know that you are going truly the way of the cross."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady--"Now, My child, you will be seated and read the photographs."


Veronica--The sky is taking on a beautiful pink glow. Oh, it's very warm; I can feel the heat. It's like a--I can't explain it in human words. It's a beautiful glow. It just gives you such a beautiful feeling, too, of peace and absolute joy.

Oh, now above this glow--it's like a huge circular, host-like coloring that's streaming out from a central point. Above this there is a writing in blue upon the sky. It's over to our left. It's made of blue shimmering dots. I never saw anything like this before. Oh! Oh, it will be for future messages in photographs.

Now over on--it's directly above Our Lady's statue, there, like a fan-like shape of a light--I can see coming from a great distance, I can see Jesus now coming through the light. But it seems like now He's had far to travel in.

Oh, now Jesus is coming forward. And He has on His burgundy-colored cape. It's quite windy. And on His feet are brown sandals. His feet are exposed. It should be very cold, but no, it's . . . the tremendous light has a great deal of warmth.

Oh, now Jesus is smiling. It's a sad smile. And His hair is blowing. He's coming forward, and He's touching now His lips with His first finger; that means to listen.

Jesus--"My child, I could repeat and repeat the warning that has been given to mankind through My Mother and countless visitations of others from Heaven to your earth. But what more can I say but to tell you that man continues on his road to damnation and perdition. The ultimate outcome shall be his chastisement in a manner such as never has been seen upon your earth, and shall never be seen again, for this chastisement shall remove many from your earth.

"As in the time of Noe, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrha, the warnings, countless warnings given through those chosen by Heaven to act as mediators for God to bring a prophecy to mankind--scoffers laugh, deride the prophets, and man has learned nothing from his past history. I promise you, your world, the earth, shall not be destroyed in the universe, but mankind shall be removed from your planet. Many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.


"Man shall be working out in the field. One shall be taken. Man shall say, 'Where has he gone? He has disappeared without warning.' A woman shall work at the spindle--two at the spindle. One shall be taken, and where has she gone? The mystery unfolds. It is in the plan of the Eternal Father that many shall be taken from among you. The mystery shall be found to man.

"I promise in those days that those who remain shall meet with Me to establish My Kingdom of peace and joy upon your earth.


"I warn you now: beware and watch, for one will come among you with the powers of satan. Know that he shall say to you, 'I am out in the field. Come to me.' But you shall not go. Others will say to you: 'Go! I have seen him. He is yonder, over beyond the building.' You will say: 'No. I have not seen him.' For I shall come to you in the like manner in which I ascended. I shall descend with a roar of triumph from the multitudes of Heaven. We shall come in great victory. We come out of necessity, for if We do not come, no flesh shall remain upon your earth.

"I cannot promise in that conflagration that some shall not suffer, that good shall die with the evil ones. But know that no death upon earth shall go by without a just reward when this death is in martyrdom.

"I cannot promise any of you a life of fulfillment upon your earth, for this you shall receive from satan. He now--this prince of darkness, the adversary--controls all of your world. It has been given to him but for a short time.

"For you who have the knowledge, recognize the signs of your time. 666 is upon mankind! It is the closing of your era. It hastens with great speed upon you, because you have refused the grace given to you to turn back and do penance and restore My House.

"Before the Chastisement, My Mother's words will have reached throughout the world, and the sheep will have been separated from the goats. All that is rotten shall fall. My House kept in darkness shall fall! It shall be cleansed!

"Shall you, as pastors, stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I shall spit you out as venom into the flames!

"I repeat: you will now keep a constant vigilance of prayer. Insanity; sin is insanity! Sin has become a way of life. Murders abound. Charity of heart? Very little shines now upon your earth. Light of spirit? Souls going into darkness of spirit!


"Sodom! Your earth is in far great of evil than even in the time of Sodom. The sin of Sodom is being now committed in a more sophisticated manner of defilement. Defiled man now enters upon My Church.

"You will, as pastors, awaken from your slumber. The fathers have fallen asleep. You who mock, you who say, 'Where is His coming?'--I shall come to you. Without your knowing, I shall slip in upon you like a thief in the night. I shall speak to you in the language that you will understand--as a thief in the night!

"I hear the voices of mockers who say, 'Is this a message of scare and fright?' I hear the mockers of My Mother's words who say We have promoted a new theology, a scare theology! This fright We are accused of, shall they experience it when there is no return?

"Amen, amen, I say to you, all that has been written in the Book of life must come to pass. For you who have been given the grace, you will read your Apocalypse. You are coming to the end. Read and become knowledgeable.

"The Eternal Father sends you this message of mercy, for he who falls will have done this of his own free will. For he who shall not be counted among those saved--and only a few shall be saved--shall have gone upon this path of his own free will.

"My child, you must continue with the direction from Heaven. Do not be concerned of your bodily ailment. The strength will be given to you. Do not be concerned of the opinion of man. This grace shall be given to you to overcome this.

"I bless you all, My children, as the Father, and in the Spirit."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Jesus is going over to the left side, over by the trees, and He's bending now down and placing His hand out in front of Him, like this, the three fingers: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is now going over. He's not walking, He's just gliding. He's carried weightless across the sky, and He places His hand out in front of Him, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"Continue now, My children, with your prayers of atonement. They are being gathered. Each soul is important to the Eternal Father. The Immaculate Heart of My Mother shall be your shield."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.