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The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Souls are falling fast into eternal damnation. . . . The Kingdom of Heaven must be gained through merit and grace."

December 28, 1974

Eve of the Holy Family

Veronica--The sky was very dark, but now there's a light, a beautiful blue light now. It seems to be opening the sky and pushing the dark clouds back. Oh!

And coming through the light is Our Lady. Oh, and with Her there is an angel. I can see him very clearly. He's carrying a long--it looks like a horn, a golden horn. It's very thin at the part that he's blowing upon, and it curves outward to form like a circular disc at the end. It's a very strange-looking instrument. And I can hear music coming from it, but it's more like a . . .

"The expression," Our Lady says, is "call to arms."

Our Lady--"A call to arms, My child."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming down. She's between the flagpole and the tree. The tree is on Our Lady's right side. It's quite windy, because Our Lady's gown is being caught in the breeze. And it looks very beautiful!

Our Lady has on a--it's a light blue scarf about Her head, and it flows down to Her feet. And Our Lady has a light-colored garment, dress, on Her. It's very full, but there's a belt, a blue belt, a sash tied about it, and it's caught in almost an over-knot, and it hangs down by Our Lady's right side. I can see it very, very clearly because Our Lady also has attached to the sash Her white Rosary.

The Rosary beads are very, very large. They are a white, but they have a cast of pink about them as Our Lady is moving. She's looking over on the wonderful crowd below. Now Our Lady is reaching down, and She's holding Her crucifix. It's a golden crucifix. It--well, it's a cross, it's a golden cross without the corpus on it. And Our Lady is raising it now just a little in front of Her face, and She's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is floating over closer to the flagpole, and She's looking down.


Our Lady--"Listen carefully, My child, and repeat after Me:

"The Father shall set upon the world a chastisement, a most severe chastisement to mankind. The murders of the innocent babies, children killed without reason, promoted by satan--the murder of the Holy Innocents!

"Know, My children, that all will stand before the Father and be judged for the crime of murder. Repent now of your way. Stop now, while you have the time, the murders of the unborn.

"The Father breathes the spirit of life into the body of the unborn at the moment of conception. The Father has a plan for each life He permits to be born. No man has been given the right by the Father to take away this life. The mission of that soul is returned incomplete. This abomination among mankind shall not be tolerated much longer! You have in your human nature adopted licentiousness! My children, awaken! Come into the light! You have submerged your spirit in deep darkness.

"Those who have been given the rule in My Son's House, Church, there is much wanting in their rule. The laxity of their teaching shall not be tolerated by the Father! My Son is much grieved because He finds the greatest responsibility being lost, the teaching polluted by those He has chosen among mankind to direct and gather His sheep for the Kingdom. Woe to those who have cast aside the rule and given themselves to the pleasures of the flesh!

"Many will sell their souls to get to the head. A religious who keeps a penny, My child, shall not be even worth this penny! What does it gain a man if he wins the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul?

"Every man, My children, has been given a free will. The Father has a plan for each life He places upon your planet. However, your free will has set you upon a road of destruction, for you are turning from the light and going fast into deeper darkness. Hasten, harken, and listen! Shout My message from the rooftop!

"Much of My message, My child, is repetitious for reason. With each word I repeat We find the recovery of another soul.

"There is not much time left, My child, to gather the sheep. Know that the Antichrist, the Antichrist, My child, is walking upon your earth. He goes and follows wherever there is darkness. He will defile souls in a manner that no human mind could conceive, so foul will be his degradation!

"The abyss is open wide. The demons are set loose upon you. Those who have given themselves to satan will be claimed by him. The great Chastisement will come shortly before the arrival of My Son.

"Know that My Son shall enter upon your world with the legions from Heaven, the angels and the saints. They shall descend upon your earth in force. Do not be deceived by those who walk among you claiming to be My Son, for He shall come to you in only one way--descending from the Kingdom of the heavens.


"False christs shall walk among you, teaching error. This deception and error has entered also into My Son's houses throughout the world. Open your eyes! Take the blindness from your heart! You have been given the truth. You will act upon it. Man in his arrogance seeks to change the word of God. He is being deceived by satan, the adversary.

"I, your Mother, have come to you through the will of the most high God, your Father in Heaven, to bring you this message of warning, this final message before your chastisement: You must turn aside from your ways which offend the Father much! You must return your lives to one of sacrifice and atonement. The world about you is the world of satan. He seeks to buy your affection. He seeks to buy your soul. He will sell you into the abyss!

"Those who care more for the approval of the world, those who care more for the materials of the world, shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Your life upon your earth is but of short duration. The Kingdom of Heaven and the abyss are eternal.

"The Father, the most high God in Heaven, My child, is always the final judge. Only He can look into the heart. That is why We caution you not to set yourselves in judgment of your brothers and sisters. You may counsel them, you may advise in charity, but you must not judge. The Father is always the final judge. Pray for all men of sin. The power of prayer is great, My child.

"You must enlighten Our children upon earth of the existence of the supernatural, My child. Bring the knowledge of the angels to the children. The children travel and wander in a void.

"Your country has fallen to satan, My child. I have gone throughout your land shedding bitter tears of sorrow. I look upon your land, the most glorious Americas--fallen to the adversary! Know, My child, that his reign will not be final. His reign is but for a short time, but during that time the Father shall set about the separation of the sheep from the goats. Know now that the Father in Heaven will turn all evil to good.

"No man, no creation is above the Father in Heaven. Only He has the power to give life, and no man shall take the power of life into his own hands by extinguishing this body!"

Veronica--Our Lady is pointing over on Her right side. Oh, and I'm looking into--it looks like a field. No, it's a dump. It's a dump, a garbage dump. And Our Lady is pointing down.

Our Lady--"See, My child, mankind--the rubble, treated like garbage."


Veronica--Oh, I see plastic bags, and--oh, my God! I see bodies of babies. Oh, they're in plastic bags. In one bag I see--oh, my God! Oh, I see three faces! Oh, my God--three heads! Oh, they're actually babies. How horrible! Oh, my God! I don't see a whole body in the bags. I see a horrible mixture of arms and legs. Oh, my God!

Our Lady--"Yes, My child, they are not only slaughtered; they are tortured!

[Veronica wept.]

"Murder, My child! It is not a pretty sight. Murder, My child! As you sow, so shall you reap! All who share even a slight measure of responsibility for the murder of the unborn shall send themselves into the abyss. Eternal damnation and the fires shall claim them! Repent now of your murders!

"Remember, My children, Sodom and Gomorrha, the great cities of sin. Your city and the cities of your country shall be wiped away--wiped from the face of your earth, so great is the sin in your city!


"My child, do not flee in fear. You must stay and fight the evil. Think, My child, of the great glory of martyrdom. Know that every man who leaves the earth carrying My Son's cross holds the key to the Kingdom."

Veronica--And I see Our Lady standing there now. She's holding in front of Her a most beautiful golden key. The key has three circles in it--one, two, three, and it has--it looks like a regular key, but it is very beautiful!

Now next to the key--Our Lady is pointing, and She's drawing with Her finger a bishop's staff.

Now Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"Remember, My child, this image--the key and the bishop's staff."

Veronica--It looks like a large question mark, the staff. But now as I watch--oh, my goodness! The question-like staff--it looks like it's turning a very dark purple. It looks like it's in mourning. Oh, my!

Now Our Lady is placing Her hand out in front of Her, and there are rays coming forward. And as Our Lady is moving Her hand, like this, the key has disappeared. It actually did vanish, and also the lights went out. It was just like the light went out. And this bishop's staff is also gone.

Now Our Lady is coming forward.

Our Lady--"My child, the light was extinguished for reason. Know that the light, the voice of truth, will be dimmed in your world, so great is the darkness of the soul! Mankind shall go through a crucible of great suffering. The Father plans to chastise those He loves. It will be in this way that many shall be recovered.

"You, My child, and others of Our children upon earth, would not be able to understand the way of the Father. That is why I counsel you, My child and My children, to accept all the Father sends you, be it crosses or roses. With each rose that is given, My child, there will be thorns.


"I have chosen, My children, to call My sacred grounds a garden of roses. The rose is the perfect insignia of purity and divinity among the flowers.

"Each soul placed upon the earth, My child, is a flower that must be nourished with pure waters so that the stem may grow and be strong and the flowering face of the child shall be turned upward to receive the light. We give to each parent the trust of this fragile flower, the child.

"We are much grieved in Heaven to view the abominations being committed in many homes. The darkness has set into many homes. All parents must open their heart and look into their home objectively. Have you set your house in order? Have you brought the knowledge of your God to your children? Have you cast out of your home the abomination placed there by satan--the box of evil, your television? The books of degradation and perversion--pornography? Yes, My child, do not be startled. Many parents read these abominable books and set a bad example to their children.

"Worldly knowledge is always not of God. Man of science is ever seeking but never finding the truth.

"Many parents have lost the way and in this manner shall lead their children astray. Awaken from your slumber, parents! Whatever shall become of your children? Many parents shall gnash their teeth and shed bitter tears of sorrow, too late! Too late--so great is the darkness of your world!

"The act of marriage blessed by the Father must not be dissolved to suit mankind in his carnal nature and loss of the knowledge of God. What God has joined together no man shall place asunder.


"There is much lacking in the homes on your earth, My children. Piety, sanctity--words that are lost among you. You have chosen to accept the ways of the world and bring them into your home. You have cast out the images of piety We have given you, the statues and the fonts of pious waters."

Veronica--The holy waters, Our Lady says.

Our Lady--"Replacing them with images of satan and immodesty!"

Veronica--Vulgar statues, Our Lady says.

Our Lady--"Throw them out now! Start anew, My children. You will be forgiven if you repent now. The Father wills that not one of you be lost to satan.

"My voice continues to bring the Message from Heaven to you. We have met with great rejection from Our clergy. We have met with great rejection from Our children. Shall you force the hand of My Son upon you? Shall you ask to receive the Ball of Redemption? Know that this Ball is out now in your atmosphere. Know, My child, man of science shall not set his focus upon the celestial heavens and find this Ball until the Father wills that this be done.

"This ball of fire that will be the source of baptism for mankind shall come upon you suddenly. All shall flee in fear, but too late, too late, for they have not heeded the warning from Heaven.

"All who are in the light will be guided onto the way.

"Do not be concerned, My child, of the opinions of mankind. You will give out My message and the Father will do the rest. You can expect great battle from Our adversary, satan. He has many agents loosed now among the peoples of earth. A soul in darkness can be used in the army of satan.

"You will learn, My child, to recognize the faces of evil.

"Those poor souls, My children, who are in deep darkness have rejected My message. Pray for them. Keep a constant vigilance of prayer, for your prayers can remove their blindness of spirit.

"You, My child, will meet with great persecution. Were it not so, I would tell you thus. Know that as you are successful in the recovery of souls, the legions of hell will descend to fight you.

"You seek, My child, a sanctuary of peace. In your home you must constantly use the blessed waters, for the agents of satan have set themselves to disturb you. They will attack you physically as they have in the past. Know that they shall not damage your soul, so do not be concerned if they make attacks upon your body.

"You must bar your doors, My child, to all but your close workers and immediate family. We do not wish you to suffer needlessly.

"We look into the homes of Our children and find much discord among the parents--father against son, daughter against mother, children against parents. O woe! It is truly a sad sight!

"Holiness must be returned to My Son's Church. Holiness, piety must be returned to the home.

"A House in darkness wears a band of death about it. The family that will pray together will stay together, My child. Pray a constant vigilance in your home and you will make the demons flee. They cannot stay in a house of prayer.

"You will understand, My child, why satan has entered My Son's home on earth, the Church: because there was not enough prayer. Man talks, idly talks of worldly matters, when he should concentrate on the spiritual.

"Prayer, penance, and atonement will be necessary. If man does not seek means of doing penance, the Father shall set upon the world a great penance.

"It is only because, My child, there are not enough prayers that mankind is going fast toward a great War. It is only because there are not enough prayers that there is discord and broken homes. It is only because there are not enough prayers that many children have placed the knives in their parents' hearts.


"Children wander without a goal. My child, they have lost their way. They seek the Father, but without counsel they will find satan. Satan has set up a false road to capture your children. Satan has many agents now in your government and in your schools and in all the medias of your life, your newspapers, and your entertainment medias.

"Know, My children, that you as parents must guard the souls of your children. You must monitor your children's lives. Set an example of piety! We find many mothers an abomination in the eyes of their Father. They disport their bodies like pagans! They permit their daughters to dress shamefully, until these misled children no longer recognize sin and it has become a way of life for them.

"The example of many parents in their homes is poor. Awaken! Awaken now from your darkness! Your children are without shepherds. Your children are without guidance. Parents, you will stand before the Father in judgment for the loss of your children's souls!

"Discipline must be returned to the home. The example must be godly. No longer shall God the Father tolerate laxity among His children.

"You were created, My children, to make your way and fight the good fight against satan until you return from your pilgrimage to the Father at the gates of the Kingdom.

"We cry bitter tears of sorrow at each sorrowful sight of a child lost forever to the Kingdom of the Father."

Veronica--Now I see--I'm looking down with Our Lady. She's pointing down to a great chasm, a great hole in the earth. It's--oh, dear! It's an awfully deep pit, and there's smoke, and it's very gagging. It's a stench that's so horrible! It's like a combination of sulphur and something very rotten.

Now Our Lady is covering my head with Her blue cloak.

Our Lady--"I do not wish for you to suffer, My child, this terrible sight of damned souls. You have often viewed this terrible chasm. You will pray more and do much penance for these poor souls who without your prayers and the prayers of your brothers and sisters will be forever confined to the abyss, eternally damned and chained by satan."



Our Lady--"Yes, My child, make it known to the world that satan has set a delusion among you. He will seek to take from you the truth in knowledge of the existence of his kingdom--hell! He will do this, My child, in the most cunning manner, using the bodies of human beings to do his will. That is why, My child, you must pray much so that the Father will enlighten you through the spirit. The enemies of God walk in human form.

"The demons are always among you, waiting to enter. If they are cast out by prayer, penance, and the reception in heart of My Son in the Eucharist, if you stray from the path, they will return double in strength to try to enter and seduce your soul--so great is the power of satan! However, he shall not be victorious if you do not stray from the path given to you.

"Life upon earth will go forward in constant battle against satan. The way has been darkened by mankind; but I, My children, carry the light. You will all follow Me, your Mother, in the light. I have taken My candle, My children, and I wander throughout your world searching for Our straying sheep.

"It is for you, My true souls in the light, to light your candles with Me and hold back the darkness, the darkness that is rising to flood the world and destroy the souls.

"Know, I repeat, that the forces of Antichrist are loosed upon you. You are in the battle against these forces of evil. The time--recognize these times, My children--the time is upon you. All who are of well spirit will have no fear. All will be good for those of well spirit."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is placing Her hand in front of Her, holding Her Rosary just a little under Her chin, and She's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is smiling sadly, and She's turning to Her left and raising Her cross out in front of Her, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is looking down. She's way over by the right side and looking down. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is going over, and behind Her is the angel, the very large angel with the golden horn, long golden horn. Now that he's turned I can see it's as long as he is. It goes from his mouth now, the horn, he's placing it almost down to his feet and curves at the end, like. It has a little curve and a large bowl.

Now Our Lady is nodding Her head and She's going over now--She's coming over to our left side. And Our Lady is looking down and raising Her crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is going over--now coming down from the sky I see three more angels. Oh, I recognize Michael. Oh, yes. Michael is over on the left side now. He's coming down now and standing right at Our Lady's side, on Our Lady's right side.

Our Lady now is floating over, and the other three angels are staying over by the right. Now Our Lady is looking down, and She is extending Her crucifix of Her Rosary out: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is coming over. She's just over beyond--oh, it's a large star I'm looking at. Our Lady is pointing up, and now She's saying:

Our Lady--"Know, My child, that I will be with you. I will be here at the sacred grounds up to the coming of My Son. No fence shall be high enough to shut out the light. No man can go above his God. Ask and you shall receive. Graces in abundance shall be given to you for the asking. My mantle of love is spread about you. My protection is here."

Veronica--And Our Lady is pointing to Her heart.

Our Lady--"Save yourselves and your children in the merciful and Sacred Heart of My Son. He is very lonely, My child. Won't you comfort Him?"

Veronica--Our Lady wishes that more comfort Jesus in the Eucharist.

Our Lady--"It is truly, My child, the Bread of life. Unless you partake of this Bread, you shall not have the light within you."

Veronica--Now Michael is coming forward, and he's standing by Our Lady very closely. And he's bending over and he's shouting; he talks so loud!

St. Michael--"Convert the unbeliever! Convert the unbeliever!"


Veronica--Now Michael is rising up and going above Our Lady and coming over to the left side. Oh, and Michael is bending down and he's taking his spear now, and just at his feet he's writing with the point of his spear: G-U-A-R-D-I-A-N: "GUARDIAN" O-F: "OF" T-H-E: "THE" F-A-I-T-H. "GUARDIAN OF THE FAITH." It's written in bright letters now all across the sky.

Michael says: "Guardian of the Faith." Now Michael is taking his sword and he's running it through the letters. It's being erased and he's pointing over--oh, by Our Lady. He's pointing to Our Lady, and he's saying:

St. Michael--"Children of earth, you must listen to the Queen of Heaven and earth and act upon Her words, for She guides you well.

"The words of the Queen of Heaven are given to you for reason. You will hasten, harken, and listen and act upon Her words. The time grows short! The balance is uneven. The punishing hand of the Eternal Father shall descend fast upon mankind. You have received a true warning from the Father. Prepare yourselves now! Make ready, for you are in deep darkness and the light shall be forced upon you!"

Veronica--Now Michael is going over by Our Lady. He's going to stand right behind Her.

Now about Our Lady's head now there are--beautiful! There's a crown; Our Lady has a crown now about Her head. It's so beautiful! It looks like white diamonds, or like stars. It's as though all these stars have been gathered and placed about Our Lady's head. Oh, it's just beautiful--like white fire! Oh! And I hear . . . there are voices singing--oh, angelic voices, like a whole choir: "Lady in the light. Lady of the light." Beautiful!

Now Our Lady is placing Her hand in front of Her. Oh, and She's holding a Scapular.

Our Lady--"Yes, My child, when a picture is placed, I prefer that it be the picture of My Son, Jesus."

Veronica--Oh, Our Lady now is showing me the Scapular. Oh, it's Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We know it like that. Oh, and She is holding Jesus in Her arms.

He looks just like a little Prince. He has a small crown upon His head. It's not like Our Lady's. His crown is golden, but it has a red velvet sort of cap to it, a little cap with a cross on the top of it in gold. Beautiful! Now Jesus also has on a long dress. I can see His feet are bare, His little feet. Oh!

And Our Lady now is bending over.

Our Lady--"You see, My child, modesty must be taught to the child from babyhood. Modesty must be learned from babyhood.

"Now, My child, You will be seated and gather your strength. My Son has a directive for you when He comes."


Veronica-- . . . light in the sky. It's a very deep blue. It's a very bright blue. And oh, coming through the light, as though He's floating--oh, Jesus is standing right now just above us. Oh, He's coming down much closer than Our Lady did before. And oh, Jesus has on this burgundy-colored red--oh, it's not a red, it's a wine-colored cloak and it ties about His neck. It has a cord, a dark brown cord. And he has on--

Jesus--"Yes, My child, you may describe My, My feet."

Veronica--Oh, Jesus has on this long gown. It's--oh, a beige color; it's very loose. And it's--He has a tie about the gown, I notice. It's like a belt, but it's the same color as the brown cord that's at His neck. Now Jesus is not wearing anything on His feet. Oh, yes! It's like a sandal, but I can't see where the straps are because His gown is very long. And now--oh, Jesus is now placing His foot out. Oh, I see. It's just a sandal held on with two straps and a piece that's tied about His ankle.

Now Jesus is shifting His cloak over to His left arm, and He's placing His hands out in front of Him, like this. And now He's extending His hand out, like this, and Jesus is making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is floating over. And coming down now behind Him, Our Lady is emerging out of a light. There's a great light and Our Lady is coming down and standing next to Jesus. And Michael and the three other angels are with Him. I recognize the two on the right are Gabriel and Raphael. And there's another angel--the one holding the horn, that long golden horn; he's standing there. I don't know his name.

Now Our Lady is going over by Jesus, and Jesus now is placing His hand out in front of Him, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"My child, words can never express the anguish in the hearts of those in the Kingdom.


"Your world is in deep darkness of spirit. The abyss is open wide and the souls are falling fast into eternal damnation. Born of a free will, you will make your own choice. The Kingdom of Heaven was made for all, but only many have chosen it. The Kingdom of Heaven must be gained through merit and grace. You have been given the way. My Mother has been sent among you as a Mediatrix. Her words must not be taken lightly.

"The plan for your redemption and cleansing has been set in motion. The Ball is out in your atmosphere. The plan for your redemption is at hand. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.

"My Mother has not been sent to set fear in your heart, but to warn you of the coming Chastisement and to give you the extension of time for preparation of your soul and the souls of your children. Heed this warning now and act upon it.

"When a soul is lost, he will have been lost of his own free will. Graces are given to you in abundance. Should you cast them aside or refuse to accept them in your blindness, you shall fall fast into darkness and go onto the wide road to your destruction. Pray a constant vigilance of atonement.


"We have asked for recognition among mankind. The Message from Heaven has been given to many seers upon your earth. This message has been cast aside by many. Many shall be called before the final count, but only a few shall be chosen. This decision is yours.

"The time for preparation grows short. The time of trial is upon you. Your world shall see and experience a crucible of great suffering and trial.

"My Mother has wandered throughout your world preparing you that you may go through this crucible without a loss of faith and hope. Keep a constant vigilance in your home and upon your earth and you will be given the way. Persevere in the days ahead and you will win your crown."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over to Our Lady, and He is nodding His head.

Jesus--"My children, continue with your prayers of atonement. Many are needed. You are not alone in your struggle. The world will receive the message. My word will go out throughout your world and then the hand of chastisement will fall upon mankind.

"How long, you ask, My child, shall it be? This decision lies only in the hearts of mankind. When the abominations have reached a peak of great iniquity, know then that the end is at hand.

"Death, famine, destruction, seeds of evil flourishing to the extent that you will fear that mass insanity has set upon your world. Sin, My children, is insanity. Wars are a punishment for your sins! Awaken! Take the darkness from your hearts! Make atonement for yourselves, for no man can say he has not offended his God!

"We send you the graces necessary for your salvation. Accept them, nourish them, and share them with your brothers. My Mother shall be with you to guide you through the days ahead. Work with great haste, My child. The message must go quickly."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.