The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Look upon this heart, My child, so torn by the sins and offenses of mankind. My heart is aching. My hands are bloody. I long to look upon My creation and be filled with joy. Who will comfort Me in My loneliness?"

May 22, 1974

Eve of the Ascension of Our Lord

Veronica--It's becoming very blue; it's a beautiful blue shade around the trees.

Now Our Lady is coming forward; She's standing by the left side of the flagpole. And over on Her right--that's our left--is Michael. I recognize Michael. He has his short skirt on this time. However, Our Lady's skirts seem to be caught much faster, and the wind is blowing them. Oh, Our Lady now has caught Her skirt by Her right hand.

Now Our Lady is coming forward. Now She's bending Her head down very sadly.

Our Lady--"My child, I have great sorrow in My heart. We look upon great discord in your world. The forces of evil have overcome many.

"It is sad, My child, that so few recognize the voice of Our Vicar. We observe that his voice was stilled also upon these sacred grounds.


"There will be great revolution in the nations of your world. Only a few will be saved in the final count.

"Already the people of your world have been marked for their judgment."

Veronica--Our Lady now is walking over--She's gliding over to the right side of the flagpole. Now Saint Michael is joining Our Lady over by the right side of the flagpole. Now Michael is pointing downward with his spear. Oh!

St. Michael--"War, the greatest of wars will befall mankind for their offenses against the Lord high God of Heaven and your Creator. No man upon earth shall be free from this affliction."

Veronica--Now I see . . . oh, I see a terrible war. Oh! Oh! It's a fast war, the explosion so great. One explosion destroys . . . I see a large map and a terrible explosion, and one whole country has disappeared.

Now it is growing very dark, very dark, but Our Lady is standing to the right. Now She's coming forward.

Our Lady--"My child, man must now take himself from the world which is in full control of satan. His reign will be short, but he is working night and day. Know, My child, that he never sleeps.

"You will find, My child, many who will turn from you as the thorns become more numerous. However, know that We have gathered Our own about you, those who are destined to come to the victorious climax and the establishment of the Kingdom of the Father upon your earth.

"Persevere; wear your sacramentals; guard the souls of those you love. Keep the Faith in the hearts of those you love. You cannot have the world, your world on earth, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

"Know, My child, that you will undergo great persecution, persecution from your own. You will understand, My child, in time, that the Father sets a great test upon those He has chosen for special mission.

"My child, shout, shout from the rooftops. Your brothers and sisters must not turn from My Son's House. They are judging, My child, on the actions of man. Man, men of your earth, are but the walls of My Son's Church. He is the foundation. Do not run away from Him, but console Him. He is lonely, My child. The doors are locked."

Veronica--Now I see a large table in a--oh, a very rustic-looking room. It's quite old. Now around the table are some men. Oh, they're all oh, middle-aged or older men. Most of them have beards. In fact, all of them have beards. Now Jesus' though, His seems to be shorter than the others. And now they're all talking. And Jesus is stan--oh, He's standing now and holding out His hand before Him. Now in His hand there is a very large . . . oh, it's a heart, a heart.

Now Jesus is looking down. He's standing behind a very large table. I recognize now, I know that the men in the beards are the Apostles with Him.

Jesus--"Know, My child, that the heart of the Sacrifice is in what you call the Eucharist. You will eat of My Body and drink of My Flesh or you will not have the light within you. You will not have the light within you, but will fall into darkness if you do not eat of My Body and drink of My Flesh."

Veronica--Oh, the blood! Jesus' blood! And the blood is pouring now from this heart He has in His hand. Oh! Now I see in His hand the heart is surrounded by thorns. He's holding it forward, and the heart is growing larger and larger and larger. Now I can't see Jesus behind it, but I can hear His voice. And He's saying:

Jesus--"Look upon this heart, My child, so torn by the sins and offenses of mankind. My heart is aching. My hands are bloody. I long to look upon My creation and be filled with joy. Who will comfort Me in My loneliness?"

Veronica--Now it's growing very dark, and I, I see many, many people now grouped together. They're running; they seem to be fleeing. They're fleeing from figures that look like executioners. And now I hear a loud voice. The voice is saying, shouting, "Blood will flow through the streets."

Now it's growing light, and Our Lady is coming forward. She's holding out now in front of Her, Her beautiful white Rosary. Oh, the Rosary is so beautiful! The Our Father is golden and the Hail Marys are white. But as Our Lady turns, a beautiful pink glow comes from the beads. Now Our Lady is holding them in front of Her.

Our Lady--"My child, make it known to the world that these are the beads of salvation for mankind."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is reaching at Her side, and She's holding up a very large Scapular. I can see the pictures on the Scapular, for the Scapular is very large. Our Lady is saying--She's talking very softly; She doesn't sound as sad now as before.

Our Lady--"No, My child, I am not that sad, for I have great hope that with these beads of prayer and this pledge to the Father of sacrifice I can obtain the salvation of many souls that otherwise would be lost to Us.

"Bring to the world, My child--pray for those in darkness, but bring to the world the knowledge that all must pass beyond the veil and be judged. So many have given themselves to the world, to the pleasures of the flesh. The pleasures of the flesh will destroy the souls and cast them forever into the abyss.

"Mothers, whatever shall become of your children? Only you can save now your children. The leaders have gone astray. They have scattered the sheep. Gather your little ones before they, too, become lost. Fortify their souls against the evil about them by placing the sacramentals upon their body. For the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit within.

"My child, the many prayers, the many sacrifices have won a reprieve for your country and mankind. But so soon do they forget when the danger has subsided."


Veronica--Now it's growing dark. And Our Lady is pointing with Her finger over to the left side of the flagpole. Oh, I see the inside of a large room. And sitting at a desk I can see Pope Paul. He's signing a paper. Now he's placed the pen down and he's going over to a kneeler; he has a kneeler before a very large statue of Our Lady. Oh! He is . . . I don't understand his words.

Now Our Lady is coming over, and She is saying:

Our Lady--"I will repeat them for you, My child. The heart of your Vicar cries in anguish, 'Mother Immaculate, give me the strength to persevere in the days ahead. You have made it known to me the way of the cross. I shall accept the will of the Father.' "

Veronica--Now I can see the Holy Father bowing his head.

Now Our Lady is going over to the right side of the flagpole, and She's bending down now. And Michael's there. And now behind them are the most beautiful young angels. Oh, they're beautiful! They're dressed in colors of the rainbow--oh, blues and pink and yellow. Oh, there's more yellow than blue.

Now Our Lady is smiling.

Our Lady--"You recognize, My child, there is more yellow than blue. Yes, the papacy--your Vicar is strengthened in his knowledge. However, you must make it known to the bishops of the world that disobedience to his command will not be tolerated any longer by the Father in Heaven."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming very close.

Our Lady--"You, My child, must retire into a complete world of prayer, sacrifice.

"We are much pleased with the gathering of the beloved souls. One day all will know how many, how great the count of the souls recovered from Lucifer by these acts of love and sacrifice.

"I promise you I will be with you to the Second Coming, the return of My Son in glorious triumph over the great forces of evil now rampant in your world.

"Do not be afeared, My child. Look forward with great joy in the knowledge that the Father has full control over His adversary, satan. The Father chastises those He loves. Know, learn the value of suffering, for it is in this manner that many will escape purgatory.

"I assure you, My child, could man look into purgatory, he would beg to find--he would search out every moment of his life upon earth a manner to purge himself by penance and suffering. The years are few upon your earth; time beyond the veil is forever and endless.

"Many now have given themselves to the world. This saddens Our hearts greatly, for the road is wide that leads into darkness and the lighted road is narrow. You cannot bargain with your soul.


"The Father is all-merciful, wishing none to be lost. However, many chastisements will be sent upon mankind. This will be tempered with a great, majestic celestial manifestation from the Father. And after this, My child, should man not recognize the signs of his time, there will be sent upon him the Ball of Redemption. The few with faith have held back this great Warning and Chastisement. However, the scale must be balanced, as time is running out, My child. Work with great haste; persevere in your mission. Accept the will of the Father.

"Know that in His providence He is all-knowing and seeks for the redemption of mankind. The great Chastisement will be a baptism of fire upon mankind. Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice--My voice has cried, has pleaded, has begged for mankind to turn back now from his path or receive a just punishment from the Father.

"Your country, America, the United States--I have promised to protect and spread My mantle of love upon you. Even now many plot and plan to dethrone My Son and to cast Me aside. How foolish of mankind to reject the graces the Father gives with abundance! Gather them, My children, I cry to you. Gather these graces now. Treasure them and bring them to your children, for great trials are approaching mankind. Your country, for its many abominations and sins of immorality, shall not be free from chastisement.

"The example of the teachers and the example of many parents is poor. Therefore, what great measure shall the parent who abandons his or her child to sin, what measure shall the punishment be meted unto them by the Father! Hell shall overflow with the souls of those who rejected the word of God and accepted the words of satan, through fallen mankind.

"Know, My child, that the evils in the world are in the hearts of men. Satan cannot come to you in his true supernatural nature; he must work through human mankind. Recognize this, then you will recognize the faces of evil about you. Retire into a life of prayer; persevere and you will be saved.

"Already, My child, there are many tears being shed for the loss of life in the world. Many come to Us unprepared. The plan of the Father must go forward, for there is the separation of the sheep and the goats.

"Graces of cure and conversion will be given for the asking. Never tire, My child, in searching the world for a soul.


"The Order of Michael will be established in the United States. Michael is the guardian of My Son's House. Michael will be entered into My Son's House, or your country will fall. The doors will shut. Persecution will reign in the House of My Son, and all that is rotten will fall.

"Pray much, My child. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, Rosaries of prayer throughout the world--link to link, bead to bead, soul to soul across your nation and the world. You are living now in the days of trial, and you will all be tested and receive your just reward from the Father."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is moving over towards the tree. Oh, She's smiling very sadly. And now She's placing Her hand in front of Her, and there are rays coming from Her hand. And now the rays are going up from the sky and down onto the people. Now the sky is opening up, and there are rays coming from the left side down from the sky, down to the ground. They're beautiful! Blues tinged in yellow, beautiful rays. Now Our Lady is coming over. The rays are still coming down from the sky. And Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"Graces, My children, you see graces in abundance."


Our Lady--"Now, My child, you may sit, for there will be days of great trial ahead for you. Conserve your energy. Dispense with much unnecessary labels misunderstood. You do not have to socialize to win a soul. Better that you pray, My child. It will be the greatest agent for recovery of a soul.

"Be sure, My child, that you do not forget to call upon your guardian, and know that Creazuus is with you also. Yes, My child. One day you will understand why."


"You must tell My children upon earth that they must not cease their prayers for their friends, their brothers, their sisters who are waiting with much anguish to be released from purgatory."

Veronica--Oh! Oh, I'm looking--oh, I'm looking into a very, a very deep chasm--hole, like. It seems like a void, a large space. I can see many, many people, many people. They're not red and burning like the people who were down in the big black hole. But they're a very light orange color. But I see that there is a deeper, a deeper hole below them.

Now Our Lady is coming over.


Our Lady--"My child, I wish to reveal to you one mystery of life beyond the veil. There is not just one place of purging. No, My child, there are stages for the purging. Many will be here in the lowest stage unto the end of your world, only because there is no one who can make restitution to the Father for the offenses committed by these souls while they were upon earth.

"Yes, My child, there are many here who have no one to pray for them. They are helpless as they wait. One thought, one kind memory can ease part of their suffering. Just one kind thought, one memory can ease a part of their suffering. Many here have been forgotten by their own.

"I say to you now, My children, while you are upon earth: you shall reap what you have sown. Therefore, use your time wisely by gathering the graces, graces in abundance now within your reach. You have, as you are still upon earth, a Heaven-given power to release your brothers and sisters. Pray for them; make sacrifices for them; release them. And when you do, their power will be great enough to bring you into the Kingdom."

Veronica--I see also . . . Our Lady now is taking my hand. We're going down past these poor people. They can see us. Oh! Oh, we're going down now, farther down. Our Lady refers to it as the second stage. And now I see . . . oh, there are many priests, many priests down here. Oh! Oh, and there are--there are also bishops and cardinals. I can recognize them. They're holding their faces in their hands. Oh!

Now Our Lady is moving over.

"Don't leave me here!" [Veronica sobs.]

Now Our Lady is taking my hand; we're going up.

"Take me out! Take me out! I don't want to look."

Now Our Lady is pointing down.

Our Lady--"You see, My child, why I ask that you call for the prayers for your priests. Without your prayers, many will spend years, many years of purging in the second stage."

Veronica--Oh! Oh! Now we're over, and we're going up into the light. Oh! Oh, I feel like I've come out of some place where I was burning all up. Oh! Oh! Oh, I can breathe again.

Our Lady--"Yes, My child, if only all mankind could look beyond the veil, My travels throughout your world would not be necessary.

"I have great news for you. Though your country and the world will have great chastisement, know that you will exist into the next year of earth-time. During that year you will be given the opportunity to gain many graces.

"The mission for recognition of these sacred grounds will go forward with great speed. The numbers shall be countless who will receive cures and conversion. All glory to the Father, the Lord high God in Heaven. Subject all will to His providence. You see, My child, though there are thorns you may still carry the roses. The power from Heaven shall be known through the roses.

"My child, you will make it known to your brothers and sisters of the white berets that they give Us great joy in Heaven. Courage, perseverance--I promise you, My children, you will enter into the Kingdom. As you have renounced the world and acknowledged My Son before mankind, know now that My Son will acknowledge you all before the Father.

"Now, My child, you understand the meaning of the roses.

"My child, Theresa--"

Veronica--Oh! Oh! Our Lady now is placing Her hand out. Oh, there's Saint Theresa, Saint Theresa. Oh! Oh! Oh! Now Theresa is coming forward. I don't understand . . . Oh, Theresa is saying--I can understand. I don't know her language, but I can understand what she is saying.

St. Theresa--"See the Queen of Heaven, the Mystical Rose. Know now that you will recognize the mystical rose petals. They will be sent throughout the world, for they are instruments of cures and conversion.

"Veronica, do not be distressed. My sisters have refused to place their skirts upon the floor. Soon they will run to place their skirts upon the floor. For if they do not place their skirts upon the floor, Veronica, their skin will burn."

Veronica--Oh! Now Our Lady is bowing Her head, and She's pointing over.

Our Lady--"You may sit."

Veronica--Our Lady said that the Father is most displeased at the example being given by many of His dedicated. Priests in the House of God shall dress and act as priests. Nuns in the convents shall conduct themselves not as foolish maidens, but as pillars of chastity.


Now I see coming forward . . . oh, a little girl and a boy. Oh, I know them. Oh, it's Jacinta and Francisco. And Our Lady is standing there, and She has on a white gown with gold trim. And now She's placing Her hands out, and She's bringing them forward. And they're standing in front of Our Lady. They're very cute. And now . . . oh, Jacinta is pulling--oh, the little boy has a hat on his head, and she's pulling it off. The hat looks like a stocking, sort of, and Jacinta's pulling it off. And now she's holding in her hand a picture. Oh, it's the picture Jacinta 1972.

Now Jacinta is wiping her eyes. Oh! And Our Lady is looking down and speaking with her. Our Lady now says that Jacinta is very sad that her message has not been heeded and not accepted. Oh, the picture.

Our Lady--"You will send the picture again around the world."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming forward.

Our Lady--"No, sit.

"The world, My child, will refuse the supernatural manifestations of the Father. It is only because they have hardened their hearts and are allowed by the Father to be blinded. How sad to know that those who have been given the power to obtain great graces have chosen to cast them aside. Pray much for them, My children, for without your prayers they will never come back to the road to the Kingdom.

"You will have, My child, a Mass said for the one I have spoken to you now of.


"They did not fall asleep. My Son ascended in full view. His loved ones were not asleep."

Veronica--Our Lady says there is much fallacy in the world. The great Apostles of Jesus did not fall asleep. They were wide and fully awake when they watched Jesus ascend into Heaven.


Our Lady--"My child, do not forget. You will correct these errors by writing the Gospel Truth. You will go forward with the cross in your right hand and the Bible, the Book of life, in your left. And all who deny this Book are not of the light.

"This Book will not be rewritten to satisfy the whims of man. What the Holy Spirit has said shall not be changed. Restore the Book of life back to its proper place of truth. You will not change your world and the writings of the men who founded My Son's House to suit the whims of mankind! Mankind will change his ways to come under the guidance of the Father and reach the Kingdom he was destined for.

"Man will not bend the cross of My Son, setting up man as an idol of worship! Man will bend his own will and subject it to the will of the Father.

"Yes, My child, you will find in the days ahead that as you fight the tide, the rising tide of evil, you will go forward three steps, falling back one; forward four steps, falling back two. But then your pace will be fast. Perseverance and prayer.

"Once you divest yourself, My child, of all worldly attachments, you will find that your mission has fewer thorns. However, do not feel affronted, My child. A soul set on the road to sanctification must also make her way forward, step by step, in the will of the Father."


Veronica--All who are able please kneel, for Jesus is here and He's going to bless all of the sacramentals.

Oh, Our Lady now is coming down. Oh, the light is so bright! Oh, and Our Lady now is dressed in Her white--it's a robe that covers Her gown. The gown is a cream color, but Her robe is--oh, a brilliant white with golden trim. Oh, now Our Lady looks much younger. She looks--oh, She looks almost like a little girl, oh, next to Jesus. Oh, Our Lady is a little shorter than Jesus; Jesus is quite tall.

Now Jesus is coming over, and He has on His red robe, and He's placing the robe over His left hand. And Jesus is smiling. He's very beautiful. Oh, He's . . . oh, now Jesus is coming down, and He's looking all around. And He's pointing over here. And He said:

Jesus--"Do not forget to give the rose to My beloved priest."

Veronica--Over to the left, over here. Pass it over. Now Our Lady says, yes, Our Lady says that he's over there. Over there, She said. Now Our Lady said also over there, there are two nuns. But She does wish that they would come fully clothed. However, She knows that they are only dressed that way due to misdirection, so they must not be embarrassed to accept Her roses, for they are given with great love. Over there.

Now Jesus is smiling, and He's holding out His hand. Now He's placing His hand out and His fingers are raised, like this. And He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is smiling and looking down. He seems quite amused because someone seems to be--he's like fishing around in the bag, He says. "That's not necessary," He says, "I can see quite well into your packages." And He's raising His hand again, Jesus. He's coming closer to the right side, our right side of the flagpole--over here, on my right side.

Now Jesus is looking down, and He's now raising His hand, but He's making the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And Our Lady also is raising Her very large crucifix on Her Rosary. Now She's extending it out, like this. Oh, and--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is walking over. He doesn't quite walk. He like glides; He's just floating. And Our Lady is right behind Him. Oh, and Michael is standing over by the trees with . . . oh, there's Saint Theresa and three other nuns. And they're looking down. And now Jesus is coming over at our left side. He looks so beautiful. The light is so bright. Now Our Lady is going over to behind Him. Now Jesus is raising His hand, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is stopping right there now, and He's placing both of His hands out. Oh, there are rays coming down from His hands. They're going through the trees over here. The rays are very bright, very bright. They're white, but they're very bright. And now they're going down by the trees. And then I see the tremendous flames, like of--I can't feel them, they don't feel burning, but they're orange lights, and they're also going down now. They're coming in from above Jesus' head, from the sky. Oh, and they're also falling almost like raindrops to the ground here.

Now Our Lady is smiling, and Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady--"This quite surprises you, My child."

Veronica--Now Jesus and Our Lady are moving over closer to the tree. Oh, and They're looking down. Now Jesus is placing His hand before His face, and He's making the sign of the cross downward: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady and Jesus are going up--oh, They're moving quite fast up and over now. Our Lady's turned and She's waiting. Now Jesus is going in front of Her, and They're stopping now at the flagpole. Now Jesus is coming forward.

Jesus--"My child, My Mother has spent many earth-years as She has asked for a reprieve for your generation. This was given to you but for a short time. Gather your graces and follow the direction of My Mother, as the Father has deemed that She guide you through this darkness."

Veronica--Now Jesus is placing His hand now in front of Him: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Now Jesus is going over and Our Lady is stepping to the side, but She's turning towards Him. And Jesus is now leaning over.

Jesus--"We are pleased, My child, with the countless numbers of souls that have responded. However, the pace of the mission must not slacken, for there is always another soul to be recovered.

"I bless you, My children, and send upon you the Holy Spirit to guide you in the dark days ahead. None will be lost but of their own free will.

"Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice must be made now for the sins of man. And the angels and saints cry from Heaven for retribution upon this perverse generation. The few who solace My Mother's sad heart are not many. I say few, for they are counted in the few.

"In the plan of the Father, if you make it necessary to go forward and speed up the time of this plan, there will be much gnashing of teeth, sorrow, and many tears shed upon your world. Listen carefully and heed the direction of the Queen of Heaven. For you will not accept Her words lightly, but you will act upon them or you will receive your just punishment.

"I bless you In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. Many are needed."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.