The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"You must now set up a task force to stop the wave of evil in pornography that is engulfing your country and the world. Action is needed. . . . If you accept this way of life filled with sin and abominations of the flesh, you cannot enter, My children, into the Kingdom of Heaven."

August 14, 1975

Eve of the Assumption

Veronica--The sky is really lighted tonight. It's strange that the stars in the heavens form a Trinity circle here. Not exactly a circle; it's like a triangle, a Trinity triangle.

Now there is a very heavy mist forming in the center of the sky. Oh, no, it's not a mist; it's a light, a gray light. Now as it's coming closer, it's becoming very bright. Oh, it's the light from Heaven.

Now the light is opening up much wider, and I can see beyond the light now. Our Lady is standing on what appears to be a half of a moon. The bottom half is covered by a cloud formation. Our Lady is standing there. It's quite windy. Her gown is blowing about the globe She's standing on. And Our Lady is smiling. Through the light, I can still feel that the smile Our Lady has is not one of happiness, but it's a very sad smile.

Our Lady--"My child, the evil has accelerated throughout the world. It gives me little reason to smile, My child. There must be action taken now against the forces of evil. The children of the world are truly the victims. Mothers and fathers of the world, will you not protect the souls of your children? You must take action against those who are propagating the evil.

"Parents, have you examined what your children have been reading? Their eyes, which are the mirror of the soul, are being polluted, their souls being destroyed by the pornography being sold for profit and gain. Why is there no action, My children, to safeguard your children? Many parents will cry bitter tears of anguish, but too late, too late!

"I have wandered throughout your world exposing these evils, bringing them before you for your action. So many have passed by, showing an apathy to My words.

"Experience is a great teacher, My children, but you are fast setting yourselves upon a road that will lead to a terrifying experience, for you are bringing destruction to your world.

"The Eternal Father has been merciful to you. He has watched with a saddened heart as man, in his arrogance and greed, has gone down the road to perdition. Those who have the power to do good and to fortify the young souls against the evils of your day and age--they, too, have turned their backs, for they have sold their souls to get to the head.

"All that is rotten shall fall! A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it!


"My pastors, those who have dedicated themselves as teachers of the young souls, you are scattering the flock! Turn now from your worldliness and your seeking of materialism. What have you gained for yourselves or those whom you have taken a vow to protect and guide to the eternal Kingdom of the Father? You are leading them down, by your example, the road to perdition!

"Pastors of the world--those given to guide the sheep to Heaven--shall you stand before My Son and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? He will cast you into the eternal fires of damnation, you who have forgotten your role as pastor!

"Through the merciful heart of the Eternal Father in My Son, I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, a bearer of tidings from Heaven. I wish them to be tidings of great joy, but you have darkened your spirit and set upon your world a complete blackness, a darkness of the spirit. Therefore, I must bring to you tidings of warning, for the Eternal Father has poised His hand. He will let loose upon you a Chastisement that has never been seen or set upon mankind in the past!

"You who have turned away from your guide--your angel, your guardian, your true pastor; you who have abandoned yourselves to the world, giving vent to all pleasures of the flesh; you who have turned from your God and set upon the world all manner of abominations in the hearts of mankind, and even in the churches of the world--you shall stand in judgment before the Eternal Father, and you shall reap what you have sown.

"My child, I do not seek to set fear in your heart. As a messenger from Heaven, My child, you must continue with great perseverance. Satan has a plan to stop you, but you must retire more to a contemplative life. It is better if you spend more time in silent meditation, My child. Silence can be golden. The more you will go out into the world, the less you will be of the spirit.

"My child, do not succumb to any worldly temptation. You must follow My direction very carefully, My child, or you will set upon yourself great suffering.

"I have asked you to clothe yourself in the long garment for your protection and as an example to others. No man shall set himself to place judgment upon you, My child. Therefore, you will not concern yourself of the opinion of mankind.


"My child, you must now set up a task force to stop the wave of evil in pornography that is engulfing your country and the world. Action is needed. There are many true spirits who will help you in this fight. It is truly a battle of the spirits."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is moving over to the left--Her right side, our left side. And there are great tears coming from Her face. I can see them because they look almost like diamonds as they are going down Her cheeks. And Our Lady now is placing Her hands upon Her face.

Our Lady--"My child, it truly rains teardrops from Heaven. Chastity and virtue--whatever has become of them? I look upon My children and I am filled with great shame, for sin has become a way of life among you.

"If you accept this way of life filled with sin and abominations of the flesh, you cannot enter, My children, into the Kingdom of Heaven. The few short years given to mankind upon earth, My children--is it worth this to throw away eternal life for these few short years upon your earth? When you cross over the veil, My children, it is forever--forever and ever, and the hereafter. There is no return once you leave your body, no return unto the general judgment by the Eternal Father.

"There are great tears shed at the loss of every soul, and so many souls are falling into the abyss--as numerous as the snowflakes that fall from your heavens. There is no age over the reasoning age. They are young and they are old, My child; all manner of souls are falling into the abyss, the place of no return.

"The numbers going into purgatory, My child, have become few, and those entering into the eternal Kingdom of joy are even fewer. Whatever shall become of Our children?"

Veronica--Our Lady now is crying very heavily, and She's placing Her hands over Her eyes.

Our Lady--"Whoever will solace My suffering heart--a Mother of Sorrows!

"Prayer, penance, atonement, My children--shall I be cast out of here, also? I have wandered throughout the world and found the doors closed to Me! The words from Heaven, the message of warning, will go throughout the world, even when they shut the doors, My children.


"You must continue with great vigilance to send My message throughout the world--person to person, link to link, pen to pen, and word to word. The whole creation of mankind shall know the Message from Heaven, and if the balance, the scale, has not met with approval by the Eternal Father, the world shall be cleansed by a baptism of fire.

"It has been written in the good Book, My children, and it must come to pass. But I cry bitter tears, knowing that this time that was to be in the future shall be now!

"Have you, as parents, prepared your family? Have you set your household in order?

"I have asked you to place in your homes the Book of life and love, your Bible. Parents, you must read this to your children, for they shall not receive the knowledge of their God outside of your door. The teachers have given themselves to the world. Blinded of spirit, hardened of heart, and deafened of ear have they become. Too late they will awaken in shock, knowing that the time has run out for their repatriation.

"The Ball of Redemption is out there, My children. The Eternal Father has the day and the hour."

Veronica--Now behind Our Lady--there's a tremendous light forming behind Our Lady, and I can see quite a number of figures coming through the light. Oh, it's Michael!

Michael has this time--he has a white gown on with a golden sash about his belt. And Michael's hair now is very evident, the light is so bright. Michael's hair--it's not like human hair. I can see it's almost metallic; it's very translucent and golden. It's very hard to look at because the light shining upon it from above Our Lady's head is so brilliant that it's like golden slivers of steel cutting through your eyes. It's very difficult to look at it.

Now Michael is coming forward. He has the golden balance in his right hand, and he's got this spear--it's like a bow and arrow; yes, it is a bow and arrow in his left hand. And behind him I see--there are two very, very large angels. Oh, they're not quite as tall and as bright as Michael, but they're very, very big--Gabriel, Raphael, and the lower chorus of angels--the choirs of angels. Michael says they are the choirs.

There are many, many angels now forming all over the sky. They're coming right through a cloud-like formation. They're very beautiful! They look exactly like warriors. Oh, they are just breath-taking!


Our Lady--"My child, mankind no longer calls to his angel guardians. Will you not, parents, bring the knowledge of their guardians to them? If they must go out into your world, which has been given to satan, they must have their guardians with them. They are only for their calling, unless you as parents shall lift your hearts to Heaven and ask for their guardianship for your children.

"My child, it is difficult for you as human to understand the ways of Heaven. Ask and you shall receive, but many shall receive if others ask for them. It is a simple lesson of love, My child.

"Many prayers are needed for your clergy. But for your prayers, many shall be lost to the Kingdom of God. It is a fallacy, My children, that those who wear the garments of teachers of the light shall enter into the eternal Kingdom. They are still human, My children, and must make their way with the cross, also. They need your prayers as well as your children and neighbors. It is an act of charity of heart to pray for your pastors, My children.

"We are displeased, discouraged, and disheartened, My children, at watching inside the homes of many. The 'many' has become multitudinous, My children. We find much lacking in the homes. The family life has deteriorated and corroded. Little by little, We see the structure of the family life disintegrating. There is little discipline and not holiness, by far, in many of these homes, My children. The teaching is poor, to say the least.

"You must restore to your homes the pictures, the objects of worship, the statues, so that your children will receive a small knowledge of the existence of the eternal Kingdom and those inhabitants of the spirit. Unless you do this, My children, your children in turn will be lost to you, and to the Kingdom of the Father.

"I speak to you with great heart and hope, but I cannot escape sending to you the Message from Heaven which is a warning--a warning that unless you mend your ways that offend the Eternal Father now, your world will be cleansed by trial.


"There will be a terrible War--a catastrophe, My children. It will be beyond anything mankind has ever seen. Nations shall disappear from the face of the earth. Bodies will burn and blow away and find no resting place. There will be revolutions in the countries of the world: brother against brother, sister against sister. Bodies shall lie in the marketplaces, unburied and uncovered, so great will be the dead! My children, is this what you want?

"The Eternal Father is the Creator of goodness and holiness. He looks upon your world and finds murder and all manner of abomination and sin. The sin in your world is far greater now, My children, than that has ever been seen by mankind, for you have a way of life, a sin that has been calling for--"

Veronica--Oh, now Our Lady is pointing up to the sky. Oh, my goodness! Oh, my! I see the terrible, trailing ball of fire. It's so hot, I feel like I'm being scorched--the heat! Oh! Oh, now it's going back into the sky. It feels a little cooler. Now Our Lady is coming forward.

Our Lady--"My child, I do not wish to set fear in your heart, but I cannot keep from you this terrible knowledge of the trial that will be sent upon mankind. Shout it from the roof, My child! You have been given a great mission to alert mankind and prepare them.


"I have asked you to pray for the conversion of Russia. Have you not prayed for her as a nation, for the peoples who are led in darkness? And these errors are being sent throughout your world. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. The leaders of your country are slowly succumbering to the evil. The example among your leaders is poor.

"When a man condones an evil and sets himself as an example to the multitude, he shall be struck by the sword!

"Unless mankind follows the plan from Heaven, My child, your Vicar will be removed from the Eternal City and blood shall flow in the streets.

"You cannot understand the ways of Heaven or the knowledge of the Eternal Father. Therefore, you must follow the direction from Heaven carefully. Prayer, penance, and atonement--you have been given a time to change. The time is running out.

"Those who are of well spirit will have nothing to fear, My child, for they will go through this crucible of suffering with more hope and courage, knowing that the eventual victory is over the veil with the Eternal Father. There will be many martyrs in the conflagration that lies ahead. It will truly be the cross.

"You must, as a child of God, pick up your cross and carry it, even if it is heavy. Suffering shall be a way of life soon for many. It is all in the plan of the Eternal Father to separate the sheep from the goats. You are all being tested, My children. Man, in his free will, will either accept or reject the offer from the Eternal Father of Heaven."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is extending the golden crucifix of Her Rosary out, and She is making the sign of the cross.

Our Lady--"I bless you, My children, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

"Veronica, My child, you must bring forward the knowledge of My going into the Kingdom. I was assumed. It is your Feast of the Assumption. I extend to all My children the knowledge that they shall join Me and My Son in the eternal Kingdom when they cross over the veil. Prayer, penance, and atonement--it is the way of the cross."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Lady--"You may be seated now, My child."


Veronica--There is a great formation of lights in the sky over the Michael banner. Now centered around the light there's a huge monstrance forming in the sky. It's a very--it's not a golden monstrance; it seems to be made of a cloud formation. It's a gray color. Now coming from the center, on top of the monstrance--oh, I can see Jesus standing there. He's coming forward. He's just carried forward. He doesn't walk like we do; He seems to float right on the air.

And now Jesus has His cloak--it's a burgundy red-colored cloak over His arm, His left arm, and He's standing now with His hand in front of Him, like this. And He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now all who are able, please kneel.

Jesus--"My children, I do not have to enlarge upon the words of My Mother. I am certain that the Message from Heaven is becoming well known to all.


"It is in the merciful heart of the Father that you be given the time to make amends.

"The forces of evil are gathered now to start a great War. Do not become unguarded. You are not receiving a fair knowledge of what is taking place by the governing powers of your world.

"I admonish you, My children, to keep a constant vigilance of prayer--prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. With the knowledge of what lies before you, you will be certain in time that this was little asked of you.

"The balance for your chastisement is with mankind. In the merciful knowledge and power of the Eternal Father, you have received a great grace to be called within hearing of My Mother's voice. Know that with this grace, much is expected of you. You will all be apostles of light, going forward and gathering the straying sheep. No man will be lost to Us except of his free will.

"I bless you all, My children, with an abundance of graces: graces for cures and graces for conversion, all for the asking."

Veronica--Now Jesus is placing His hand out, like this. His three fingers are together, and He is making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over--He's floating. It's very windy, because His cape is being carried behind Him as He's going across now. And Jesus is looking down and extending His hand out before Him: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is looking down. He's going over to the tree. He's just above the tree, and He's looking down.

Jesus--"My child, I hear your pleas. You will be cured."

Veronica--And He's placing His hand out now, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus said--

Jesus--"Yes, My child, feel free to repeat My Words."

Veronica--Jesus said one who is by the tall tree will be cured of an affliction that has been known to mankind as incurable.

Now Jesus is nodding. He's going forward now, coming over just above the banner. And He's looking down now and He's placing His hand out, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"I shall not take from your time of prayer to repeat Myself, My children. You have been given good direction by My Mother. You must now take yourselves from your world that has been given to satan. His time is growing short, but he will do great battle with the children of God.

"Continue with your prayers of atonement and your acts of sacrifice. They are sorely needed at this time."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.