The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Remain with My Son by His tabernacles throughout the world, and receive the strength necessary for the days ahead."

November 24, 1973

Eve of Christ the King

[Tantum Ergo was sung by all.]

Veronica--Our Lady said the words would be said in English so you will understand what you are singing. Now you can hum the tune and I'll give you the words Our Lady told me to write:

Down in adoration falling,

Lo, the sacred Host we hail!

Lo, o'er ancient forms departing,

Newer rites of grace prevail;

Faith for all defects supplying,

Where the feeble senses fail.

To the everlasting Father,

And the Son that reigns on high,

With the Holy Ghost proceeding

Forth from each eternally,

Be salvation, honor, blessing,

Might and endless majesty. Amen.



In a cave so deep and wide,

Your flying saucers seek to hide;

Sent up through space, confusion to found.

Your earth is now clothed all around

With spirits of darkness who travel by night.

But do not be frightened; pray for their flight.

I see going across the sky tonight many strange-looking figures. They're traveling very fast, so that you almost have to look in each direction to catch them as they go by.

Our Lady now is coming down. Oh, Our Lady is standing by the left side of the flagpole. She's very beautiful. Our Lady has been talking to me, but She said it was not necessary to repeat unless I care to keep it for memory. Our Lady said She is very happy that I am here this evening. Our Lady said:

Our Lady--"I missed you, My child, upon My grounds." [Veronica was ill and unable to attend the Vigil on November 20.]

Veronica--Our Lady wants me to describe Her clothes. Oh, She's beautiful. Our Lady has on a beautiful white, cloak-like garment that covers Her head down to Her feet. It's all white, but it has gold trim. It's very bright and brilliant, the trim. I believe they're stones, some type of golden stones set into the edge of Our Lady's garment. Beautiful!

Now Our Lady is raising Her hand. Oh, She has Her Rosary; it's the white Rosary with the golden crucifix. Beautiful! The beads are very large.

Now Our Lady is pointing over to the right side of the flagpole. And coming down are two figures; they're very small now, but--oh, now coming through the sky, I can see it's Michael. Oh! Oh!

Now suddenly the sky is all alight with pink. The radiation of colors are going from pink to blue and to white; pink, blue, then white. Beautiful! The huge rainbow now--behind the flagpole is a beautiful rainbow. It extends from the ground upwards in most gorgeous colors of blues, and white, yellows, green. The green is beautiful. Oh, now the rainbow is fanning out to the left and the right. And--oh, there's a very brilliant, brilliant light. Oh, and Jesus is coming down now.

Oh, Jesus is dressed beautifully, but He is in His bare feet. Oh, He has on a red velvet cape, and it's thrown across His shoulders so that His garment, His white undergarment, His gown, is very long and loose at the waist. But it's tied with a gold rope-like piece about His waist.

Now Jesus is holding His hand up, like this. And now I see all these small angels are coming about Jesus. And Michael is tremendously tall. He's placing upon Jesus' head a most beautiful crown. The crown is golden points, but it has all green emeralds all in the crown. And the top, though, is a red velvet, solid pieces of beautiful red velvet.

Oh, and Jesus' hair, it falls down to His shoulders. His hair's a reddish brown; it's very beautiful. Oh, Jesus looks so beautiful! And He's smiling.

Now Jesus is pointing over to the left side of the flagpole. And by the left side I see coming through the clouds--it's not clouds, it's very dark. It's very dark about it, but I see a very large ball. The ball looks very heavy. It's standing still. No, it's not the fiery ball; it looks like the moon. Yes, it's the moon because I can see the holes on it. And I see the moon now; it's turning very black.

And now Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"There shall be very little life on earth."

Veronica--Now Jesus is going over to the right side of the flagpole. He looks--He doesn't look very happy. Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"Listen carefully, My child, and repeat My words.

"Man has set his destiny. Many victim souls have held back the darkness for countless years on earth time."

Veronica--Oh! Oh! Oh!

Jesus--"Man has failed to recognize the signs of his time. You will all now keep a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your country and the world.

"The Father has full control of the course ahead.

"You have no reason to be so fearful, My child. All who have remained of well spirit will have no reason to be fearful.

"Yes, My child, during all kinds of trials many of the good must suffer with those who have brought the evil upon them and the world.

"The Father has heard your request for recognition of My Mother's sacred grounds. You must, My child, persevere in your mission. The Father has set the plan. My child, you will accept the Father's will without question. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.


"The Eternal Father desires the return of His Commandments to the homes and to the schools and to your government.

"The plan for your salvation has been given in countless places through many seers throughout the world. Our words have fallen upon hardened hearts and deafened ears. The sheep have been misled and led astray by those who should have provided a shining example as representatives of the Father. A full measure of penance will be given to all those who hold the responsibility for the fall of young souls. None will escape this heavy punishment.

"Your prayers are needed. Your prayers must be returned to your way of life. You must now starve your bodies and make atonement to the Father for the many offenses against the Father.

"My Mother has come to you as an advocate, a missionary on earth, crying for your salvation. She knows the heartache of a Mother cast aside.

"My child, when you accept this humble lesson, you will find your cross will be lightened. Do not look for the plaudits of man; but do your work in secret, so that the Father Who watches in secret will reward you accordingly. My child, that is all that is truly worth your lifetime on earth--the entrance into the Kingdom.


"Every soul, My child, that has entered, fallen into hell, has had his choice. In each life there is that moment of recognition of soul. You have all been given a God-born conscience. The Creator, your Father, did not birth you in ignorance. Those who fall into the abyss have done this of free will.

"No man who comes to the Father in belief will be turned away. No sinner is too much of a sinner to be recovered. The Father, the Eternal Father, gathers the sheep, not wishing that one be lost to Him.

"Every soul of the light must now go forth as an apostle of the Father. If you were engaged in mortal combat of the body with another, you would expound great effort to win your cause. Therefore, My children, why have you not used your energies for the salvation of your eternal soul?

"No, you have fallen into the web of evil. You have given yourselves to lustful pleasures and worldly pursuits. Many of you will not have the time or opportunity to mend your ways and return to the light before the great Chastisement."

Veronica--Now I see a very old man. He's very kindly, but He looks awfully old. And He's pointing His finger, like this. And a voice is saying:


Eternal Father--"Do you know Who I am, My child? I--repeat it: I am the Ancient of Days. I hold the balance for mankind."

Veronica--Now He's pointing over, and I see--it's like a string, and it's got a ball on the end of it, and it's swinging back and forth, but as it swings it seems to gain more string. And it's coming closer and closer, and back and forth. And now as it goes back and forth, it's starting now to twirl. Oh, my goodness! And now it's broken the string, and it's starting to twirl very fast. Oh! And as it's twirling, it's growing in size. Oh, and it's spinning, but it's going straight on across. Oh!

Now it looks white, but it's starting to now shoot out vapors of orange and, and gray, like smoke. Oh, it is huge! It's a tremendous--oh, it's blinding and glaring into my eyes. Oh! Oh! The Father said to place your cross before your eyes.

Oh, it's a tremendous size, and it's coming so fast. Oh! Now--oh, now as I watch, the ball has slowed down, and it's approaching--oh, the ball, a huge ball to the right. Oh, no--it's the sun!

Now our Father is coming over. And He's standing high up in the air, and above His head is like a white bird. There's a white bird above His head. And He's pointing over to this huge ball, and now He's holding up His hand and writing: "1, 2. 1, 2." The numbers "1, 2" are written across the sky. "1, 2."

Now Our Lady is coming forward. Oh, She is beautiful! And Our Lady is bending down. She's talking very softly. Her voice now sounds very--like music. And now behind Her there are many figures. I recognize them as saints. I know they are, because they're so beautiful; they're all illuminated. And I notice the nuns. Oh, I recognize Theresa. Theresa--oh!


Now Theresa is pointing over to the right side, and I see a round table, and there are men sitting at the table. They're all dressed in white, like sheets. No, not sheets--like, oh--well, they're gowns, like. We don't wear them. They're down to their feet. I can see under the table. And they're all sitting around, and they're now pounding on the table, like this, with their hands. And they're all doing this together. They're pounding on the table, and they're pointing up.

And as I look up I see this ball now, but it looks almost like a clock. The ball now is spinning, but it's becoming very light. And now there's like a clock-like figure, and there are lines forming in the clock, one straight down the center from the twelve to the six, and then another goes over the four to the eight. And then I see a black-robed figure on the right, and the black-robed figure is extending his hand. Oh, but his hand has--it looks like a skeleton. Now he's reaching over and he's drawing something over this clock. And it's a large "P". A large "P" is being drawn over the clock. Oh!

And Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"Do not be concerned, My child. The light has not entered upon many. The saints in Heaven cry for retribution.

"My child . . . "

Veronica--Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"My child, you will continue to disperse My message throughout the world. In the plan of the Father, your time is counted by days. You will meet with much opposition, My child, but do not be stayed from your mission. Continue with perseverance, and one day you will count the souls that have been ransomed from satan. Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice.

"The Father plans a great Warning to mankind. It is not in the plan of the Father to bring fear upon mankind, but the Father will chastise those He loves.


"When those who represent My Son in His House understand your mission upon earth as a voice-box for Heaven, the full recovery of souls before the cleansing will be accomplished. It is with sorrow of heart that I must make it known to you that many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. Those counted to be saved are in the few.

"Man has set himself into the web of satan by straying from the path given by the Father. Discipline, self-discipline, and obedience to the rules of God are the only path."

Veronica--Oh! Oh!

Our Lady--"There are many in the House of God who have been misled. They are not to be castigated, but make known to them the Message from Heaven. The Father is always the final judge. Speak once and if not hastened, say no more. But keep in heart, My child, that it may not be of their decision. Errors abound, confusion reigns, and many are running in circles. Do you not recognize the ways of satan? He is the master of confusion. A practiced rule sets a firm foundation."

Veronica--Now Jesus is extending His hand high above His head and making the sign of the cross, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She's standing with Theresa. Oh, and there is Saint Catherine Laboure. I can never miss her because she's always wearing that big hat. Oh! Oh, yes. Now she's turning it over so it's not--it seems to catch onto Theresa's veiling. Theresa has like a black veiling, and Saint Catherine's hat always catches onto Theresa's veiling when she turns. So she's now pushing it over to the right.

Now I see a man. There's a man coming down by the right side of the flagpole. Oh, I know it is Saint Thomas Aquinas. Oh, Saint Thomas is bending down, and he's carrying this large Book. I recognize it; it's the Bible. And Saint Thomas is saying:


St. Thomas--"Confusion, delusion, misrepresentation. Man must not rewrite under the direction of satan. Pray for the light. The words of the founding Fathers have always passed the test of time. Novelty in the House of God will bring darkness and open the door for the entrance of the evil spirits. Return to the rules. This foolishness is bringing upon you the wrath of the Father.

"It is arrogant of man to set himself above the Father. It is pride of man who wishes to place himself above the founding Fathers. The road for your salvation and the way was given fully in the Book of life and love. No changes will be made. The contents will not be altered to follow the fancy of man. When you start drilling into the foundation, you weaken the structure. However, the foundation of the House of God is in the light. The walls may crumble, but the foundation is always there. Rebuild the walls, patch the cracks, and return the sheep that have strayed.

"We see, we look with consternation upon the actions of those who should be setting by their rank good standards. We find the houses of God being emptied. The House is abandoned by the whims of man, man who has turned to satan. Prayer has been abandoned in the House of God and in the lives of the laity. Unless you pray, you will be lost.

"Sacrifice--has man forgotten the rule? Pleasure, debasement, all manner of filth abounds. A thorough cleansing is called down upon you by the Father. However, this world created by the Father shall be cleansed--not fully as in the time of Noe, but shall be cleansed until those who remain will join with the most high host in setting up the Kingdom."

Veronica--Now I see many figures coming down through the sky, and they're standing behind Saint Thomas. They're all dressed in different types of garments, most of them like monks, I think. They're like monks. They have long garments. They're holding Bibles. And now one is stepping forward. Oh, no! It's Saint Paul.

Now Saint Paul, he's saying:


St. Paul--"Repeat, my child, this word to mankind. There is now upon your earth loosed the demons from the abyss. It is the test of your time. Each soul will be tested like the metal in the fires, and those who come through these times of trial without bending shall be given the key to the Kingdom."

Veronica--Now coming behind them--oh, dressed beautifully--is a man. He's quite tall with a long, dark beard, and he's carrying in his hand a--oh, two keys. They're golden keys. And he has on his head a beautiful crown. Oh, it's--oh, he's just beautiful. It's a purple-colored cape he has on with gold trimming, and white--oh, it looks like fur, beautiful fur--ermine, I believe. And now he's coming forward, and he's bending over. And he says:

St. Peter--"Acknowledge the rightful leader of man, pious Paul VI. There is much disobedience in the House of God which has not gone by unnoticed by the Father. Entered upon man and into the House of God are evil demons from the abyss. They have set themselves to do battle with the men of God. Recognize the signs of your time. You are now in the battle of the spirits.

"You will not continue on your path of destruction, each man succumbering to his own worldly pleasures and desires, leading to worldly gain and the loss of his soul and those souls best influenced by their rank.

"You must all now starve your bodies and rid yourselves of the demons which you have allowed to enter upon you. A House in darkness wears a band of death about it. All that is rotten will fall. The light grows dim."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming forward. And She's bending over, and She's saying very softly:

Our Lady--"Do not be affrighted, My child, by what you have seen. Know now that none are beyond recovery.

"Pray; pray much. Make many sacrifices of your senses. These are most pleasing to the Father. Sacrifice will recover a straying soul.

"All of the trials of the past set upon earth have passed unnoticed as coming from the Father. Therefore, the Father plans to awaken mankind and those who have fallen asleep in His House by a great Warning. And should this not be instrumental in the recovery of more souls to Heaven, then the Chastisement will not be long in coming."

Veronica--Our Lady now is pointing down to Her feet, and She's saying:

Our Lady--"See, My child, beauty is never in exposure. For man has given himself to the pleasures of the flesh, and in this manner many souls are falling into hell.

"Sin has become a way of life now in your country and throughout the world. The agents of darkness abound and capture many, and set themselves forth to destroy those who are destined for the Kingdom.

"Be on guard; wear your sacramentals. Remain with My Son by His tabernacles throughout the world, and receive the strength necessary for the days ahead.

"No man shall set himself to judge another. You may counsel, but you must not judge. The Father is always the final judge."


Jesus--"My child, as We look upon the deepening darkness of earth, the spirits of darkness that cover your world, We look into your books of knowledge and find many of your earth words--chastity, piety, goodness--being removed. All the creations of satan to seduce you and take you down into the bottomless pit are being placed at your disposal.

"Return the monuments to My House."

Veronica--Jesus is pointing. Jesus says:

Jesus--"The statues, the monuments must be returned to the House of God. For what enters through the eyes and the mind leads to contamination or edification of the spirit. Keep pure and holy thoughts entering your mind, for it is also the focal point of entrance for the evil spirits."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is bending down, and She's saying:

Our Lady--"I know, My child, My words are repetitious. But as a Mother of true heart I stand, I will be with you, counseling you in the days ahead. I know the ultimate victory is with Heaven. However, Our hearts are saddened at the numbers that will fall into the abyss before this battle is over.

"Pray much, make many sacrifices, and guard your immortal souls with the armor of sacramentals. Graces We dispense upon you in abundance."

Veronica--Theresa has come forward and asked me to repeat to all her message. Theresa has asked that we have the opportunity to reach many souls with her message.


Those who have not read in print will now hear the Message from Heaven from Theresa. It is in poetical form, but not of poetry. It is a Message from Heaven.

Dear Holy Father, worried and wan

Will struggle with Jesus to gather the sheep.

The pastures are rich, but the sheep grow thin,

For the souls have succumbed to the sickness of sin.

You'll need reinforcements from Heavenly shores,

So deep is the darkness of earth's shallow mores.

All hearts must ascend in true supplication

To avoid the sad fate of divine devastation.

Dear Holy Mother, your Mother of love,

Does beg you to heed these dire words from above:

His heart is torn by careless surrender

Of too many souls that don't try to remember

The Father, the Son, the Spirit of life--

Smite in the heart with the human knife

Of hate, greed, avarice, vanity:

All indications that sin is insanity.

What more must you do but place the full load

Of saving all souls on the few who are bold,

Who'll stand up and fight for all Heaven's glory

And meet with Pope Paul at the end of life's story.

Our Lady said that all who listen to Her counsel will not be lost. It is the will of the Father that none be lost. And that is why Our Lady has come to earth, visiting many places, to many people throughout the world. It is in the mercy of the Father that Our Lady has been given the mission as an Advocate between God and man.

A great Warning will soon be upon man, and then a great manifestation. After this, if man does not awaken from his lethargy, Our Lady said, and does not mend his ways, then he cannot escape the great Chastisement.


Our Lady says prayer, atonement, and sacrifices must be made now, as the time is running out. Sacrifices of the senses pleases the Father very much, and is a source of great graces. Therefore, Our Lady asks that all who feel they have graces in abundance extend these to your brothers and sisters. For those who have been given the grace to hear the word from Heaven, they have a great now obligation to go forth and bring this word to others.

The way to the Kingdom has been given and lies in truth in every man's heart. No one will be lost to satan unless it is of his own free will. Every man has been given an inborn conscience by the Father. Every man has been given a soul at the time of conception. The Father deems that those responsible for the murder of the Holy Innocents will receive great penance.


New York shall not escape great chastisement for the murder of the young. New York is the seat of pollution to the world, and like a cancer the evil has spread. Therefore, it will take now, Our Lady said, a major reversal in man's ways now to forestall the coming Chastisement. The Warning can be now counted in days. I myself, as just a messenger from the Father, know of the coming Warning. However, to the last moment I will not know whether we have succeeded in balancing the scale so that the Father would give us an extension of time to recover more souls.

Our Lady stresses prayer and sacrifice in the days ahead, for it is the sacrifice of the senses that will give you the graces necessary. And Our Lady said there are many demons now upon earth that can only be removed by starving the body--that's fasting--and doing great penance. It is the rule of Heaven, and it is in the plan of Heaven, which man cannot understand. But we know the Faith, and we must remain in the Faith, though now the enemies of God abound upon earth.

It is the time of the Armageddon. Those who have looked have found the road. Those who have gone upon their way, enjoying the pleasures of their worldly lives, have lost the road. However, they, too, can be returned. These prayers have gone throughout the world from many places, Our Lady said, and they must be continued. So therefore, let us pray.


Everyone who is able to, please kneel, because Jesus is coming down by the flagpole with Our Lady.

Jesus is quite tall. He looks a good--oh, foot taller than Our Lady, even more than that, unless it's the way He's standing up there.

And . . . [gap in tape] because Jesus feels that there is much going on that dishonors His presence.

But Jesus said now please extend all your sacramentals. However, Jesus said it is not necessary to reach into your bundles or disturb your packages, because He said:

Jesus--"I can assure you, My children, I can see into your packages."

Veronica--And now Jesus is coming forward. He's about in the middle of the flagpole. And He's extending His hand out, like this, but He's making the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Oh, Jesus is smiling. Oh, and now it's quite windy up there, because as Jesus is going over to the right side--He's between the flagpole and the trees, and His cape is blowing out behind Him.

And I see that He has on sandals. Jesus has on these brown sandals; they sort of go between His toes. And now Jesus is raising His hand now, right in front of Him, like this, with His fingers: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Jesus is blessing in the sign of the Trinity.

And now He's standing forward, and He's placed His hands like this, together--I can't do it--and He's making now the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is leaning over, and He says:

Jesus--"Repeat, My child, after Me.

"I bestow upon these sacred grounds many graces: graces for conversion and cure. All who seek will find."

Veronica--Now Jesus is going over to the left side of the flagpole. Now He's past the flagpole, and now He's standing forward.

And Our Lady now is coming over. She glides. They don't walk; They just seem to float right on the air. And Our Lady is coming behind Jesus, and She's smiling. And now Jesus is going to bless everyone on our left side--that's Their right side. Now He's raising His hand above His head, like this, and He's making the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady, too--now She's extending Her Rosary. The Rosary's very large. The beads are white, but the Our Father, I can see, are golden; the Our Fathers are golden. And now Our Lady is holding Her cross out, like this, and She's raising it now in front of Her and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over to the--He's just by the trees, over on the left side, and He's coming down closer, though. He's almost--oh, my! He's almost down--oh, by Father--oh, no--over there, over there. There must be a priest on that side. And now Jesus is smiling, and He's saying:

Jesus--"You are very knowledgeable, My child. I see that Theresa has trained you well."

Veronica--Oh, and now He's raising His hand up; Jesus is raising His hand, and He's coming down. He's leaning over: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And now Jesus is looking--He's looking down the ground. Oh, Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"I am very happy to see the numbers of My dedicated here this evening."

Veronica--Oh, now Jesus--now He's rising. Oh, He's just going up over by the right side of the flagpole. And Our Lady is coming forward. And Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"You will continue now with your prayers of atonement.

"Remember, My children, to keep your sacramentals with you at all times. They are your armor in the days ahead."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Oh, Our Lady said we can now sing a song of our choosing. [Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest is sung.]

Now Our Lady is pointing up. Oh, She means the Our Father. [The Our Father is sung by all.]