The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The peoples will not loose faith in your mission, My child, but will gather . . . to do penance and atonement until the Warning."

May 18, 1975

Pentecost Sunday

At approximately 7 p.m. on the night of Sunday, May 18, 1975, the Feast of Pentecost, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother appeared in the living room of the apartment of Veronica, in the presence of Veronica, her husband Arthur, and Mr. Nick Sevalen, who was visiting the family after the Sunday Holy Hour.

There was a bright illumination in the area of the living room leading to the bedrooms. Arthur was sitting on the couch, Veronica and Mr. S. were sitting at the living room table. Veronica had just returned to the table from her bedroom, where she had retired to rest and meditate in quiet. She had just finished praying the Rosary.

Veronica sat down at the table, and was shocked at the appearance of the great light. Then our Blessed Mother appeared, just as at the vigils. But She was dressed all in the color red. Our Lady had a calm smile, filled with warmth and love.

This is the text of Our Lady's message, as taken down in pencil by Nick Sevalen:

Our Lady--"My child, you have passed the test and have given complete obedience to the Eternal Father.


"Now is the time for a small change. The numbers of the faithful are reaching to and far in excess of what can be accommodated. Therefore, you will tell the bishop: 'You will be given a sign by the Eternal Father.' He (the bishop) will find this sign unquestionable.

"You will, My child, receive the message from Me on the eve of all feast days as in the past.

"The peoples of the world will continue to go to the Shrine in great numbers, (that will not consist of crowds,) until the basilica is opened by the sign given to your bishop. The peoples must continue to pray. Accept the offer of the Department of Police, and I will do the rest. There is a time for everything, My child, even for change.

"The peoples will not loose faith in your mission, My child, but will gather in multitudes, multitudinous numbers, to do penance and atonement until the Warning, which will come very shortly. I assure you, My child, you will not have to wait very long. I assure you, you do not have very long to wait, My child.

"The prayers of atonement will continue on other grounds temporarily, to accommodate the crowds. It will not diminish the veneration of the sacred grounds, which will be held in abeyance."

Jesus then appeared, standing next to our dear Mother. He also was dressed in a red, burgundy-colored cape, with a white flowing gown. The wounds in His hands were very evident. His hands were extended to Veronica. He said:

Jesus--"Veronica, child of grace, I hold you very close to My heart, and all your good relations. I extend My heart and peace of spirit to you all.

"The way of your Lord must remain a mystery to you at times. The way I speak of is in reference not to doctrine, but a manner in which to proceed by direction.

"You will now meet with all concerned. Your spouse will instruct My child Ann to bring forth two photographs. Only you will know the meaning of these photographs. It is the proof you will need."

Jesus then blessed all in the room with His right hand.