The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The greatest power you have at this time, My children, is to pray. Satan and his agents cannot stay where there is prayer. Chase them out now! Chase them out with a vigilance of prayer."

June 18, 1974

Fourth Anniversary of Our Lady's Apparitions at Bayside

Our Lady--"My child, as at My first appearance here upon these sacred and hallowed grounds chosen by the Father, you will be on your knees once again.

"We sent to you on that day a true and holy priest, one who will also be with you on the days to come."

Veronica--Oh! Our Lady now is coming down from the left side of the flagpole by the trees. The light is very beautiful about the trees. It's a bright white light, but pale blue--turning pale blue in color.


Now behind Our Lady there's a man. Oh! He's wearing a brown monk's habit. Oh, it's Padre Pio. Oh! Now his hands are raised in front of him. He's smiling. I'm looking now at his beard. His beard is very white, but he has a very young face. He's smiling. Oh, he's so happy! And he's placing his hands in front of him, like this. Oh, and now he's taking some cloth--it looks like, it looks like he has on a pair of mittens or gloves with the fingers cut out. Now he's removing them from his right hand, and he's holding his hand forward. Oh, and I can see his hands. They're very badly bruised. Oh, my! Oh, it's very sore looking. He has a hole right through his--the center of his palm.

Now Our Lady is coming forward. She's moving quite close now. She's just a little above the Michael sign. Oh!

Our Lady--"My child, it is only through the knowledge of suffering and the value of suffering in knowledge that you can attain the Kingdom of Heaven. So few are willing to suffer for My Son, preferring the pleasures of the world.


"My child, make it known to Our priests in My Son's houses upon earth, churches, that We want Our priests to shine forth as pure examples of chastity and holiness. They have been misguided in direction by many superiors, who also follow like sheep to the slaughter, the misdirection of their superiors. It is like a wheel turning, My child, with the fire slowly destroying it.

"The example that must be shown and given to the children of earth by Our priests must set them apart as representatives of My Son. They do not have any equal upon earth, for their vocation is a special gift of God. We are sad, My child, to look upon the darkness that covers the soul of many.

"The greatest error in My Son's House is the delusion set upon man by satan that souls will be gained by joining them in their corruption. No! The example must be pure and set apart from the worldly instincts.

"Human nature, My child, sets man on the path to sin. He can overcome this sin by staying with My Son, close to My Son in the tabernacles of the world. Unless you eat of His Body and drink of His Blood, you cannot have the light within you, for it is His Body that is food for your soul.

"Your soul, My child, is an entity apart from the human body, which is subject, the body, to decay and be destroyed. However, the only destruction to the human soul that is eternal as created by the Father, is the destruction that can be wrought by satan.

"The free will of man sets him on the road to the Kingdom of God or on the road to the darkness of eternal damnation with the prince of darkness, Lucifer.

"My child, it saddens Us much to look upon a generation with the slow disintegration of home life. The example being given within the homes to the children is foul! Discipline! Where have you led your children, My children?

"You are disturbed, My child, by the present events. I cautioned you to be prepared for the forces of evil that will close in upon these sacred grounds in an attempt to stop the good work. Prayer shall cast out the darkness.

"Yes, My child, We look upon a world that has given itself to satan. The people of the world and the nations now degrade themselves in debauchery, fornication, and all sins of the flesh. More souls, My child, are going into hell because of these sins of the flesh. They are falling into hell as fast as the snowflakes that fall from the heavens."


Veronica--Oh, my! Oh, I see that large pit. It's an--oh, it's a hole, a cavern going down into the ground. Oh, my goodness! Now I see . . . they look like human bodies, but they're glowing. They're almost on fire, like coals. But I recognize their shape; they're people. And I can see, almost, their faces, except for the orange glow that they're in. They're filled with terror; their faces are filled with terror.

Now over to the side there are horrible, horrible creatures. They look almost half human and animal. They have no hands. They're like--in one of them that's clinging to the side of the wall. And as these bodies of the fallen souls float by, they reach out tramping them, by holding onto the side of the wall and kicking at them with feet. But the feet have long, claw-like nails, almost animal claws. Their feet and their hands are, are terrible--like claws, also. Their faces I can't describe. They're horrible! Oh!

Now I seem to be going up, up, and it's not so hot as it was down in the hole. And I can't hear the screaming as much. Oh! Oh! Coming out of the hole--oh, it's like coming out of a furnace. Oh! Oh!

And now Our Lady is coming over. She's coming from the right side of the flagpole. And the sky is becoming very bright. Now Our Lady is leaning over.

Our Lady--"My child, it is not a pleasant sight, but one which cannot be avoided by many, for they choose to sell their souls to Lucifer. Many have been redeemed by the acts of atonement and prayers of the faithful and those who have the capacity to love.

"The Father is most merciful, not wishing one to be lost without cause. However, do not be misguided by those who preach a false doctrine, My child, that there is no hell or purgatory or place of purging. It is only Lucifer's work to deceive you so that your sin has become a way of life.

"Your country has fallen into deep darkness of spirit. The nations of the world now advance fast into their own destruction, brother against brother, sister against sister, mother against daughter, father against son. Oh, whatever will become of a degenerate generation?"

Veronica--Our Lady now is standing right below Her--She said, "the guiding star."

Up above, there's one star in the sky; Our Lady is standing right below it. The light from the star is making pinpoints of radiance onto Our Lady's crown. It's very beautiful. Our Lady has a crown set with beautiful stones. The colors from the stones are red and blue, purple, green, yellow. Oh, it's the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Now Our Lady is pointing upward to the star.

Our Lady--"My child, cast your eyes upon the farthest star in the sky. You will have to proceed much farther beyond that star to reach the Kingdom of the Father. It is the world of the spirit. You cannot enter unless you leave your body, your human body.


"Make it known to the world, My child, that the soul when it leaves the body has full consciousness, full knowledge of what goes on about it. Know that the Father created mankind to follow in the majesty of the Father. However, sad to say, My child, many have sought to join and equal the majesty of the Father. This arrogance and pride sets them onto the road to their own destruction, for as the Father cast out of Heaven those who set themselves above Him, so shall all who set themselves upon earth above the Father be cast into the abyss of eternal damnation.

"Parents, I cannot direct you with more urgency than I can now, to call your aid in governing the lives of your children with great care. The foundation of their faith must start in the home. The young years, the tender years of their childhood must be given to the knowledge of the Father and the role they must play upon earth as pilgrims, as disciples for the Father in Heaven.

"There is great error, My children, in the world today. Satan has poisoned many minds, even among those who were given great grace of knowledge and the power to direct the young souls. They are using this power to destroy.

"Know now that nothing is hidden from the Father. All will be held accountable for their part in the destruction of a young soul. We do not set you up to judge your brothers and sisters, My children, but your example must be one that is constructive.

"It saddens Our heart much, My children, to know that there are so few who will dedicate their lives solely to saving their brothers and sisters.

"There are many symptoms of the basic illness of mankind. Godlessness, My child--they have forgotten their Father in Heaven. The Father will chastise, My child, those He loves.


"How many tears have I shed as I stand looking down upon a pagan generation! Nakedness, impurity of heart, reaching in to the corruption of the souls. Keep in mind, My children, that as you sow, so shall you reap.

"The greatest power you have at this time, My children, is to pray. Satan and his agents cannot stay where there is prayer. Chase them out now! Chase them out with a vigilance of prayer in your home and in your churches, and throughout the world."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming forward. She looks very beautiful. Oh, Our Lady has on Her feet--Her gown and Her cloak over the gown is beautiful. It's a shining white, with gold trim all along the border. Oh, She looks so beautiful!

Our Lady looks very young now--oh, like a little girl, I would say of about thirteen or fourteen. Oh, and now Our Lady is looking down. She's very pleased with Her slippers. Oh! Oh, yes, Our Lady has on golden sandals. And on each front tip of the center of the sandal straps there is a golden rose. Oh, it's so dainty, so beautiful. And as Our Lady turns, the light is reflected from the roses on Her feet.

And Our Lady now is extending Her right hand out, like this. Oh, and in Her right hand is another rose, a golden rose. Oh! Now coming down behind Our Lady are the most beautiful--oh, the colors are just beautiful! They're small angels--oh, cherubims. And they do have . . . oh, they have . . . it does look like one has a heart. Oh, yes, the one over on the left dressed in blue, she's dressed in blue, and she has--it looks like a girl angel--she has a garland of roses about her head. They're white, beautiful white. She looks very tiny. But she is holding a golden-looking heart. It's just a little bit smaller than she is, extending--which she's holding in front of her chest, this way. And she's smiling.

And now, standing over completely in a circle about Our Lady, there are other small angels dressed in different colors. The brilliance of the light coming from behind them and all around them make the colors just glimmer out so they hurt my eyes almost to look. It's so beautiful! Oh!

Now they're extending over in front of them a garland--oh, they're roses, beautiful roses. From here they look like fresh roses, yellow and red and white. Beautiful! Now Our Lady is turning, and oh, it's so bright! The crown on Her head is glistening; oh, it's just gleaming in the light. Beautiful! Oh!

Now Our Lady is coming down, and She's motioning behind me.

Our Lady--"You may sit now, My child. I have much to discuss with you, but much of this must be in secret for this time."


Veronica--Our Lady is kissing the Rosary. She knows that I have a new Rosary that must be blessed. Oh. Oh.

Our Lady--"I cannot take away the plan that will be put in motion by the Father soon. Gradually many children will be removed from earth to save their souls.

"Parents, heed this admonition now, that you will save yourselves great sorrow if you now prepare your children. I cannot, My child, at this time give you added knowledge of what is to come. I can only as a Mother direct you, My children, to listen and heed My warning. Prepare your children, for many will be taken from your world. You do not understand, you cannot understand the great sorrow of loss. Many will experience in the future this great sorrow. It will be of great comfort to know that you have prepared your children.

"I do not, My child, give this direction to set fear into the hearts of My children. I cannot avoid telling you this, for I do not wish to see the tears and know the heartaches of these mothers.


"You ask, My child, why I cannot go forward with a full miracle of knowledge to all. I can only answer you in this manner. The Father will not force a love.

"No, My child, I cannot enlarge upon this at this time. There are many secrets of Heaven that would no longer be sacred if they were revealed to you.

"Yes, My child, there will be a great War and a great Miracle, and then the great Chastisement. It is all to come to pass.

"Yes, My child, the great Chastisement will be a baptism of fire. In your country there are areas, My children, that will fall into major catastrophe."


Veronica--Oh, my! Oh! I see . . . I know . . . I see great waves. Oh, they're pounding onto the shores all along the coastline. There are beautiful, big homes on the coastline. They look very wealthy homes, large and white, and like estates. They're all built up on a hill. And I see . . . oh, my goodness! The land is just sliding right down into the water, and the houses are going down with them. And I can see people running, trying to flee from the ground that's starting to split open. And it's falling right into the water. Oh, my! Oh! Oh! I see . . . I know where it is. It's California. Oh, my! Oh!

Now Our Lady is coming forward.

Our Lady--"That is not, My child, the only area that faces great destruction."


Veronica--And now Our Lady is pointing over, over on the other side. It's like looking at a map. And there's another coastline; I know we're over on the East Coast. And I see . . . oh, I recognize New York, and Long Island. It extends out into the water. Oh! And I see a great flash, a burst of fire. And the water is rising very high. And that coastline, too, is just like dissolving and falling into the water. Oh!

Now Our Lady is pointing overhead, and She's pointing high into the sky. And there's a tremendous, large ball. And it's coming through the sky at a tremendous pace of speed. And as it's coming it looks almost round in shape, but it's orange and it's glowing. It's very, very hot. Oh, my!

Now Our Lady is touching Her lips. And now--

Our Lady--"My child, this is all I can show you at this time, but you will listen carefully to My direction.


"The Order of Saint Michael will go forward throughout your country and the world. You will heed the direction of the Father that Michael be entered back into the houses of My Son, churches. Michael is the guardian of the House of God. He shall not be kept out of the houses of God. If you do not allow the guardian in, you will open the door for the entrance of the evil spirits. The prince of darkness has set upon the earth many agents. They do not come in their abominable form, but they enter into the bodies of the fallen humans.

"Do not be deceived, My children, by those who parade as angels of light, but beneath their exterior they have the black hearts of Lucifer. I do not expect you to cast wary eyes upon your neighbors, but to remain within yourselves, caring less for the things of your world and resorting more to prayer and sacrifice. Your daily lives must be godly lives, led by the Holy Spirit sent to you.

"We are quite pleased with the words the Spirit sent unto man that the family that prays together will stay together, My child. No truer a message was ever coined. The family that prays together will stay together.


"My child, in the Message from Heaven, make it known to mankind that they must not cast aside the God-given knowledge of the supernatural. However, they must be warned not to go about seeking in false channels the Spirit of light, for We look upon great error in their seeking, for they have found the spirits of darkness. No evil shall ever be triumphant. In the course of time, by their fruits will they be known.

"The rabat--rabat is the teacher of life, the priest, but you cannot be fooled by those who foul their garments. Pray for them much, My children, for being human, there is a struggle to remain in the light.

"The forces of evil are rampant upon your world. Many will take the easy road, the wide road leading into the abyss. Pick up your cross, My children, and follow My Son. It is the only road that will lead to eternal happiness. So few are willing to suffer. We hear cries of love, peace, happiness, joy. And all We see is suffering and sorrow. Why, My children? Because you are looking for your peace, joy, and happiness in the wrong places. There cannot be peace, joy, or happiness unless you follow the plan set down by the Father in Heaven.

"Every day, every hour, We watch your world, the peoples of earth debauching themselves in sin, a sin more grievous than in the time of Noe. They, the peoples of earth, disport themselves in a manner more foul than ever seen, even in the time of Noe. For they now go forward in a sophisticated, foul sin--a way of life that the children are slowly sinking farther and farther into the cesspools of error and darkness. Should this way of life continue, there is no alternative but to visit upon you the great Warning and Chastisement.


"My child, you can expect in the future great opposition, even from Our clergy. For My own will know Me, My own will seek Me, and My own will find Me.

"Generation through generation, man carries the same stigma of blindness and hardness of heart. Many have hardened their hearts and closed their eyes to the truth. Why, My child; you ask Me why? Because, My child, it is sad to say that should they open their eyes and their heart should melt, and they should look with their heart, they would have to give up their sin which they love. They care more for the pleasures of the world than for the things of Heaven.

"In a land, in a home where there is abundance, much is expected.

"You will go forward, My child, propagating the Message from Heaven. Detach yourself completely from the world about you. Your direction will come to you and appear before your very eyes. Many miracles of cure and conversion will be given for the edification of the souls and the establishment of these hallowed grounds as a place of great cure and conversion, as I have come to you in the plan of the Father as a Mediatrix between God and man.

"You will continue, My child, with your prayers of atonement."


Veronica--All who are able, please kneel. Oh, there are great lights now coming from the sky. Oh, they're, they're just like pinpointing. The sky is opening up. Oh, and Jesus now is coming down. Oh! You could see Him! Oh, He looks so beautiful! Oh, my! Oh, now Jesus is coming forward, and Our Lady is looking up. He's coming down now, and He's standing by Our Lady. Our Lady is moving over, She's floating backwards over towards the tree. Now Our Lady is standing just above the tree, and Jesus is going over to Her right side.

Now He's saying something; I can't hear. And Our Lady is nodding. Now Jesus is looking all about Him. He seems very pleased. And now Jesus is coming forward. And it's a little windy, because His, His gown is blowing. Oh, and He's in His bare feet. Oh! Now--oh, I can see the marks on Jesus' hands. He's moving His robe over to His left arm now, and I can see the holes. Actually, it's very rough skin; it looks--oh, very, oh, painful looking. It's red and swollen about His wrist.

Oh, and now Jesus is looking down; and He is saying, very quietly:

Jesus--"My child, it is with great joy that I look upon the loving souls.

"My Mother has been sent to you as a Mediatrix from the Father. You will listen to Her counsel, for you stand in great trial in the days to come. It is only through the intercession of My beloved Mother that you will be directed out of the darkness. The Father, in the Spirit, deems that all must make atonement for the offenses against the Creator. We send upon you many graces, graces for cure and conversion, graces for the wayward souls. Do not reject these, for you will then be forever lost."

Veronica--Now Jesus is placing His hand out in front of Him, like this. And He has His three fingers together, and then making the sign of the cross. Now He's pointing His hand downward, over just by the trees. Oh! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is taking Her large crucifix to the beautiful Rosary. Oh, it's golden; the crucifix is golden. Our Lady is extending it out, like this, and She's making the sign of the cross. She's pointing down with it: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is rising a little higher, and Jesus is also going . . . He's about the middle of the flagpole now, and He's floating over--I say floating. He doesn't walk, He just glides. The air seems to carry Him over to the left side of the flagpole. Now He's looking down, and He's smiling. And He's placing His hand out in front of Him, like this. His fingers are like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now He's motioning to me to listen. He's touching His mouth with His hand.

Jesus--"My child, you will make it known that it is not necessary to remove the objects of godly nature from their packages. I assure you the graces can penetrate anything man-made."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over to the--oh, He's almost touching that branch of the tree. No, He's going up now and moving over to the center. And Our Lady is right behind Him. Now She's standing and looking down, smiling; Our Lady is smiling. And now Jesus is placing His hand downward, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"I bless you, My children, in the Father and in the Spirit. Know that We are inseparable, as We are one, Who send upon you graces in abundance. Listen well to the counsel of My Mother and you will not be lost to Us."

Veronica--Now Jesus is rising up. He's going over now, He's floating over and turning to His left--that would be to our right side. And now He's going over with Our Lady.

Jesus--"My child, you will continue now with the prayers of atonement. I could add onto the words of My Mother; however, it will not be necessary at this time. I am certain that My Mother's words carry great weight with you."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.