The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"You must warn your sisters in the convents, My child, that the Father is much displeased by their actions. Their example is poor, and the doors will close . . . "

November 20, 1974

Eve of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Veronica--Our Lady now is coming down. She's halfway, midway between the flagpole and the trees. Our Lady is wearing a light blue cape over Her gown. The gown is a pure white. And Our Lady has a blue sash about Her gown. Oh, now Our Lady is just standing very quietly. It sounds as though there, there isn't a sound. All about me, it's like a stillness. And the sky is becoming a very gray-white, hazy look. Now Our Lady is standing with Her hands out, like this, before Her.

Our Lady--"You see, My child, My hands extended in pleading.

"The Father, your Eternal Father, has the plan for the redemption of mankind. Mankind shall be redeemed by fire. The sins being committed are the sins of great abomination and destruction to your eternal soul. Your bodies are the temple for your soul. You are defiling the temple of your spirit. The sins of the flesh shall send many into the abyss.

"I have gone throughout your world through countless years of earth time, crying for your sincere repentance. Words come to Us from the lips, but the hearts are empty. The Father will listen to the words of the lips, but He will look, My children, into your heart.

"My Son is saddened by the many abominations being committed in the houses throughout the world."

Veronica--Our Lady means churches.

Our Lady--"A House in darkness will wear a band of death about it. All that is rotten shall be shaken from the tree. The Warning promised to mankind from the merciful heart of the Father was delayed to gather more souls to the Father, but now the sands are running out. Time, time and a half and then the end of time.

"Knowledge is power, but this power can either save or destroy. Mankind now is using his scientific knowledge, going farther into the darkness. Man of science ever seeking, My children, but never reaching the truth. The light has not entered into his heart.


"In your Book of life, your Bible, you will find the words of guidance and truth. You shall not cast the words of your prophets aside and cater to the basic carnal nature of mankind. Man will not change to please man; man will stay on the narrow road and please his God.

"All manner of abominations are destroying the children of earth and sending them fast into the abyss. We see the greatest of sins being committed, in secret and publicly--women consorting with women, men degrading their flesh with men. O woe unto you, My children! Whatever will become of you? You will take up the Book of life, your Bible, and read it now. Learn by it. The truth is for you to find, but you are leading yourselves into the darkness. You follow a delusion created by satan. You will hold fast, My children, to your Faith. You will not change the basic foundation of My Son's House."

Veronica--I see a great room, a large room. It's filled with people; they're all talking--it's like a mass confusion of sound. There is much dissension and arguments going on.

Now Our Lady is coming down and pointing, as She leads me into the room. I'm going further into the room with Our Lady and She's pointing over with Her hand.

Our Lady--"See, My child, the start of destruction in My Son's House! Talk, talk, talk, to destruction. More prayer, My children! Pray yourselves out of the darkness. Idle talk will get you nowhere. Pray, My children! Return to your life of discipline. You have forgotten the value of prayer. Satan cannot stay where there is prayer, nor can his agents.

"My child, you will shout it from the rooftops. Make it known to Our clergy that they are being misled. They must pray; they must return to their discipline. They are misleading Our flock. Our sheep are wandering. O woe, woe! Whatever shall you do when the Chastisement comes upon you?"

Veronica--Now Our Lady is pointing outside the room, and we're going down a long hallway--it's a dark corridor. And I'm looking over, and there's a room; it looks like it's quite old in structure. And inside now--Our Lady is taking me inside the door--there's a very heavy desk, a beautiful old ornamental desk. Oh, and sitting at the desk is the Holy Father. Oh! Our Lady said:

Our Lady--"Come, My child, I wish you to know what is happening in the Eternal City."


Veronica--Now I can see the Holy Father. He's very wan; he looks like he's suffering greatly. He's very tired, he looks so tired. And as I watch he's brushing the tears from his face. Now he's joining his hands and he's walking across the room, and he's kneeling before a beautiful statue of Our Lady. Oh, and he's holding his face, crying.

Now Our Lady is coming over and She's placing Her hand, Her right hand, upon his head. I don't think he knows that Our Lady is standing by him. She's placing now both of Her hands upon his head. Oh.

Now Our Lady is moving over to the center of the room. I, I just feel like I'm rooted to the floor. I can't move over to the Holy Father. I'd like to go over and touch him, to console him, but I can't move. Now Our Lady is coming over.

Our Lady--"You see, My child, the great trial of your Holy Father. He suffers much from the disobedience of those he trusts. His friends, his true friends in Christ, are numbered in the few.

"You will go forward, My child, and continue to spread My message throughout the world. Learn a simple lesson of charity. You will not judge another. You must remember, My child, the Father, your Eternal Father, is always the final judge. Though We do not condone a wrong, the Father is always the final judge.

"You will make it known to the world of the existence of the heavenly guardians, the angels. The children must be given this knowledge. They must be taught the truth. Call upon your angels who are ever present with you, sent to you from the merciful heart of the Father to guide you in your pilgrimage. You are, My children, but pilgrims upon your earth, but for a short time. You have been placed as warriors against satan by the Father. Know therefore that you will have no rest upon earth, but you will have a constant struggle against the forces of darkness. Never cease your prayers. Never remove your sacramentals, for they are the greatest armor given to you in your battle to gain eternal life in the Kingdom of My Son.

"You will, My child, be less concerned with the opinions of others. Your human nature is evident, for all man must rid himself of self-pride.

"There are times, My child, when you must act with maturity. Though you remain simple in heart and follow as little Theresa showed you, you must also make many decisions. Praise Us and then pray for the light, and then make your decision, My child.

"Yes, My child, I will be with you all up to and including the arrival of My Son. Many graces of cure and conversion shall be given to all who ask.


"There is a plan for every soul placed upon earth, My child. That is why the punishment, the chastisement of mankind, will be great. He offends the Father with his murders of the unborn. I repeat, My child, the sad news that all who of free will have any part or measure in the slaughter of an unborn child and soul from the Father shall be condemned to the eternal fires of hell, the prince of darkness claiming his soul, and joining the ranks of the forever damned!"

Veronica--Oh! Oh! Oh, my goodness! I see--oh dear, I see a large hole. It looks like--it looks like a crater. And Our Lady is going, walking over. She's not walking; She's floating over.

Our Lady--"Come, My child. This you must see and bring to the world."

Veronica--"Oh, Mother, no!"

Our Lady--"Look down, My child, into the realm of the damned."

Veronica--Oh! Oh!

Our Lady--"Describe, My child, the scene."

Veronica--Oh, my! There's a large, cave-like hole; the walls are blackened with charcoal, and there are flames--there are hot, searing flames climbing up the walls. And over on the right side--oh, there's a horrible thing. He's--I don't know how he stays on the wall; it's not that rough. But he has wings, like--oh, like a bat, sort of, and he has legs, and the feet are like frog's claws, and his head is--oh, like an elf, and pointed ears, and slit eyes, and he's grinning horribly. Oh! Now he's reaching out.

Our Lady is taking my hand. We're floating down. It's awfully hot! Oh, we're floating down and these things--now there's more of them. Our Lady is whispering:

Our Lady--"They are the fallen angels, My child."

Veronica--Oh! And we're going down farther. Oh, and there's thousands and hundreds of people now. But they're--I know they're people, but they're shapeless; they seem to be like burning coals. I can see the shapes of their bodies, but they're naked. Oh, my goodness! I can't--I know they're naked. Our Lady? Oh! Oh! They're, they don't even have any weight; they're floating, and they go up and down, and they're screaming. The noise, it hurts my ears. Oh! Oh! They're screaming. They look terribly frightened. And now they're--some are upside down and falling down into the hole. And when they get down then something like a blast of hot fire and air shoots them up again. It's like they're without motion or direction. Oh! Oh!

Now Our Lady is moving upward, and I'm going up. There's a terrible stench--oh, like of sulphur and . . . [Veronica coughs.] Oh! Oh, sulphur and like rotten something--flesh, or something, I don't know. I can taste it.

Oh, now it's getting brighter. Ah, now we're outside. Now it's getting very bright. I feel better. Oh! Now Our Lady is coming over and we're coming down. Oh!

Our Lady--"You see, My child, there is a hell. There is a realm of deep darkness and damnation--forever, eternity without light. Is this, My children, what you want? This is your destination now, for many are on the road to perdition.

"Awaken, My clergy, those entrusted with the Faith. Turn back, turn back; you are on the wrong road! Restore My Son's House; patch the cracks! Tradition, My children--you cannot separate Tradition with the Faith. You cannot separate Tradition from the Faith.


"Sin has replaced Tradition, My children. Sin has become a way of life. Your children, what are they reading but filth and soul destroyers! Your teachers, what are they teaching but heresy! Remove the blindness from your heart. The abomination of desolation closes upon you! You are building the world of destruction and deception. You will place mankind in bondage to satan. Your country shall become a lost land. Many countries of your world have given themselves to sin, corruption, and turned from their God; and they have fallen.

"When you remove your Creator you leave a void; you leave the door open for the entrance of the evil spirits. There is a world about you unseen to your human eyes. This world of satan has great strength. This world of satan has claimed many of your children, your brothers, your sisters.

"Wars are a punishment for man's sin. A great War shall remove many from the world. Woe, woe, woe, My children, to the inhabitants of the earth!

"You will read the warnings and the message in the Book of life, known as the latter days of the Apocalypse. Read it, study it well, and learn by it. The course of mankind is traveling fast to the conclusion of the book of the Apocalypse.

"The guardian of the Faith is Michael. You will re-enter him into My Son's houses. We ask that all who have been given the light reach out with the Message from Heaven. Bring this light--light your candles, My children, with Me and search through the darkness for your lost brothers and sisters."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is removing from Her beautiful blue sash--oh, She has the most beautiful white Rosary. And the beads are very large, and they're pink in color. And when Our Lady turns they glitter. Oh, they are so beautiful! They catch all the colors of the rainbow. They're so beautiful! Oh, and the Our Father is golden. And--oh, Our Lady now is holding the crucifix, Her golden crucifix; She's holding it out like this. And Our Lady is now making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Our Lady is replacing the crucifix onto Her sash. And now Our Lady is extending Her hand, and in Her hand is a round, beautiful, blue-looking globe with gold spots on it. And on top of the globe is the most beautiful golden cross. Oh! Now--oh, my! The cross and the ball are being raised, and then--oh, look at that! Forming about the ball and cross is a beautiful little Boy. Oh, look! Oh, dear! He's about--oh, a year and a half . . . no, about a year old. Yes . . . sort of light brown hair, very curly. And now Our Lady is using Her right hand--She's holding Him now--She's moved Him over and cradling Him in Her left arm. And Our Lady now has a golden little crown and She's placing it on the little fellow's head. Ah! Ah! Oh, it's so beautiful! Our Lady now is smiling down at the little Baby.

Our Lady--"You see, My child, I have made Him ready for the temple. Cannot My children of the earth follow My example and prepare their children? Where is their love of heart?"

Veronica--Now it's growing very bright about Our Lady, and--oh, my goodness! Our Lady is now floating over to the left. And now the Child is gone. And Our Lady is standing there now, and She's motioning.

Our Lady--"You may sit now, My child."


Veronica--Oh, Michael is over the flagpole. Michael is so large he covers the whole sky. Oh! Oh, my! Look at that! Oh!

[At this point Veronica put out her tongue as if to receive Holy Communion. It appeared that Saint Michael himself gave her Holy Communion. She then withdrew her tongue. She was beaming with happiness. It seemed she had received Holy Communion mystically.]

Oh! Oh, there are so many wonderful friends here tonight. There are so many angels. Oh, my! Oh!

Oh, it smells like a florist, smells like a florist, like a funeral florist. A funeral . . . [Veronica gave an excited exclamation, words not clear]. Oh! Oh! Oh!

Our Lady--"Some saw Me, My child, and some did not."

Veronica--Our Lady came out from the gray sky there, and--oh, I couldn't shout it loud enough, but there everybody would see Our Lady. She's gone now.

I'm looking into a room--it's a room, and I see some clothes piled over to the side. And I see some girls dancing; they're all standing by the side of the room and kicking up their feet. And they have leggings on, like black leotards. And Our Lady is now holding Her finger up, like this.

Our Lady--"No, no! No, no! You are looking into the room of Our spouses of Christ. See, My child, what satan has done."

Veronica--Oh, they're nuns. Oh, my, but they're all doing some kind of modern dancing. Oh, now Our Lady has reached down and She's picked up a skirt. But Our Lady is holding the skirt like it disgusts Her.

Our Lady--"They, My child, call this the habit."

Veronica--Now Our Lady has put it down and She's placed Her feet over it, and She's stomped on it.

Our Lady--"The snake writhers through the garments, My child."

Veronica--Our Lady's not happy with the dresses worn in the convents.


Our Lady--"You must warn your sisters in the convents, My child, that the Father is much displeased by their actions. Their example is poor, and the doors will close on all convents that have given themselves over to the pleasures and lusts of the world.

"It is better, My child, if We have few with quality than quantity with destruction. The doors will close. And pray much, My children, for those that remain are falling fast to satan.

"You will bar your doors. You will understand the meaning of My words and follow them through. Whenever you have a decision to make, I repeat, you will pray once, pray again, and then you will be given the light of understanding. Pray once, pray again, and you will be given the light.

"The words of truth will go throughout the world and then, My child, will come the end of your era as you know it. You will unite with all who have been given the light to join the forces from Heaven in fighting this final battle upon your earth, the duration of which will depend, My children, on the balance, which leans far to the left at the present time. The Father is most patient, but the Warning approaches.

"Look, My child, now, straight up."

Veronica--Oh! The flash! Get ready--the flash!

Our Lady--"All workers must unite into a solid front to bring about the triumph of My Son. We are not pleased with the dissension in the ranks of Our workers. The arms I spoke of to you formerly, My child, are the workers throughout your world. We do not like to see the separation among these groups--separation set in by satan.

"Many arms will be sent in the battle ahead. You ask, My child, about the establishment of another community. You will be directed properly in the future. Have patience, My child. It will appear before your very eyes. One step at a time."


Veronica--Our Lady refers to the establishment of an order.

Our Lady--"This order will be founded on basic tradition. This order will gather those of true spirit. This order will be composed of both men and women, and a cloistered convent. The means will be sent to you all by the Father. It will be a refuge in the time of trial for many. This refuge will be located, My child, in your country, the United States.

"You will proceed in sending out the message, and do not slacken your pace by fear. You will face fear and it will disappear."


Veronica--Jesus is going to bless the sacramentals. Now if you look over on the right side, I'm sure that through the grace from the Father, there are some that will be enabled to see Our Lady and Jesus standing at the right side of the flagpole.

Now Our Lady is coming forward, and Jesus is standing behind Her. He's been there waiting for the conclusion of the prayers.

Now Jesus has on a burgundy-colored robe. It's like a cloak that's tied at His neck with a--oh, it's a braided type of rope-like cord; it's gold in color. And Jesus has this gown--it's a light tan. And oh, His feet are bare. He doesn't have His sandals on. And now Jesus is coming down. The light is so bright. It's warm, but it's bright; it's beautiful!

Now Jesus is shifting His cloak over onto His left arm, and He's extending His hand out in front of Him, like this, with the three fingers, making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now Jesus is looking down and He's smiling. Oh, He said:

Jesus--"It will not be necessary to open your packages to bring out your sacramentals. I assure you, My children, their presence on the ground will be sufficient."

Veronica--Now Jesus is looking over.

Jesus--"Special graces are given, some that will not be understood by the human mind. Know that nothing is impossible with the Father."

Veronica--And Jesus is smiling, and He is referring to the blessings given on the grounds, how they can be dispensed by the spreading of the rose petals among the sacramentals. Now Jesus said:

Jesus--"My child, you stated that well."

Veronica--"Oh, thank You."

Now Jesus is going with Our Lady over to the left side of the flagpole, and He's looking down. Now Their gowns are blowing; it must be quite windy up there, too. And now Jesus is placing His hand over, like this, in front of His chest and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And Our Lady now is smiling and She's placing Her hands out in front of Her, like this. Our Lady has Her Rosary, the very beautiful large white Rosary with the golden Our Fathers, and now Our Lady is taking the crucifix. It looks like--I can't see the corpus; it's like a golden cross without the corpus. And Our Lady is extending it out and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Oh, now Jesus is looking over towards the trees. Now He's coming down, He's floating down, just a little above the trees, almost standing on the limb of the tree. And now Jesus is looking down, and He's placing His hands like this and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now He just seems--Jesus can move backwards without even turning around. He's just going, floating up backwards, up, up.

Now Our Lady is standing over by the, our left side of the flagpole. Now Jesus is just--now beside Her. He floated up backwards without even turning around. And up--now He's standing by Our Lady, and He's touching His lips. Oh, He wants me to listen.


Jesus--"My child, We are very pleased with the progress of My Mother's mission to reach all souls in these desperate days. Know that the road for your salvation has been given to you. You will stay on this road, or you will find yourself wandering in the darkness. The truth in light has been given to you in your heart. You have a basic foundation for your Faith. You will follow the simple plan given to you by the Father, the Commandments and the discipline. Your example must be one of strength in truth. Only in this manner will you recover souls, for many of Our sheep are wandering. Do not set yourself to win the treasures of your world, for you will forfeit then the treasures of Heaven.

"On your pilgrimage in your world you must lead a life of austerity, one based on sacrifice and discipline. Return to prayer, dedicate yourselves with true vocation. Do not follow the modes of your world based on the themes of modernism, and setting of man up as an idol to worship by humanism, and eventually subjugating your will to follow the plan of satan. Prayer, redemption through sacrifice! There is no other course that leads to Heaven. The road is filled with thorns. The road is narrow, but the reward is great. Deny yourself of your worldly pleasures. Sacrifice and retire into a life of prayer. You will not gather the sheep with socializing. You must return to a life of inner contemplation and prayer. Get down on your knees and return to a pure spirit of child-like quality."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand right in front of Him, like this, and placing the three fingers together and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"Continue now with your prayers of atonement. The power of prayer is far greater than you could ever know."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

. . . say the child-like prayer to your guardian angel.

O angel of God, my guardian dear,

To whom God's love commits you here;

Ever this day be at my side,

To light in God, to rule in God. Amen.

Three times will this be repeated, due to the irreverence given to the guardians of Heaven, Our Lady said. [The prayer was repeated.]

Now for the edification, the strengthening, and the purification of the dedicated, we will say the prayers requested by Our Lady. [The Apostles' Creed and Jesus and Mary, I love You. Save souls, save the consecrated.]