The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"There is a plan afoot . . . to destroy confidence in the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. . . . There are many enemies in his office. They neither seek the salvation of souls, nor the advancement in truth of the Church."

June 5, 1975

Eve of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Veronica--In the sky there is forming a very large black "W". I know that the "W" means warning.

Now all about the black "W" I see as though it were burning fingers of fire, tongues of fire, coming out from underneath the outline of the "W" in the sky. Now the letter "W" is beginning to disperse. It's blowing away as though it was a cloud formation.

Now it's beginning to get very bright--oh, very bright, so bright! And there's a warmth now as the sky is opening up. It feels as though the sunlight is coming through now, though it's very cloudy, I know, to the side. It's as though--oh, it's not the sun; it's a beautiful light. Oh!

Oh, and Jesus is now coming out of the light. It's like a--it started as a pinpoint of light, but as it came closer it opened up. And oh, now Jesus is coming closer. I can see now that He's wearing a cream-colored gown. Now His cape is not red now. It's almost a cream color, but it's lighter than His undergarment. I would say it's a white, an off-white color, and it has a cape. It's a cape-like cloak with a hood. And I, now Jesus has the hood off; He's placing it over His shoulder. Now the cape is held by a golden cord-like string about His neck.

Now in Jesus' right hand He's holding a very large wooden cross, and He's placing it out in front of Him, like this.

Jesus--"My child, many have asked about this cross without the corpus. It is a symbol of the suffering that will be allowed to a victim soul. Each man and woman upon earth will now be tested in the days ahead.

"Many in their blindness, My children, do not recognize the days in which they are living.


"My houses upon earth, churches, will undergo a great trial. It will be truly a test of faith. Many of My shepherds have given themselves to the world of the flesh and satan.

"My Mother has gone throughout your world with a warning from the Eternal Father for mankind. She has met with much resistance because the hearts of many are hardened, and their hearts are blinded to the truth.

"My Mother extended to you the way. You cannot leave this way and seek another, for you are fast then going into the darkness.

"All My churches upon earth--all that go into darkness will fall. All that descend into darkness will close their doors. A House in darkness wears a band of death about it."

Veronica--Now Jesus is moving over. He doesn't walk, but He's floating over just above the tree on our right side. And He's pointing over to the right. And oh, Michael is coming down now. Oh, and Michael . . . and there are many angels behind him.

Now I notice that Michael is carrying a very large book. And now Michael is saying:

St. Michael--"A Tome, My child, a Tome."

Veronica--Now Michael is running his fingers through the pages, and they're just blowing like the wind is catching them. And now they're stopping, and he's pointing with his finger to a page. And he's saying:

St. Michael--"The apocalyptic age, my child. Make known the writings of Saint John. Man must read the writings of John and he will understand the trials that are before him.

"The apocalyptic pages are known also as the Revelations.

"It was said in the days of old, through your prophets from your God, that much will be made known to you in the end days. This I say to you: the pages shall be revealed now to you."

Veronica--Now Michael is taking his hand and closing the Book, and he's pointing over now to the right side. And Jesus now isn't standing there. Oh, Jesus is now over behind Michael.

And oh, my goodness! There--oh, Jesus is now placing His left hand up, and Our Lady is standing there! Oh!

Now Jesus is smiling.


Jesus--"My child, did you feel abandoned without My Mother at your side? Do you not know the power of Heaven? My Mother was shackled by man's arrogance to Her sacred grounds, Her Shrine, My child, but nothing is impossible with the Eternal Father. She will come to you, as you are not outcast in Her heart. She will come to you, My children, wherever you are sent on your pilgrimage to gather souls. You are temporarily outside Her sacred grounds in Bayside, but, My child, in due time you will all return. Your bishop will be given the sign as promised.

"You must now pray, do much penance, and work with great haste to gather Our straying sheep.

"Have pity and pray for your shepherds who have fallen into the darkness. Even your prayers are necessary, My children, to recover them. Do not be lost in the fallacy that because they are shepherds they cannot fall to the errors of the flesh. The attacks of satan are great upon them. So few pray for Our clergy.

"Your Holy Father is undergoing much trial, My child. You must now gather your prayers for him.


"Yes, My child, I spoke to you of the evil ones who have infiltrated into the clergy. They are not entering with dedication and spirits of light, but they are bringing in the spirit of darkness. By their fruits will you know them, My child. I have asked you to be not fooled by those who wear the garments of the dedicated but have fouled their garments. You must pray more for the light and recognize the faces of evil about you, My child.

"No, My child, I am not angered at your reaction of the past week. I would, though, caution you to not speak with the clergy who now have taken possession of My Mother's sacred grounds. I must caution you to remain, My child, yourself, away from those sacred grounds. Do this as great penance to yourself, My child, your spirit. It is for your safekeeping and the well-being of My Mother's work that I ask this of you.

"Do not be affrighted, My child, in the days ahead. My Mother will be with you wherever you are.

"We have asked that many of Our children come to visit with My Mother at Her sacred grounds.


"We know the trial ahead for all who seek to bring the truth to mankind for My Mother. Many shall reject Her message, and many of Our children of the light will receive great persecution as they seek to bring the Message from Heaven to their brothers and sisters.

"There will be many thorns among the roses, but at the end of your road, My children, there is a special crown waiting for you."

Veronica--Now it's getting very bright behind Jesus and Michael. And I see now--oh, a beautiful light. It's like crystal, almost like cut-glass. And Our Lady now is standing right in all of the shimmering light, and She's smiling. I can see Our Lady very plainly now. And She's holding out the beautiful Rosary, the white beads with the golden Our Father.

And Our Lady is talking very softly:

Our Lady--"My child, you are quite amazed at My appearance. Know that nothing is impossible with the Eternal Father. You are not able in your human nature to understand the ways of the Eternal Father. But know that your trials will continue for a short time until your bishop receives the sign from the Eternal Father.

"Continue to spread My message throughout the world.

"I bless you all, My children. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. I bless you, My children, and all your good relations."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is going over behind Jesus, and She's going now into--it's a large white cloud. It seems to just be absorbing Our Lady. Oh!

Now Jesus is coming forward. I can't see Our Lady anymore.

Jesus--"Do not be saddened, My child. My Mother is returning to Her sacred grounds, but I am with you for the rest of your evening in your prayers of atonement.

"Continue now, My child, and I will give you directions later after your prayers are gathered for the evening."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Jesus--"You will sit now, My child, and I will give you further directions. But this message must be accepted in secret."


"My child, you must make it known to the world that many of the aberrations taking place in My houses throughout the world are being not condoned by your Holy Father, Pope Paul. The arrogance of mankind in the clergy has brought about many offenses in the Divine Service--offenses to the Eternal Father.


"There is a plan afoot, My child, and in print to destroy confidence in the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. It is the plan of the enemy to remove him from the Seat of Peter.

"You must pray much for him. All of his writings are being monitored, My child. There are many enemies in his office. They neither seek the salvation of souls, nor the advancement in truth of the Church, My child. They are bringing great delusion to mankind and seeking to send many out of the houses of God throughout the world.

"By their manner of confusion and disillusionment, many have fallen away and lost the Faith, My child. If this continues, shall there be even a flicker of faith left when I return to your earth?

"Since mankind refuses to mend his ways, to return to his state of sanctity in My holy Church throughout the world, there is no other recourse but to send upon mankind chastisements to return him to the fold.

"I need not repeat now the chastisements planned by the Eternal Father for mankind. I am certain that My Mother has made this quite clear to you in the past.

"You will now set yourselves onto the narrow road to sanctity by penance and sacrifice and making atonement to the Eternal Father, both privately and publicly.

"The lukewarmness of many of Our clergy and the laity--the lay peoples of Our houses throughout the world, the churches, My child--leave much to be desired. It is by their example that many souls are being placed onto the road to perdition.

"Man shall not use his rank to mislead! Man shall not change the rules of his God, change them to satisfy the basic fallen nature of mankind. Man must change himself to please his God!

"We find in the leadership of Our Church many who have fallen into darkness of spirit, many who have given themselves to the modes of the world, involved in the destructive following of humanism and modernism!

"Many of your leaders of the past who were pure of heart, intention, and dedication, warned you of these errors. But you have turned a deaf ear to their warnings, for in your arrogance you seek to build a new house upon your earth.


"My Church, My House, was given to you in entirety. There is no need now to change. The only change necessary now, My children, is to go back and restore the light.

"Holiness, piety, dedication must be returned to the churches, or the vocations will fall. The churches will be emptied, and the leaders will be imprisoned by their enemies that have come to them as angels of light, but with ravenous hearts.

"The Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. Pray for all men of sin, for their judgment lies with the Eternal Father Who sees into their heart.

"The Eternal Father, My child, is always the final judge. Speak once with the Message from Heaven. If not hastened, speak no more but keep in heart that it may not be their decision.

"Give them, your clergy, by your example and prayers, the courage to stay in the light.

"You do not join the enemy to win the battle, My children, for when you join them, you become tainted. When the world and My Church become one, know that the end is at hand.

"You must instruct and bring to your children the knowledge of your saints. Their example is in the light, My children. Those you have set up to idolize upon earth now are the creations of satan. You must accept and follow the example of your saints, those who have been given this honor by your holy Church. They, too, My child, did not win their crown without trial, rejection, and often, martyrdom."

Veronica--Now Jesus is extending His hand in front of Him like this, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is moving back. He's going over by the left side, over the tree; He's standing there. And I see Michael. Michael is still holding the large Tome, the Bible, in his right hand. And he has his--now he's holding a scale, a balance, in his left hand. The scale, the balance looks like it's made of gold; it's very decorative. But it's--I notice that the scale is heavily leaning to the left, his left side. And Michael now is bowing his head, meaning yes, heavily to the left.

Now Jesus is moving over. He's just being carried over by the tree, just a little to the right of the tree, above the banner. And He's smiling now. The light is very bright; it's so bright that I can barely now see His face. It's becoming very, very white, almost like white fire. There's no way I can explain it. It looks like an absolute glow of white fire. Beautiful!

Jesus--"You will continue now, My child, with the prayers of atonement. They are sorely needed."

Veronica--Jesus says to watch carefully. I see what appears to be a huge star. It looks like a star. I'm not familiar with them. I know it's something celestial--a huge star, and it's coming over very fast across the sky.

Now I see another star. It looks like the--oh, it looks like the moon--not a star, the moon. And I see this, this star, or this round--it's got a lot of rings around it. It's a huge body with rings around it. I don't know what that is--a star? Planet? And it seems to be going crazy. It's jumping up and down and jiggling, going back and forth. And now, all of a sudden it's shooting out right into space, and it's heading over across the sky. Oh, if it keeps going it's going to bump into the moon! Oh, my goodness! Oh!

It looks like this, this thing, this star just seemed to come from out of nowhere. It seemed to have shot right out into space, and it's heading for--oh, it looks like the moon. Yes.

Now as it's getting closer, I notice it's very red. It's no longer white. It looked white before, but now it looks very red. And oh, my goodness! It looks like the Ball again! Oh, my goodness! It's red and orange, and it looks from here now, very hot. I can see it very closely. Oh, my!

And now it's going past the moon. No, it's not hitting the moon, but it looks like it's heading for the sun! Oh, my goodness! It's like, it looks like two big balls, like two suns in the sky. Oh, my goodness! Oh!

Now Michael is coming over on the left side.

Jesus--"My child, the ball you see is out in your atmosphere. Man of science is ever seeking but never finding the truth.

"They have cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural. However, no human mind can understand the ways of the Eternal Father, Who controls your elements.


"A star shall be sent upon you. I have asked in the past to hold back this time of great trial to mankind by following the direction of My Mother."

Veronica--Now Jesus--I can see His face now; He doesn't look very happy. I have a terrible feeling of imminent danger, or--and He's shaking his head, yes.

Jesus--"The Warning, My child, and the great Chastisement.

"Mankind shall reject these warnings, My child, as in the time of Noe. They will be eating and drinking and marrying, and then will come the end.


"Shout from the rooftops, My child, that the time is approaching when I will return to earth. I would not count your years upon your two hands, My child, now, unless there is a great change in the ways of mankind. Do not hold up two hands, My child."

Veronica--Oh! Oh!

Jesus--"This surprises you, My child. Why does it come as a surprise? Have you not listened to the message of My Mother?

"Now you will understand the great urgency of Our warnings to mankind. The day and the hour is now in the power of the Eternal Father, My child, but I have given you now a time, and you must work fast to bring this message to mankind."

Veronica--Now Jesus is placing His hand in front of Him, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now, now Jesus is moving His hand over, like this. Oh, He's telling me to seat--stay, remain seated.

Jesus--"You will join now the prayers of atonement, My child. And work with great haste now for the time left to mankind.

"I leave you with a great question mark upon your world. The final answer lies with the Father. You will find this question mark, My child, in many of your photographs. In time you will understand their meaning.

"It is better now if you were to draw a picture of your earth and place upon it a large question mark. For you are living truly in precarious times--all because mankind has set himself onto his own road to destruction. With his free will, he has cast aside his salvation by giving himself to the world, the flesh, and satan.


"Already, My child, your news medias deceive you. They do not give you the truth in knowledge. The Bear is now massing on the borders. The Bear is massing on the borders; he is ready to strike! Peace, Peace, you cry; but there shall be no peace to mankind, for he has given himself to immorality and degeneration. The Bear is massing now on the borders.

"Your leaders cry peace while they prepare for destruction. For the love of money many will die, for many have sold their souls, My child, to get to the head.

"The power of satan shall be exercised to cast mankind into the war to end all wars, for no flesh shall escape the fires.

"We have asked you in the past and your present time to pray for the conversion of Russia. Too few have come forward to pray for this conversion; therefore, their errors now have been spread throughout your world.


"Your country, America the beautiful, is being prepared now for complete capitulation. Now you know, My children, and now you must act upon this knowledge, or you, too, will feel captivity and slavery and the closing of My houses throughout your country. You have blindly walked right into the trap of enslavement set upon you through devious infiltration of your government, your schools, and your medias of communication.

"Awaken now from your slumber and seek your return from your course of destruction by getting down upon your knees and praying in heartfelt, sincere prayer to the Eternal Father, to guide you back from your present road of destruction.

"Your countrymen have sought to silence the voice of My Mother throughout your world. You will not continue to silence the voice-boxes throughout the world, for you are sowing the seeds of your own destruction!

"Amen, amen, I say to you: unless mankind returns God the Eternal Father to his life, he will not have the years of two hands to count upon!

"The present generation, My child, shall pass through this crucible of suffering. Many great saints shall rise from this persecution.


"You will find in your country a great split in My houses. Watch and pray much, for you will divide among yourselves. But you must remain loyal to Rome and your Holy Father, Our Vicar upon earth, Pope Paul VI. The agents of hell set around him shall seek to remove him, and you will find upon the Seat of Peter one who is a puppet of satan.

"My Mother has set in the world Her armies of light, candles that search in the darkness. The days ahead will truly be a test of faith.

"The battle of the spirits, My child, will be fought well. The eventual victory is with Heaven. Know that this knowledge alone shall keep you with Us in the present and the near future battle.

"You will find many companionable spirits, comrades named Faithful and True, though they will be far and wide. You will all join for the Kingdom of the Immaculate.

"You now go forward in two factions, My children: the light and the darkness. You will work as true children of the light--children of your God, to hold back this darkness. Many of your brothers and sisters shall be rescued by your example and acts of sacrifice. Do not falter in the trial ahead.

"You will find, My child, that as you advance in Our mission, you will care less about the opinion of mankind. For it is only your human weakness of pride or self-evaluation that keeps you from going forward with more peace of spirit. You are allowed to fall into this error, My child, to make you stronger in the future.

"I would suggest at this time that you do not seek to move out of your present habitation--home."


Veronica--Now--oh, Jesus is coming forward. It's very bright up there. I don't think it's raining like it is down here.

Oh, now Jesus has changed. He has on His burgundy-colored cape over His white gown. And I can see now it's very bright; its warm and very filled with sunlight all around Jesus' face. And his face--oh, I can barely see Jesus' face. It's so bright; the light is a piercing white--very, very brilliant. There's no way I can put it into my own words, as Jesus says. It's like a white fire, a crystal-clear, like cut diamond. Oh, it's a beautiful light!

Now Jesus--I'm looking down; I can see His feet. Now Jesus has on these brown sandals. And He doesn't seem to be wet at all, so I guess it's not raining up there.

Now Jesus is placing His hand in front of Him, like this--oh, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now Jesus is looking down. He's saying very low:

Jesus--"O My children, you do not have to uncover your sacramentals. I assure you I can see into their coverings."

Veronica--Now Jesus is moving over to our left side. He's over by the tree now, and He's bending down and He's placing His hand out, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now He's going over--Jesus doesn't walk; He seems to just glide on the air. He's carried over across the trees now. And now He's going over by our right side, and He's just above the trees, between the two, and He's looking down.

Now He's extending His hands out, like this, but He's making a Trinity sign. Jesus calls it the Trinity sign. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. It's like making a squared box--I mean a three-sided, triangular box, Jesus makes with His hand.

And now it's--just where He had made the sign in the air, is suspended this figure in white. It's all illuminated, like three bars: the Trinity sign. And it's still over between the two trees.

And Jesus is moving over now; He's just above Our Lady's head of the statue. And now He's looking down, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now Jesus is placing His hands out, like this, in front of Him, and the lights, the stream of lights are coming out from Jesus' hands down onto--past the statue. And now they're hitting just about in the center, right here before us. I can almost reach out and--no, I can't reach them, but the beams of light are so strong that I'm sure maybe I wouldn't be able to touch them, that something would happen. Oh, it's beautiful!

It's--the beams are falling down onto where the crucifix is, here on this plaza of the Vatican Pavilion, so Jesus must be blessing it with a special grace, also. Oh, that's beautiful!

And now the light is fading away, and Jesus is rising a little higher. Oh, and He's standing off to the side.

Now He's touching His lips with His hand. Oh!

Jesus--"Continue now, My children, with your prayers of atonement."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, of the Holy Ghost. Amen.