The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. This agent celestial that will be used by the Father is already on its course to your earth."

March 29, 1975

Eve of Easter Sunday

Veronica-- . . . just above the flag. And now the sky is opening up around the cluster of light, and there's a beautiful white stream of light coming out of the circular blue lights. Oh! Oh, the light that we see is coming from Our Lady's hands. Our Lady is coming right through the circlet of blue light. Oh!

Oh, Our Lady is dressed in a--oh, a white, She has a white over-scarf. Oh, She--Our Lady is dressed differently than She has been before. She has a long white cape, but above Her head is a white over-scarf. And Our Lady's gown is a pure white with a blue sash about Her waist. Very beautiful!

Our Lady is talking very softly. Her voice is very low.

Our Lady--"My child, you will repeat the message I gave you yesterday. It is in poetical form, but it is a message.

The end is not as far as you can see;

Already there is apostasy.

Man cast his lot and gathered the coal

That stokes the fire to burn the souls.

Your days are numbered, your hours are few;

So work and pray and try to do

The work that's given in the light

Until that sad day when all is night.

"You understand, My child, the great warning that I have given recently to the world. Without the counted number of conversions by the Father, without prayers, sacrifice, and much atonement, which is sorely needed at this time, your world will be engrossed in a third War of such great magnitude, My child, that almost no flesh shall be saved.

"Already the sins of mankind have set him upon the road to his own destruction--father against son, mother against daughter, brother against sister. Many nations shall disappear from the face of your earth. Is this, My children, what you want? Are you ready to face death? Are you ready to come over the veil and stand before the Eternal Father in judgment? No, I say unto you! Many of you shall never reach the portals of the Father! You shall be cast into the abyss!

"The value upon life has been lowered to an extreme. Man shall murder without conscience--brother against sister, families torn asunder by sin!

"We have asked for victim souls, victims to give themselves in reparation to the Father.

"I do not have to repeat, My child, My countless warnings of the errors in your life. There are great delusions being set upon mankind by satan. Your schools, your way of life have been steeped in sin. Turn back, My children, from your present course of destruction!

"My child, you will continue upon your mission with perseverance. Know that you must face fear and it will disappear. No man is above the Eternal Father. Every hair on your head has been counted.


"Many mothers shall face in the world calamity the loss of their sons. Many shall truly join Me upon the cross."

Veronica--I see . . . it looks like a large field. Oh, it's like a countryside, because there are mountains. And I am looking down now upon a river. Oh, no, it's more like a lake, because I can see all the foliage and the trees around it. But down now over in the woods there are many, many crosses--crosses white-washed, painted white.

Now I am looking down. And now I'm walking among these crosses, and they do not have names upon the crosses.

Our Lady--"My child, look and weep with Me, for you are witnessing the total destruction that will come upon mankind in the great War, your Third World War. So many will die, My child, that there will not be time to mark the graves.

"Mothers shall long to see and know where their sons lie, but to no avail. This comfort shall not be given to them, so great will be the loss of life. Can you not turn back now and beg the forgiveness of the Eternal Father before it is too late? Are you so blind to the truth, My children, that you do not see the road you are traveling on?

"Satan has set his plan well among you, My children. He has placed his agents in all the medias of your life. Your children are the victims of these agents. Only you as parents, leaders, and teachers, can restore the balance with the Father. You are now bargaining with the human soul. Many shall fall into the abyss.


"You must shout from the rooftops, My child, the existence of hell, the knowledge of which satan seeks to take from you. There is a hell, a place of torment and eternal damnation. There is a purgatory, a place of purging, My child--suffering great as in the abyss, but with the knowledge of a reprieve in time to come. It is a bleak longing of the spirit to look upon the Father. Know, My child, this longing of the heart in the fires is of great magnitude encompassing the being of the waiting soul. Should I allow you, My child, to witness and feel this longing you would not remain in your earthly body.

"I have asked you to pray for your world leaders. Many are selling their souls to get to the head. However, My children, even they can be turned back from their darkness with your prayers.

"Remember, My child, My words of caution to you. Beware of an evil force that surrounds a shrine of purity. They will try to stop you with all cunning and deception, so heed the warning of the archangels. They wish to protect you. Pray for the light, My child.

"I have asked you, My child, to refrain from any action that would cast disparaging views upon your work. It will not be necessary to force yourselves upon My sacred grounds. I assure you, My child, when the time is right, I will place you back on the grounds. You do not understand the ways of the Father. No evil is ever triumphant. The Father will turn all evil to good.

"You ask, My child, if I had full knowledge of My Son's rising. Oh, yes, My child, I did have this knowledge. However, it did not ease the pain in My heart. I, too, was in a human body. Know, My child, a mother is never free of this sorrow of heart.

"At the end of penance is a great joy. Man has forgotten and closed his heart to the value of suffering. The Father, the Eternal Father and your God, allows you to suffer for reason. It is the purification of your soul.

"Your city, My child, shall be cleansed by trial, as will the cities of your world.

"Man has set himself on a road steeping his soul in darkness of spirit. Charity has grown cold. Aberrations of the body are accepted as normal when they are abnormal. Man is practicing all the vile corruption set upon your world by satan! Unless mankind makes a reversal of his present course, there will be no recourse by the Eternal Father than to allow you to use the instruments of destruction you have created to destroy you.

"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer.

"For countless earth-years, My child, My voice has cried a similar message of prayer, atonement, and sacrifice, to fall upon deafened ears and hardened hearts. Shall you ask for the Father to send the Chastisement upon you? Awaken, My children, from your slumber!

"My child, you must find more time for quiet meditation. Do not be concerned of the opinion of mankind. I have asked My children to retire from this world of yours that has been given to satan.

"Your sacramentals shall give you courage in the face of adversity. Know that all will be tried as metal in the fire.


"Yes, My child, this great War will come upon you suddenly. Wars, My children, are a punishment for the sins of mankind.

"Must We send upon you trial and adversity, My children, before you will come to My Son at the tabernacles of the world?

"You must gather, My child, all of the peoples of earth. Bring them here to pray as a solid wall against the darkness. You hold the balance to hold back this darkness, My child.


"We ask now, My children, for a full dedication to the cause of Heaven. You must give all outward good example of your mission. Women must clothe themselves in modesty and good works. Men shall not wear clothes immodest. You will find it better to spend more of your moneys for loose-fitting clothes, My children. The means will be given to you.

"Do not be concerned of the knowledge of the world. Do not concern yourselves, My children, of the acceptance of mankind in your world. I have given you the knowledge in the past that in order to follow the narrow road to Heaven, you must be different. You cannot be of your world, earth, and in the spirit. One or the other you must choose. The world of the spirit has nothing in common with the world of man. For satan is directing the course and actions of mankind, for he does not call to the Holy Spirit to guide him.

"Sad to say, My child, only a few will be counted in the final count. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. This agent celestial that will be used by the Father is already on its course to your earth.

"Scientists are ever learning but never finding the truth, My child.

"You are confounded and deluded, My child, by not recognizing the faces of evil among you. The habit of the cleric has often been soiled because of intellectual pride, My child. Know now that intellectual pride is a far greater barrier against sanctity, will hinder you from the path of sanctity faster, My children, than outright licentiousness and evil. Intellectual pride is the downfall of many. Pride, My children, is a sin.

"In order to reach the Kingdom of the Father, you must divest yourself, remove all pride and worldly searching. You must become as confident, as trusting as a child. Know that all is yours for the asking. Believe and you will be given the way. My Son in the Eucharist is always with you to strengthen you.

"You will pray, My children, for your hierarchy. They, too, will be tried. And sadly, many are found wanting at this time. Pray much for them, My children.


"Your Holy Father, Paul, Pope Paul VI, is under great trial. Pray that he is not removed from among you, for there is one waiting to replace him who shall sow great discord and division in My Son's House. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children.

"You must make it known that My children must accept their angels as guardians. The power given to them by the Eternal Father is great.

"Satan shall do full battle to the children of God. He knows that his time is growing short."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is going--backing up. She's floating, just moving back. And I can see now Our Lady's feet. Oh, She has on a pair of sandals, but they are a one-strap sandal, only going by Her toes. The sandal is a brown skin-like shoe, sandal, and there is a--on the edge of the sandal, on the outer rim, there's a golden rose. I know it's golden because it's so beautiful that the light is catching it. And oh, it's very pretty.

Now Our Lady is moving over to the right side, oh, just beyond the flag. And Our Lady is extending Her Rosary. She has a large white Rosary, and the Father on it is golden and the Mary beads are--oh, they're a pink, glowing--oh, a soft pink color as Our Lady's turning now. And She's extending the crucifix out, like this, from Her Rosary and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady--"Remember, My child, you must bring all peoples to pray. No man shall escape the great War when it is upon you. Pray a constant vigilance, My children."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is looking upward and She's pointing up with Her hand, like that. And there is Michael! Oh, Michael, and there are six or seven other angels with him. And now Michael is frowning, and he's talking. Oh, it's very, very loud!

St. Michael--"Children of God, stand fast in your Faith. Be a good example to your children, for when they leave you, you will not wonder what fate they have received beyond the veil. Prepare your children's souls well. Do not expect the teachers of your schools, your government, and institutions to give the truth to your children. This, as parents, you must do."

Veronica--Now Michael is pointing his spear downward. He has a very long spear, and he's pointing downward. And, and I notice now--it's strange, but he's pointing the spear down, and there are drops of blood coming from his spear, downward.

And now Michael is looking up, and he's gazing across the crowd. And he says:

St. Michael--"Blood shall flow in the streets, my children. Abominations upon abominations reaching into the hearts of mankind, destroying the souls.

"I shall be entered into the houses of your God, or you shall not have a full protection against the forces of evil that are raging now throughout your world."

Veronica--Oh, now Michael is going up with Our Lady. They're moving over to the center of the sky, and Our Lady now is looking down sadly. And I see She's pointing now to what looks like a map. Oh, my!

Now as I am watching--it's a map of . . . oh, I can see Jerusalem, and Egypt, Arabia, French Morocco, Africa. Oh, my goodness! There seems to be a very dense darkness now settling upon those countries. Oh, my!

And Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady--"The start of the Third World War, My child.

"You must hasten to send My message of warning throughout the world. Much help will be given you in this mission, so continue, My child, in your work. You will be strengthened by My Son."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is placing Her hand with the Rosary right in front of Her. Oh, it is so beautiful! Oh, and Our Lady is making the sign of the cross. Oh! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Oh!

Our Lady--"Remember, My child, proceed on your mission without fear. You shall not be removed from your work until the Eternal Father sees that it will be necessary."


Our Lady--"I will continue to communicate with My children by using the photographs. Much will be given in secret to them. It is a grace that can only be given for those in the light. All others will look and find nothing.

"The Father has a plan for the work ahead, My child. It will appear before your very eyes, so continue on your mission, knowing that the eventual victory is with My Son. His return will not be long in coming.


"Remember, My children, My Son shall return only in the manner in which He ascended. He will descend to earth and all will see Him. Do not accept the false christs who will be sent among you. They are agents of hell! Turn from them! Flee from them! You will know them by their fruits, My children. I tell you this: you shall not be kept in darkness. By their fruits will they be known.

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Wear your sacramentals, for they have been given to you for reason. Pray for those who scoff at these graces, for they do not know what they are doing. Pray for them, My child, that they may be given the light, for they have given themselves to the ways of the world, caring more for the plaudits of man than for the promise of the Eternal Father. They will gain all that satan has to offer in your world but will come across the veil with no merit, only to find their eternal reward in the abyss.

"Yes, My child, you will feel faint at the knowledge of the existence of hell. Better that mankind has fear of the Eternal Father if he does not have love! For now many are in a void of spirit. They neither know their God, nor do they care to know their God.

"Why, My child, you ask, has this state come about? Because mankind refuses, My child, to humble himself. He must be above his brother! Pride! Intellectual pride shall destroy many, even in the houses of God. Pray, My child, for many are called but few are chosen."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Lady--"You may now, My child, be seated."


Veronica--All who are able, please kneel.

Now Jesus is coming forward. He's been standing over on the left side, our left side, just beyond the light. And now He's coming forward.

It's quite windy. And Jesus has on--oh, He has no shoes; His feet are bare. And He's just gliding forward. He hasn't moved His feet; He seems to just be carried on the air.

Oh, and now Jesus is placing His hands out in front of Him, like this. Oh, and I can see the marks on Jesus' hands. Oh!

Jesus--"You see, My child, the fruits of man's sin!

"As I look upon your world, I live anew My passion and My suffering. I look upon your world, and I am forced to say: Has My Sacrifice been in vain?

"Always in the past the Father has sent upon your world a just punishment. The Father has created, and the Father will take away. From your world, many souls will be removed.


"He will be plowing in the field together as brothers: one will remain and the other will be taken. Mother and daughter sitting at the spindle: one will be taken and one will remain.

"Many shall be removed before the great flame of the Ball of Redemption cuts across your world. The sins of mankind have hastened this trial upon you. All who remain in the light will have nothing to fear. Believe and you will be given the way.

"My Mother has come to you as a Mediatrix. Her voice has gone throughout your world. Many have rejected Her words, and those who accept them will be saved. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer.

"We have asked Our clergy to return to their lives of prayer. They will gain nothing by joining the world, nothing but the destruction of souls and misleading Our sheep. Awaken from your slumber, shepherds! Do not cast aside, in your pride, the warning from Heaven. You, too, will stand in judgment!"

Veronica--Now Jesus is placing His hand out, like this, in front of Him. And He's looking down now. He's smiling.

Jesus--"It will not be necessary to remove the sacramentals from your covering, bags. I can see into them."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over--He's going past the flag now. And oh, Our Lady is coming down beside Him. And now Jesus is bending over, and He has His hand in front of Him, like this.

Oh, He's shifting now His cloak. It seems quite heavy, Jesus' cloak. It's a burgundy color. And He's shifting it onto His left arm. And He's placing now His hand in front of Him, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over, He's floating over, over past the flagpole. Now I can see--oh, and Our Lady is now following Him. Our Lady looks a good--oh, at least a foot shorter than Jesus, or maybe it's the way She's standing behind Him. But now He's coming down, Jesus is coming down right over, just over the trees, and He's placing His hand out, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now He's rising.

Jesus--"Listen well, My child, and repeat after Me:

"The world and its people have received one of its final warnings. The balance is heavily to the left. The peak of iniquity has put a sad fate upon mankind.

"You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes and in your public life.

"We demand, the Father commands public atonement! The scale must be balanced, for unless you achieve this by your sacrifice and acts of penance, you will receive a judgment far more severe than mankind has ever been set upon in the history of your creation!

"Prayer, atonement, sacrifice! This is far little to ask of you as We view the abominations and the destruction of souls daily upon your earth! Sin has become a way of life! Sin is death!"

Veronica--Now Jesus is placing His hand out in front of Him, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Jesus--"You, My child, will continue with your mission. You will be given much help. The time is truly growing short.

"Watch and pray for the light. Do not forget your guardians. The archangels have been sent to help you in your mission. Call upon them often."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Jesus is nodding. Oh, we may stand and continue with the prayers of atonement.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.