The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

Veronica passes test of obedience

May 7, 1975

Eve of the Ascension of Our Lord

Jesus appeared to Veronica in her apartment and gave her the following message:


Jesus--"You must understand, My child, that there is a test for obedience in the plan from Heaven. My Mother is standing as guardian over Her flowers, My child. As a voice-box for Heaven your obedience is often tested, My child. It is well that you did not disregard the message in photograph given to you this evening.

"You must understand, My child, that We are fully aware of the plan of satan. We can direct you sometimes in photographs. We ask you to read them and study them well, in the past and in the future. We can give you this direction, My child, but you must not act of your own free will, but you will pray and read the photographs.

"We chose that you remain, for your work must not be finished by violence.

"You ask, My child, an explanation. This will not be given to you, for there are many things of the plan of the Father that you in your human nature would be unable to understand. Have no fear. My Mother stands as guardian over Her garden of souls.

"I have allowed this test and trial, My child, for there will be a time soon when those who have given themselves as followers of the light from Heaven, they must accept responsibility and leadership, working with great haste for the establishment of a center of atonement.

"My Mother will always be there for those who come seeking Her."