The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

Easter Message

April 22, 1973

Sunday Holy Hour

Veronica--Our Lady said that She would like this on tape. Is there any tape being run?

Our Lady said that mittens must be worn in all processions--gloves, Our Lady means. Mittens must be worn in all processions--white.

I believe Our Lady wants me to tell you this: that a constant vigilance of prayer must be kept on the grounds, even if but one or two are present.

Our Lady--"The coming Chastisement will be lessened in your area if you will follow the direction I have given you from Heaven: a constant vigilance of prayer.


"Your city is now planned for destruction. The shelf will be weakened, and the buildings will fall into the waters. Therefore, those who come to Me and My Son in belief will be spared the greatest agonies of what lies ahead in the plan of the Father for the cleansing of your world.

[The Rosary continues.]

"It is not My custom or plan to instruct you and direct you during the hours of atonement. However, the sands of the hourglass are falling fast. You have need to know now, that you will prepare yourselves. Those of well spirit will have no fear. All that is happening and will happen, will happen in the plan of the Father. It is allowed for your cleansing. However, man can set himself in position for a faster, more speedier extinction of his race.


"I have wandered throughout the world, and I will be with you during all tribulations. My grounds are consecrated and have been renewed by the Father. They will be a place of refuge in the trials ahead.

"Come to Me, you who are burdened with sorrow: mothers in torment, fathers looking for the straying children. They are the major victims of the plan of satan. Graces in abundance I give unto you for the asking.

"Save yourselves and those you love in the Sacred Heart of My Son, ever merciful, always there to forgive. For when He forgives, He forgets. No sinner shall ever be turned away if he comes in heart with repentance."