The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The city of Rome shall be besieged, because wars are a punishment for man's sins."

August 5, 1975

Eve of the Transfiguration of Our Lord

Veronica--The blue lights are slowly opening up a wide area over Our Lady's statue. Our Blessed Mother is coming forward now. She's been standing high over the statue's base for quite a while. I was watching Our Lady. As we were singing She was coming through the sky, the darkness of the sky.

Now all about Our Lady are these long streams of pale blue light. It's a beautiful color against the dark sky. Our Lady has on a white dress, a beautiful white dress, and a deep blue cape. It's like a scarf that covers Her whole head and down to Her feet. Now on the top of the cape, Our Lady is wearing a most beautiful golden crown. It's a round crown, dome-shaped, like, at the top, circular, a ball shape, and it has a golden crucifix on the top of the crown. The crown has beautiful colored stones on the pieces that form an entwining circlet of color in the crown that Our Lady has.

Now Our Lady is placing Her hands forward, like this, and She has Her very large Rosary, the beautiful white Rosary with the golden Our Father beads. Now Our Lady is taking the crucifix in Her right hand and She's placing it to Her lips. She's kissing the crucifix.

Now Our Lady is motioning me to be silent and listen.

Our Lady--"My child, you will repeat after Me all I have to say to the world.

"The forces of evil are gathering in great numbers in the Eternal City of Rome. You must pray now for your Holy Father. The forces of evil are sending their errors throughout the world.

"Through many years of your earth-time, I have asked you to pray and set a good example in your country for those throughout your world who have fallen into darkness and error.

"As in the past, My child, those who have the power for good are using this power to destroy souls. The Father, the Eternal Father, will permit this but for a short time. All that is rotten will fall.

"Satan his poisoned many minds, and many are following like sheep to the slaughter. The evils of modernism and humanism abound throughout your world. I repeat Myself, My child, much, for in My repetition I hope to reach many.

"The mission We send Our special children upon is not accomplished in the manner that will be recognized by these children. I mean, My child, that you must not question the ways of the Eternal Father, but you will go as He directs you without question or doubt. It is only satan who plants a seed of doubt in the minds of My children.

"You find, My child, great wonderment of your mission. I have sent you there for a reason, to your city of Washington. The great power of your country comes from those who have now gained a control of your government. The forces of evil have entered upon your government, My child. Many sacrifices must be made for these who have given themselves to satan.


"Our hearts are saddened by the numbers of helpless children being murdered in your city and the cities of your world. As you sow, so shall you reap.

"The murders of the unborn, My child, in abortion have gone far beyond any murders in your history and the history of your world. All who have given themselves in even small measure to the murder of these Holy Innocents shall be condemned to the eternal fires of hell. You, as a man and human of nature, cannot judge the heart. The Eternal Father is always the final judge, but you must by example make known the misery, the rejection, and the chastisement that the Eternal Father will send upon your city, your country, and the world, for the murders of the unborn.

"There is a life, a spirit of life, My child, breathed into the body at the moment of conception. A life is born, a life has been sent by the Eternal Father with reason. For greed, for avarice, for worldly gain, you murder the creations of the Eternal Father! You bring upon yourselves destruction!

"Your country, My children, America, the once beautiful, has become a nation of sin, corruption, vileness--lacking charity, modesty, piety, and lacking the knowledge of God the Father Eternal. Your children--the children of your country and the children of your world--their souls are being starved for the light.

"The teachers in the House of God, will you stand before the Eternal Father and declare that your teachings have been pure in His sight? No, I say unto you! You must now mend your ways. You who have given yourselves to the world of satan, you must turn now and make amends. Restore My Son's House to a House of sanctity and piety and holiness! You will gain nothing by uniting My Son's House with the world.

"Soon, very soon, My children, a great Warning will be sent to mankind. How many of you shall take note of this Warning, that it has come from the Eternal Father, from His merciful heart, to give you time to prepare?

"Then the Ball of Redemption shall come to cleanse the world with a baptism of fire! Have you prepared your children? Have you cleansed your homes?

"Parents--mothers, fathers, protectors of souls--why have you given yourselves to the world, entering into the darkness and taking your children with you? What have you gained if you gather the riches of earth? For you will go into the veil--beyond the veil and face in judgment the Eternal Father! What merits will you have but those you have given to the world? What have you given to the Eternal Father? Your merits beyond the veil are not counted in earthly measure, but they are those of the spirit. Have you covered yourselves with a spirit of darkness or of the light?

"As human beings, My children, the Eternal Father has given you a free will! No man shall be forced into the Kingdom of the Eternal Father. He will have made his own choice.

"The Commandments of the Eternal Father that have been given to you through generations must be followed with discipline! You will not compromise your Faith! You will not compromise and gain souls, for you are turning them away from My Son's House. Awaken from your slumber! My pastors, you have fallen asleep!"

Veronica--Now Our Lady is raising Her hand, and She's pointing up high into the sky, and I see She is writing. Our Lady is pointing and a writing is appearing now over Our Lady in the sky: P-E-R-S-E-C-U-T-I-O-N: "PERSECUTION," F-O-R: "FOR," T-H-E: "THE," C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N: "CHILDREN," O-F: "OF GOD," G-O-D. "PERSECUTION FOR THE CHILDREN OF GOD."

Now the lettering--it was in a brilliant red color, red-orange, red bordered with orange--it's beginning to fade away. It's almost like a smoky figure now, fading away.

Now Our Lady is motioning to me like this, making the sign of the cross with Her hand.

Our Lady--"My child--"

Veronica--Oh, now as Our Lady is speaking, there's a tremendous blue light. It seems to be shooting right across the sky over Our Lady's head.

Our Lady--"My child, graces are given in abundance for the asking. The world will go through a crucible of great suffering. All who are of well spirit will have nothing to fear. They will recognize the signs of their times and go through this suffering knowing there is hope in the light.

"You will, My child, continue to receive many messages in photographs. Read them carefully.

"I understand, My child, that you receive many requests. You must tell these dear souls that we are not in a fortune-telling business. It is not the will of the Father that you engross yourself in prophecy other than that given to you by the Eternal Father.


"The destiny of every man lies in the hands of the Eternal Father, My child. We are much distressed to find many of Our children becoming engrossed in this game, My child, of astrology. Do they not understand that it is promoted by satan to deceive them? The Eternal Father has the destiny of each man, for He has created him, My child. There is not a stone or a star, or a dark light--and I say dark, because we must not confuse this with the light from Heaven, My child--there is no manner of metal, or light, or heat, or radiation that has an effect on man's future.


"I shall not enlarge upon this statement at this time, My child, for it is very complicated to most human beings. However, I will repeat Myself: astrology is a false science, created by satan. Also you will make it known, My child, that there is only one spirit for one body. There is no reincarnation. That is also a fallacy and deception given to the world's people by satan.

"You may enlarge upon this by stating, My child, that at the end of time, the general judgment, each soul will be reunited with its body at the general resurrection of mankind. Now if you were, My child, to have more than one body, what body shall We place that one spirit into? You see, My child, for those minds that have not been clouded by satan, it is easy to understand that it is a false myth that has been sent upon the minds of Our children by satan. It is truly a battle of the spirits.

"Satan will send many false miracles into the world, but they are of short duration. And by his fruits will he be known.

"You will practice a life of more prayer, My child and My children, vocal prayer and interior prayer. Use prayer, for it causes great despair to Our adversary, satan. He must flee at the sound of prayer.

"You ask, My child, of the power of satan? Yes, he has been given great power. However, he is not above the Eternal Father in Heaven. The Eternal Father will turn all evil to good.

"I wish, My child, that you continue to spread the Message from Heaven. Send it in great haste throughout the world. We are gathering Our sheep. The goats are numerous in numbers, and sadly, many shall fall into hell. Among these, My child, are many mitres. You must pray for your priests, your clergy. There are so few prayers given to them upon earth.

"I have asked you many times to pray for the conversion of the nation Russia. Unless there are more prayers and acts of sacrifice, Russia shall send her errors throughout the world, causing great suffering and loss of Faith.

"Satan now has entered into many houses of My Son, churches throughout the world. A pastor must remain true to his Faith. If he gives himself to the world, he will find it difficult to return to the narrow path that leads to the eternal Kingdom of God the Father.

"Awaken Our children with the knowledge that no man must answer but to the Eternal Father. When he goes over the veil, he dies in his human body upon earth. So why do you give yourselves and sell your souls to satan who has placed the spirit of darkness into many humans upon earth? You must learn to recognize the faces of evil about you.


"Satan has placed many agents in high positions in your governments of the world and also in the houses of God. You will not compromise your Faith, My children. You will not unite the world into one religion, for it will not be that given by My Son, but a religion of darkness.

"The foundation for your Church, My children, is My Son. The Trinity shall be your guide: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. One God in three Persons, My child, but in one God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

"You must warn Our clergy that many are being deceived. They must merit the respect of their flock by their example and holiness. The more they enter into the world, the less they will be of the spirit of light. Man must live in the world but not be of the world.

"So many are now catering to the basic carnal nature of mankind. They seek to bring a false maxim of goodness to mankind by feeding them all the pleasures of your lifetime, all the material things of your world, but their spirit, the eternal life within them, is being starved.

"When you leave your body, My children, your spirit will live on forever. However, there is no guarantee without merit of the Eternal Kingdom of the Father. You must want to go there, My children. You must work to go there. You must pray, you must make sacrifices, and really know the true meaning of 'love' that is being exaggerated, My child, in your world. They cry 'love' and 'peace' where there is no love and no peace. The only example of love, true love, is in the cross, My child--the lifetime of My Son upon earth and His Ascension into the Eternal Kingdom.

"In the general resurrection of all souls and bodies, My Son shall take the bones and rise them up, knitting them and uniting them, and placing upon them incorruptible flesh, for death will be conquered. Pain shall be no more. Sin shall be no more. Joy will abound. Charity will abound--goodness, mercy, kindness, and all the goodness created by the Eternal Father.

"As your world proceeds deeper into darkness of spirit, all of these will disappear, My child, 'till those who are upon earth will envy those who have gone on through the veil.

"You will not, My child, speculate in dates. It does not matter a date, but to be prepared, for I have given you enough signs and direction to prepare yourselves for what lies ahead. You will be scoffed at; you will be slandered; you will be mocked. There is only one way, My child, to the Kingdom Eternal: that is by carrying the cross.

"All suffering is for a purpose, a reason known to the Eternal Father. You will accept all in good heart, My child, for one day it will all be made known to you.


"You will ask Our children of good spirit to make known the lives of those who have gone before you, known as the saints. They have given good examples for your children. Satan wishes to take them from the minds and hearts of your children. Go, seek out the books of truth that still retain these stories of truth of these departed souls, those who have given themselves to the Eternal Father during their lifetime upon your earth.

"Many cures and conversions, My child, will be given during the course of your work upon earth. There are many instruments now, children of God, going throughout your world upon earth to bring the Message of Heaven. When this ground has been covered, the full coverage with the Gospel of the Father throughout the world, you will know, My child, that the sand has run through."

Veronica--Our Lady is showing--She is pointing up to the sky, and there's a large--oh, it's an hourglass, and it's quite full. The sands have run through, and Our Lady is saying very, very low. I can barely hear Her.

Our Lady--"You see, My child, there is not much time left, so work with great haste.

"You will now be seated, My child, and join in the prayers of atonement."


Veronica--As I look into the sky I see a very large door. I recognize it as a door, but it's made of stone. I feel that I am looking onto a vast stone, like a tablet. Oh, it's not a pleasant sight. I don't know what the stone stands for. Oh, now there's a voice crying out: "The cornerstone of life." Oh!

Over on the left now, there's a--the sky is becoming very clear. It was dark, but it's like a great light piercing the darkness, going through the darkness, and--oh, now coming forward is Jesus.

Oh, all who are able, please kneel!

Now over on the right is a beautiful green glow, and coming through this is Michael. Oh, he is huge! Oh, Michael covers the whole expanse of the sky. Oh, my! Now Michael is carrying in his left hand the balance. It's a golden balance, but it's leaning very heavily to the left.

And over on the left now, Jesus is coming forward. He has a deep red, a burgundy scarf--no, it's a cloak, over His long garment. Now Jesus is in His bare feet; I can see His feet under His gown. And His hair is very long. Now Jesus is turning over to His left side, to Michael, and He is nodding His head.

Now Michael is coming forward. Jesus is standing over on my left, and Michael is coming forward. And his voice is booming. It's so loud, it kind of gives me a tremendous feeling of explosion in my ears.

St. Michael--"Hasten, harken, and listen to the voice of what is to be!

"I come to you--I, Michael, guardian of the Faith, guardian of the Kingdom of light--to bring you a message of warning from the eternal Kingdom.


"You have desecrated the Host! You have defiled the Spirit! You, as a generation, call upon yourself a punishment far worse than any that has been seen by mankind in the past, or shall ever be seen in the future. Your world is fast heading into a baptism of fire!

"A House in darkness, a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it.

"The balance for your destruction is heavily to the left."

Veronica--Now Michael is extending his left hand, and in it is this balance.


St. Michael--"Yes, my child, you find the balance heavily loaded, leavened by the sins of mankind and all manner of abominations that cause the Blood of your Creator to overflow in the chalice. This Blood shall wash mankind clean. Blood, the blood of mankind, shall flow in the streets in revolution! Wars are a punishment for the sins of mankind."

Veronica--Now as I look up, I hear this great--it's a clamor of horses, and it's--they're galloping; they're galloping, and it sounds like hundreds of horses galloping across the sky. But in the lead is this horse--it's all black; it's a deep, absolute pitch black. And the man upon the horse, he looks like an executioner. He's wearing a black hood, and he's carrying in his left hand a bow. Oh!

Now I see a huge ball. It's turning at an awfully fast pace; it's spinning. It's shooting out fire, and as it--it's very hot. It's coming closer, and I can feel the heat. It's burning! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, I've never seen anything so hot. There are gases forming around it. It must be gases; it's all colors--a deep yellow, and an orange, and there's a tremendous heat! Oh!

Now I hear--it's Michael standing over on the right. His voice is booming again.

St. Michael--"Skin will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been. Eyes will see and still not believe, so hard have become the hearts of mankind.

"Prayers, atonement--is this too much to ask of you in the face, the reality, of what is to come upon you?"

Veronica--Now it's growing cooler. The huge spinning ball--I can't feel the heat. Oh, it's like a weight, a tremendous weight has been lifted from the sky. I could barely breathe. Oh!

Now it's becoming much brighter. Oh, now Jesus is coming forward. He doesn't look very happy.

Jesus--"My child, My tears still fall upon an unrepentant generation, a generation that is fast going into deep darkness of spirit. All manner of sin and abominations corrupt mankind. Murder, murders far in excess of any in all the past history of mankind, is being executed in your country and in the countries of earth. They have now given themselves a balance that will demand the extreme penalty from the Eternal Father of a baptism by fire.

"Man, in his arrogance and prideful nature, has set himself to reach high into the heavens, seeking to control the forces of life and death. No man shall be above his Creator, for the secret of life shall not be given to any man.

"Life forces are complete--under the control of the Spirit of life, the Eternal Father.


"The spirit of darkness has set upon mankind the separation of the sheep from the goats. Many of you, My clergy, have given yourselves to the world. You follow downstream into the abyss! You are like ducks on midstream."


Jesus--"The Eternal City is falling into deep darkness of spirit. The candles are lighted, the battle will rage. Your Vicar will carry his cross to the end.

"The power of prayer is great. The mercy of the Eternal Father knows no bounds. You are all being tested. Every man shall be tested as metal in the fire. You will continue under the direction of My Mother, retiring from your present state of world conditions that have been given under the power of satan. It is the will of the Eternal Father that you continue with perseverance and patience in the days ahead. It has been ordained from the beginning of time. All must come to pass.

"My Mother has been sent to your earth as an emissary from Heaven, a Mediatrix between you and the Eternal Father. However, it is with much sorrow that We have observed the manner in which She has been rejected by many.

"Measure for measure, each man shall receive the recompense of his sin. Nothing is hidden to the Eternal Father Who is your final judge. You will all now retire from your world that has been given to satan. The time will come when many will look with envy upon those who have died.

"Man, My child, has set this course by his own arrogance, pride, and sinful nature, seeking more the pleasures of his world than storing his treasures in Heaven. Many shall sell their soul to get to the head. What does it gain a man if he gains the whole world's treasures and suffers the loss of his eternal soul? You will exit, My children, you will leave your present life exactly as you entered it, with nothing of material value. Your merits are being stored now.

"It is sad, My child, to note that many have already sold themselves to satan.

"Many prayers are needed for your clergy. The leaders of many have gone into deep darkness. Through false ideology, maxims of modernism and humanism, mankind has entered into a delusion. All who have followed satan will fall fast into darkness of spirit, no longer recognizing the light. When I return, shall there be even a small light of Faith left upon your earth? The numbers saved will be counted in the few.

"I do not have to repeat Myself any further, but to give mankind a fair warning from the merciful heart of the Father that your time is growing short. You must now enter onto a life of prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. You cannot be of the world and of the spirit. You will be given, each individual, a choice. The decision will rest with you.

"Pray much for your neighbors, your brothers and your sisters. Your prayers have great power. It is of great charity to pray, My children, for many have prayed for you all, or you would not be here among those counted upon this sacred mission.

"It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for your names have been written in Heaven."

Veronica--Now Jesus is extending His hands out, like this.

Jesus--"I bless you all: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Veronica--He's making the sign of the cross with His fingers, like this. Now Jesus is turning over to His left, our right side, and He's smiling. Now He's looking down, and He's extending His hand out: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over to our right. He's just above the tree, oh, the very highest point of the tree, and He's looking down now. Oh, Jesus is shifting His cloak over onto His left arm. It's tied at the top. I can see a--not a tassel, it's like a piece of rope. It's a golden colored rope. Now Jesus is placing His hand out: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"I bless you all, My children, as My Mother blesses you, with a shower of graces. You will continue on your mission, for as I will repeat to you, you are not here by accident. But with this great grace you have great responsibility to send this Message from Heaven throughout the world, for if you are able to recover just one more for Heaven, an additional star shall be placed in your crown."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"Continue now, My children, with your prayers of atonement. Many are sorely needed."