The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The enemies of God entered into the houses of My Son many earth-years ago....  In this manner, My children, have they been able to mislead, misguide, and set many souls onto the road to destruction."

August 5, 1974

Eve of the Transfiguration

Veronica--The sky is becoming very lighted. There's a beautiful blue haze now about the trees by the left side of the flagpole. Our Lady is coming down. She's standing just above the trees, but She's coming down very slowly. And behind Her is Michael. Michael is very, very large. Oh, he covers the whole sky. But he doesn't look out of proportion. He's just beautiful!

Now Our Lady is coming over to the middle of the flagpole. Her voice is very, very low, very low.

Our Lady--"My child, I have been here all day. There have been many devout souls coming with great pleas that have touched My heart. Many will receive cures of conversion and of bodily ailments. However, many will also be asked to carry the cross as victim souls to the merciful love of the Father.

"The creation of the Father, earth, is in great distress, My child. There is a great Warning approaching earth. Many who receive My message will cast it aside as creating fear. How sad this is, for they are misled.

"There are many false teachers among you, My children. You have the Faith. You must keep the truth in your hearts. The Book of life has been changed to suit the basic carnal nature of mankind. You must not read the new Book of life recently published. You will search through your stores and recover the truth in writings. This must be before the year of 1964 in your earth-years.


"The enemies of God entered into the houses of My Son many earth-years ago. Their plan has been insidious, and with much cunning they came forward, coming into the highest places in power within the houses of My Son. In this manner, My children, have they been able to mislead, misguide, and set many souls onto the road to destruction of their eternal souls.

"We place a great responsibility upon all parents to bring the truth to their children. Many will perish, many will die in the great Chastisement. How many shall be rejected from the Kingdom, My child? Only the time left for mankind shall be the balance.

"Know that the forces of evil have gathered to try to silence My voice, My child. I cry great tears of sorrow upon mankind. When the Father chose you, My child, He knew of your perseverance and your great courage in faith. Therefore, We depend much upon the message being sent through you, My child, throughout the world.

"Satan has the power to attack your body. You will increase your internal prayers to fight his agents who have set themselves to drain your strength. I have asked you to remain in seclusion. This is for your protection and for the propagation of the message.

"The message, My child, that I have entrusted to you will be rejected by many. Know and learn a simple lesson. I do not speak to you in riddles or symbols, but in plain truth in the light. Those in the darkness will not understand, for they have not penetrated this darkness of spirit.


"There is great disobedience in the houses of My Son throughout the world, and a great predominance of such in your country. Pastors have chosen their own way. Many are in great disobedience to Our Vicar. Man has been set up as an idol of worship. No man shall be above the Creator, for all man will eventually return to the dust. The soul is eternal; life continues. The word 'death' should be removed as such from your books. There is no death. Your body is but a casing, a temple for your holy spirit. When you desecrate this temple, you desecrate your spirit. You blacken this holy edifice of the Father and as such, without redemption, you must be given to satan.

"In the world today, man has been marked. He carries the mark of the beast or the sign of the cross. Those in the light will recognize among their brethren these signs. Flee from all evil! Only prayer can bring back those who carry the mark of the beast upon them. You will not enter into the dens of iniquity. You must flee from all occasions of sin. For as the eagles will gather where the bodies lie, so will the agents of the prince of darkness gather among their own.

"I have cried, My child, many bitter tears of sorrow. It is a great remorse to know that We are watching a repetition of the terrible days of old. Sodom and Gomorrha--they were as nothing in comparison to your Babylon today! Your world and your country have accepted sin as a way of life. The young are the victims of their elders. The example is poor, and many souls will be led onto the road to eternal damnation.

"Pray much. Wear your sacramentals. I cannot stress this enough to you, My children. Your sacramentals are your armor. Let them mock you! Let them call you deranged. Does this matter, these few words of arrogance and pride and disdain, when you know that all man must reach his ultimate end and stand in judgment before the Father? Do you build your life to please satan, or are you building your life and leading your pilgrimage onto the road to the Kingdom of your God? Only you will answer this.

"Luciel was cast from the Kingdom of light. He is here upon your earth plane. You were sent by the Father as pilgrims, warriors from Heaven, to do battle with satan. It sorrows the Father much when satan adds his count higher. The battle of the spirits is on now, My child, in great force. You cannot bargain with your soul!

"We see the greatest of abominations being committed upon your earth--the defilement of the sacred temples, your bodies. The Holy Spirit cannot enter into a defiled body. It must be cleansed first. This cleansing will be done of your free will or, in the mercy of the Father, you will receive this cleansing through chastisement.

"My Son will return to your earth as He ascended from your earth. He will return with the legions, the armies of Heaven, in the final battle against the agents and forces of evil. He will destroy the nations that have given themselves to satan. He will destroy those who have become agents of satan.


"His mercy, the Father, knows no bounds; therefore, you must get down now on your knees and pray and do much penance for the great offenses being committed now upon your earth. There is a scale now--no man knows the balance, but this scale holds the fate of mankind. When the forces of iniquity far exceed the forces of good, know that the great Warning and Chastisement is upon you. Those in the light will feel that they have entered into a world of insanity, so great will be the sin of mankind. Persevere and you will be saved. Do not fall prey to the creations of satan.

"Your homes must be a refuge for your children. Keep the monuments, the statues, in your homes and teach your children, as parents, the basic foundations of their Faith; and they will not be caught in the web of satan that is slowly, like an octopus, reaching out in all directions and devouring the young and the old.

"Yes, My child, the Ball of Redemption hovers near. The raising of the hand of the Father directs the course of this Ball. No date will be given, for there is no advantage in divulging dates. The renewal of mankind must be a complete and lasting renewal. Therefore, you will continue in the directions given by the Father. I have come as a Mediatrix through the will of the Father to direct you as a Mother. As a Mother, I implore you to listen to Me now and follow this direction, for if you do, you will be saved. If you cast aside My words, the directions from Heaven, you will be lost."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is extending Her hand out, Her hand, and She has Her beautiful large Rosary, the white, pearl-like beads, and the Our Father is completely gold; it is a beautiful set of beads. Oh, and Our Lady now is holding up the cross. The cross is shining; it's golden. And She's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Our Lady is smiling, and She's looking over to the right side of the flagpole, and She's extending Her hand out with the crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is coming down a little closer. She's standing just above--on the left side of the flagpole, above the banner of Saint Michael. Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady--"Remember, My children, the promise I have made to you. I have spread My blue mantle over all who have come, who have been given the grace to come to these sacred grounds. There will be dispersed among you many cures and conversions for the propagation of the Mission from Heaven. Come to Me, all mothers who are burdened and in sorrow, for I will dry your tears."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Lady--"You will sit now, My child."


Veronica--Now the light is becoming very, very bright over the flagpole. Oh, it's so bright it hurts my eyes to look at it. Oh! Now a very circular light is opening up. Oh, oh, I can see now. It's Jesus. He's coming down now through this great circlet of light. Oh, I can see His feet first. He's now bare-footed. Jesus doesn't have His sandals on tonight. And He has on a cream-colored gown, and His robe is a deep rose color, a burgundy color. And now Jesus' hair is shining from the light. It looks like a reddish brown.

And now He's smiling. Oh, now Jesus is coming down. He's at the right side of the flagpole, and He's now extending His hand out, like this, with His three fingers, and He's making the sign of the cross, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now He's bending forward.

Jesus--"Listen well, My child, and repeat what I have to say to you as a messenger from Heaven. These words are of great importance to mankind.


"Men shall not co-habit with men. Women shall not co-habit with women. These acts are an abomination in the eyes of the Father. The sacred temple of the Holy Spirit, your body, is being desecrated, defiled, and destroyed! And not only the temple, but the soul within is condemned, without repentance, to eternal darkness in the abyss!

"Man shall not condone or rationalize sin! He caters to the basic carnal nature of fallen mankind. Man sets himself up above the Creator. He seeks to create life. He shall not create life! He will bring forward a monster! Science, man of science, ever seeking but never reaching the truth!

"Arrogance, pride is always the beginning of the end. It is only in the simple hearts of man, the simple heart, the child-like candor of an adult, that the truth will be found and the way. I am the way! No one shall come to the Father but through Me, for I am the way. All who deny My visit to your world, all who have not accepted Me as the Messiah, they are against Me, and as such, will seek to destroy all who uphold the truth.

"You will receive your opportunity, each and every individual soul, to make your choice. This time is fast approaching upon you. Have you made your decision? If you accept the wide road and follow those who are against Me, you will never enter into the Kingdom of the Father. For if you do not recognize Me, you do not recognize the Father!


"My Mother has been allowed to accept My cross. She did this of great heart for Her children. I do not like to watch, I sorrow to watch the abominations and the disrespect given to My Mother. It is only the enemies of the Father in Heaven that take this truth from you. You will not stop the words of My Mother. She is your co-Redemptrix, and as such, it is She Who has been given the mission to bring you back onto the road to the Kingdom. Without Her you will be lost."

Veronica--Now Jesus is coming down. He's near the center of the flagpole. And He's pointing up now with His right finger, like this, to the sky, just between the flagpole and the trees.

Jesus--"Watch the finger!"

Veronica--And now it's as though a great hand now is floating up into the sky and starting to write. I don't understand. It's the "Y"; it's a "Y". It's more like a horseshoe loop with a line. And then there's a "7" line. And then there's the "Y" line again, a "Y" with a loop.

Now Jesus is coming over. He's just above, He's just above the banner, and He's leaning forward and He's saying:

Jesus--"All who are with Me will recognize the sign of the time."

Pilgrim--"There it is, right in the sky. You can't miss it!" [Excited comments from many who are observing the symbol in the sky.]

Veronica--Jesus says you will extend now your Rosaries and all objects of God to be blessed. Now Jesus is placing His hand in front of Him, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady now is coming, She's coming from behind the trees. She was standing just above the trees on the right side. And She's joining Jesus. Now there are streams of light coming down from Heaven onto Our Lady and Jesus. They're moving over to the left side of the flagpole. Now Jesus is looking down, and He's placing His hand forward, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"I bless you all, My children, as the Father blesses you in the Holy Spirit. We dispense among you the graces for your salvation. None will be lost but of his own free will. Remember this: the way to Heaven will be the way of the cross."

Veronica--Now Jesus is placing His hand in front of Him, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Our Lady is coming forward. She's standing right in front of Jesus, and She's saying:

Our Lady--"It is Our greatest, fondest wish that the Message from Heaven be heeded. You do not have thirty years to spread this message, My child, so work with great haste. Use all the arms We send you. Do not give in to your body tiredness, for satan will set every obstacle in your path to stop your work. Do not be afeared. Many arms will be sent to you."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is extending Her Rosary, the beautiful white-pink Rosary with the golden Our Fathers. Now She's holding up the golden crucifix. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now Our Lady is taking Her Rosary and She's holding it out in front of Her, like this, and--oh, the rays are coming from Our Lady's hands. Oh, they're beautiful! There are rays now that are changing color. They look like rainbows--blues, greens, deep purple, orange. They're just beautiful. Oh, and all about Our Lady now there is coming down from the sky--they look like slivers of glass, very tiny slivers of glass. Now they're falling just like the rain down, down upon the ground.

Now Our Lady is saying--Her voice is very, very low:

Our Lady--"My child, they are graces."

Veronica--Oh! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Lady--"Continue with your prayers of atonement. So many are needed, My child."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.