The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"It is common knowledge now in the city of Rome that there is one who has been impersonating your Vicar, an actor of great talent, one who through surgery has gained the countenance of your Vicar."

August 14, 1976

Eve of the Assumption

Veronica--The sky is very dark. But there are lights, blue lights, now cutting through the darkness on both sides of Our Lady's statue, above the statue. Over to the left, the light, the blue light is growing larger in circumference, and Our Lady now is coming through the light. The sky, the whole sky is becoming very brilliant.

Our Lady is dressed in a beautiful white gown, and over Her head and shoulders is billowing very loosely a mantle, all of white. And about Our Lady's head is a garland of roses, beautiful fresh roses, pink in color with red in between. Every third rose is a red rose. Our Lady is smiling. She's now coming forward, just above the statue on the left. And She's extending Her Rosary, like this, in front of Her.

Now Our Lady is touching Her lips with Her first finger, meaning to listen.

Our Lady--"My child, We in Heaven have great sorrow because of the many trials that shall be set upon mankind. Blindness and hardness of heart have called upon mankind a chastisement. Many warnings have been given in the past, and many warnings are being given now. And how many are listening to these warnings?

"My children, Our sorrow is deep. We watched with great anticipation and hope that the gathering of Our bishops would bring forward much good, but sadly, We found confusion and delusion in this gathering in your city of Philadelphia.

"My child, you must make it known to all that We find the gift of the bronze statue an abomination. It must not be placed as a memorial before the eyes of all, for it brings great sorrow to My Son and to all in Heaven. Do not expose My Son's Body to the eyes of the wicked! Do not strip Him of His dignity and His respect, for you will only bring upon yourselves a far greater punishment from the Eternal Father.

"I, your Mother, look down with pity and sorrow upon you, O you of little faith, O you who have cast aside the truth and blackened your souls for gain, O you who have soiled your faith with all manner of experimentation and folly.


"My children, parents of Our young, you must guide your children now. Do not expect others to save your children's souls, for they will be lost. Soon, unless there is a complete reversal of your ways that offend the Eternal Father much, you will see your skies ablaze with fire.


"My children, We watch the new way, the manner in which you give a blessing to those who have fallen asleep upon earth. My children, do not make it a carnival of pleasure, for many who have fallen asleep have not passed over the veil into the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. It is a sad time for many, not a time to rejoice, for they have not received salvation; they cannot receive it until they are purged. Their souls must be cleansed. And many shall spend long years in purgatory, and many have already fallen into hell. So it is from the father of liars that you promote this fallacy and lie that all are saved when they die.

"My children, satan has promoted this fallacy, for then you do not pray for those who have died. You leave them to go into the abyss, without prayers. You leave them to spend many long years in purgatory, for lack of prayers. And why? Because you believe the errors. The Eternal Father permits these errors to go throughout your world so that those who persist in believing the error shall follow satan fast into the abyss. For the lack of grace, many shall pass into hell. And do not be deluded, My children, by the fallacy created by satan through mankind that all are saved. Many are called, but few are chosen.

"You must all pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children. Many reject My warnings; scoffers go throughout the world rejecting the warnings from Heaven. But too soon will they know the truth, and there shall be gnashing of teeth and bitter tears set upon them.

"Yes, My child, it brings sorrow of heart when you must experience the power of satan in the world. Do not set yourself to judge, My child, but you must pray for all men of sin.

"I have cautioned you in the past, My child, to recognize the faces of evil about you. Many parade as angels of light. Remember, My children, all who cry 'Lord, Lord' shall not enter the Kingdom of God, your Father. And many shall prophesy, and many shall follow, but the light upon them, within them, shall be dim. Many go throughout the world seeking self-gain. They have a measure of piety, they have a small measure of faith, but they deny the very foundation.

"I, your Mother, promise all who will remain close to My Son in the days ahead, salvation through My Son.


"You must all wear your sacramentals. Do not cast them aside because scoffers laugh and deride you. Know, My children, that as they scoffed and laughed at My Son, so will you be laughed at. Can you not accept this heavy cross? Do not be swayed in your mission by these scoffers.

"Remember, My children, you will give the Message from Heaven to another, and then go on. Even with rejection, go and knock upon another door.

"My Son and all Heaven pray and watch constantly and send graces for the defense of the Faith.

"My children, there is a great war of the spirits now, not only throughout your world, but in the Eternal City of Rome. The forces of 666 rage in Rome, and the forces now have spread like an octopus throughout your world. Keep, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer, for wars are a punishment for man's sins.

"The Message from Heaven has not been given, My children, to bring fear to your hearts, but to awaken you from your slumber. Many are being misled; many are accepting error and going like sheep to the slaughter; and many follow like ducks downstream. And what solution, My children, do you have now to your problems of discord, disillusionment, and the turning away from My Son's House, His Church? You must return; you must accept the simple truth which has been given to you. Tradition is part of this firm foundation. The modes of modernism and humanism shall destroy the world.


"Men without God, your atheists of your world, shall be awakened forcefully. Pray, My children, for those who appear lost, for one prayer can bring them back from the brink. The power, My children, of prayer is great.

"The Message from Heaven has reached the Eternal City of Rome. And now, My children, you will pray that they learn by it, and recover the souls that shall otherwise be lost to Heaven. Pray for your Vicar, Pope Paul VI; pray for Our suffering son.


"It is common knowledge now in the city of Rome that there is one who has been impersonating your Vicar, an actor of great talent, one who through surgery has gained the countenance of your Vicar. It is now common knowledge, My children, and now there shall be a game of chess played. There will be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, for satan has set himself in their midst. Bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, for satan has set himself in their midst. All that is rotten shall fall.

"My Immaculate Heart, My children, shall protect and guide you in the days ahead. But the eventual triumph is with Heaven. This, My children of light, will be your hope for your future, that the triumph of man over evil is through My Son. Be with Him while you can at the tabernacles of your world. Comfort Him in His suffering, for He is being recrucified in His own House.

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children. Pray for your children. Set a firm example of discipline and faith for your children."

Veronica--Our Lady now is taking Her Rosary, like this, and extending it out and making the sign of the cross with the crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady--"I bless you all, My children, as the Eternal Father blesses you in the Son and the Spirit."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Our Lady is going over to the right side. Now coming right behind Her is Michael. He's a tremendous size. I can never see his face, the light is so bright. But his hair is a golden color, a metallic golden color, and the illumination of the golden rays from it just are blinding to the eyes.

Michael is wearing a long white loose gown. I can't see any hands or feet, it's such a full, voluminous gown. And he's carrying, though, a balance. It seems to be suspended in the air in his right, what would be his right hand, but I can't see the hand, the light is so bright. And over on the left side is a spear, a long spear, and the point is being held upward, way up into the sky. And Michael now is following Our Lady over to the right side, our right side.

Our Lady is extending Her crucifix from Her Rosary out in front of Her and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady--"I bless you all, My children, and I send among you graces for cure and conversion, cures of the body and cures of the soul."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is backing up. She's floating backwards and going high above the tree on the right side. And Michael is now at Our Lady's right side, and they're standing there. Now Our Lady is placing Her first finger to Her lips.

Our Lady--"My child, continue with your prayers of atonement. They are sorely needed. My beads of prayer, the Rosary, must go throughout the world, a constant vigilance of prayer, bead to bead and link to link."

Veronica--Michael is coming forward now, directly over Our Lady's statue. And he's pointing his spear down. He's holding the balance in his right hand, and now with the balance held high up in the air, he's saying:

St. Michael--"Who is like unto God! Who is like unto God!"

Veronica--Michael is standing there, and he just gives a feeling, a presence of great strength. And should I be only as a human, less graced by Our Lady, I'm certain I should die right here on the spot from fear, at hearing Michael. He's tremendous, covering the whole sky. But I have no fear, for I have learned to know Michael, and to love him as one of the greatest warriors of Heaven.

Our Lady is standing over by the right side of the tree, directly above it. And Michael now is remaining above Our Lady's statue, high in the sky. He's looking down, and he's pointing now over to the spear, with his spear onto the left side of our sky here, and there are letters forming in the sky, in black letters: "PESTILENCE AND WAR."

Now Michael is pointing with the spear, and there is a black horse running across the sky. It's a large black, ominous-looking horse, and it has a rider on it. The rider is dressed all in black; he looks almost like an executioner. He has a hood upon his head, and he's carrying something in his hand. I don't know what it is. It looks like a basket of some kind. Now behind him there's a green horse, and the green horse is, has also an ominous look. And now there's a voice crying: "Pestilence and sickness. Illness of the body. Pestilence, illness of the body."

Now they're far out of sight; they've gone into the sky. And I can't see the black and the green horse anymore. Now over on the right side, there are letters forming in the sky. They're all white and the word spelled is H-O-P-E, "HOPE." And above the word "HOPE" now is appearing a chalice, a beautiful golden chalice, with a host suspended above the chalice. Oh, it's a beautiful-looking chalice with a host. Oh!

Now Michael is motioning over to Our Lady with his spear. Our Lady is saying:


Our Lady--"All who wish to be saved must remain with My Son in the Eucharist, for it is truly the Bread of life. You cannot have the light within you without partaking of this Bread of life. You must not reject the Real Presence of My Son. You must not make this Sacrifice a mere meal, for you have then brought the greatest of desecrations and abominations before mankind. My Son, your God, is, was, and always will be.

"You cannot in your human nature, My children, understand all, for surely it would no longer be sacred. Much shall be revealed to mankind in the days ahead. Learn by the example and the directions being given from Heaven, My children. Do not wait until it is too late.

"Now, My child, you will look well into the photographs."


Veronica--The sky is becoming aglow with a very deep pink light. It's almost circular, going about the top of Our Lady's statue and outward to the trees.

Now directly over Our Lady's statue, in the center of the sky, Jesus is coming forward. He has on a beige gown with a knotted belt, a cord-like belt about His waist. It's hanging down quite low, and about His shoulders is a burgundy-colored cape. And it's not covering His head like a mantle; it's hanging about His shoulders.

Now Jesus is placing His first finger to His lips, to listen.

Jesus--"My children, My Mother has directed you well. Before the trials are finished upon your earth, before I return to you in triumph with all the personages of Heaven, your earth will be cleansed with great suffering. Many martyrs shall come out of the conflagration.

"My children, I bring to you now a little-known story of the Assumption of My Mother. Yes, there were present two small children, standing outside the crypt as I brought My Mother forward. She lay but a short time in Her burial shroud, and I came with Michael and Gabriel to take My Mother to the Kingdom of the Eternal Father to receive Her much awarded crown.

"My Mother received Her crown through suffering and perseverance. She walked among men for many years after I ascended to the Father. She waited and prayed and directed those about Her with care and patience. She strengthened the foundation of My House upon earth, and was awarded the crown gained by Her efforts. My children, know that My Mother left your earth in both body and spirit. She joined Me with the Eternal Father.

"Now, because of your time, My Mother has come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. My Mother has gone throughout your earth, crying tears of great pity and sorrow for what is to come upon mankind. All warnings are conditional to the response of mankind.


"Awaken from your slumber, My pastors. You will turn back now and retrieve what you have lost when you have succumbed to the errors of humanism and modernism. Do not be filled with pride. Be humble and accept your cross. Acknowledge before mankind that error has been followed, for to err is human, My children. But when you know you have made a mistake, what have you to gain but to follow this road of folly. Turn back and start again.

"I left with you a true foundation of faith. This faith is slowly being taken from your world. There are only small flickers of light throughout your world. The darkness is heavily closing in upon you. Know, My children, that you must hasten to follow the direction of My Mother.

"All who have command by their rank in the governing of Our sheep must do a full pardon in suffering, must gain this full pardon in suffering from the Eternal Father.

"Know, My children, that to enter the Kingdom of your God, you must be spotless; you must be purified. If this purification is not obtained upon your earth-years, you must then be purified in the place of waiting and suffering, of deprivation--purgatory.

"And woe to the man who does not fight the wiles of satan to save his soul and will spend an eternity in the abyss of hell. Each and every soul has been given the opportunity for his salvation. Do not fall for the error created by satan through mankind that all will be saved in the end. Many have passed over the veil, never having this opportunity to make amends, and have been sent to the darkest pit of hell.

"Do not be affrighted, My child. You must understand that I cannot delude you with a message of great cheer, but I can give you hope for your future. This hope I give to you through My Mother, as She goes and continues to go throughout your world, bringing you the direction to Heaven, leading you from out of the darkness."

Veronica--Jesus is placing His hand in front of Him, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now right behind Jesus, Our Lady is coming forward. She's coming over from the right side, our right side, just beyond the tree. And Michael is coming down now with Her. They're going across the sky. Now they're floating, they're not walking. They're carried by the wind; it seems to me that they're just carried by the wind, over to Jesus. Now Jesus is nodding His head, and they're going over now to the left side across the sky. Now Jesus is placing His hand out in front of Him, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now there is a tremendous light forming on the right side of the sky, and Jesus is pointing upward. And then, going across the sky again are the black horse and the green horse. They're ominous looking; they're like--very ominous. It's almost a picture of dread, of suffering of some kind.

Now Jesus is pointing far over by the trees, and just above the tree is a candle. And above the candle is the Bible. And now Michael is coming over and pointing at the pages of the Bible with his spear. And a booming voice--it's Michael's voice, but it's booming throughout the whole sky. He's saying:

St. Michael--"Mark well the pages of your Book of life, your Bible. They are hastened now by man's actions to turn quickly, bringing about the final judgment upon mankind. Prepare yourselves by reading these pages, the Apocalypse, the Revelations of Saint John."

Veronica--Now Michael is--with his spear, he's closing the Bible. And it's growing very dark around the Bible.

St. Michael--"You see, my child, how satan has poisoned the minds of many. The Book is being rewritten to satisfy the basic carnal nature of mankind. Learn the truth by reading a Book that has not been changed. The days ahead will be made known to you. Observe your medias of communication, and learn by the signs of your time."

Veronica--Now above Our Lady's statue is forming a very large cross, a black cross. It's a very dark-looking cross, and it's got the shape of the type of cross you see in the cemetery. It's like a headstone cross.

Now it's disappearing. I can't see that headstone cross anymore. And Our Lady is coming over, and She's holding up Her Rosary in Her right hand and She has a Scapular, a very large brown Scapular, in Her left hand.

Our Lady--"These, My children, shall be your weapons. Continue now with your prayers of atonement."