The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The rock has always withstood the test of time. But one will be entered into the House of God, and woe to man when he places him upon the Seat of Peter, for then the great Day of the Lord shall be at hand."

March 18, 1974

Eve of Saint Joseph

Our Lady--"My child, it is not without risk that you will continue as an instrument of the Father. The world about you is now controlled by the agents of satan. However, know now that the Father has the world in control, but He will now allow you to be tested like metals in the fires. The sheep will be separated from the goats."

Veronica--Oh, Our Lady is coming forward now. Oh, She's very beautiful! Our Lady is standing on the left side of the flagpole. Oh, and She's turning. And Our Lady now is looking down and pointing to the statue. [The original statue had been removed and a new one was purchased to be used for the vigils.]

Our Lady--"My child, it is a very pleasing likeness.

"It brings great gladness to Our hearts to see the number of true souls who are ready to stand and defend My Son.

"Yes, My child, there are dark days ahead, for the agents of hell roam throughout My Son's houses. Many will sell their souls to get to the head. However, all who persevere through these days of terrible tribulations will be saved.

"There will be many martyrs unto the day of the great abomination."

Veronica--Now coming forward towards Our Lady I can see a man. He is dressed in a brown, very rough-looking type of gown, like the Franciscan brothers wear. It's a gown that's very loose, and it's tied about the waist with a piece of rope. It looks like rope, but it's more like a piece of skin-like type rope. And the man is smiling. He has a beard, and his hair is quite full, and it reaches down to his nape of his neck. And he's smiling.

And Our Lady is bending forward, and She is saying:

Our Lady--"My child, do you know who this is?"


Veronica--Oh, it is Joseph. Oh, and now . . . oh, oh, and Anne.

Now behind them there's a great light. There is a great light, and--oh, Jesus is coming forward. And He's standing behind Our Lady and Saint Joseph and Anne--oh, Saint Anne. The light is so brilliant that it forms a very large arc over their heads. Now Our Lady is talking; She's talking very, very quietly. It's almost like listening to the wind rustling the breezes in the trees. It's very low. Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"My child, the families of earth have lost their way. The example to the children is poor. Our hearts are saddened by the many parents who have given themselves to the ways of the world and in this manner have sent their children on the road to perdition. I cannot promise you, as My Son promises, a kingdom on earth and a gain into the entrance of Heaven, unless you will forsake the pleasures of your worldly living and live a life of sacrifice and prayer.

"You must, My child, make it known that earthly years are short. The years beyond the veil are eternity, forever unto forever.

"Many prayers are needed for the recovery of the representatives in My Son's House. Many examples are poor.

"Without the number of prayers needed to balance the scale and acts of reparation from the children of earth, there will be placed upon the Seat of Peter one who will put and place souls and the House of God into deep darkness.

"Satan has poisoned many minds, My child. Those who have the power to save are now using this power to destroy. We place the greatest responsibility for the salvation of the young souls upon the parents. Do not expect those without your household to bring the knowledge of the Kingdom to your children, for their knowledge is not of Heaven; but their knowledge is of the prince of darkness, satan, Lucifer, most despicable of creatures!


"My child, I must clarify what I have told you in the past, for there is great discord in talk of this nature. When I requested that you flee from false pastors, I did not imply that you were to run from the House of My Son. No. We meant, My child, that you were not to rely or to absorb the misconceptions and the, the--"

Veronica--"Oh! Shall I repeat it?"

Our Lady--"You are not to absorb those who have entered into the web of satan to propagate modernism and humanism, which is satanism, among the young.


"I must repeat, for the salvation of all mankind, what I have said in numerous messages to the world through numerous seers. It is a sad fact, but one that cannot be denied, that satan has entered into the House of God. Pray him out with a constant vigilance of prayer. The Red Hat has fallen, and the Purple Hat is being misled.

"Pray a constant vigilance that you may not be led into the darkness. Read the Book of life and you will not be misled. Do not depend upon the agents of satan to rewrite this Book, but hold to your hearts and remain steadfast in the truth of your Faith. For the truth shall set you free from satan, and you will not continue into the darkness.

"O My poor, misguided children! Why have you given up your chance to reach the eternal Kingdom for the temporary gains and pleasures of the world? Do you not know that when you enter beyond the veil, you will leave as you did come? All that you can take with you are the merits of graces that have been stored in your treasury in Heaven.

"Man sold My Son, and man is selling My Son again for pieces of silver!

"Man will not change the House of God to satisfy the desires of man! But man must fulfill and follow the discipline and rule set down by the Fathers, the founders of Holy Church! There is no other road to Heaven. You cannot win souls by giving them the things of your world which are not spiritual. We look upon world of famine, but the starvations of the soul far outnumber the starvations of the human body."

Veronica--Now it's growing very dark. It's growing very dark, and Our Lady is pointing over to the right. Oh, and there's a large globe. It looks like a globe of the world. And I see a great darkness covering half of the world. Now Our Lady is pointing over to the left side above Her head. Oh!

Our Lady--"Martyrdom!"

Veronica--Our Lady points upward, and I see a figure now upon a cross. But the figure has white robes on. And on the top of the cross, the upward beam, there's a tiara. Oh, my goodness! It's the papal tiara.

Now Our Lady is coming forward. She's placing a scarf about Her head. It's very . . . oh, it's a black scarf.

Now Our Lady has placed it over the covering--Our Lady has a white gown on with gold trim, and the white gown has an outer covering that goes about Her head. It also has a golden trim along the outside. But now Our Lady has placed a black, veil-like covering about Her head. And She's holding now--they appeared from out of nowhere--three candles. And the three candles now are in like a holder, like a candelabra. And Our Lady is bowing Her head, as She now is walking. And Her hand now, She's holding Her hand out with the candelabra, pointing to the figure on the cross.

The figure on the cross is Pope Paul.

Now Our Lady is coming forward. It's grown very dark about Her. But She's moving now over to the right side of the flagpole. Oh, and Saint Joseph and Saint Anne are coming forward and standing next to Her.

Joseph is quite tall. He's about at least . . . oh, he looks a foot taller than Our Lady. And Saint Anne is about the same height as Our Lady. And now Saint Joseph is bending forward.

St. Joseph--"My child, Veronica, it is not often that I speak, preferring to remain behind as consolation to my dear Family. However, my heart is torn as I watch the abominations and the destruction of young souls. Would I offer myself as sacrifice for the salvation of these young souls, I would present myself to the Father.

"Many young souls will be taken from your world that they may enter the Kingdom and not fall to satan."

Veronica--Now Saint Joseph is turning towards the rear, and there is a--oh, there is a beautiful angel coming forward. It's not Michael, but--oh, it's Raphael. And he's handing Joseph a large book. Now Joseph is turning and he's holding out the book. Oh, yes. I can see the pages. It is our Bible. And now Joseph--


St. Joseph--"Repeat, My child, my words:

"Families, bring honor to your homes. Fathers, be a father; discipline your children. Mothers, do not discard your role as a mother. Why have you sought to stand side by side with your husband without being subservient to him? You have lost your honor. The example you give to your children can lead them nowhere but into the darkness. A strong tree will bear good fruit. A tree that is fed with impure waters will not grow to maturity, but will die and wither on the vine.

"Prayer must be entered into the lives of your children. Prayer must be a way of life now, for you have chosen of your own will to cast aside the words of the Father."

Veronica--Oh! Oh, now Jesus is coming forward. The light is so bright I can barely see Our Lady. She has moved over now to the right, that would be by Jesus'--on Jesus' left. And Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"Prepare, My children, for the great battle ahead. The forces of evil now will do full battle for control of My House. Know that satan shall not be victorious, but it is in this manner that you will be tested. Persevere and you shall win your crown."

Veronica--Now Jesus is pointing over. Oh, and Our Lady and Saint Anne and Joseph are moving over towards Him. They're floating. They're not walking, they're floating. And Joseph is still holding the Book. And now Joseph is nodding to Jesus, and Jesus is smiling. And Joseph is saying:

St. Joseph--"Teach your children, my beloved children of earth, from the good Book. You will not be deceived. However, I must caution you to not buy those printings that are being given now disguised as truth."

Veronica--Our Lady now is coming forward, and She says:


Our Lady--"Remember, My child, I cautioned you in the past to read only the writings prior to 1965.

"My child, you must listen or you will have to suffer bodily. I have cautioned you often to not leave your home unguarded. The agents of hell have received direction to dispose of you. You do not have to be afeared, My child, for were they to destroy the body, what matters is that they do not destroy the soul, for it is eternal. Your body shall return from whence it came, but your soul shall remain forever in the Kingdom of Heaven or sadly, given to Lucifer in the abyss and the fires.

"The photographs given you, My child, are given for reason. Study them well.

"Yes, you will not travel without your cross.


"There is no reason to fear, My child, for you have Creazuus now with you and Tusazeri."

Veronica--Oh! Creazuus? Creazuus. Oh, Creazuus is the angel guardian given to my son Raymond while he was here on earth.

"Our Lady, thank you. Thank you, Blessed Mother."

Our Lady--"My child, you do not have to feel embarrassment for showing your human feelings, for I, too, am a Mother.

"Yes, My child, there is a plan for each life the Father sends to earth. That is why We are much grieved, for many of the souls that the Father has allowed to be conceived have been brutally sent back without fulfilling their mission. Murderers shall die! Murderers shall burn forever in the abyss!

"Life and the spirit enter into the being conceived in the human body of woman at the time of conception. No man shall place himself above the Father and make the decision of life or death.

"We have tolerated--"

Veronica--Oh, my goodness! Michael is coming forward now, and he's carrying the scale. And Our Lady is pointing. The scale is very heavy.

Now Jesus is coming forward. Oh, my! Oh, yes. Jesus says:


Jesus--"Listen carefully, My child, for this warning is of great magnitude. The Father grows angry. Our hearts are torn. The graces We give for the recovery of souls are cast aside by many. How long can this continue without the intervention of the Father? We will not tolerate the murder of the unborn. Man shall go through an extreme crucible of suffering.

"Know the value of suffering. You must be thoroughly cleansed before entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Either you will be cleansed in your worldly life, or you will suffer over the veil.

"Listen well, men in the House of God, and man in his lay life upon earth: Your actions have been tolerated, but they have not gone by uncounted. You will make atonement for each soul that you have sent back to the Father with its mission unfulfilled. Your world shall go through a great crucible of suffering, suffering that has not been seen since the time of Noe or before the time, for the fires shall descend upon your earth! Skin, flesh will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been. Many eyes will see and still not believe, so strong is the hold of satan upon many.

"You will eat of My Flesh and drink of My Blood in My houses or you will not be with Me. Do not cast aside My House because of the values of man. My representatives will bring My Body and Blood to you during the consecration. Do not judge My House by the standards of man. But woe unto that day when you can no longer receive My Body and Blood!"

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She has Her very large Rosary extended. It's beautiful. The Our Father is golden and the Hail Marys are white, but as they turn, as Our Lady is turning, they have a beautiful pink glow. It is as though they're catching the colors from Jesus' robe. Jesus' robe is a burgundy color, and it's reflecting on Our Lady's beads. The beads are very beautiful.

Our Lady looks very sad, though. Now She is extending Her cross of Her Rosary and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


Our Lady--"You will continue to send the Message from Heaven throughout the world, My child. Many souls will be recovered, but sadly, many will reject the Message from Heaven. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven. After the great trial, the numbers saved will be counted in the few.

"I have asked My beloved children to read the Book of life so that they may become knowledgeable. For it is in the knowledge of your God that you will be able to stand forth as true disciples of the Father. The Book of life and love, the Bible, shall never be taken from you. And the words once read will remain in your heart.

Fathers of families, and mothers, give the example of this knowledge to your children. Take them with you to a quiet corner and read, for in this manner will they learn the truth and be given the light. Outside your doors, My children, We do not see many good examples.

"Yes, My child, Our hearts are heavy. Immodesty, immorality, fornication--all the abominations that destroy the soul have captured many souls for satan. The example in the home is poor.

"Woe unto that day, that last day when parents will look upon children and they will see the judgment of the Father upon themselves and the children! Man will weep; man will gnash his teeth in sorrow!

"It is through the merciful heart of the Father that I have been allowed to come to earth as a Mediatrix between God and man. Do not cast Me aside. Do not send Me away, for if you do you will lose souls and you, as teacher and representative of My Son, shall enter the kingdom of satan. Woe unto the leaders who use their rank to destroy the souls!

"You shall not lead the souls to the slaughter!"

Veronica--I see . . . oh, I see . . . they look like dignitaries, like--well, they're priests, but they're all dressed in oh, robes of purple and gold and very bright, brilliant red. And two of them are carrying like birettas.

"Our Lady, birettas?"

Birettas, She says, in a red. And behind them . . . they're walking . . . oh, they're walking on top of a large globe. And as they walk, they're being followed by sheep, thousands and thousands of sheep. But as they're walking--oh, they're walking and standing at the edge of a great chasm--oh, a great hole. And as I watch, I see all of these sheep going down into the pit. Oh! Oh! The pit is hell!

Oh, it's terrible. Now they're not sheep, they're, they're people! Oh, and now I can hear them screaming. And they're starting to burn, for the fire, it's like . . . I see some, they're--they seem to have no sense of movement; they're just blowing and bouncing back and forth as they're going down. Their bodies look like, like a coal that's been burned, and it's glowing. Oh! And oh, as they're going down, off to the side are those horrible-looking things! Oh, they're demons. They, they look like they almost have the bodies of humans, but their, their hands and faces are like animals--claw-like hands, and their faces have terrible elf-like heads with pointed ears. Oh, and each one is different, but ugly.

"Oh, Blessed Mother, take me out of here."

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Our Lady--"You see, My child, satan seeks to take the reality of hell from the minds of man. There is hell, there is the kingdom of satan. And all who enter this kingdom will have done so of their own free will. The Father shall not force anyone onto the narrow road. For man, when he is placed upon the earth, the Father has done this so that he may eventually return in glory, triumphant over satan, to the Kingdom.

"In many places, through many years, I have given you the plan for your salvation. The Father has sent many instruments among you. You have been given the sacramentals; you have been given the plan for your salvation of prayer, sacrifice, and atonement. Save yourselves and the souls of those you love in the merciful and Sacred Heart of My Son, present in all the tabernacles of the world.

"I repeat anew: do not judge My Son's House by mere man, for when you receive--the word you use, My child, is Eucharist--you receive My Son. When He is given to you, brought to you by the legally-ordained priest chosen by My Son--though, sadly, many now go on the dark road--chosen by My Son to bring His Body and Blood to you.


"There are forces in your country now, a conspiracy of evil to remove the word of God from among you. Not only your country, but the world has now reached a point of complete saturation of evil. When the forces of iniquity have reached their peak, the Ball of Redemption shall not be stopped, but you will receive your baptism of fire.

"It is through the prayers, the sacrifices, and the suffering of many martyrs upon your earth at this time that the merciful Father had extended you the time to make amends. However, your days are counted."

Veronica--"Yes. Yes, Mother. Yes."

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

[At this point some of the workers try to help Veronica up from her knees and into her chair.]

Oh, I'm so weak. Just give me a couple of moments.




"The time will come, My child, when those who are upon the earth will envy those who have passed beyond the veil. Insanity, sin. Sin is insanity. The aged will be put to death, the crippled will be put to death, the mentally ill will be eliminated. The value of life will be gone. The value for life will be destroyed. Murder sanctioned among those with the power to destroy the souls!"

Veronica--Oh! There is a large heart. It's all cut, and the blood is coming from the heart. [Veronica sobs.] I can't hold, though, I can't catch them. Oh!

Jesus--"My Blood will be upon the hands of many."


Jesus--"The Mystical Body of Christ."

Veronica--I see . . . there's a man coming now forward. He's dressed all in white. He has a little white hat, like a . . . [word not clear] sort of hat on his head. And he has a Rosary at his side. There's a band about his waist. His hair looks very white. He's carrying a Bible in his hand, his left hand, and the cross in his right hand. Now he's smiling.

St. Pius X--"Do you know who I am, my child? Think."

Veronica--Oh, it's Saint Pius--oh, Saint Pius X.


St. Pius X--"Yes, my child. I do not have many opportunities to speak to the peoples of earth. But in this time of great anxiety and great darkness upon earth, I wish to make it known to those who represent the Father and the Church of His Son that they must restore discipline. They must not surrender to the modes of the world, this being the errors of modernism, humanism.

"Strength in the Holy See! Man wearing the robe of the cleric must be excommunicated so that he may not contaminate the world with errors of modernism. You shall not remain with a soul when there are millions and thousands of souls to be saved.

"Discipline, rigid discipline must be restored. The founding Fathers gave you the example and the knowledge, but you want change. The Father expects no change. Truth is truth. It is only satan who wishes to destroy the truth in change. The rock has always withstood the test of time. But one will be entered into the House of God, and woe to man when he places him upon the Seat of Peter, for then the great Day of the Lord shall be at hand.

"Your future is balanced now; your days are counted. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. Measure for measure."

Veronica--Now it's growing very, very dark. Oh, but no. Oh, oh. Your Excellency is smiling, and he's raising his hand, like this, and going like this, making the sign of the cross. Oh! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


Our Lady--"You are giving Me quite a long list of requests.


"Yes, I can assure you on this night one among you shall receive the grace of complete cure, cure of what scientific man has called impossible. But We will prove to you, My child, that nothing is impossible with the Father.

"Graces for cure and conversion shall be given from these sacred grounds.

"Now, My child, I will tell you one major reason why the Father sent Me to you and chose this site as a center of reparation. It is because of the murder of the young. It is because your city, your nation, has great influence throughout the world. Your example will be followed by many. But you must return the Father and restore discipline in your daily lives, or you, too, will fall to the sword.


"I repeat, the evil spreads out like a cancer, strangling all in its web. The mariners will stand far off and weep in grief as they see you burning. O city of Babylon, your sins have caused your destruction. Repent now or be lost forever."

Veronica--Our Lady is showing me the great disaster. I see large buildings. They're like a deck of cards that have fallen over. A great shaking of the earth, and the buildings are falling.

Now written over the sky is the word "DEATH": D-E-A-T-H. And underneath it is written the word "SIN": S-I-N. Now Our Lady is looking over to the writing "DEATH, SIN."

Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"They are inseparable, My child."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is passing Her hand before Her face, like this, and the words "DEATH" and "SIN" are wiped away. And now She's pointing upward, and the sky has become very light. It's very bright. And now the words are written "GOD": G-O-D, "LIFE": L-I-F-E. Now both words are appearing, both sets of words again. "SIN" now is on the top. "SIN, DEATH; LIFE, GOD." "SIN, DEATH; LIFE, GOD."

Now the sky is very dark now. Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"Continue with your prayers of atonement."


Veronica--All who are able to kneel, please kneel, because Jesus now wants to bless your sacramentals. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Jesus is coming forward. Oh, the light is so bright! The light, oh, just seems to come out from His body. I guess you call it body--it's so bright! I can see Jesus' hair. It's very--it's sparkling. I believe it's from the reflection of the light, makes His hair look sort of a reddish brown. It's . . . He's smiling. And now Jesus is going over towards the trees on the right. And He's shifting His robe. Jesus has on a pale, cream-colored gown, and it's tied with a--like a sash that hangs down on His right side. And He has on these sandals. They're brown sandals, sort of made of loops, like rope. And now Jesus has a cloak over Him. Now it's tied at the neck, but it hangs down very loosely. It's like a coat. And now Jesus is placing it on His left hand; He's wrapping it around His left arm. And He's raising His right hand now. He's motioning to me to listen.

Jesus--"I send My blessing, as the Father blesses you in the Spirit, blessings that will be needed for cures and conversion. Major in importance, the cure of the sick soul. Cures of body and cures of spirit."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand, like this. His three fingers are together, and He's making now the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Jesus is looking down over His left shoulder, that would be in that direction, and He's saying:

Jesus--"Do not open all your packages. I assure you, My children, I can see into them."

Veronica--Now He's coming over, and He's between the trees and the flagpole. Now Jesus is placing His hand now out, like this, and oh, He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Jesus--oh, Our Lady is coming now; Our Lady is coming out of a cloud. There's a huge white cloud, and Our Lady is coming down and standing--She's standing right beside Jesus.

Our Lady is all in white with a gold trim--it's an edging to Her outer garment that runs from Her feet all the way over. It's like a cloak that covers Her head and down to Her feet. And Our Lady now has Her Rosary, the large Rosary, in both Her hands. And She's following Jesus. Now Jesus is just at the right side. He's touching the flagpole, just above it. Oh, His foot now is touching the flagpole.

And now Jesus is putting His fingers together, and He is blessing, oh, in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now He's going over to the left side of the flagpole. Oh, now Jesus is looking down and smiling. Oh, He is motioning over to a priest. There's a priest over on the left side of our flagpole here. And Jesus is smiling. Now He is bending down quite low. And Our Lady is smiling. And Our Lady has extended Her Rosary forward, like this, over the head of some people just to the left of the flagpole, but over in this direction. And now Jesus is putting His fingers together, like this, and He's making the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is still extending Her Rosary. Oh, She's now taking the cross, the gold, the large gold cross, and She's holding it forward, like this. And now Our Lady is making the sign of the cross with Her Rosary: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus and Our Lady are--well, They're floating. They don't walk; They just float over right next to the trees. And They're looking down. And Jesus now is placing His hand close to His chest, like this, and He's making the sign of the cross, like that: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Jesus and Our Lady are going, They're going, They're rising very high. Now They're standing, oh, about two feet above the tree. Now They're coming over towards the flagpole. Oh, and Our Lady now is bending forward.

Our Lady--"Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. Many are needed, for there are many souls in darkness.

"All sacramentals have been graced with the power of cure and conversion, the recovery of sick souls and sick bodies.

"Many manifestations will be given to bear witness to the reality of My visit to your grounds. Many instruments of Heaven have been chosen to bring the word in this battle of the spirits. The word of God shall be forever. The Kingdom of God will be triumphant over the darkness. However, these are the Days of days, and the battle rages."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Our Lady requests--oh! Oh, now coming forward are a group of nuns. Oh, I recognize Theresa. Oh, there's Saint Theresa, and the three nuns that . . . two are beside her, one in the back. And there are four more nuns coming.

St. Theresa--"C'est le jour Francais."

Veronica--Oh, I don't speak French.

St. Theresa--"Le jour Francais. Le jour, le jour."

Veronica--I--oh, oh. Oh, Theresa requests that we continue the Rosary in French. Oh! Oh! [A number of French-Canadian pilgrims were present.]

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

. . . are now singing the Rosary with the Vers Demain group and all those who--and she is teaching me French! [Veronica joins in singing the Rosary with the group from Canada.]


Our Lady--"My child, you cannot expect a normal life now, normal in your human understanding. It is the will of the Father that you be an instrument, one among many in these dark days. Much has been asked of you, My child. But I assure you the reward will be great in Heaven. I carry My arms filled with roses. These I prefer to give you, but the road between your world and the Kingdom is filled with thorns. It is the way of the cross.

"As an instrument of Heaven, you have accepted a consecration to the Father for the remainder of your earthly life. You will meet with much opposition. All that you do, you will do for the Father and give little care for the opinion of man. Theresa, your sister, will guide you along the path, as you will learn the necessity of having a true thirst for souls.

"Forsaking all others, you will submit yourself and your will to the Father as an instrument for Heaven. I would advise you, My child, to remain close to your home and restrict yourself to less worldly conversation. Retire more into a life of prayer when you are not given to your scriptured writing.

"Your mission will be accomplished. You will work with perseverance. The Father will not give you more than you can accomplish at this time.

"You will find in the future that the more contacts you have with worldly associations, the less spiritual you will feel. Therefore, do not subject yourself to this test.

"You will endeavor to live in the spirit. During this season of penance, you will be directed to exercise silence.

"You will deliver the Message from Heaven. Speak once and if not hastened, speak no more, but pray and leave the rest to the Father.

"That is all, My child. You may now be seated and continue with the prayers of atonement."