The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Be very careful who will enter into the convent, for satan has set many among you to destroy the good work."

August 21, 1973

Eve of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Our Lady--"I have waited for the time when the Spirit would enter down upon the children. My heart is greatly saddened because of the misdirection of these many young souls. The example being given to them has been one created by the prince of darkness. Those in authority and the parents in many homes will hold and be accountable to the Father for the fall of many young souls. We ask now all to join in a constant vigilance of prayer.


"Prayer must be returned to your country, for your country is now facing a great devastation.

"There are only few times, My child, that I can come to you without tears. There is little that I see to bring joy to the heart of My Son and those of the Kingdom. Your world is covered in darkness.

"The people and souls of your world have become overly concerned with their bodies. They have starved their souls, rejecting the many graces Heaven has proffered to them.

"My child, you will now direct those about you to stop their disruption and give due respect to the nature of the sacred grounds."

Veronica--I'm sorry. Our Lady says that those on the sacred grounds must stop this unnecessary talking. Our Lady said, directs that you on the sacred grounds, you will have to stop the disruption, especially within the ropes. Our Lady said--Our Lady said there must be no disruption within the circle. There is too much idle chatter.

Now you must understand the sacred presence of Our Lady and Jesus. Our Lady told me to explain this in Her own words. You are not showing good example when you do not recognize the presence of Our Lady and Jesus and conduct worldly talking in Their presence. You are to conduct yourself with the prayers of atonement.

Our Lady--"My child, it hurts Me deeply to have to admonish those upon My sacred grounds, but their example will be followed by others.

"Understand, My child, the nature of the sacred grounds and My Shrine. I have come here as a Mediatrix between God and man to guide you through the trials which lie ahead. All who follow My direction must become humble in spirit and divest themselves of all desire for worldly accomplishments.


"Your country must bring back public prayer. Your country must make atonement for the offenses being committed against the God, your Lord, the King of Heaven and earth, your Creator.

"Man upon earth has chosen to give honor to man. After the great cleansing, the fruits of man's hands shall fall! Much will be reduced to ashes and rubble. He will rebuild in the manner the Father directs, under the direction of the Father.

"I repeat: Your country will not escape the great Chastisement. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. Have you prepared yourselves, My children? Have you prepared your children and other members of your family? Have you brought them back into the grace and light of the Father before this great Chastisement? No-o-o! Many of you have laughed and scorned My warning.

"The words from Heaven are reaching throughout the world. We have chosen many voice-boxes throughout the world. The message is in unison. You will all now unite to spread the word of penance, atonement, and sacrifice, the use of sacramentals daily. You will open the tabernacles of the world and feed the starving souls.

"My child, I have a directive for you which you can be given in secret if it is your wish.

"You will be attacked with great cunning by satan. You will bar your doors to all but close workers and the family.

"Understand, My child: you do not look in the right direction. Satan will try to stop your mission through those of your own. It is not the unbelievers, or those without the waters of life given to them, but it is those who have cast aside the truth and, through bad example and direction, will attack you. Satan has many agents, using both the young and old. Pray; pray much.

"I have placed you, My child, upon your back for reason. You must now have more quiet contemplation. I cannot speak to you when there is constant confusion.

"The message, My child, will go as planned by the Father throughout the world. Trust in His guidance. Worry is in the nature of all man. It is a weakness of man; but still, My child, you are human.


"There is much speculation, My child, upon the coming plan of Heaven. All is in the will of the Father. There is no need to await dates, or to know dates, for the purification of your soul must be a permanent transition.

"There is no reason to fear the days ahead. I have prepared you and guided you thus far, and I will be with you unto the coming of My Son in the final battle. Heed well the words of the archangels who wish to protect you. You must beware and watch; pray much.

"There is an evil force that surrounds the shrine of purity. They will try to stop you with all cunning and deception. Ah, My child, how foolish they are. They have placed themselves above the Father. The battle of the spirits rage; the sheep will be separated from the goats.

"I have now the word of the Father which will be given to you, but will not be revealed at this time to the world, My child. We entrust you with this for reason. Now watch, My child."



Our Lady--"You will write once more to the Reverend Father and send Heaven's instructions that there be the Holy Hour, a purgatorial hour of reparation on the First Friday of each earth-month. This is by direction of My Son: on the First Friday of earth-month, a Holy Hour of purgatorial reparation."

Veronica--Now over to the left side of the flagpole Our Lady is standing, and there's a--oh, a nun with Her. Oh, I know it's Theresa. Oh, yes, it's Theresa, and with her are her three sisters. And there are many--oh, they're monks or brothers, behind them. They're dressed in brown with cords about them, and they, they all have one thing in common, though. Their heads are all kind of shaved off. And they aren't--two of them--no, one is standing on the left; he has a short beard. And there are some with beards and some that don't have them. Now they're standing there all in a group behind Theresa.

Now Theresa is looking over to Our Lady, and Theresa is pointing over to the right side of the flagpole. And there's a big letter in the sky, a big "W", a large, flaming red "W" moving across the whole sky, a red "W". Oh, it's so bright and it's brilliant; I can barely look at it. It's fiery red. Oh, the letter is getting very wide. It's becoming very thick and orange and red and all colors, like of, of red fire. It doesn't look very nice.

Now down from below the "W", it, it looks as though something is melting. It's dripping drops of, almost fire or blood. They look like fire or blood dripping. Now it's becoming smaller and smaller, the "W". And now it seems to be just fading away into the sky. The sky has become very dark.

Now Theresa and Our Lady are coming forward. And Our Lady now is leaning over very close. Oh, She's very pretty.

Now She's pointing over, and there's a terrible black cloud now forming. It seems to be coming over their heads and floating over to the right side of the flagpole.


Now in the black cloud is also that letter again, "W". "W", and there's small writing underneath. Underneath it's--it looks like a picture. It is; it's of an eagle. The "W" is over the eagle. It's--the eagle, it's just sitting there, very peaceful-looking. But the eagle, the feathers are very--kind of torn. It looks like it's been pulled apart.

Now underneath is written in letters "U.S.": U. S. And the "W" now is over the eagle. There's a tremendous black cloud now, and the cloud now is passing through the eagle. Now the cloud seems to be gathering up the eagle and carrying it away, floating up, up, up, up, up over the flagpole.

Now Our Lady is coming forward. It's becoming very bright. Oh! Now Our Lady is holding up Her Rosary. It's a beautiful Rosary. It's, the Our Fathers are golden, and the Hail Marys are very large and white. And She's holding it up in front of Her, like this. And Our Lady is bending over, and She is saying:

Our Lady--"The beads, the sacramentals, the hope of the world. The salvation of mankind is with these, the treasures of Heaven given to you in the mercy of the Father. A heavy cross will be given, set upon earth."

Veronica--Now I see that ball again, spinning. I see a ball, a very large ball. It's spinning very, very fast. It looks like it's red-orangey and yellow, and as it's spinning--it seems to be spinning very fast. It's going across the sky; and as it crosses the sky, it's shooting out flames. It has--oh, it's very, very large. Now it appears that it's growing larger as it comes closer. It's a tremendous-sized ball. Oh! Oh, my!

Now Our Lady is standing over to the left, and She's bending over.


Our Lady--"Listen well, My child. All is in the power of the Father. What is to befall man, he has brought this upon himself. He has brought about the need for cleansing. You will all approach the days ahead with great trust, with great love in the mercy of the Father.

"Much will be given to you now in records of photographs. There is much, My child, that I ask you keep now until the Father directs the release of these facts.

"A constant vigilance of prayer must be kept now. The Father watches and waits now for the abatement of the commissions and acts of abomination that He sees on earth. There is a heavy hand placed upon a generation that refuses to turn back from the road that has been paved by satan. When you reject your God, you must be chastised."

Veronica--Now there's a bright light coming on the right side of the flagpole, a very bright light. Oh, Jesus is standing there now. Oh, it's very, very bright, the light about Him. Now He's leaning down, and He says:

Jesus--"Listen, My child, and repeat well My words. Amen, amen, I say to you: Man of earth, you have offended the Father. Your abominations have sent many souls into the abyss. Repent now; make atonement, for the time grows short. You will be chastised and cleansed as in the plan of the Father."

Veronica--Now--oh, Jesus is holding His hand up very high over His head. And He's making a blessing, but the blessing is in a huge cross.

Now all about, all about the flagpole there's a tremendous pink ray. It's covering the whole side of the right side of the flagpole and the left side--pink rays of light. Now Jesus is coming over, and He's leaning down.

Jesus--"Continue, My child, with the prayers of atonement. I will bless all sacramentals later. We have reached the crisis, My child; there is great urgency that the Message reach all."


Veronica--Now all who are able will kneel and raise your sacramentals. However, now Jesus is standing on the right side of the flagpole by the tree, and with Him is Our Lady.

Our Lady is very beautiful. She's dressed in white with gold trim, and She has on golden sandals. And they're beautiful! They have little rosettes, sort of, made of gold, on Her slippers.

Now Jesus has--oh, He's very, very--looks very tall. Our Lady looks quite tiny standing next to Jesus. And He has on a red-burgundy robe, and it's tied at the neck by a--looks like a golden string. And now Jesus has on this long--it's a very long gown. It's not white, but sort of a beige color. And He has sandals. They're closed sandals, but I can see His toes. Oh! Oh, He's drawing His feet back and smiling.

And now Jesus said you are to raise your sacramentals and any objects of God and they will be blessed. Now Jesus says:

Jesus--"All blessings for the conversion and cure of souls I bestow upon you on these sacred grounds of My Mother's mission, the power for conversion and cure."

Veronica--Now Jesus is looking down and over to the trees. He's saying--can I repeat it?

Jesus--"My child, it's not necessary for you to dig into your bag. I assure you I can see well into the objects you have."

Veronica--Oh, now He's raising His hand. He's--oh, Jesus is just over by the trees now, and He's raising His hand. He has His fingers together, like this, and He's blessing in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is smiling. His hair is quite long. The light is so bright it makes His hair look sort of reddish brown. It's parted in the middle; it's just about down past His shoulders. And now Jesus is smiling. I think He thinks it's quite funny that I'm talking about His hair.

Now He's coming over, and He's raising His hand. Oh, Jesus is raising His hand again, with His three fingers like this, and He's blessing in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now behind Him--oh, I'm sorry I didn't mention her sooner, but Saint Catherine is with Our Lady, Saint Catherine Laboure. She's standing there. When she turns around--Our Lady doesn't move, but it always seems when Catherine turns, her headpiece hits Our Lady on the head. But Our Lady is smiling. And Catherine now is, I guess she's turning her hat, headpiece. I guess it's sort of been knocked off a little, so she's turning it around and pushing it down now on her head. And now Catherine is going over with Our Lady.

And now I see Theresa; oh, there's Theresa. And she's coming over now with Jesus. They're all gathered together on the left side of the flagpole.

Now Jesus is raising His hand; He's looking down. He's smiling and Our Lady is, too. Our Lady has Her Rosary, the very large Rosary She carries, now extended in front of Her, like this. And Jesus now is raising His hand: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now He's going over. They don't walk; they sort of float. They're just drifting over, floating over to the side of the tree on the left side. And now Jesus is raising His hand again. But now He's pointing down, instead of over His head, very low, and He's going like this--His fingers, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now Jesus and Our Lady, They, They're rising; They're going much higher now, over the trees and over by the flagpole.

And now Theresa is whispering with Our Lady. And now Theresa is coming forward. And Theresa is saying:

St. Theresa--"There has been little change in my convents. I am very saddened at what we can see beyond the doors. My sisters, do not allow the world to enter into my convents. So many good sisters are needed for fine example. I stand with our Mother and look into many convents of the world. I do not recognize what goes on there. I know it offends the Father much.


"You must not follow the ways of the world. You must restore the habit and be an example, a good example to other sisters of the world. There are far too many who have given up the work for the Father. This saddens all Heaven. Please, my sisters, do not leave. Remain and fight the good battle for the Father. Bring others into the convents, but you must pull out the weeds and be very careful who will enter into the convent, for satan has set many among you to destroy the good work."

Veronica--Now I see a map, and it's turning into a globe of the world. And there are many countries that are being blackened out. I don't know why they're becoming very dark, but the globe, the whole globe seems to be coming dark. And there are little pinpoints of light; they look like candles, in just--oh, various parts of the globe.

Now Our Lady is standing by the globe, and She is pointing now. And She's saying:

Our Lady--"You can well understand, My child, why a drastic hand and drastic means must be now used by the Father to restore order to mankind."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is, is floating back; She's stepping back. Now Jesus is standing over by the trees. He's just looking down. And now Our Lady is raising high Her Rosary, very high. And the cross is golden, very large and golden. And She's making the sign of the cross, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And Our Lady is looking over, but I don't know why. She's looking over in that direction very sadly, and looking down now on the people. And now Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady--"It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.

"Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement; so many are needed."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.