The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

Visions of Good Friday and Easter Sunday

April 21, 1973

Eve of Easter Sunday


Veronica--It is cold and it is very damp. I see a hillside. There's a large hole, cave, in the side of the hill. Inside the cave there is a rock. The rock is very polished; it's like a slab. And lying on the rock is a figure. There's like sheeting wrapped about the figure, completely about, looking like--almost like a mummy.

Now I see that the hands are crossed across His chest, and they're bound tightly with this sheeting. But there's blood; there's blood seeping out on the sheeting. Oh! [Veronica finds it difficult and painful to describe the sorrowful scene.] Also, His face is covered, and there's blood coming out of the top of His head on the sheeting. Oh! Now all about Him is a light; it's a very bright, white light.

Now next to Him is a large figure. The figure is very, very white and luminous, very bright. I can see it is an angel. And over to the left side it's very dark, but the light that's coming out from the figure of the angel lights up the whole inside. It's a small area. It looks almost like a vault, because there are rocks placed up against the side of the wall. Oh!

Now over--I can't get out! There's a large rock . . . . Now the opening--I'm inside, and the rock's been placed up against the opening. Oh! Oh, I hear voices outside the rock, sad voices.

Now I'm outside the rock, and I see Our Lady. She's bent forward, but She's being helped to Her feet by a man. He has on a brown robe. And there are two ladies. They're wiping their faces with their scarves from their heads. Now they've lifted Our Lady onto Her feet, and there She's walking quietly from the front of the entrance.

Now there's a lady--she's turned back, and she's walking over to the entrance. And she's thrown herself against the large rock; she's trying to pull it open. Now the top of her cape has fallen down onto the ground at her feet. Her hair is very long. And she's now digging with her nails, trying to remove the rock. She's turning now and she's crying. She's crying, and the tears are pouring down her face. Now she's walking over to the side. It's a hill, and she's sitting down now on a rock.

It's growing very, very dark. All about, I see the entrance stationed with lighted figures of angels. One is in front of the rock. He carries a large spear. It's Michael.

Now--oh, I see coming from the sky figures; they're dressed in purple robes. They're filing in front of the cave, the tomb.


One of them is coming forward now from the group. He has in his hand a cloth; it's purple, almost black, in color. And now he places it over his head. And he's holding up what looks like a golden candelabra; it has three candles on it. And now he's singing. It sounds like he's singing, but it sounds more like--his voice is like I never heard before. [Veronica imitates the solemn lament with a strong voice:]

"Cover your heads in mourning, light your candles of prayer. For the time has not come for the light to enter into the world.

"The Son of man lies dead in the tomb, a spotless Sacrifice for the sins of man."

Veronica--There is a man in a long, dark cape. He's placing what looks like a white scarf about his neck. Now he has on his head . . . it's a round hat, looks like a yarmulke, but it's red. And he's reading from a book and holding up his three fingers, the thumb and two fingers, like this. He looks like he's quite old.

He says--he's writing over his head with his finger: "I-S-I-A-S; I-S-I-A-S." Isaias?

Now he's looking down and saying:

Isaias--"Never a bone in His body did they break."

Veronica--There is settling over the hillside a very dark cloud. I see a small--oh, it's a house, but it's made differently than our houses that we see. It looks more like, made like of clay, sort of, like mud. It's one large room, and over to the side of the room there are rocks piled; it must be where they cook.

Now I see a man. Oh, I know it's John. He's sitting at a table. It, the table doesn't look like what we have; it looks like the tree has been cut in half--the bark, and notched the legs for them. And it seems like there were notches cut in the bark of the wood, and a piece of wood hammered in to hold the leg onto the top of the table. I'm looking at it from the left side of the table onto the right.

Now Our Lady is sitting next to John by the table. And the other two ladies--one is over, and she's making something, some kind of broth, over by the rocks. And she's bringing it over now, and placing it in front of Our Lady. But Our Lady is shaking Her head, no. She looks very sadly.

They're all alone. There's one, two, three, four--only four people in the room. Our Lady has Her hand now placed over Her heart, over Her heart. And Our Lady is saying to John:


Our Lady--"I could no longer suffer the sword in My heart, had I not known the plan of the Father for Me and My Son in the salvation of mankind. The promise of His return, made known to Me by the Father, is My hope. The loss, the anguish, the suffering of His torture has not been lessened by this knowledge."


Veronica--I see a large open place. There are many people moving about, running about. It has grown very dark. Ah, ah, the thunder--it's very frightening; it's loud. Everyone is frightened. They're falling and they're running away. They're running away. Oh!

There are three crosses on the hill. Oh! Oh! [Veronica weeps in distress while describing the scene.] Oh, and the man on the left, he's tied, but oh . . . . There's a man, a soldier, he's got a big thing, looks like an axe. It's got--it's like a piece of rock tied onto a stick and he's hitting him in the legs with it. And the man is crying, "Have mercy on me!" And he, the soldier, he's hitting him in his legs, crushing his bones. The blood is pouring out. Now the man on the left, his head has fallen forward. Oh.


He's going over now--oh, he's taking this wide stick; it has a, a point on the end. [Veronica cries out in fearful anticipation.] And now he's . . . oh, oh, he's--it's Jesus on the cross, and he's pushed it into Him just above His stomach! Oh! Now he can't pull it out. He's being covered . . . it's not blood; it's water. But he can't--he's running; he can't seem to wash it off his face. He's wiping his hands. It's over his hands; he can't get it off his hands.

Now the stick, the spear, is falling onto the ground. Oh! The man--there's another man . . . oh . . . [Veronica moans.] He's over on the right side. Oh . . . he's, he's gone, too. Oh, they've both left. The man over on the left, his legs are all crushed. The bone of his knee is now--you can see the bone of his knee coming out. Oh! He's suffering. He is on the right side of Jesus. He's looking over at Jesus. He says: "I, I have Your promise and I will cleanse myself for You."


Now it's very dark. There's no one on the hill. But I see there's a man--two men. They're carrying a ladder. Oh! And now Our Lady is there. It's very windy; Her dress is blowing very, very hard in the wind. It's raining now, it's raining. And the man is telling the two ladies to keep Her to the side.

Now they're going up and they're, they're putting the ladder up against the cross. Oh! Oh, they are cutting with a knife the ropes on His wrist. And the man down at the bottom of the ladder--now he's going over, he's cutting the ropes at His ankle. Oh! They--oh, they can't remove the cross out of the hole. They can't get it up--up! They had to take Him forward from the cross. Oh!

The ladder is being brought over to the side. Now when the ropes were cut, He fell forward, and His fingers, bloody, tore away from the wood. They're lifting Him down now. The man's holding the ladder, and ah . . . ah! They're trying to take His feet out of the spike! [Veronica watches in great distress.] Ah . . . ah . . . ah . . . ah . . . ah. They're hitting it now. They got the wood, the wood; they're pushing it now out of the hole. The cross has fallen down now. Oh! They're holding Jesus, and the cross fell down. And now they can hit from the under side. The spike's coming out. They're not tearing His feet. The hands had to be torn. Ah!

Oh, now the three ladies are rushing over. Now the man, he's now lifting Jesus up, and Our Lady now is sitting on the ground. She has Jesus now . . . the blood is on Her gown, all on the front. She wants to remove the headpiece from His head, but She can't. It's in too deep! They have to . . . ah . . . oh!

Now there's a man--he's walking up to Him. It's John now speaking with Our Lady, and they want Her to leave. She doesn't want to leave. Her hands are very bloody. She now places Her hand over Jesus' face, like this.


Now there's an older man. He's talking--it's John, I know John. The other man, he's talking with him, telling him to take the women away.

Now another old man has come. And the lady with the long hair is now speaking with Our Lady. And then another lady now is holding Our Lady's arm, and they're taking Her from the hill.

They have a wooden board, and now they're lifting Jesus onto this board, and they've placed this white sheet . . . . Now they're carrying Him over past the other poor man on the cross, and they're walking down the hill. There are two of them carrying Jesus. They're walking down the hill past two houses, and up the hill again.

And now there's the entrance to the cave. And they're going now into the cave. And now one of the ladies--it's, I know it's the lady, Mary Cleophas. She has a basket, and it has leaves and things in a basket. And she gave the basket to the man, with the leaves in it, and these--they look like berries. Now she's turned away; she's covered her head and her face with her top of her gown. And wiping her face, She walks away.

And now it's getting very dark. I can't see into the cave. I can just see there Jesus' feet, and they're taking these leaves, and they're placing the leaves on top of His legs. And now they're winding like sheets around His legs. One is holding up His feet and winding the sheet, and laying another--it looks like leaves, sort of--on; then another piece of the sheet gets wound around it. Now it's growing very dark, and I can't see anymore. [Veronica utters plaintive moans.] Ah . . . ah!

Now it's growing very light, and Our Lady is coming forward. She's dressed all in black, with a white trim around Her head. Our Lady wishes that I repeat Her words:

Our Lady--"My child, you see how deep is My sorrow, and how greater My sorrow knowing that the world has forgotten so soon. Was My loss, My suffering, in vain? Was My Son's suffering for you in vain?

"I have traveled many times about your world. Few have listened, preferring the ways of the world to the ways of the Kingdom.

"Your world is progressing farther into the darkness. Unless there is a complete reversal in man's ways now, he cannot escape the Chastisement planned by the Father. The Father's mercy is great, but He looks down now upon an ungrateful generation, a generation that has forsaken His Son. The sacrifice of God for His children is repeated anew by the wanton actions of man now on earth. Man has chosen to give himself to satan.

"You will all go through a great crucible of suffering. In the plan of the Father, the sheep shall be separated from the goats. I am truly the Mother of Sorrows.

"You must keep a constant vigilance of prayer upon earth now. Reparation, penance, and atonement is all that will now lessen the Chastisement which man will have brought upon himself and his world.

"The agents of hell roam throughout your world and have entered into the highest places of My Son's House. Recognize the faces of evil about you. Pray, pray for the light, and you will not be led into the darkness."


Veronica--[Veronica sees writing in the sky, and spells out the letters:] J-A-C-I-N-T-A. Now they're fading out, and there are numbers: 1-9-7-2--1-9-7-3. Now there's a large question mark, like this, next to the "3". Now that's fading out, like smoke being blown away. It was "JACINTA 1972--1973," and then a large question mark.

[In a startled voice:] There's a flash! It's very bright. It's as though everything has exploded in the sky--the flash! And it's very hot! It's very warm! Oh! Oh! It feels like I'm burning. Oh! Now the sky is very white. Colors--blues, purples--it's like a huge explosion. Now this voice, the voice . . . . And the voice, Our Lady says, is a voice within you: Your Warning before chastisement! Flash, fire, and the voice within you. The final Warning before chastisement!


Our Lady--"[On the] meadow there is a very holy place. My beloved child . . . --oh!--will see anew much beauty about him. There will come upon the world a glorious mystery. The Father is merciful to His children. He chastises those He loves.

"Many will see and yet not believe, crediting science for a phenomenon from the Father. Intellectual pride will be the downfall of many.

"The lilacs are in bloom. Gather the lilacs from the bush, and bring them to the shrine. For the present, My child, this will remain a secret. (Veronica was surprised and amazed at what Our Lady told her.)

"Do not be surprised, for nothing is impossible with the Father. Have you not seen a small evidence of this in your photographic manifestations?

"[My Son] will be present to bless all sacramentals with the lighting of the candles to herald His Resurrection and the glorious coming of redemption of man and the opening of the Kingdom of Heaven to man.

"My Son has truly been the spotless Sacrifice, the most perfect Sacrifice for the redemption of man."

Veronica--Our Lady is standing now by the left side of the flagpole. She's dressed in a very dark--oh, this black or dark blue gown. Now She has a veil, and it covers Her face, though it's transparent, because I can see Our Lady's face through the veiling. It covers Her face down to Her chest. She's holding Her hands in front of Her in prayer. Now She's bending over. She says:

Our Lady--"Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement."



Veronica--Now I see five soldiers. They have on short dresses, but with metal sections coming down from the waist. And over their heads are metal hats, silver-colored metal hats that cut down to a V-shape on their foreheads. They're standing there by the rock with long spears in their hands.

Now they are going back; they're walking backwards in fright. They are frightened! They're walking backwards, because there's a great light; it's seeping through the cracks. There's a great light. It's seeping through the cracks, and the light is pushing, forcing the rock forward. Now the rock is going over; the light is forcing the rock over to the side. The soldiers--two are running, running up the hill. One is covering his face with his arms. He can't look, the light is so bright.

Now coming through the light are two large figures. Beautiful! Very large. Beautiful! Oh, they are angels. I can't see their faces, but their--oh, they are so large! Now one is standing there. He's raising his hand. He says: "He is risen!"

Now two soldiers--one now is getting up; he's running. And the other one is sitting there; he has fallen to the ground in shock. Oh! Inside of the cave it's very bright, very bright.

I see now . . . the arm--oh, I see it, an arm. It--oh, that slab--it has the cloth lying on the slab . . . . And walking out through this tremendous light--it's Jesus. Oh! He's now coming out of the light, though; He's not glowing, like inside the light by the cave.

Now He's coming out, and He has slippers on His feet. And He now has a robe on Him; it's white. It's very soiled looking, but it's a white robe. And I notice these bandages are hanging from the slab, the rock, onto the ground. The ground is dirt, dirt; it's just dirt on the ground inside the cave. I can see now, because the light now has left the cave. And Jesus now has started to walk. He's going up the hill; He's walking very slowly up the hill.


And now--oh, there's a lady; she's coming down to the side of the cave. And she's looking in, and now she says, "Oh!" And she runs over now, and she's picking up the pieces of the cloth. And she's looking around the cave, and she's running out now.

And she's running up the hill. And she's running over--oh, "Where have they taken Him? They have stolen Him from us." And she--now she's reaching out, and she's fallen down on her knees and saying: "Please! Where is He?" Now--

Jesus--"Don't . . . do not place your hands upon My garment. I have not ascended in the Father."

Veronica--Now the lady is looking up, and she's smiling. And now Jesus is placing His hand over her head, and He says:

Jesus--"Go, Mary, and tell all what you have seen."

Veronica--Now Jesus is walking; He's climbing up the hill. And Mary now is--she's fallen on her face, just like she's praying. No--now she's getting up, and she's running down the hill. And I can see her--she's running down the hill now, and she's running towards these buildings. There are one, two . . . five buildings. They don't look like regular buildings; they look like houses made from clay, or like a hut, sort of like clay. And she's now running into one.

Now it's getting very dark; I can't see anything. I can't--it's getting very dark. Ah, oh. Oh. Oh.


. . . at the request of Our Lady, the Litany of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. During this time there are many graces being bestowed upon you, but due to the solemnity of the occasion, which Our Lady says we will stand forth and keep the solemnity of the occasion due to the great suffering inflicted upon Her heart, Our Lady said, by the death of Her Son and His suffering, which always is before Her. Even during Her moments of great joy in Heaven, She still carries the very deep wound in Her heart by the suffering of Her Son upon earth. Especially, Our Lady said this evening, now when man is now traveling the same road and going farther into the darkness. But now Her Son cannot return to sacrifice Himself anew. This He is doing from the Kingdom, and His Blood flows upon man. But much blood will flow upon earth, Our Lady said, if the conditions continue as the Father sees them from Heaven.

So for all special intentions, we are to say the Litany of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. And this you will have for your own special intentions, Our Lady said. With the recitation of this Litany She bestows upon you graces for conversion and cure. [The litany is recited.]

Our Lady requests that all make a firm Act of Contrition in reparation for the offenses against Her Son and for the many souls that are falling into hell, Our Lady repeats, more numerous than the snowflakes that have fallen from your heavens.


At five minutes to twelve the lights will be lit and Jesus will bless all the sacramentals--cards, Rosaries, all objects of nature of God. At five minutes to twelve, which will be the dawning of the new day and the Resurrection of Jesus, all sacramentals will be blessed and Jesus will be with us.

Our Lady is now raising Her veil, oh, from Her forehead. Oh, oh. Oh, yes, I can see now Our Lady's full face. She said:

Our Lady--"I can now remove My dark scarf and put on the colors of the Resurrection, because it is almost the hour of twelve."

Veronica--Now we will light the candles, and the candles will be lit because Jesus will be here to bless all the sacramentals. But it will have to be at the stroke of twelve. [The Fatima hymn is played.]

Now the sky--oh, it's getting very, very bright. In fact, I don't need the candles, it's so bright now. Oh, it's getting very, very bright, and there is a very white cloud now to the right side of the flagpole. And it's Jesus. And oh, all who are able to kneel, please kneel.

And now Jesus is coming forward. Oh, He is so brilliant, so beautiful! Oh! He's all bathed in white. Oh, He has on a white robe, and even His slippers are white. And oh, the light is so bright it bathes the whole area. And I can barely see the flagpole now, the light is so bright.

Now Jesus is smiling, and He's raising both His hands out. Oh, I can see the marks on His hands. Now He is placing His hand across His chest, like this, and He's raising His hand. Oh, now Jesus is coming over to the right side of the flagpole.

"All objects of godly nature will be blessed," Jesus said,

Jesus--" . . . for the propagation of My Mother's work and mission on earth. I now bless you and dispense among you the graces for conversion and cure."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand, with His fingers like this, and He's making the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is coming over. Oh, He's just about--oh, He's coming down now. Oh! Oh, . . . now to raise all your crucifixes, Jesus said, your Rosaries, your cards, your medallions. Now Jesus is raising His hand high above His head: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady, Our Lady now--oh, She's no longer in Her black dress. She has a beautiful white gown on, and it's all trimmed in gold. Now the gold goes all about Our Lady's garment, from the hem completely around to Her head. And She has now a garland of roses about Her head--oh, right over the gown. And Our Lady is smiling now, and She's following Jesus.

Now Jesus is coming over to the left side of the flagpole. Now He's raising His hand in front of Him now, this way, and--oh, He's blessing with His three fingers: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And He's looking over now, Jesus, to the tree, and down now, and He's raising His hand above His head: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now over to--oh, right beyond the flagpole, they're coming down. Oh! Oh, they look like children. They're very small. Oh, they're dressed in all colors of the rainbow. Beautiful! They're little angels, but they look like children. And they're wearing garlands of roses about their hair.

And now they are holding in front of them--oh, it's a rope-like--oh, but it's a Rosary. It's Our Lady's Rosary made of flowers, garlands of roses. And the Rosary--oh, the cross is just like our cross. And now they're holding it way out. Now they're bringing it around behind Our Lady and Jesus.

And now Jesus is smiling. And it's a little windy, because His robe is blowing, and Our Lady's gown, too. Now Our Lady is showing me Her--oh, Her slippers. They're golden; they're golden slippers, and they have roses right at the instep. They're very pretty slippers. Oh, oh!

Now Jesus is coming over, and . . . oh, I don't know if I should repeat it. Oh, in my own words. All right.

Jesus said that the work will continue for His Mother's mission on earth. The darkness is very deep, and We are preparing you for your destiny and the crucible of suffering, which is unavoidable due to man's regression and turning from the truth of life and light.

Now Jesus now is . . . oh, He's pointing to His chest, and He says:

Jesus--"You will all come to Me in belief and protect yourselves with the rays from My most merciful Heart."

Veronica--Now it's very, very bright. Now Our Lady said that we can rise. It will no longer be necessary to kneel. We can rise. Oh.

Now Jesus, now He is . . . oh, the cross! Oh, the cross. All right. I am to extend the cross. Oh! And Jesus is blessing the cross. Oh, and of course, all sacramentals are blessed. Ah, yes. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Oh, now Jesus now is--now He's going back; He's floating backwards. And Our Lady now is coming forward now, and Michael is with Her. And oh, there are--oh, the sky is just filled with all those beautiful little angels in their different-colored gowns. Oh, it's just beautiful! It's like a May Day; it's like a beautiful festival. Oh, the colors are beautiful: pinks and blues and yellows. And the rose petals around their hair: some are yellow, and others are red and a very light, pale pink. Oh, all the glorious colors! It's just like--now as the light is shining, it's almost like the sunrise. Oh, and the light is becoming very bright. Now--Jesus now is over to the left side of the flagpole. And Our Lady said:

Our Lady--"You have lighted your candles with Us. Now do take them through the darkness and recover your brothers."


Veronica--God bless you all. I know you have received many graces this evening, especially for the atonement that many have done this week in reparation for the offenses against our Father. And we surely can make up for these offenses by our own sacrifices. And I know that it makes Our Lady very happy that there are many left who still will be willing to offer themselves as victim souls for the reparation that is very necessary in order to prevent the Chastisement from hitting us here immediately close to home.