The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"There will be no peace upon your world until they recognize My Son as their Savior."

May 30, 1974

Eve of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Veronica--Our Lady is coming down from the trees. She's been standing over the trees.

Our Lady--"My child, I am waiting for the vigil of prayers to finish."


"My child, these prayers will be set against the agents of darkness.

"My child, peace, peace, the world cries for peace. There will be no peace upon your world until they recognize My Son as their Savior. Treachery and deceit lie in the hearts of men. Your country and the world lies in a quagmire of evil. There will come upon your world a great War. Do not be deceived by your medias of communication, for you do not receive the truth.

"Man in your world, to enter the Kingdom of the Father, you must be reborn in the Spirit. You must turn and reject the world about you that has now been given to satan. You cannot have both. We look upon a world that is plunging fast into deep darkness of spirit.

"The Father has allowed Me, in His mercy, to come to you as a Mediatrix of graces: graces for the asking, graces in abundance.

"I stand now on turbulent waters with My Son. The bark of Peter flounders in dark waters, but My Son is watching this battle. I have, My children, My hand on the helm.

"A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it. The foundation shall not crumble, though the walls have developed many cracks.

"A great delusion has been allowed to come upon mankind. He will believe error. In this manner, those who have given themselves to satan will be gathered and set like the goats on one side of the Father. He shall then call the sheep. One will be called, one will remain. The chaff shall be separated from the good kernels.

"My child, shout from the rooftops. There is little time to speak in whispers. Shout from the rooftops. The pleasures of the flesh condemn many to hell. War is a punishment for man's sin."


Veronica--I see now a map, and I'm looking upon the countries that look like desert. I don't recognize them. And I see pyramids; that I know is Egypt. Egypt, yes. And I see people dressed in long garments with covers over their heads in bands. They're like from the desert countries. And they now are running forward. They're gathering guns from large crates, and some are carrying sticks. Thousands and thousands of people are running forward. I see horses now galloping from behind.


And now it's growing dark, and there's another side of the map showing. I recognize--it's an Oriental country. The people look like Chinese. They also are gathering in thousands. And I see, though the people look very poor and most are walking without shoes, I see now to the left of them large--thousands and thousands of people dressed in uniforms. They're a green-brown uniform. I can see the colors. And they have a red star on them. I see on their arm bands a red star. And they have caps, hats that are like a hunting hat with a peak, but there's a red star on the hat.

Now I can hear the noise of--like gunfire. It's like great cannons, or--oh, the noise sounds so horrible, because I can hear the voices of people screaming. Oh!

Now it's growing dark, but there is a light coming through the sky. Oh, I--it's Michael. Oh, I see Michael. Now Michael is dressed in his short type of skirt, but he's holding the golden balance in his hand, in his right hand; and in his left hand he has a long spear. His hair is very brilliant. It's so bright I can't look into Michael's face. It's very bright. Now Michael is holding up his spear.

St. Michael--"Listen well and repeat my words.

"Woe, woe to man of earth. He calls down upon himself a just punishment for the abominations he commits in his heart and the abominations in the sacred temples of God. Wars, famine, flood, cataclysm, and the Ball of Redemption. Know that in this order man shall be cleansed."


Veronica--Now I see another figure coming down from the sky. He's closer over by the flagpole. And he's dressed in beautiful, in a beautiful gown. It's like a robe of purple satin and gold trim. He looks very beautiful. Now he has a beard, and he's carrying a key--no, two keys in his hand, in his right hand. They're crossed. He's holding them by the center. And in his left hand he has a Bible, I recognize. Now he's placing the keys on the Bible, and he's coming forward.

St. Peter--"My child, look upon the Book of life, so sorely tried by mankind. Man in his arrogance has chosen to rewrite the words of those who came before him to set the foundation for the Church of the Son of God."

Veronica--Now I see upon his head--I recognize him now--he's wearing a beautiful tiara. It's a very high-crowned tiara, beautifully made of gold. And it has layers, and they're inlaid with beautiful stones: green, and there's a pale purple, and a white, a pure white--beautiful stones. I know it's, it's the papal tiara on his head. Oh, it's Saint Peter. And he's shaking his head yes, like this.

St. Peter--"My child, how often we have sent--been sent from Heaven to caution you of the days to come, to prepare you to defend your Faith. You will go forward as lights in the darkness, faithful and true. Defend your Vicar from those who seek to dethrone him and place upon the Seat of Peter one who is of dark secrets, an enemy agent from the abyss."

Veronica--Now Saint Peter is floating backwards; he's going back. He's not turning around, but he's just going back here, in back of the flagpole. And Michael is coming forward, and Our Lady now has come over. She's coming from the left side by the trees, and standing by Michael. Now Our Lady is brushing Her hand across Her eyes.

Our Lady--"Yes, My child, We are not free from sorrow here in the Kingdom. Many of those who have left your earth have chosen of their free will to join Us in this final battle. You ask Me, My child, how long? That is on man's decision. Your prayers, your acts of sacrifice and atonement to the Father had won you a reprieve. How long, My child? This is with the Father."


Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She's now raising Her hand and pointing up to the sky, like this. And the sky now is becoming very bright. And now I see--oh, I recognize her. There's Theresa. And the little boy and girl with her--oh, that's--oh, they're Jacinta and Francisco. Oh, my! Down behind them there is Padre Pio! Oh, he's smiling; he looks very happy. He's smiling. And he's shaking his head, yes. Oh! Oh, he has--now he's raising his hands up in front of him. Oh, my goodness! Just like Jesus, they have holes in them. Oh, but he has the most beautiful smile! He looks so happy!

Oh, Our Lady--I asked if he could speak. Oh, Our Lady says,

Our Lady--"Not in this manner, My child, as yet."

Veronica--Oh, now Padre Pio is standing on the right side of Our Lady, and Michael now is standing next to him. And I--he looks, though his beard is gray, he has such a young-looking face. He looks beautiful. And his eyes are sparkling.

And now I notice Theresa. I can see Theresa very clearly. She's standing now next to Our Lady, sort of behind Her and Michael. And she's also nodding her head, yes. Now Our Lady has placed Her hand about the little girl, Jacinta. And now She's looking down at Jacinta, and Our Lady is saying very softly:

Our Lady--"You see, My child, many here have chosen of free will to remain with you in the days ahead. Those who will be removed from your world and enter into the Kingdom will also be given this choice whether to receive their rest now or wait until final victory of My Son."

Veronica--Now Theresa is coming forward. And she's now carrying a cross, and she's holding it on her right side; that would be over to the left, it looks from here, but it's her right side. And now she is raising her hand--oh, and she has these flowers around her cross. And now Theresa is throwing them out. Oh! Oh! Oh, they are just coming down so fast. I don't see how she could be holding so many under the cross and all around the cross. Though she's throwing them out, I don't see any leaving her cross. And now she is smiling, and Our Lady is coming forward.

Our Lady--"These, My child, are the graces in abundance, graces that can be given to those who thirst in solitude, in the solitude of purgatory, who thirst for your prayers. I repeat, one little thought, one word of memory is like a drop of water upon parched lips.

"Those whom you will choose to release from purgatory shall gain for you your entrance into the Kingdom. Do not waste a moment so precious to your soul and those who beg your remembrance. Do not waste, My children, this time given to you in foolish pursuits of the flesh.

"You must be reborn; re-dedicate your life to the Father. There is no easy road to Heaven. It is a narrow road, My children, of prayer, sacrifice, and atonement. You cannot bargain for your soul. There is no price for your entrance into the Kingdom. You cannot buy your way in. Many upon your earth have sold their souls to get to the head. Their souls have been given to satan. There will be crying and gnashing of teeth when the realization of their eternal damnation is made known to them.

"My child, you will go forward with the Message from Heaven. Michael must be entered back into My Son's House.

"Pray, pray much for the priests in My Son's House. Many have lost their way. Many have been misled. Those who have the power are using this to destroy many souls. Know that no man has rank, no man can use his rank, his station in worldly life when he comes forward for judgment before the Father. The veil is thin and the cord is fine. It can be cut at any time. You can enter over the veil at any time in the plan of the Father.


"My child, you will make it known to the bishops of My Son's House, those in authority, that they must not compromise. They do not gather souls by compromising their Faith. They must stand forth as symbols of chastity, piety, and humbleness. What has become of these virtues in mankind?

"Your city is a cesspool of degradation. Your city shall not escape the punishment planned by the Father. This punishment, this great Chastisement, shall be meted in measure of the numbers of countless murders committed within your city and the cities of the world--cesspools of sin!

"Priests in the House of God, have you forgotten your dedication? Can you not stand forward and fight for My Son? Your errors, your laxity, and your carelessness have destroyed the Faith in the hearts of the young. Parents, where are you while your children are on the road to hell? Can you not close your doors from the world and teach your children? Have you also given yourselves to the world and satan?

"Unless you keep the monuments of My Son and His House in your home, you will not be saved. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul. Remove from your home those books of impurity, those pictures of immorality that we see now in so many homes. Is it modern, My child, My children, to destroy your children by bringing the world of satan into your home? Remove them!"

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming, coming down and She's moving over now to the right side of the flagpole. Oh, Our Lady is very beautiful. The light is so bright; I can't see Her face because the light is so bright.

Oh, Our Lady has upon Her head the most beautiful crown. Oh, it's made of pure gold, but the stones are so brilliant. I think they're diamonds, but there are also very bright red rubies. And I know the greens are true emeralds; the color is so brilliant that you can barely look into it. Oh! oh, the colors now from Our Lady's crown--She's turning now to the left and then to the right--they're so brilliant that the colors are shooting across the sky.

The sky now is becoming very lighted, very brilliant. And I see now a whole--oh, a whole group of angels. They're so beautiful. They're dressed in long gowns, but they're different colors. Now they're arranging themselves like steps, rows upon rows of beautiful angels. And they're singing. And now I can hear them, but it sounds like--it's music I've never heard before. Alleluia. Alleluia. [Veronica imitates some of the sounds.] I can't repeat it. It's so beautiful. I can hear the word, Alleluia. Oh, it's just beautiful.

Now Michael is coming forward. He's so brilliant, also his hair. Now his hair also radiates as he's turning over to the right and looking at the angels. Oh, he's nodding. And now in their hands I see these beautiful roses, but they're made of gold. The roses are pure gold. Oh, now they're--now the group in the front is coming over. Oh, and they are forming a circle around Our Lady. It's a round circle and Our Lady is in the center. And they're holding up the rose, and it looks almost like a cartwheel of colors because the angels now--they have their gowns, they're very, oh, young angels, small--and their gowns are different, brilliant colors of the rainbow. And as they form around Our Lady and they hold up these golden roses, oh, it looks like, oh it's--I can't put it into words. It's beautiful!

Now Our Lady is floating forward, and the angels are going up and forming back into one-line formation. And now Our Lady has in Her hand a golden rod-like, oh, scepter. And She has Her Rosary now in Her left hand. Now Our Lady is pointing over to the scepter. Oh, She's pointing over here.

Our Lady--"My child, you will be seated now. There is much that I must speak to you of. No, My child, I prefer that you be seated. You will conserve your energy at this time."


Veronica--Oh, oh! Over on the right side of the flagpole now, Michael is coming forward. He's carrying now a banner in his right hand. The banner is yellow in color with gold trim, and there's writing on the banner. Oh, it says, "Faithful and True." Now Michael is going over by the right side of the tree on the right side, oh, just over the trees. And he's pointing--he's holding the banner now in his left hand, and he's pointing--he has the spear in his hand--up to the sky.

And now--oh, Our Lady is coming forward. Now Our Lady is dressed in a white robe. Oh, it's beautiful. She looks very young; Our Lady looks very young. It's a white robe with golden trim, and it covers Her whole head. Now Our Lady has on a gown; it's like a cream-colored gown. And there's a gold braided belt about Her waist. And Our Lady now has in Her hand, in Her right hand I can see--oh, Our Lady's carrying the Scapular. It's a very large Scapular. Oh, and now Our Lady is placing the Scapular--oh, I can read it. It's Our Lady's Scapular, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. And now--oh, Our Lady has in Her left hand a beautiful white Rosary. The Our Fathers are golden and the beads are white, but they're pink. No, it's the way Our Lady turns, the beads look pink when She turns. Oh, they're reflecting the beautiful light.

Now, oh, over to the left side of the flagpole it's very, very bright. It's so bright I can barely look, over by the flagpole. Oh, and oh, Jesus is coming forward. Oh, He looks beautiful! The light is so very bright. It's almost burning my eyes. Now Jesus is raising His right hand out, and the light is becoming dimmer. Oh, I can see more clearly now. Oh, Jesus is coming forward now. I can see He's almost barefooted. Oh, my. He's looking down now. Oh, Jesus is smiling. Now He's pointing up, and He's pointing to the star above His head. And He says, Jesus is pointing to the star and He says:

Jesus--"You will observe a beacon of hope."

Veronica--Now about the star it's starting to glow over Jesus' head, and there's an anchor. An anchor? Yes, it looks like an anchor. Oh, an anchor, a golden anchor, right under the star. Now Jesus is moving over--He's floating over. And Our Lady now is moving up. Oh, now Jesus is coming over to the right side of the flagpole. Now He's almost about at the middle. Now He's raising His hand.

Jesus--"I dispense among you graces, My children, graces for cure and conversion. Graces for the repatriation of souls which would otherwise be lost to Heaven."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand in front of Him, like this, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is shifting--His robe must be heavy; Jesus is shifting it over, the cloak part of His robe, to His left hand. And He's raising His hand. Now He's facing over, looking over towards the trees and down, and He's raising His hand, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is coming over and She's raising--oh, Our Lady has now Her beads in Her right hand. And they're extended from the left, but She's holding the golden crucifix. Oh, it's very brilliant. Our Lady's crucifix is very brilliant. Now She's standing by Jesus, and He's smiling. Oh, He is so beautiful. Jesus' hair looks almost like a tinted pink. No, it's from the light; it's the reflection from His robe. But Jesus' hair is long, onto His shoulders. And it looks almost like a reddish pink, but that's the reflection, I know.

And now Our Lady is coming over and She's extending the cross out, the crucifix. And now, oh, Our Lady is placing it in front of Her, like this, and She's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Our Lady is looking down.

Our Lady--"Veronica, My child, you may tell My children it will not be necessary to remove their treasures from their packages. The graces are supernatural."

Veronica--Oh, now--now Jesus and Our Lady are floating over--oh, They don't walk, They're just gliding on the wind, it looks like. They're gliding over, and They're standing at the left side of the flagpole and looking down. Now around Our Lady's head there, it's becoming very bright. Our Lady has the beautiful crown on still now, but there is a circlet of lights. They look like stars about Our Lady's head.

And Jesus now is reaching from under His robe. Oh, and He's giving Our Lady a--oh, it's a golden, the golden scepter. And He's holding it out and Our Lady is taking the scepter. She's placing the scepter in Her right hand. Now in Her left hand She has the beads. Now Jesus is coming now forward. He's coming down almost to the middle of the flagpole. Oh, oh, oh, He's almost standing on top now of the--oh, of the flag over there. Oh!

Jesus--"No, My . . ."

Veronica--Oh, Jesus says:

Jesus--"No, My child, I will not break it."

Veronica--Oh! Now Jesus is raising His hand up, like this; His fingers now are outstretched, and He's making the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now He's turning over to the tree. He's facing the tree, Jesus: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. He's made the sign. Now He's placing both of His hands out. Oh, I can see, I can see the marks in His hands. Oh, they're healed, but they look very raw. The--oh, the cuts in Jesus' hands look very raw. He's placing them out now so I can see them. But now they're going down. Jesus is placing His hands down--downward, like this, and oh, there are rays coming from Jesus' fingers now. He's raising them up, like this, and these rays are going right across my head and down, back down. Oh, it's just like walls of light going down across the back and back, back onto the people. The lights must reach all the way back. Oh! Oh!

Oh, now Jesus is walking over. The lights are disappearing, they're just like evaporating. It's like smoke. And now Jesus is walking over, He's floating over to the center of the flagpole. And He's coming forward. Now behind Him, Michael is coming forward behind Him. And Michael has now raised his hand. And he's saying:

St. Michael--"Hasten, harken and listen well to the words that will be given to you from your Creator."

Veronica--Now Jesus is coming forward and He's, He's not smiling.


Jesus--"My child, at this time there is not much that I can think of that will explain to you in your human language the despair that fills Our hearts in Heaven. The numbers of souls falling daily into hell are increasing because of the lack of discipline and fault of leadership in My House. You will not follow the ways of man, but you will bring man onto My road. When you have joined My House with the world and it has become one, know that the end of your era has come. You are going to receive the test of trial. In this manner shall We separate the sheep from the goats, and those that will be left shall set up the renewed Kingdom upon your earth.

"My Mother has been sent on this mission by the Father to warn you, then to prepare you for what lies ahead if you refuse to turn back from the ways that have set you onto the path of darkness. The forces of evil are rampant now within My House and in the hearts of men. Unless you turn back now, make atonement to the Father for the many offenses against Him, you will receive the sword.

"I cannot caution you enough to heed the messages of My Mother given to you in the past. Do not take Her words idly. My Mother has come as a Mediatrix by permission of the Father to intercede for an extension of mercy to you. However, the hearts of Heaven are being torn by numberless thorns inflicted by an ungrateful generation. How long do you think We will allow the murders and the abominations to continue?

"This warning has been given in countless places through many voices chosen as messengers by the Father. Soon these voices will be stilled. But the message will have gone throughout your world. No one will go to satan unless he has chosen this road of his own free will. Each man shall stand before the Father in judgment. None shall escape the veil.

"Wear your sacramentals; do not cast aside the monuments and statues and objects of godly nature, for all who keep these in their houses will be saved. Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you turn back now, your country shall not escape a great Chastisement."

Veronica--Oh, I see that, that fire now streaking across the sky again. And it looks like a huge ball of fire. It's twirling, oh, and it's tremendously hot. I feel as though I'm standing right under it. Oh, it's a huge ball! Oh, my goodness! Oh, it's so, it's so big. It feels as though it's almost on top of us. Oh! Oh! Oh, now it's growing dark. It's just passed over the sky, but it was so frightening.

Now it's growing dark, but Our Lady now--the tree on the right is very lighted with a blue light, and Our Lady is standing just above the tree. Now Jesus has gone back into the sky. It's, it's like He passed right back through a curtain, a wall, and I can't see Him now. The light is growing very dim. But Our Lady is standing over by the tree, on the right side. Now She's bending down.

Our Lady--"Continue, My child, with your prayers of atonement. Many are needed, for the strong must carry the weak."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Lady or Jesus--". . . but you are to do penance, make atonement, or be committed to eternal damnation. You shall not break the Commandments of the Father without receiving a just punishment."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.