The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"A second sun lies out in your atmosphere, the Ball of Redemption. I repeat, My children, it is not a myth, nor a story; it is a fact. The Ball of Redemption nears!"

December 31, 1974

Eve of the Solemnity of Our Lady

Veronica-- Our Lady now is coming forward. Oh, it's very bright up in the sky. It's very, very orange, red cast, overcast looking. In fact, the colors are quite different than I have ever seen them before.

Now Our Lady is coming forward. It seems very dry up where Our Lady is, because Her garments don't look wet at all like ours are.

Now Our Lady is smiling.

Our Lady--"My child, the penance is severe. However, at the end of penance is a great joy.

"You are fast approaching upon your new year, My children. It will be a year of great trial. One of your government leaders will leave you. He will pass over the veil.

"I give you this knowledge for reason. You must pray much, My children, for your government leaders. Satan has a great hold upon them at this time. If you do not pray more and make atonement for the sins being committed now in the hearts of your countrymen, you will suffer much at the hands of the men in your government, for they will be powerless to offset the great evil that will be constructed by the demons loosed from the abyss.

"You will circulate fast, My child, the photograph of the vehicles of hell, the flying saucers. They are gathering in great multitudes upon your earth. Know now that they are of an illusion, a delusion to mankind. It is but one of the false miracles of satan.


"The many false prophets among you, My children, have brought great trial and hardship to your true seers. Know, by their fruits shall you know them.

"My voice and My voice-boxes are meeting with great trial, rejection, to Our great sorrow.

"You are fast approaching upon a new year, a year that will bring tears to the hearts of many.

"The Father shall chastise those He loves. Your country and many countries of your world will suffer trials of famine, earthquakes, tornadoes, and the plague.

"Much has been not recognized in the past as coming from the Father. The Father controls the elements of your atmosphere, My children--the Father, your most high God in Heaven. Do not credit satan with this. It belongs to your God.

"God, your Father, sends the sun to shine upon you. God, your Father can also send the sun to burn you. A second sun lies out in your atmosphere, the Ball of Redemption. I repeat, My children, it is not a myth, nor a story; it is a fact. The Ball of Redemption nears!

"You, My child, will work fast to disperse My message to the world. The time grows short. It is not well to waste this time in speculating on dates. No date will be necessary to be given to you. However, you have been given the knowledge in secret and it will remain as such.

"To give the date to the world, My child, would gain us nothing, for as soon as the danger has passed, man would fall back into his old ways of offending his God. The lesson he learns must be a permanent one of conversion.

"You must stand forth and acknowledge your Father in Heaven. False idols shall be set among you. You must reject them! Man has set himself up as one of these idols. No man is above his Creator. Arrogance and pride is the downfall of many. Sad to say, My child, among these many are the mitres. Mitres!"

Veronica--And Our Lady is writing in the sky: M-I-T-R-E-S.

Our Lady--"You will pray much, My children, for the religious. They are now the major source of attack by satan.

"It is sad, My child, to have to repeat a warning to you that is fast coming upon your country. Your country, as other countries, shall not escape destruction. Blood shall flow in the streets. Your country and the world, My child, cries 'peace, peace,' where there is no peace.

"The man of science has set himself above his God. Man of science, My child, is ever learning but never knowing the truth.

"You must expect, My children, much opposition and persecution. Were you of the world of materialistic man, they would accept you as one of their own. But We, My children, accept you as one of Us. You are born of the Spirit.

"What does it gain a man, My children, if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul? The Kingdom of Heaven will be forever closed to him. An eternity of damnation in hell, or many years of purgatory await him. You cannot bargain with man and your God!

"You must accept a full consecration of yourself and your family to the Immaculate Heart of My Son and Myself, My children. It is not that I ask this of you with pride, but humility. I, too, My child, am but an instrument of the Father coming to you as your Mother, for I am truly your Mother and a Mother of great sorrow.

"The Father, My Son in the Father, has found it necessary to send Me to you as an emissary from Heaven, a Mediatrix between mankind and the Kingdom of the Father.

"I do not come to set fear in your heart, but to warn you that unless you change your ways now, your country will go through much destruction and loss of life.


"The world will receive a major Warning of great magnitude. It will be a spectacle that has never been seen in the world before. Those who have received the message will go through this Warning and take it, My child, with more ease of heart. To those in the darkness, it will force the light into their heart. Should this not be a sufficient reminder, My children, I assure you the Father has but to set His hand forward to bring upon you the Ball of Redemption. Many will die in the great flame of this Ball of Redemption that nears now!

"What was to happen in the future shall be now! Awaken, My children, from your slumber! You are all blind! You are deluded! You are misled! Awaken now, before it is too late!

"I ask, as your Mother, Our priests--your clergy--to look into their hearts. Shall they stand before My Son and say that their teaching has been true in His sight? Woe to the clergy who has fouled his garments! His badge of honor has been cast aside! It is an outward appearance of his inner soul. Little by little, step by step, the foundation is whittled at by Our clergy. They have been deluded by satan.

"The foundation is My Son. He has given you the truth. He has sent to you many prophets with the Message from Heaven. Why have you chosen to close your hearts to this message?

"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer, both public and private. No fence can reach high enough to shut out the spirit. I promise, My children, to be here on the sacred grounds with you. These grounds have been deemed by the Eternal Father to be a center of atonement, an oasis in a barren land.

"The spirit cannot be claimed by satan. The spirit will not be broken by man if you pray and wear your sacramentals. The knowledge of the supernatural, My child, has been taken from My children. Refresh their hearts with the truth, My child. Send out My message in great haste.

"There will be established in your country a refuge, a sanctuary. You will be guided, My child and My children, to this sanctuary. The basilica shall be built on the sacred grounds. Patience and fortitude will win you your crown.

"You are all being tested and tried. Many will fall away from the cause, for they have not prayed enough. They have not made enough sacrifices to remain in the fold.

"My child, many arms have been sent to help you with your mission. Many more arms shall approach you. You must pray before allowing another group to enter upon your mission.

"My child, you do not know or understand My warning. This group I speak of seeks to dethrone Our Vicar. They are fast gathering a force; but, My child, you must make it known to the world that they are deluded. Clemente the XV--an agent of 666! He is not of the spirit of light. Beware his agents who are now loosed in great numbers in your country and in your world. They seek to bring great harm to Our Vicar.

"Pray for your Vicar. He has accepted a heavy cross, My child.

"It is sad, My child, that those who should know better have chosen to reject My message while they accept the message of satan. I repeat, there is a Heaven, the Kingdom of God. There is a hell, and there is a purgatory. Too late will many learn that this is a fact! Every man, every human being upon your earth must one day pass over the veil. It will be a sad day for many, for many are called, My child, but few can be chosen.

"Sin, the most abominable of sins, has become a way of life with your country and many countries of your world. It is for this reason that mankind, this generation that has become perverse, will have visited upon it trials such as have never been seen since the beginning of creation. It is in this manner that the sheep shall be separated from the goats.

"Persevere, My children, in the days ahead. Many shall be martyred for the Kingdom of God. Always keep in mind, My children, that your body is only a shell, a housing for your spirit which lives on forever over the veil. Your body is the temple for the Holy Spirit.


"We ask that you remove the diabolical machine from your home--the television. This is necessary, for many parents have not monitored their television and permit their children to be destroyed in mind, body, and spirit by this diabolical machine created by satan.

"There is much needed in change, We see, My children, in the schools: both your public schools and your private schools, even those who call themselves Catholic. They are Catholic, My children, in name only, for they have sold themselves for pieces of silver.

"Your world--the people of your earth are traveling the

same road as did the peoples of Sodom and Gomorrha, as did the people of the time of Noe! What fate, My children, shall you bring upon you? Your chastisement will be far worse than the waters and the flames!

"Those who remain close to My Son at His tabernacles of the world, those who eat of the Bread of life, My Son's Body and Blood, shall be strengthened in the days ahead. You cannot have life within you unless you eat of the Body and drink of the Blood of My Son, called your Eucharist.


"My child, please, you must make it known to Our clergy that they are defiling My Son's Body in many ways. Disrespect and dishonor--how many tears have I shed at the sight! Only consecrated hands shall give and bring My Son to the peoples of earth, legally ordained and given the Holy Spirit--the clergy chosen by the Father to bring His Son to you! Unclean hands shall not touch My Son's Body! You must not allow My Son to be defiled any longer. No children shall carry My Son's Body in the hand!

"Know, My child, that only one exception can be made: when a legally ordained priest is unable to reach the dying, he will send his deacon to bring My Son to him. But only in severe trial and need, I say! Only to the dying. All others, My child, will be given the needed grace if they pray.

"If Our clergy become deluded by satan and lax in their responsibility to My Son, they will be set in judgment before the Father for their part in the defilement of My Son's Body.

"You must warn My clergy, My child, with your message. We are not pleased by the manner in which they honor the Son of God.

"A thorough cleansing must be made within the House of God, the Church. Women shall not receive My Son dressed as pagans--naked, and without absolution! Many have made a farce and a meal of My Son. They come to receive Him without penance. What manner of abomination is this, My child? Mankind must do penance and prepare himself for the reception of the Host, My child.

"We, My child, are much pleased with the speed and the assistance given to Our message by your brothers and sisters of the White Hats--berets.


Our Lady--"Yes, My child, the Father has a plan for unifying all of Our legions of souls to fight satan.

"I repeat the pleasant knowledge, My child, that their director, Louis, has joined them in the battle. You have, My children, many friends here who have accepted the role as a worker from Heaven. They seek not the rest that they have gained, but have chosen to keep on struggling to save the souls. Your teacher, My child, Theresa, has also accepted her role. She has not rested since coming to Us.

"You ask, My child, does this bring pleasure to the heart? Oh, yes! It is a joy in Heaven to the heart such as man has never experienced in his human being.

"Yes, My child, you will continue coming here. They have placed an obstacle in your path. But know, My child, that I am far above their structures.

"No, My child, you are not acting in disobedience to your clergy. They are quite puzzled by the involvement. Pray for them. With your prayers, My child and My children, even the clergy will receive the strength to fight for the truth, to fight for My Son, to fight for the souls.

"It is only because many have given themselves to the love of the flesh and the material things of your world. In this manner have they become blinded to the truth. It is sad, My child, that many have even sold their souls to get to the head. Pray a constant vigilance. You must remember your priests in your prayers.

"Your directives will be given in due time by the Father for the establishment of the convent and the sanctuary. Wait, My child, for your directives will appear before your very eyes.

"You see, My child, the victory, the final eventual victory is with the Father. This is but like a little game, My child, of saving souls. If you accept this in this manner you will find, My child, that your trials will become easier to bear.

"All who have consecrated their hearts with Us have now received the mark of the cross upon them. It is a lifetime dedication and consecration.

"You will find, My children, that since you have received this mark upon you from the Father, you will be most unhappy if you reject the light. You have been chosen among the many. It is not by accident that you have been sent here by the Father. You are all truly children of God.


"The world's peoples are wandering, My child, like sheep without a shepherd. We need discipline, disciplined shepherds. We need shepherds who persevere and are fearless for the Faith. Pray, My children, that the light enters into the hearts of many of Our shepherds.

"They will have much penance and much sacrifice to do, for there are many souls to recover. It is difficult, My child, to return to the narrow path once you have gone onto the wide road.

"There is great evil surrounding the holy city of Rome, My child. Many agents of satan now roam. Your Vicar is in great difficulty and trial. Pray for him, My children. Pray that he retains a great sense of duty and perseverance. Your prayers will be his strength.

"You will call upon your guardian angels often for strength. The world has forgotten these warriors. My children, will you not make them known to your brothers and sisters? They need their support.

"Do not cease the struggle to stop the abominations of murder in your city, your country, and the world. The murder of the Holy Innocents shall bring down great destruction upon your city and your country, My child.

"The balance for your chastisement--the balance, My child, falls heavily to the left. It is not a sign that is good!

"I know, My child, that this brings great sadness of heart to you. It will be another cross that you must carry. This great sadness was in the heart of My Son as He carried His cross, My child.


"I have asked you, My child, to retire from the world. Therefore, I must instruct you now: You will not appear on that diabolical machine. All of your messages shall be given in print and through the workers whom We have sent to you. You will make no public appearances on film."

Veronica--Oh! Oh!

Our Lady--"Those who came, My child, did not come in the light. Now you understand why We asked for you to pray, pray, and pray again before you make a hasty decision.

"Yes, My child, the Father controls all. However, if you do not follow Our direction carefully, you will be subject to much trial, much unnecessary trial, My child. Therefore, remember My instruction: You will retire from your world. You will only be known through your messages. These messages will be given in print and through your tapings.

"You see, My child, any film can be used to hinder your work, for they can be monitored against you--so great is the power of satan at the present time. However, remember, My child, you do not have to fear him, for his power is but of temporary nature. The Father turns all evil to good.

"You will gather the books of truth that still remain with you. Save them, My child, and store them well, for the books that your children receive now are created by satan. There are still many that can be gathered as treasures of truth. Look, My child, in your stores. Many are being thrown from the schools as they shutter their doors. Gather these books and keep them, My children. You will need them in the future."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is moving down. She's coming closer to the top of the flag on the left side. And now Our Lady is removing Her Rosary, Her large white Rosary with the golden Our Father. And the crucifix doesn't have a corpus on it. It's a beautiful golden crucifix, and Our Lady is holding it in front of Her and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is motioning.

Our Lady--"You may be seated now, My child, and await My Son."


Veronica-- . . . the sun is shining, and it's like summer. I see these green trees and a beautiful lake. And now as I'm looking at the most beautiful, restful place I have ever seen . . . . And now, through the trees--oh, I can see Jesus coming! Oh, it's like another world. It's--oh, a beautiful land. Oh!

Now it must be warm because Jesus doesn't have anything on His feet. And He's coming now through the foliage in the trees. And it's a beautiful deep green, the leaves; and I can see the grass. And now Jesus is walking. Oh, now Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"You see, My child, there will be a renewed earth."

Veronica--Oh! Oh, now Jesus has on a cream-colored gown and the cape--there's a burgundy-colored cape, but He has nothing on His feet. And I can see, I can see the marks on the insteps of His feet. And also now Jesus is placing His hand in front of Him, like this, and the marks are on His hands.

Jesus--"You are watching, My child, soon after My arrival upon earth."

Veronica--Oh! I see now other people with Jesus. And now Jesus is bending over.

Jesus--"My child, you are looking into the future."

Veronica--Now Jesus is looking over to the trees, and there are people coming through. I see some ladies dressed--they're dressed in similar garments like Jesus has on. It's a long white gown. And the women, their hair--all the women, their hair is long. I notice it's down their back. But they have over their hair like a cloak, a short cloak. It doesn't go all the way down their back. And the men also are dressed in a dark--some of them are in dark brown habits. I think they're habits. They look more like monk's garments, but they have sandals on their feet, brown sandals. Oh! And--oh, there are many people there.

And now Jesus says:

Jesus--"You are watching, My child, the Order of that day."

Veronica--Now Jesus is coming forward. He's placing His robe over His arm, and He's touching His lips. Oh, He's asking me to wait.


Now all who are able will please kneel. Now Jesus is coming down to the left side of the flagpole now. He's standing forward and bending over, and He's smiling.

Oh, now Jesus is coming closer. Oh! Oh, He's coming over--oh, my! He's coming over the fence! Oh! And He's standing now in front of the trees. Oh! Oh, now Jesus is coming over here! Oh, now He's just above . . . oh, He's just above the flag, the white flag. Now Jesus is smiling. Oh, and He's placing His hand out now in front of Him.

Jesus--"I bless you In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Veronica--Now Jesus is going over. It doesn't seem to be raining up there; it's very, very mild. And the light is very, very bright about Jesus now. And He's going over--He's floating over; He's just above the blue flag--oh, about five feet. And now He's looking down and placing His hand out in front of Him, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now Jesus is going over and Our Lady is coming down now. And I see Michael and about five other angels behind Michael. And Our Lady now is behind Jesus, and He's coming forward now. He's motioning, Jesus is motioning to Our Lady to come over on His right side.

Oh, and Our Lady is now standing beside Jesus. She has on a beautiful white gown and the cloak is a light blue, a very pale blue. It goes about Her head; it's like a mantle. It's a very light blue. And Our Lady has a golden crown that's over the mantle. It seems to hug Her head, making the top--I can see now as Our Lady is bending down, the top of Her head. The mantle about Her head is very snug due to the golden crown on Her head. And Our Lady is smiling now.

And Jesus now is placing His hand out in front of Him: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is cutting across, back over, and Our Lady is following Him. They're just floating; They don't walk. They seem to be carried by the air. And now--oh, Jesus is standing now.

Jesus--"My child, the prayers must be continued. The light has been extinguished throughout your world.

"You know from the past that the prayers of the faithful retained you for a short time. You were given an extension for your punishment, an extension that cannot be extended beyond the date set by the Father.

"Know that the great Chastisement will come about. However, what was to happen in the future shall be now.

"My Mother has gone throughout your world, speaking through countless seers in many countries throughout your world, warning you of the coming Chastisement. You will prepare yourselves now. Cleanse your soul of all sin, mortal and venial! Come to Me in belief and you will be saved.

"There will be much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon your world by the evil ones. Know that they do not come to you in their diabolical form, unseen and supernatural. They will enter into the body of a human. They will work through persons, places, and things. Recognize the faces of evil about you! Birds of a feather will flock together. Flee from them as you will the plague!

"You will pray a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your country and the countries of the world. The power of prayer is great.

"The abyss is open. Demons are loosed upon your earth, for they know that their time grows short, and they are going about now as ravenous wolves among My sheep.

"Save yourself, your souls, and save your children. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. You have been given the knowledge of truth. You will persevere and stand fast in the Faith!

"No man shall be above the Father. You will not sell your soul for acknowledgement of mankind. Better you sacrifice your body and save your soul."

Veronica--Now Jesus is placing His hand out: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Jesus--"Continue with your prayers of atonement, My children. You will carry the candles. Light them with My Mother and search through your world of darkness."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


Jesus--"Pray, My child, pray much! Do much penance, for the time is growing short.

"You will not be free, My child, from the attacks of satan. Know that as long as you remain in your human state, you shall always fight satan. Prayer is your best weapon, My child.

"You will abandon yourself to the Merciful Hearts, giving over your will completely to the will of the Father. Accept your cross, My child, for at the end of the road you will receive an armful of roses.

"You understand, My child.

"Yes, she will be there, with her arms filled with roses."